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    Dear Heroes,


    With Release 201 we can check off another „wishlist-feature“ from the community: a new mouse cursor with additional options. Furthermore, this version also contains several improvements and bug fixes. See below for more details.​

    Mouse cursor overhaul
    The mouse cursor was revisited to become context-sensitive: depending on what you are hovering over, it will change its appearance:​
    • The basic cursor was exchanged with a gauntlet
    • Hovering over monsters will change it into a sword
    • Hovering over interactive objects will change it into gear wheels
    • Hovering over NPC’s will change it into a speech bubble
    For players who do not like this behaviour, we have added the option in the settings window to display the classic cursor instead.On top of that, players may also choose from different color schemes (gold, black, blue, bronze, green, red, silver) for their cursors in the same settings window.

    Additionally, a new "find-the-cursor" effect was added that can be triggered with the spacebar. It will help you find the cursor's position even during stressful combat situations.​

    Before this, there was a double keybind: the spacebar would close windows, just like the ESC key. With the new keybinding, please make sure to use the spacebar to trigger the effect as well as the ESC quickly key to close windows.

    UPDATE: Because we know that many players are used to using spacebar to close windows, we will implement the option for players to choose if spacebar can be used to „find-the-cursor“ or to „close windows“.​


    Full Moon Event: Grima
    We have added Grima to the Full Moon Event. Whenever you defeat Vargulf or the Bloodmage, Grima will appear and offer you the respective unique items for Draken.

    Greedy Goblin Achievement

    In addition to Qaizah dungeons, the Greedy Goblin can now also be found in the scaling dungeons. That’s why we have implemented a Greedy Goblin achievement that also grants you a new unique title: the Goblin King / Queen. The new achievement can be found under the Heroic Deeds category.​


    Bug Fixes


    We fixed the health bars of Arachna, Bearach, and Heredur, they are now shown as Bosses (orange) and not World Bosses (yellow) anymore.

    Parallel Worlds

    The Ring of Order now has 2 additional base enchantments. It now also has damage and health points as base values on it.
    There was a bug where the Parallel World version of M'Edusa was not immune to the gorgon petrify skill - so mages were able to mind control the gorgons during the M'Edusa bossfight and use their petrify skill on M'Edusa. This is now fixed and M'Edusa can no longer be petrified.


    We fixed an issue that blocked pets from respawning after PvP matches. Pets should now respawn automatically right after leaving the PvP battleground.
    The Heredur Doll effect now applies to all world bosses (yellow) including world bosses in events.

    Scaling Dungeons
    In the additional difficulties of the Temple of Agony the Travelstone was moved to the middle of the map, so that the walking distance from the four possible map leader spawn positions is about the same.
    The Travelstones have been fixed now and will allow to continue playing in the same difficulty.

    Treasure chests

    There were Abandoned Treasure chests placed twice on the same position in Stalgard. This is now fixed.​

    Coming next...

    Get your warmest torso out, the Winter Solstice Event is coming soon.

    Additionally, you can expect the long-awaited adjustment of old unique items as well as an update of the Mystic Cube loot.​

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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