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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Dec 5, 2017.

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  1. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Greetings Heroes,

    Please post in this thread your comments regarding Release 202.

    Positive or negative, constructive criticism and ideas for improvements are, as always, welcomed. Please keep discussions on topic.

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    What about the mystic cubes that we farmed pre r202? These cubes right now are tier 0, as they dont have tier. They will remain tier 0 after the release even if we farmed them in high levels, like inf1 and inf2?
  3. ono122

    ono122 Forum Greenhorn

    I need to know why you did such a nerf to this weapon. Can you upgrade it on 70%+ please ;)
  4. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Lots of new items that will take lots of ttime to digest and analyze, but this is going to be worst release in a number of years, favoring one specific class and destroying the PVP aspect of the game completely, as new craftable lifekeeper will make DK immortal, especially against the low skill damage classes like mage and dwarf.

    Recent nerf of the PvE focused mage items doesn't help either. Mages receive nothing remotely useful with the release, not for the PvE purposes, not the PVP. Everyone else must be a little bit more happier, and some DKs are already laughing on the facebooks about poor mages after the release.

    It has to be stopped until it's too late. If it goes through, it would be impossible to fix it without harm to those who buy new weapon right away. By the time game designers realize it, the game will be over for a lot of people.

    You have 1 more day to make things right and delay lifekkeper until you look into it again, carefully analyzing it's impact on the class balance.
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  5. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    The guild activity is a nice addition, many have been asking for that.

    The stack size increase for cubes is nice for those who use premium. It would have been nice to see a stack increase for other items like ess, but it is a step in the right direction.

    Still a lot of old time bugs not addressed.

    I do not use premium gear on any character, but a nerf is never the best idea. Considering that the dev who occasionally stops by the forum said nerfs weren't going to happen for upcoming balancing, this appears to make that statement untrue.

    The rest of the update seems to be okay. Hopefully it does not come with new bugs.
  6. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

    For some time now, the SW has fallen behind damage wise of all other 3 classes in boss fight. When I heard about changes/ rework to the old uniques
    I was hoping that the Emilia Staff would bring the boss fight DPS more closer to the other classes. So I saw the first pictures of +100% lightning strike damage staff and I have to say. Boy I was happy that finally SW was able to catch the DPS at bosses. But no. :(
    Recent changes to the staff made it "no go" for restoring the balance. +30% Lighting Strike isn't going to cut it. Maybe something like 70-80% if not 100%.

    I have same eerie feeling about DK's (with proper gems of course) than sebastian with the new released craftable Life Keeper.
    As now, it is very difficult to kill a DK in 1vs1 with Life Keeper, I seems to be losing much more lower tiered gemmed players than me....
    I have tried both balanced 1h and 2h setup against it but... I think it's not balanced with that much healing +damage.

    Cubes update is a good thing. Well done with that!
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
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  7. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Overall the only good aspects in this release are the guild changes (which allows you to see when someone logged last time) and the new background for core (at least now you can distinguish the solid ones from pristine and so on lol).The improvements for premium are mostly bad than good (its great for those who play with premium and bad for those who play without).Who cares that the gap between payers and free players becomes greater anyways...

    From the point of view of someone playing a mage class the items that were reworked are useless.A book which reduces the cooldown of the guardian ...the most useless thing in DSO probably...1st because guardian is nothing but a waste of mana since it cant even tank a hit on infernal modes, and 2ndly because books in DSO are useless overall.I dont know if there are still players who use books nowadays excepting those who havent logged for a few years when playing with a book was great.We had a staff that was supposed to be good but it was nerfed because who cares about mages anyways? As long as every other class but the mage one can kill bosses in 20 sec its all good.

    Its good to see that the DEV team is good at prioritising their tasks.Instead of adressing stuff which really affects the gameplay daily like the balance issues in both PvE and PvP, they focus on cosmetic updates and reworking items that no one would use.I dont know which mage would buy the stuff from Emillia's shop the way they are right now and invest a lot of augument/gold/solid/drakens into upgrading them to tier 5 just to end up with a useless item.

    Anyways i dont know if this is a bug or not, but i cannot refine my old Royal Stroke of Lightning Staff nor the Dragon Shackles or the Tear holder.Is it because they are lvl 45 or refiners dont work on them?
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  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    That is a good question.
    Usually all items can be refined and converted to new form ... with a difference: level 50+ are craftable and those below level 50 are not.
    In this case I would guess two possibilities;
    1. it is a bug
    2. maybe you can refine them only with active premium running on your account?
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
  9. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master





    Doesnt work except the lvl 50 ring from the first pic.Sorry the pics are this size.If some admin could resize them without removing them that would be great.

    Even if refining these 45 lvl items wouldve worked, the items would still be useless.If those refiners dont add like 1-5 levels to each item they are used onto, then refining old items is almost pointless unless u have a ton of glyphs.
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  10. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    And rangers got 1h with +200% dmg on blade dance. You are out of your mind. Do you even play this game...
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  11. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Warrior's got their lifekeeper and maybe the pauldrons with 40% cooldown on charge..rangers got the bow and shoulders with trap cd..dunno what the dwarfs got but i can say that the mages got 0 goodies this time.I guess we will be skipping the patch 202 and the new uniques because none will be of any help for the mages.We've been skipping patches for the past year lol.Theres no hurry guys take your time...for like a year we complain that we are the worst in PvE and 1 year later... still the worst.You changed the options of the premium 2hander in 2 days but you didnt had the time to change the dmg that ice sphere/lightning strike does, not even after a year.Is it that hard to change these 2 skills and the dmg they deal in order so we wont su_ck this much at bosses or do we have to wait few more years until you guys finally realise that something has to be done?
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  12. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    im a mage player and actually have to say that mage doesnt need boost to his spell dmg but a quality of life changes in order to make the sphere work like the way it should.It should not be a projectile with fixed range since terrains such as the one one q1 make the atack buggy and the game doesnt even allow to be used sometimes.I suggest keep the small range but make it explode with pressing the button twice or explode if it reaches max range , this may it can be used if the monster or the boss is near you so that you actually have a skill to use not only magic or frozen missle. About the staff i think that 50 percent increase is good enough
  13. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    hell no! Maybe, just maybe i might have considered taking a one time premium to buy that staff with the 100%. But now... I'll take my chances with crafting a 2 handed, eventhough it ll take a lot of time and resources. And perhaps in time i'll find out there are even better options.
  14. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    to state such a thing means you want this as a final item ( the 100 percent dmg ) .This item has never been focused on late game builds ,because for late game q4 and q7 are far more superior . This weapon has good base enchantments its kid of a early-midgame item i dont think that this should be made into the final most op item for mages since it has good base enbchantments adn you lose nothing for upgrading it since it needs solid cores unlike any other parallel world item.
    My math might be bad here but it increases the overall dmg of the thunder strike aka 30 % of your 250 which is 75 percent increase so aka your thunder doesnt now deal 250 but 325 base dmg which in my opinion is still really good oncerease paired with grimmag robe is a really good combo. While using it you can just craft legendary weapon to transfer in q4 or q7 problem solved.
    P.S; dont tell me 6 k gold is that much i farm 1k a day with only 4 hours of playing = 6 days of farming and if you are deluxe sell cubes easy gold man so i say its still worth the gold for the stat value it provides..
  15. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

    No no no. Since it's introduction lv45 it was superior end game weapon for SW. Since lv50 it became more and morejunk item(despite the rework latest patch). Too bad, these days it doesn't have the same status nor glory anymore. I have won Dragan statue competition back in the days with the said lv45 staff so ;)

    Why 30% isn't enough then ? Because in the boss fight SW can not bring same DPS as other classes, you might not be there (yet) and do not understand the problem here.
    Made it in a few words. SW needs more boss DPS because other classes are ahead. Makes sense ? 30% isn't going to cut it. I have 50% in my bear staff and it doesn't cut it.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2017
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  16. -metzelmaschine-

    -metzelmaschine- Forum Greenhorn

    Thats just wrong... 5k Drakens to upgrade it to T5 + 1000 solid cores + 10k gold for a 4x gold stats item.

    Even if you manage it, to get that staff to maximum possible stats, its still worse than the Q4 weapon.

    Players want diversity, why would the probably best staff for mages get nerfed before it even hits the live server?

    Good that you can do that, many players cant.

    Friendly reminder: Mages have the lowest defense of all classes + the lowest DMG output (has been like that for over a year now)
  17. -DeathRaider-

    -DeathRaider- Forum Pro

    I wanted to clear something up on what an average dk is, I am see some people saying 150-200k hp and 80% armor and resist. I want to point out that these people are really talking about the best dk's in the game. The best dk I know of falls short of these stats and really falls short without group bonus. Onto the life-keeper weapon, I have a old dk of 102k hp and only regens about 440 with new life keeper and when I am getting hit 20k with fireballs then it is offset, same applies to every other class. I see why some are complaining of this but when you are fighting the best dk's, the way they are built you may not succeed in hurting them, but the best of other classes will be able too.

    The new mage weapon is awesome for beginners, 6k gold isn't bad to save up for when someone is trying to make gold. But with crafting and many other things, it does get very very hard to make that much. Have to rely on leaderboard, but again if they are trying to get this weapon then they will struggle, so someone may get caught up and stuck.

    Mage is the lowest dps and defense, but one thing is been forgotten, they are very good at crowd control, and when I say crowd control i don't mean how fast they can kill a crowd but actually the ability to keep agro, and can take large groups of enemies armor for long periods of time. They are great class in groups but alone players are correct they lack quite a bit.
  18. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    We are not talking best DK vs noobs mage. We are talking equal DK and Mage.

    I can make 100k up on my mage. I have 78% armor in my glass canon mode, and can easily make way above the infernal level by using 242% armor torso. And I play with DK of similar glyphs, items, craft, gems etc. But how much HP you have or I have is irrelevant. Let's talk about equal DK of whatever level and a mage.

    Let's say you DK is 100hp, 80%/70% armor/resist, 80/70 block. 10k dmg, +200% (*3) crit dmg, 80% crit. And new lifekeeper.

    The mage is all the same, with exception of less HP- 70k.

    Mage has 80% crit chance, so 4/5 hits are 10k*3*Skill.
    Tank has 80% block chance, so 4/5 hits are blocked so *0.3.

    For the conversation purpose and simplicity, let's consider all crits are blocked, and non crits are not.

    Mage fireball deals 125% of base dmg + 90% in 6 ticks.

    Crits are 10k*3*125%=37.5k
    Damage received by blocking tank is (37.5/2 *0.2 + 37.5/2*0.3) * 0.3 = 2.8125k
    Lifekeeper saves 400. So we have 2.4125k

    DK with 100k hp will also regenerate 2k hp per second with battle frenzy.

    In a 1 minute fight, 100k hp dk will regenerate at least 60k hp with battle frenzy only.

    Assuming mage can hit one fireball every 3 seconds, he will land 20 of them. Burn doesn't stack, so consecutive fireballs do not deal more burn dmg.

    20 fireballs with 2.4125k each is let's say 50k dmg, 60k including burn. After a minute of fight with the mage DK is still at the same 100k hp.

    That was a huge issue before, as 1handes mage couldn't beat tank with old lifekeeper, but 2handed could, as lifekeeper tanks rarely attacked and didn't have much damage. Now, this tank will have tons of damage, and his skills have more base damage, and he has close to unlimited stuns if used properly. But he will only need to use charge, battle frenzy, jump and bloody wild swing. Charge alone deals 175% dmg. More than a fireball. But important part, mage cannot regenerate any damage. So mage slowly but surely loses.

    Now I just gave you an idea, you can put any numbers but make characters equal. Tank has 30% more hp. And do the same math.

    Now, you can say mage has a lighting strike - surprise, no one is using it as direct hit is impossible. Ice sphere - the same, only direct hit deals that good damage. It's not EA that does the magic. It's dumb useless ice sphere, which is hard to use, lower damage, shorter range, no attack speed impact.

    Ice missiles would be prohibited at all, they would mostly heal the tank and fireball is more effective. 125% and 400 back is better than 3x65% and 1200 back.

    Sometime, mage will make a decent unblocked crit. Sometime perhaps in the singularity. But that would happen once or twice. And he would be probably running on low hp by that time himself.

    And finally, to kill a DK that doesn't regen, mage in my example needs 50 fireballs. Each minute of fight adds 25 more with regen. So to kill tank in a minute - 75 fireballs. Let's say with some luck and singularity, 60. Can you imagine the tank getting 1 fireball per second every second in a fight? 50% of the time mage has to run, at least 50%. Tank also has his dragon skin.

    So what do we have here? This release makes already immortal tanks even more immortal against equal mage. Defeating a tank with crafted lvl5 lifekeeper will be impossible. It's already impossible, but gonna be worse. All those immortal flag bearers will only change one item, and become the killing machines. 2 handed mages cannot kill them and take the flag in 5v5. Guess what's gonna happen when all these monsters instead of running start attacking you with the same damage.

    You can look at this item differently. Let's imagine (I don't believe it but let's imagine) equal DK and Mage right now have 50% chance to win. Since mage needs 75 fireballs to kill a DK, and each save him 400hp, DK got 30k to back by using lifekeeper. So if we compare pre r202 balanced 100k hp tank, and post r202 tank with lifekeeper, he got 30% more effective hp. Just by adding one item. If you call it fair balance, idk what imbalance is then.

    This release should not have been released. This item should not have been added to the game in the first place. And it surely should have remained the defence focused, PvE/flag item without much damage.

    To add to the sup of disaster, newer tanks cannot purchase the old version of lifekeeper, which is also another upset by BP. Smart old tanks will keep the old one, and buy the new.

    So the release is further killing the balance in PVP. Even though there was no balance anyway, but now mages can just forget about pvp. They are useless meat for tanks now, a potion.

    Other classes also received some beauties, with PVP focus, and only mages are left alone with expensive junk. And the only item mages dreamed of, an item that wouldnt mean anything to the pvp balance, pure pve item was not just a little bit nerfed, it was made completely useless.

    To many words, I know. But do your own math and own thinking. Or ask one of the gurus who like the numbers, he plays DK. And tell me with numbers, how the heck mage is supposed to defeat that post 202 killing machine? Or maybe I just don't get something? And remember, you are 100k hp tank right now. That's pretty average. Those average mages wouldn't have 10k dmg either. Even if they do, sooner or later you will get to 150k, and 170k, and more. Damage is pretty limited by lets say 13-14k. I have 12.5k*5CD already on my mage with all perfect crafted items and best possible gems. I can only add a little here and there. HP growth is not that limited. That's why putting relative regen number on an item makes no sense. Damage and HP are not proportional. 10k hp tanks play with 2k dmg mages, it's doable. But as both grow, the proportion is on the tank side. And those 0.4 create more and more difference. The same difference the 10% of battle frenzy regen does now. It should be disabled in pvp, or drastically modified. As an example, all the regen on skills and items of current hp, not the maximum - its gonna be like mortgage - starting is hard, but if you took 50% off already, it becomes easier. But even that wouldn't help. There should be zero regen.

    Cheers, no offense and nothing personal.
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  19. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    It does seem like DSO is going out of their way to further create chaos with pvp.

    I get the logic of wanting to nerf items that make pvp even worse than it is. However it would be better if the collective community would focus our energy on getting them to separate pvp from pve instead of the constant nerfing.
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  20. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Imo the lifekeeper shouldnt have had the 0.4% heal as unique option.This way you couldnt craft it and get to 10k+ dmg with it in your tank setup.It is a big mistake to keep it like that.Either the 0.4% option shouldve been an enchantment that would dissapear if the weapon was crafted or the hp reg from it shouldnt be in % but a fix value of lets say 100-200 hp.

    Maybe for now it isnt such a big problem but in a few weeks or months when every tank will run in 1v1 with this weapon on tier 5 and 200% dmg on it then maybe BP will realise what they have done and why so many complain today about this issue.Just as sebastian described above, as a mage even as a top one you wont have any chance against dks with this weapon.We are fighting in pvp with a 125% dmg skill for heavens sake. Thats nothing for a 80% block/reduce/armor/ressist.Why do we fight with skills that do 125% dmg? Well because our good skills like ice sphere and lightning strike are flawed in pvp.You cant hit crap with them.So we are bound to use fireballs and ice missiles.Now that life keeper made it ingame we cant use ice missiles either because it will do more wrong than good .So as a mage your only weapon remains a 125% skill dmg fireball.

    If you are going crazy with the hp regeneration in pvp then i suggest you give mages and rangers hp regenerations in pvp too just to make it fair.Everytime someone uses teleport or adrenaline, a 5-6sec hp reg should start and heal for % hp.

    With just a single patch, BP handed the 1v1 to warriors just like that lol.I seriously dont understand what are you guys doing with your game nowadays.You've given so many advantages to a class and they keep coming.What about the other 3 classes? What about the mages who su_ck at PvE for more than a year? When are you going to start taking some actions there?

    Everyone knows that but the DEV team.Even players who dont play mages as main admit this on forums lol.It took BP 2 years to finally fix the rangers and make them good in PvE.I guess the mage class has to wait 1 year more until it will happen for them too.
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