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    Dear heroes of Dracania,


    Release 206 is all about lighting up the world of Dracania: equipment effects, another customization feature for the game that the community has been asking about for quite some time.
    In addition to that, this version also contains
    several bug fixes.

    1. Equipment effects
    The new equipment effects will add visual effects to unique weapons.

    List of uniques

    UniqueEquipment effectNeeded Creatress’ Tears
    Power of the AllianceAlliance’s Afterglow75
    Mace/Wand/Bow/Gat of the Wolf SlayerBlood Aura45
    Roaring Water400
    Bearach’s Untamed Scorn/Torturer/Tormentor/StormSwarm of Bees400
    Arachna’s Venomous RevengeVenomous Haze400
    The Herald’s Burning ThunderRaging Blaze400
    Axe/Staff/Bow/Storm Revolver of DestructionMelting Heat75
    Bearer of CorruptionCorrupted Bolt75
    Blood Rune Sword/Staff/Bow/RifleBloody Tempest113
    Frigid Spider Hatchet/Staff/Shortbow/GunIcy Sphere113
    Tenebrous Spider Hatchet/Staff/Shortbow/GunStygian Haze113
    Golden Dragon Blade
    Dragonwing Scepter
    Dragonslayer Bow
    Dragonfire Breather
    Dragon Fire75
    Agathon’s Lost Battle Mace
    Grimmag’s Lost Enchanted Staff
    Lehaine’s Lost Hunting Bow
    Orsha’s Lost Firestorm
    Ancient Light75
    Cloaked Wrath
    Strong Radiance400
    Staff of Eternal Flame
    Bouncing Blade
    Friend of Grenadiers
    Radiant Ring113

    Creatress' Tears - Activator items

    You will need Creatress’ Tears to activate the effect on the unique item. To apply the visual effect you have to right-click the Tears and afterwards left-click the unique item you want to use. After clicking on the target item, a dialog will appear asking if you really want to activate the effect on the unique weapon.

    If there is no equipment effect defined for the target item, you will be notified that this is not a valid target item.

    During the activation dialogue, you will see the effect displayed in the character inventory. The character will also change its pose so that the item is more clearly visible.

    You can earn Creatress’ Tears by defeating Bosses (Parallel Worlds, Scaling Dungeons, Events, Normal dungeons) and by completing daily challenges (“Bonus for completed challenges”).

    You can also increase the chance of receiving a Creatress’ Tear by engaging bosses on
    higher difficulties.

    The required
    amount of Creatress’ Tears and the effect name can be found in the bottom area of the respective weapon’s tooltip.


    Equipment effect remover


    There is also the
    ability to remove an active equipment effect. If you use the remover on an item, a dialog appears asking if you really want to remove the effect.

    Game settings

    In the game settings, you can also define whether only your equipment effects are displayed or also those of your group members or the effects of all players.


    Next steps

    For now we have only implemented this for certain weapons. But we have created the foundations to apply visual effects to any type of equipment if the feedback indicates a high demand.

    2. Drop chance changes

    The drop chance for the following items have been lowered a bit, as they were considered too high:

    • Golden Dragon Blade
    • Golden Dragon Shield
    • Keen's Steps
    • Keen's Fist
    • Keen's Power
    • Dragonslayer Bow
    • Dragonslayer Quiver
    • Yachak's Insight
    • Yachak's Way
    • Yachak's Awakening
    • Dragonwing Scepter
    • Wings of the Dragon Codex
    • Roshan's Gloves
    • Roshan's Path
    • Roshan's Circle
    Steam Mechanicus
    • Dragonfire Breather
    • Dragonfire Smith Hammer
    • Sparks' Fist
    • Sparks' Pathfinder
    • Spark's Blacksmith Belt

    3. Bug fixes

    Parallel Worlds
    The list of displayed rewards for the Parallel World dungeons has been updated.
    1. The Alliance Set Amulet "Resolve of the Alliance" listed as reward for Grimmag’s Parallel World dungeon - this was wrong and it has been removed now
    2. Some world drop items like Avenger, Cloaked Wrath, Starlight, Predator, Riddle, Mechanicum, Justice and Beast were displayed as rewards for several Parallel World dungeons - these items still drop there, but we decided to not show world drop items as rewards for dungeons as they are not dungeon specific drops.
    3. The order of the listed rewards has also been changed so that the unique items are always listed first followed by the crafting cores.

    There was an issue that potions could be consumed in city hubs (e.g. Kingshill). This has been fixed now.

    There was an issue with the health points being displayed by monsters with life leech enchantments. This has been fixed now.

    Go further and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team

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