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  1. ShamisSabri

    ShamisSabri Someday Author

    This patch is a FAIL.

    I am playing at 290-310 ms for the last two months. Used to be a decent 180-190 ms before that.

    My priority is not some shiny effect/s but a decent stable game which I can run on my laptop.

    Note to BigPoint: If you cannot manage or run a game correctly, pls pass this game on to a decent company who can take care of it and give it what it deserves. Dont ruin it. You are like the proud parents of a nice kid, give him the right education and guidance. The world which loves your kid right now, will kick him in the nuts in the future if you dont pull your act together.

    sorry for being harsh, but i love this game and you guys are ruining it lately.
  2. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    What could you possibly mean by this? I reported lag making agathon unplayable to the point where I couldn't complete the mini event, and I was told "players are reporting" performance is better than ever.
  3. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Hello @Aslandroth
    Here is a link to "A Guide to giving Feedback".
    Here is another link to "Our forum Netiquette".

    You are breaking the forum rules in few ways:
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  4. Nostradamus88

    Nostradamus88 Active Author

    It is simply a lie as it is since some months ago within the letter from developing team. Just words! truth comes from facts: and facts say that while your art team works good, the designers are on holiday. We don't want the same explanations of ever, just give us what you mentioned. Reality is that you don't care of bot (even if at this point a lot of us start realizing who is behind bot creating), you don't care of class balancing nor you care of pvp (because we gave you a lot of hints and you passed above even if it seems that we understand better than you how the game works). If art department is better than designers well.... move someone from there in order to teach the other guys how to work XD
  5. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    How can you say that you are working on the most important aspect of the game when for the past months you havent done any changes in that department?The arena is 1hit - 1 win since 1 year ago when lvl 55 came...mages are crap now and were crap back then...Its been 1 year and not a single change meant to improve the balance and pvp was done (excepting dwarf nerf and EA nerf).

    This is almost a copy - paste from the previous dev team letter where they promised the same things.That letter was posted half a year ago or so...Does this mean that it will take half a year from this new "letter" until we get to see some changes?

    Why have you decided for something so silly as "weapon effects" to take priority instead of what you promised months ago? Why such a silly thing that no one asked for in the first place is more important than balance, pvp , increased stacks, essence bag and other things that people ask for on every forums?

    LE : this message is aimed at BP and not at you Mal3ficent...i know you only do your job x)
  6. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    @Aslandroth consecutive posting is against the forum rules and considered spam, when you have something to add to your previous post please make use of the "Edit" button on the lower left part of your post.
    Please do not engage into conversation with the board staff, focus on giving your feedback. :)

  7. Shansurri

    Shansurri Active Author

    Now when I shoot, it's prettier. Or maybe I'm just in a good mood today.

    No choice to shut it completely off I see? DSO, please remember that some of your players are not on gaming computers. I'll be seriously sad the day that I can no longer play thanks to the weight of the graphics.

    Other than that, I have to agree with what others are saying-- the change in drop rates was a touch too noticeable (read that as traumatic).

    editing to add: I noticed that you have different departments. So on that assumption, Thanks to the Art department, because it IS a pretty game. And well... you ARE doing your job. I get it. (now staring fixedly at the Performance department). :p
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
  8. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    you can turn off weapon effects
  9. Shansurri

    Shansurri Active Author

    Thanks, I'll have another look when I log back on later. All I saw were choices for ALL, GROUP, or ONLY ME.
  10. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

    I am glad to hear. It's a good thing you opened it up a little bit, I think many gamers doesn't realise this that they are 2 different departments. I think many are waiting more important things, which are taking more longer time to do and while people, who doesn't even work on those matters are releasing other stuff. So the people think that their wishes are not being made at all.
    For the future I would recommend to be more visible regarding the community wishes and creating them.
    As you have all the data from all the servers I think you guys should put a poll (not for voting but showing the results) in every language board and show how the people voted from each language board. Be more visible. Trust is a thing which has to be earned. You will not get the gamers trust by saying "we have the data"
    Show the data.
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  11. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Advanced

    2 runs Q7 infernal = 0 tears
    1 run Q5 infernal = 0 tears
    1 run Q4 infernal = 1 tear

    And I need 400 tears for my q7 weapon, really devs? :eek:
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  12. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Sorry but I'm not buying this. If the artsy folks need something to do how about reworking some of the ugliest gear to be found in any rpg (particularly the post-r185 junk.) Oh, yeah, that would decrease the sales of costumes. Was it the art team who decided to add another inventory clogger to accomplish this new effect? And was it the art team that coded the means to get this inventory clogger as well as the new setting optioons. Was it the art team that decided on the frustrating low accumulation of this inventory clogger? These new effects could have simply been scripted onto existing gear. Stating that the art dept and nobody else put time into this is utter nonsense.

    As for the, "something happening very, very soon," I'm not going to hold my breath. Take pvp balancing for example. Every year there is some kind of official statement near the end of the year that this issue will been tackled next year. Still the situation gets worse and worse.

    As for the nerfing of the Yachaks/Keens/Roshans/Sparks gear drops if nothing else this is just horrible PR. Why even announce this? There has been no announcements over the past year about the nerfs for the chances to get gold lines (yes, this is real.) Are the shot callers so paranoid about there revenues that this very, very minor benefit to the payers had to be taken away? Seriously, the players that are buying GoP are not not going to buy less because of these melts. As for actually using this gear with the chance of decent stats already nerfed down so low and that fact that even with good stats this gear is at best for temporary use in most cases.

    Luck be with ye,
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
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  13. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    Well i did some runs and wow, 1 tear from the chest nice :D I don't even pick them up with this low selling value, this is so rare, at least make it worthy to sell, because i don't want it to stay in my inv, i didn't even kept pets and mounts before the bag. I already have a bunch of useless things.
    As a dk that use the Keen's set, i am kinda disappointed, still couldn't find one with good lines, and i guess i will never find soon enough.
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  14. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Not quite off, but at least limited to yourself and as long as you don't employ this stupid idea it works.

    Yep, heard that one too many times to believe it.
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  15. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    There is an option of some sort

    Something is happening very soon, something very bad
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  16. Shansurri

    Shansurri Active Author

    Thank you. I'm only now realizing... they didn't upgrade the graphics exactly, right? They just created a bunch of 'tears' that you can use to craft the graphics? So if I don't use those tears, and set the toggle to 'Only Me', then I'm good? Of course, they can at some point decide that instead of just a pretty effect, those tears will offer some kind of stat upgrade... so that means we have to store those darn tears now? I'm beginning to understand why some are irritated by this upgrade.
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  17. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    No. And again no. That will never happen. If anything remotely close happened, it would be the offering of a new refiner that would of course, cost ander, and refine graphically updated items to stat updated items. The problem is, the updated stats would be lower than what they currently are.

    I've only played this game 2 years or so and that doesn't qualify me as a veteran, or even an experienced player, but, it is no secret that what BP giveth with one hand, they take away with an atomic bomb, while telling you the radiation is good for you.
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  18. UndergroundKiller

    UndergroundKiller Forum Expert

    They introduced Weapon Effects just to distract players from the new-old poses/animations in Char. tab :eek:.

    BTW, I did some runs (5x q1, 5x q3 and 5x q5) while hoping to get some solid cores and I got those teara only after opening the chest of the first round for each Q.
    I know 15 runs are not enough to prove anything, but if it keeps like this I would need to kill 1985 bosses just to decorate my bow o_O.
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  19. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    I believe they mentioned it will be 1x drop everywhere, actually. And it seems they don't even drop every run? Worst thing is that I saw someone say they got tears INSTEAD of Pristine Cores... and after that both. It's OK if they're dropping all over (though makes no sense that it's 1x drops in ALL difficulties, but NOT if they could take up the drop chance from important cores). Hope that was a bug after this obvious poor implementation, it's enough they can pop in the dailies, taking up potential space for a clover, but if this keep happening, it's a MAJOR no-go! Way to go from "cosmetic feature rather than important" to "cosmetic feature rather than important, but which is also buggy and interferes with something important"... GG...

    And yeah, the inventory window character animation is now just the same one over and over and over... repeated like a psycho, LOL. OFC, no mention of that anywhere. Not like it'd be much needed, but always hate this unmentioned stuff... not to add that the change itself is simply nonsensical (what a surprise...).
    Yeah, they just threw the blame on their ONLY competent department, didn't they? And still they keep insisting it's a community-asked feature? It was a joke before, but now seeing that they were really being serious, it's even worse.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
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  20. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    The inventory window animation is the same as it was before, they re-implemented after removing it sometime ago
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