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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Feb 13, 2018.

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  1. UndergroundKiller

    UndergroundKiller Forum Expert

    I just killed bearach fatal and I got 1 tear as his loot, plus one from the chest, so if we're "lucky" we would need less than 2k runs to make our weapon shine
  2. User330K

    User330K Junior Expert

    And so comes the nightmare of the dailies! Potions and this worthless stuff...
    Remove this ** from the dailies!
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  3. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    it seems to drop every time from the chest
  4. CreeperS4

    CreeperS4 Someday Author

    According to the database, this is how the daily rewards will go after adding this effect tears.

    There are a list of possible rewards on each tear (1,2,3,4,6 and 9) and all of them have a probability weight assigned, this is how it will go on tier 6 and 9, as they are the only ones which can have the new rewards:

    Tier 6:

    Extraordinary Item90
    Legendary Item10
    Effect Tear20
    Tier 9:

    Legendary Item40
    100x Infernal Passages40
    Glided Clover20
    Effect Tear30
    PD: This calculations only apply to lvl 55 characters, on other levels, the rewards are different.

    If you do the calculations, you will see that before the addition of this effect tears, the chance to get a Clover from dailys was 20%, now it's about a 15.3%.

    IMO, the effect tears should only be added on tier 6 as a possible reward (and I don't think it's even necessary). Clovers are the only reason I do PVP dailys, as they are the only valuable and worthy reward you can get from there.
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  5. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Great Master

    I also dislike the idea of Tears appearing in Daily challenges. I'm sure most of people here would agree that it is Golden Clovers that we're after - we do not want Tears in Daily challenges ( 'Like' this post if youse agree with this statement) . Here my today's Daily challenges :

  6. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    I mentioned this on the TS thread but it is worth repeating here. For newer toons without max wisdom that #6 spot is also frustrating.

    Luck be with ye,
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  7. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    I'm going to jump on the same train as all the others..., I don't care to have a beehive on my weapon, I will, eventually, because the tears will accumulate, but I want them removed from the Daily Quest progression rewards no matter the spot, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and presume you put them there to "advertise" your "new feature".

    Now hear me out here, it's not that I dislike the concept, but here's a post of mine from 2 years ago giving an example on my take on these features:

    So..., this feature could be nice and appreciated if we had it together with other features/fixes, the game is currently in a pretty sorry state, PvP is still so broken that some people even forego gilded clovers to avoid the stinking pile of manure it is, a recent exploit that's potentially worse than the Piñata exploit of the 5th anniversary, poorly balanced events in regards of effort vs time of grind required vs rewards, a suffering draken/augment core economy that is going to crash (save this post lol), ever living inventory struggles, and a long list of other problems that can be tackled easily, and yet we get a rickety release with the sole purpose of nerfing our GoP income, reduce the probabilities of getting clovers/wisdom from the daily quests and, a "new" visual effect on a game that receives complains about lag and poor performance on almost a daily basis, awesome, ain't it?
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  8. Grizzles1

    Grizzles1 Forum Apprentice

    Effect tears are a terrible idea, and I don't like how they take away from clovers in dailies. When will new content be added to the game? Dev post about wisdom update was almost 4 months ago now.
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  9. User330K

    User330K Junior Expert

    And I had tears for the 9th Daily quest reward today too....
  10. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Man, the community asked for these tears apparently so it must mean that we need and want these tears least thats what BP was saying when they introduced this new does not need nor want clovers..they want tears LOL xD

    Because why get yourself some clovers to buy runes to boost some of your stats when u can get some awesome effects on your items that wont help at all when u farm or anything xD
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  11. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    feedback: effect tears taking a daily spot is a terrible and useless idea. just leave them in the end boss chests.

    feedback: effect tears should be turned into currency. we do not need another inventory clogger.
  12. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Great Master

    That is shocking...and very unfortunate and sad.
  13. User330K

    User330K Junior Expert

    Sacasm or not, today im having Tears for the 9th again.
    Its the third day in a row i got them. [EDIT] Pretty sick and sad if someone finds enjoyment only in creating these game ruining stuffs...
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  14. SupremeBeing

    SupremeBeing Forum Apprentice

    Well after the update my mouse seems to be broken. Have some friends also with that problem it kinda keeps clicking itself while you click once for movement and its still clicks again u can see the circle and stops moving even when i have not released the mouse button. And most annoying is moving items between bank and inventory. It clicks itself and takes other items when i drag it over other items.
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  15. UndergroundKiller

    UndergroundKiller Forum Expert

    Some days ago I started playing just mod1 pw (since I can finish runs a lot faster and <50 lvl players can join to lv up) and I got Tears from the chests just at the first run after R206... So to me is not 100% from the chest.
    Maybe on higher mods o_O
  16. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

    So DEV team here is a community wish for you!
    Please remove the creatres tear from the daily rewards! For those who want it can always farm it. Please
    don't make us have this junk item in the rewards. It's not a reward. It's a mockery!

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  17. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Very well said..the main reason why these silly things got so much hate was because they made clovers even harder to get than they are.I wouldnt mind if the art team creators were the only ones to get these rewards on their game chars...i mean they really wanted them..would be a shame for them not to get them daily lol
  18. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    LOL, and it's not even a higher amount when it falls on the 9th spot.
    They should really shake up these daily rewards, most of them are meh.
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  19. Shansurri

    Shansurri Active Author

    Not just clovers. Some of us babies are still working on our wisdom. I'm not entirely sure which marketing survey indicated that gamers would be happy to lose stat benefits in exchange for gaining cosmetic benefits, but I'm thinking they didn't survey people who actually play the game.
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  20. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    I'm on my 3rd day in a row now receiving those highly coveted Creatress tear for my daily. I think I understand their purpose. Far away; deep within the bowels of the Art Department, a madman agonized over the speed with which a dedicated player could earn clovers. Two or three a month felt like theft, as if they were stealing the food from his table and the coppers from his purse. One day, while slaving away not developing any new content, he hatched a scheme so devious, it could only come from a level of genius the common rube will never understand. Alas, after cutting off his own ear, he realized he couldn't cut it into enough pieces to mail to the entire community, no matter how small that community became. He needed to find a digital way to send his severed ear to all the players, in the form of the Creatress tear.
    Well played, oh noble artisan. Well played.
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