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    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    With Release 207 we will flush away bot users and bug abusers from Dracania with a big ban wave that will happen during the synchronization of this release.

    In addition to that, the Bosses of Dracania are once again waiting to be defeated in an updated Defeat the Undefeatable event.

    Furthermore, there will be additional improvements and bug fixes.​

    Bots and exploits

    The situation was getting dry and it was time for another ban wave. With this ban wave, we are not only focusing on bot users but also on exploiters (e.g. daily deals, workbench).
    As this is one of the most discussed pain points of our community and in the same way a very complex topic, we would like to provide an FAQ dealing with the most asked questions. With this, we want to take a firm stand on the one hand and on the other hand, give you the chance to comprehend our actions.

    The FAQ can be viewed here.

    Defeat the Undefeatables

    Circus Monstrorum

    When you enter the Circus Monstrorum this time around, you might notice that we have applied some changes. First - there is now a chance that you encounter some other bosses like the Bloodmage for example.

    ShrinePossible Bosses
    • Heredur
    • Bloodmage
    • Arachna
    • Magotina
    • Karabossa
    • Bearach
    • Asar
    • M'Edusa
    • Nefertari
    Boss fights

    Besides the new bosses in the Circus Monstrorum arena, we have also introduced several new boss portals including Sharr Kharab, Dragan, and Gwenfara. Notice that Dragan and Gwenfara will also have a chance to drop their special unique items.


    Adornment of the Vanquisher

    The Adornment of the Vanquisher, available as a reward for collecting enough Insignias of Honor or as a special drop from the Shiny Golden Chest of Awesomeness, grants you a special buff - the Frenzy of the Vanquisher - for each defeated enemy.​

    Rune of the Vanquisher

    The Rune of the Vanquisher is a very special one. Its unique bonus works only in combination with the Adornment of the Vanquisher as it increases the power of the Frenzy of the Vanquisher buff.​

    003.pngLesser Rune of the VanquisherEnhances the Frenzy of the Vanquisher effect:
    • + 0,01% additional critical damage
    • + 0,0025% additional critical hit rate
    004.pngRune of the VanquisherEnhances the Frenzy of the Vanquisher effect:
    • + 0,02% additional critical damage
    • + 0,005% additional critical hit rate
    005.pngMighty Rune of the VanquisherEnhances the Frenzy of the Vanquisher effect:
    • + 0,03% additional critical damage
    • + 0,01% additional critical hit rate
    006.pngSupreme Rune of the VanquisherEnhances the Frenzy of the Vanquisher effect:
    • + 0,06% additional critical damage
    • + 0,015% additional critical hit rate

    Rune of Relentlessness

    Some of you might remember that there was a restriction on how often the Rune of Relentlessness could drop during the Defeat the Undefeatable event - this is now gone. If you are lucky enough you can collect as many Runes of Relentlessness as you want.

    Nefertari Doll

    With the addition of Nefertari as a boss to the Circus Monstrorum we are also adding a Nefertari Doll to the Defeat the Undefeatables event. You can now hunt for four different items to craft your very own Nefertari Doll.​

    007.pngNefertari Doll's Crown
    008.pngNefertari Doll's Body
    009.pngNefertari Doll's Garment
    010.pngFlame of a Phoenix
    Some of you might recognize the last item that you'll need to get the Nefertari Doll - It's the Flame of a Phoenix that you also had to collect for the Lanky Fire Gnome and the Bolstered Fire Gnome. If you still have some flames left from the last Dragan event, you can use them for crafting the Nefertari Doll. But no worries if you already used all your flames you can, of course, get them during this event as well.
    The Nefertari Doll also comes with a unique effect: whenever you enter a boss fight your critical damage value will be increased by 25%.​

    Other improvements

    The mini-bosses in Circus Monstrorum and the chests that spawn after killing a boss, now have a better loot quality from the Infernal I difficulty and onwards.
    The event progress Insignia of Honor will now be picked up automatically.
    The tier level of the cloak/banner now scales with the difficulty level.

    Can we farm the Circus and the chests after the event is expired.
    A: Yes, you can still farm the chests inside Circus Monstrorum. You can farm for runes, draken, pet parts etc. as much as you want, even if the event is expired.​

    Bug fixes and improvements

    Boss drop
    In some cases, the boss Herald was dropping a Steam Mechanicus item for other classes. This has been fixed now.

    The Creatress’ Tears were not dropping from Magotina, Karabossa, the Bloodmage, and Mortis. This has been fixed now.

    There was a display issue in the score point calculation when aborting a Parallel World run by using a boss teleport item. This has been fixed now.

    Premium Trader Emilia
    The gold price for the equipment items was not correct for all classes. This has been fixed now.

    US server time
    The server time for the US instances (Agathon and Tegan) is being changed from UTC to CET. This affects the reset times of daily deals, daily challenges, daily login rewards and prevents issues with the use of these features.

    It was possible to exploit the daily deals and/or the workbench. This should not be possible anymore.

    Coming soon…
    …news about the Class Rebalancing!!!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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