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  1. LordKotton

    LordKotton Forum Apprentice

    Well its been almost a week... no new challenges or daily deals.. When it this going to be fixed?
    I agree there needs to be something done for lost rewards
  2. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    Materi storm
    with the size of the mount suvius maps and the amount of times being stuned the location of the target enemys is crutial to getting this done.
    I do not see them on m2 or m2 something neds to be done about this.

    please move this to the correct posting or make a new thread.
  3. Erebus

    Erebus User

    It is valid since it's both part of the release and too small of an event to dedicate an entire feedback thread to it, we'll be passing your concerns through, best regards.
  4. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    ok thanks for the quick response,
    I devised a work around for myself to get the +10 bonus, I just defeat the 1st target and then re-enter.
  5. When there are issues like this, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the "Official Announcements" sub-forum. If you had, you might have seen the the announcement made on Friday. To summarize, expect a hotfix on Tuesday and some form of compensation. To answer your next question; No, we don't know what the compensation will be.
  6. Moot

    Moot Active Author

    Where did inf 1 2 and 3 go with the end of the leaderboards??
  7. Tonlee01

    Tonlee01 Forum Apprentice

    So I decided to not log in for a complete daily cycle (old daily cycle 4pm yesterday until after 4pm today) and low and behold my rewards were reset to day 1 (like I knew they would be), however also, it broke the bug and my Daily Deals and Quests were reset as well. I asked in general chat and someone said that their bug was gone and that their dailies were also reset too. I asked and they concurred that they too had not logged in for a complete day (missing from at least 4pm one day until 4pm the next day). This evening at 9pm PST I will comment if the dailies reset again. TBH, I do not think they will reset, but who knows. Devs, hope this helps.


    9:00pm rolled around (I'm on Tegan server BTW) and nothing happened. Nothing reset like I thought. Also, on daily deals (and I am assuming daily quests but I do not have it showing on my Daily quests page, is that a browser thing?) time still show 4pm PST as the reset time. So something you might think about testing (or looking for, for your hotfix) is if something is still listed somewhere either globally or locally as 4pm PST for reset times and possibly testing by changing the test server (or your Devs test server) time and/or date to see if the fix works or not (I'd say implement the fix and roll the time to 1 minute before when the server would reset dailies, then wait and see, if it works great, but then also fast forward the date and time 1 day later, and let it count down to reset time and see if the fix still holds). Thanks for listening.
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  8. GotAnswerz

    GotAnswerz Forum Apprentice

    With 207, any keyboard assignments we have left blank are being defaulted to the original assignment. I hate menus popping up during the game, so I made many of them blank. We also sorely need a way to hide the toolbars at top and bottom of screen. Thank you.
  9. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    Save your settings.xml file after you have set all of those items and then replace it into your temp folder when it goes south. If you can't change something via the GUI, force it with the xml file.

    As for the toolbars, I'm with ya on controlling size and appearance.
  10. Moot

    Moot Active Author

    The official announcement is wrong tho... It states the problem only exists on US servers, yet i encountered it on Grimmag
  11. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Agathon Server gets better and better 7 days no dailies to get Wisdom or Gem Refiners
    Now I go to log in get to click Agathon server and nothing any explanations ??
  12. neua0001

    neua0001 Forum Greenhorn

    I am having the same issue edrogers58. I have tried to reset my CPU, deleted and reinstalled the client and even deleted the DSO folder in the user temp directory, deleted and then reinstalled the client. All for nothing. This New Moon event will unfortunately be a waste for me.
  13. r33p3r

    r33p3r Forum Greenhorn

    they bailed on the patch due to server issues. login is unavailable on all severs it seems
  14. neua0001

    neua0001 Forum Greenhorn

    I admit, times like this can be frustrating, but I am sure they are doing everything they can to get things up and running again. Until tomorrow I guess, unless I can find some time later today.
  15. Check the announcement again.
    That said, there is a rare issue that is very similar to this that can affect individuals on any server. If you are changing maps in the couple seconds when dailies change over, you may be stuck with your previous day's dailies. This is a known issue and has been reported multiple times.

    If what you experienced only lasted for one day, it is most likely that you were exposed to this existing bug whereas Tegan and Agathon have not received daily deals or daily quests for the past week unless they refrained from logging in between the hours of 1700 and 0000 EST. This is due to a clock change that occurred on Tegan and Agathon that was unnecessary on the European servers.
  16. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Look at what is offered for 7-8 days 0 dailies 1 Clover 5 Legendaries 5 Tears (95% of your community is not interested in)

    To what was lost 3k Wisdom 245 Gem Refiners

    Taken a week to rectify a bug that your development team made surely you could try and reach out a hand to your community ???
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  17. Moot

    Moot Active Author

    Except I did not change maps when the dailies were supposed to roll over, I was sitting in cardhun combining some gems, and when I saw the daily login bonus popping up but not the challenges and daily deal, I reloaded and was stuck with the quests and deals from the previous day.
  18. Shansurri

    Shansurri Active Author

    Along with essence (blue, purple, and/or reds), and the loss is across potentially four toons per account. In my case three. Also, I thought we were told that they were going to be removing the Tears from daily challenge rewards? If that's not so, it would be nice if they were at least worth a gold a piece or something-- then we could sell them.

    I'm assuming we'll be waiting until tomorrow to find out if the dailies were fixed? Mine all still have the same issue, but the count down to midnight hasn't finished today yet.
  19. wolfie54

    wolfie54 Active Author

    Nothing re-set for me today but the daily deal timer! Still seeing the same items as before. Timer is counting down from 23.59.59
  20. The Daily Quest timer says it should reset in another 4.75 hours. One way or the other, one of the clocks is wrong and it seems Agathon/Tegan still have issues. Lets see what 0100 EST has in store for us and we'll pass along the information to the DSO team.
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