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    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    Release 210 contains several changes and improvements regarding the Class Rebalancing. According to your feedback we adjusted some skills and talents for every class.
    Furthermore the Big Game Hunt event will return with new rewards.
    And during the Stormball event you have the chance to support your team for the FIFA World Cup with a new mount or fresh costumes and emotes.
    In addition to that this version contains several bug fixes.

    Class Rebalancing

    Wisdom / Daily Challenges
    • Wisdom is not longer available as reward for daily challenges if you have reached the maximum wisdom level.
    Tooltip Updates
    Steam Mechanicus
    • Tesla Turret:
      • the skill now states that the turret is immune to damage
    Skill / Talent Updates
    • Meteor
      • the ground marker of the Meteor skill has an increased size now so that it matches the size of the actual impact
    • Chain Lightning
      • we have increased the base damage of the skill from 45% to 60%
    • Ice Missile
      • we have increased the base damage of the skill from 50% to 75%
    • Frozen Sphere
      • we have increased the base damage of the skill from 50% to 60%
    • Guardian
      • Mighty Guardian
        • this talent now also increases the armor and elemental resistances of your summoned Guardians by 50%
    • Thicket of Thorns
      • we have reduced the skill cool-down time of this skill from 12 to 10 seconds
    • Dive
      • we have reduced the skill cool-down time of this skill from 12 to 8 seconds
      • Jumping Focus
        • we have reduced the mark time of this skill for pvp
    • Net
      • we have reduced the skill cool-down time of this skill from 12 to 10 seconds
    • Bird of Prey
      • we have reduced the skill cool-down time of this skill from 30 to 20 seconds
    • Blade Dance
      • we have increased the base damage of this skill from 75% to 85%
    • Wild Pack
      • we have reduced the skill cool-down time of this skill from 60 to 50 seconds
      • Renew Pact
        • this talent now also increases the health points of your summoned Wild Pack or Wooden Wraith by 100%
    • Explosive Arrow
      • the explosion now also triggers if the arrow hits an static object like a wall
    • Adrenaline
      • Body Control
        • we have increased the cool-down reduction of this talent from 10% to 20%
    • Bloody Wild Swing
      • Deep Cuts
        • we have increased the damage increase from 22% to 35%
        • we have also added the missing text that the Deep Cuts talent also increases the bleeding damage of Bloody Wild Swing
    • Outburst
      • Burning Heatwave
        • we have increased the chance of triggering the burn effect from 30% to 40% and the burn damage from 20% to 50%
    • Banner of War
      • Law of the Strong
        • we have increased the damage buff from 2% to 5%
        • we have increased the run-time of the buff from 5 to 10 seconds
        • we have reduced the max stack-size of the buff from 20 to 10
        • we have added a taunt effect to the talent so that enemies are taunted in a range of 15 meters as long as the banner of war is active
    Steam Mechanicus
    • C14 Micro-Rocket
      • we have increased the flight speed of the rocket
    • Quick Shot
      • we have increased the base damage of the skill from 60% to 80%
    • Rocket Pack
      • we have reduced the cool-down time from 10 to 5 seconds
    • Mechanical Turret
      • we have reduced the essence costs from 8 to 5
    • Machine Gun Turret
      • we have reduced the essence costs from 8 to 5
    • Tactical Turret
      • we have reduced the essence costs from 8 to 5
    Group Effects
    Steam Mechanicus

    • Tesla Turret
      • we have increased the run-time of the Unstoppable Engine buff from 15 to 25 seconds

    Big Game Hunt
    Main Reward
    • we have replaced the Chest of the Armored White Gorilla with the Chest of the Armored Walrus
    [​IMG]Chest of the Armored Walrusalways:

      • Mighty Rune of Vigor
    always one of the following:

      • Armored Beige Walrus (40% Chance)
      • Armored Brown Walrus (40% Chance)
      • Armored Black Walrus (20% Chance)
    Collector‘s Bag Update
    • we have added the 3 new mounts to the Collectors Bag - they can be found in the Wild Beasts category
    • we have also added a new reward to the Wild Beasts category - you get 500 Draken for collecting 20 mounts of this category
    New Mount
    [​IMG]Armored Beige Walrus
    [​IMG]Armored Brown Walrus
    [​IMG]Armored Black Walrus

    Soccer Event
    Since there is the Fifa World Cup starting this month we will also bring back the Stormball to Dracania.
    During the Stormball event you will encounter the Stormball Troll in all dungeons with additional difficulties (not parallel worlds).
    This troll can drop one of 32 different soccer jersey costumes or one of 64 flag emotes.
    We have also added all the new items to the collector’s bag and you can get some special rewards by completing your collection.

    Currency Bag / Currency Display
    We had some players that have reached a maximum of 214748 Gold already so we decided to increase this limit from 214748 Gold to 922337203685 Gold, beside that we have also changed the way how large numbers in the currency bag are displayed. When a number gets too big to be displayed it will be shortened by showing it with a "K".

    Combat Text
    We have improved the combat text system a bit - the system now accumulates all healing and resource regeneration numbers so that you should not have several healing/regeneration numbers overlapping at the same time.

    Bug fixes
    Since the introduction of the monster rebalancing with release 209 the permanent regeneration of Gorga was way too strong. We have reduced it drastically.
    We fixed an issue with the Protector of Death inside the Cradle of Death causing a crash when the player got hit by his Sword Meteor.

    There was some text missing for the Upgraded Sphere Effect. This is now fixed.
    We fixed the format of Bloody Wild Swings bleed damage shown in the skill tooltip.
    The tooltip of the Frozen Sphere skill stated that the explosion deals "up to x% damage". We fixed this information now and removed the "up to" from the text as the explosion deals always shown damage.

    We reduced the maximum distance of the Frozen Sphere skill in order to make sure that players can’t attack other players in PVP which are off screen.
    There were some issues with the Burn debuff of the Pyro Missile talent for the Quick Shot skill - they are fixed now and the Burn debuff should work correctly.
    There was an issue that the Stampede group aura of the Ranger was capped at 15% - this is fixed now and the player can get the full 21%.

    Dragan's Grim Signet Ring - We fixed the issue that the buff icon of the appeared Black Knight lasted longer than 10 seconds.
    There was an issue with the displayed amount of received items when completing a daily challenge. This is fixed now.

    Known Issues
    Sigrismarr's Eternal Scorn (Spellweaver)

    The set bonus is not working correctly since release 209. It stated that each Ice Missile should deal 30% damage but the damage is higher due to the base skill damage increase we implemented with release 209 and release 210. We are aware of this issue and it will be fixed with release 211.

    Herald’s Infernal Wrath
    As you might have noticed, we added a sentence to the set bonus of the Infernal Wrath item set stating "This buff expires when the hit enemy dies". This is a mistake - we haven't changed how the item set is working and we also don't have the intention to change how the buff is working. So it will not expire if the hit enemy dies! We will remove this false information with one of the next releases.​

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team