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Dear forum reader,

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  1. teddy.bear

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    Dear Heroes,

    Find below a list of known issues after the sync of R211. ​

    Release 211 known issues

    Death Knight in Halls of the Dead dealing too much damage
    This is a bug and is related to the random monster enchantments. The fix is currently planned for Release 212.​

    Bosses in Circus Monstrorum dealing too much damage
    This is a bug. As the map is part of the Defeat the Undefeatable Event these Bosses were not adjusted correctly yet. ​

    Asar not dropping Hunting Badges
    This is a bug.
    Greedy Goblin drops less Key of Prowess
    Before Release 211 the dropped amount of keys was too high and we changed it. However, if needed the amount will be increased again.​

    Steam Mechanicus skill Heavy shot has double range
    This is a bug.
    Other known issues, not related to R211

    Ranger skill Explosive arrow explodes without hitting a target
    This is not Release 211 related. Still it’s a bug that occurs because we changed the range of this skill. Before our change the lifetime of this skill was too long so the explosion was not being noticed. However, we plan to make this skill only explode when it’s hitting targets (not objects) with Release 212.
    Changes of skills/talents/sets/bosses
    We are aware of the bad impact our latest changes may have on PvP. We know that PvP is a real pain point since quite a while now but we want you to know that our current focus is still on PvE. The balancing is still not done and our aim is to make PvE fun and challenging again, for very experienced high level players BUT also for the average players, for EVERYONE!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Dear Heroes

    Find below an updated list of known issues:

    Range of melee skills
    • In Release 212 the range of melee skills will be adjusted once more to make it more consistent between the classes (e.g. Ranger skill Explosive Arrow vs Spellweaver missiles).
    • The bug from the doubled range of the heavy shot skill from the Steam Mechanicus will be fixed with Release 212.
    Group skills/talents in PvP
    • It is a known issue but right now there is no short-term solution for this issue because it will be part of the PvP rework.
    Parallel world sets
    • We are aware of the high discrepancy between the classes and their specific sets. It is planned to adjust and “standardize” all Parallel World sets but there is no release date yet.
    Quest: Tree of Life cannot be completed
    • Bug will be fixed with Release 212.
    Mortis 1st stage and the souls dropping Mystic Cubes
    • This is a bug and will be fixed with Release 212.
    Goblins in Deeps of Demise are too strong
    • Known and will be investigated.
    False aggro behavior of bosses
    • To identify the problems and be able to solve them the whole system must be looked at. This is currently not planned.
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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