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    Heroes of Dracania,

    This version brings further improvements to class skills and talents as well as difficulty changes for Bosses.​

    There will also be a new frequently recurring group focused event, “All for one”, where players can obtain runes that will improve the group effects of some of their skills.​

    In addition to that this release also contains several bug fixes.​

    All for One

    This event is an addition to the dungeons with additional difficulties (except Parallel Worlds) and includes unique rewards for each class.

    For the duration of the event Nui’s Chests will appear in these dungeons (e.g. in Rootrock Cavern, Stalgard or Cradle of Death on higher difficulties).

    While initially the chests will be protected by an impenetrable barrier, once the dungeon’s Sentinel has been defeated the chest’s seal will activate. These chests are locked by a class-specific seal (it is random which one will appear on any chest) that can only be damaged by using the Spirit Essence of the respective class (e.g. Spirit Essence of the Dragonknight). These Spirit Essences can only be equipped by characters of their respective class.​

    Once your group has engaged a chest seal, powerful enemies will attack you as you attempt to break the seal on the chest. Those group members unable to damage the seal must protect their allies from these foes while they work to open the chest.​

    Each of the four different sealed chests can contain one out of four fragments of a new rune.

    As you can see below, each class can receive one of three different runes as a result of combining the rune fragments. All of the possible runes will increase one of the three group effects (the three group effects in the middle section of the group talents screen!)​

    A ranger combines all four rune fragments (Feynya, Tarnjod, Ronn, Wysthta) on the workbench and will get one of the following three runes:​
    • Lesser Group Effect Rune: Adrenaline
    • Lesser Group Effect Rune: Deadly Blow
    • Lesser Group Effect Rune: Net
    Please note: the result is completely random, you will not know which of the three runes you will get before combining them!​


    The rune fragments collected in this event are needed to craft one of three possible lesser runes.

    Each class comes with their own set of new runes, which will improve one of the group effects (the three group effects are those in the middle section of the group talents window).

    As always, these runes can be combined to upgrade them to higher tiers (normal - mighty – supreme).​

    Ranger runes:


    Supreme Group Effect Rune: Adrenaline
    • + 4.00% movement speed for Adrenaline group effect
    • + 4.00% restored Resource for Adrenaline group effect


    Supreme Group Effect Rune: Deadly Blow
    • + 4.00% damage for Deadly Blow group effect

    Supreme Group Effect Rune: Net
    • + 4.00% damage for Net group effect
    • + 4.00% restored Health Points for Net group effect

    Spellweaver runes:

    Supreme Group Effect Rune: Guardian
    • + 4.00% Resource per second for Guardian group effect


    Supreme Group Effect Rune: Destruction
    • 4.00% additional Resource costs reduction for Destruction group effect


    Supreme Group Effect Rune: Frost Nova
    • + 4.00% damage for Frost Nova group effect

    Dragonknight runes:


    Supreme Group Effect Rune: Bloody Wild Swing
    • + 4.00% Health Points for Bloody Wild Swing group effect


    Supreme Group Effect Rune: Banner of War
    • + 4.00% attack speed for Banner of War group effect


    Supreme Group Effect Rune: Smash
    • + 4.00% damage for Smash group effect

    Steam Mechanicus runes:

    Supreme Group Effect Rune: Oil Slick
    • + 4.00% movement speed for Oil Slick group effect


    Supreme Group Effect Rune: Steam Conductor
    • + 4.00% Health Points per second for Steam Conductor group effect

    Supreme Group Effect Rune: Tactical Turret
    • + 9 Resource for Tactical Turret group effect

    The runes are socketable in hip slot items, as it is the least used slot for runes so far. The player will benefit from the rune effects even when not in a group. Group effect bonuses (from the group tree) will be applied on top of the bonuses gained from these runes.​

    Class Rebalancing

    Skill / Talent Updates

    Steam Mechanicus

    Oil Slick
    Oil Slick will now be placed at the mouse cursor position and not at the Steam Mechanicus’ feet anymore.​

    Oil Coating
    The oil coating debuff will no longer increase the taken damage for all three mentioned skills by 100% but:
    • Quick Shot damage is increased by 100%
    • Heavy Shot damage is increased by 10%
    • C14 Micro-Rocket damage is increased by 50%


    Fury of the Dragon
    The cool-down time of this skill has been increased from 0 to 1 seconds - this should stop instances of triggering Fury of the Dragon twice unintentionally.

    The attack range of several skills has been altered so that off-screen enemies cannot be attacked anymore.


    • Bosses now will now have a chance to get up to 30% higher resistances
    • Bosses now will now have 20% more health points per difficulty


    New skill variations for the Parallel World bosses have been unlocked. Before release 211 Parallel World bosses unlocked their different skills randomly whenever you entered the boss fight – now they will unlock their skill variations based on the difficulty you are in.​

    Boss Changes

    Arachna (Parallel World)Once Arachna’s health points drop below 60%, her summoning skills will have a reduced cool-down time.
    Once Arachna’s health points drop below 33%, she will start to summon more Arachna's Brood with each summoning skill.


    Sigrismarr's Eternal Scorn (Spellweaver)
    An issue where the three missiles from the Eternal Scorn set bonus were dealing too much damage has been fixed. They will deal the stated 30% damage once again.

    Sigrismarr's Eternal Scorn (Steam Mechanicus)
    An issue where the set bonus was not compatible with the Steel Core Ammo talent for the Mechanical Turret skill has been fixed.

    Banner of War
    The un-localized text displayed in the Banner of War buff effect has been fixed.

    The Law of the Strong buff
    The Law of the Strong buff was not stacking correctly causing each stack of the effect to be shown as a single effect in the tooltip. This has been fixed and the Law of the Strong buff should now stack correctly.

    Silent Guardian in the Cradle of Death
    An issue where the Silent Guardians were moving around when players used movement skills near them has been fixed.

    Herald's Infernal Wrath (Steam Mechanicus)
    Sometimes the bonus that should have removed the cool-down for Heavy Shot was not being applied correctly - this has been fixed.

    The set bonus was being triggered when using the C14 Micro-Rocket even if you didn't hit an enemy with it. This has been fixed and the bonus is now only applied if you hit an enemy with a C14 Micro-Rocket.

    Herald's Infernal Wrath (Dragon Knight)
    The set bonus was being triggered when using the Ground Breaker even if you didn't hit an enemy with it. This has been fixed and the bonus is only applied if you hit the enemy with Ground Breaker.

    Net Group Effect Damage
    The damage calculation for the Net skill group effect has been fixed.

    Monster Element Icons
    There were some monsters in the Parallel World Ocean of Bones dungeons, with more than one elemental icon - this has been fixed.

    Oil Slick - Oil Coating Talent
    An issue where the Oil Coating debuff was not active for the amount of time stated in the skill tooltip has been fixed.

    Undefeatable Chest
    An issue where older versions of the Defeat the Undefeatable Cloaks/Banner could still drop from the Undefeatable Chesthas been fixed.

    Monster Damage Cap
    An issue with the base damage of monsters, they had a damage cap of 100000, was leading to low damage values for bosses on higher difficulties. This has been fixed and bosses will now have the correct base damage values.

    Leaderboard Gold
    An issue where the Gold reward from Leaderboards could be sold has been fixed.

    Champions in Parallel Worlds and Events
    An issue where champions in the Parallel Worlds and Events had the same power level as normal content champions has been fixed. These champions should now be scaling correctly.

    Drop chance of unique items in Scaling Dungeons
    An issue with the wrong calculation of the drop chance of unique items in Scaling Dungeons has been fixed.​

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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