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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Dear Heroes,

    With Release 212 we are celebrating our 7th Anniversary with new Golden Piñatas, new rewards and a new challenge.​

    In addition to that, this version contains several improvements and bug fixes.​

    Thank you for your on-going support and of sticking with us to our 8th year!!!​

    Anniversary Event 2018

    General changes

    Removal of Golden Piñata Progress Bar

    Removed the progress bar for the Golden Piñata. The Golden Piñata will now be a part of the new Anniversary Challenge: Larcenous Dark Dwarves (see below for more Details)​

    Mysterious Anniversary Eggs Adjustment

    Fixed a bug that caused the Mysterious Anniversary Eggs to respawn after a short amount of time. After a player has opened all eggs, (s)he must re-enter the dungeon area to find new ones.​


    Moved Achievement "A Meanie's Weight in Gold" into the legacy category.​

    There are 16 new achievements and two new titles waiting to be completed during the event:

    001.jpgPiñata of Duria
    002.jpgPiñata of the Norselands
    003.jpgPiñata of Ellonidos
    004.jpgPiñata of Myrdosch
    005.jpgPiñata of Lor'Tac
    006.jpgPiñata of Qaizah
    007.jpgPiñata of Cardhun
    008.jpgPiñata Champion
    009.jpgDaredevil of Duria
    010.jpgDaredevil of the Norselands
    011.jpgDaredevil of Ellonidos
    012.jpgDaredevil of Myrdosch
    013.jpgDaredevil of Lor'Tac
    014.jpgDaredevil of Qaizah
    015.jpgDaredevil of Cardhun
    016.jpgExpeller of the Dark Dwarves

    New titles
    • Piñata Champion
    • Expeller of the Dark Dwarves
    Anniversary Event Challenge - Larcenous Dark Dwarves

    A new challenge will be part of the latest Anniversary Event and will come with additional chances of opening a Golden Piñata.

    Evil Dark Dwarves are stealing Phestos’ crystals of truth. They want to shredder the crystals to use them for their war machines.​

    By defeating the dark dwarves, players can collect the event progress item “Shredded Crystals of Truth” to complete the challenge and receive a Golden Truncheon. This is needed to open a Golden Piñata. Players will need 7000 x Shredded Crystals of Truth to complete the challenge.

    Players can find traces of the dark dwarves in urban areas to figure out, in which dungeons they must look for the dwarves (on painful and higher). The dark dwarves can be found near one of the Mysterious Anniversary Eggs.​

    The challenge will be active for 2 days per region.​

    Please check the event schedule in the forums and on social media for the exact dates! Regions included:
    • Duria
    • Norselands
    • Ellonidos
    • Myrdosch
    • Lor’Tac
    • Qaizah
    • Parallel Worlds
    The respective Golden Piñata can be found in:

    Kingshill 201.png
    Jarlshofn 202.png
    Ellonidos 203.png
    Andrakasch 204.png
    Yaltepetl 205.png
    Hiraja 206.png
    Cardhun 207.png

    Golden Piñata Update

    Each Golden Piñata will contain several rewards, including Draken and consumable items, and unique rewards, such as:​

    Celestial Dragon​
    This decorative effect creates a blue dragon effect around the player.

    Gold Squire
    This pet will increase attack & travel speed and the current health points of the player.

    New: Rune Bag
    This rune bag works just like the gem bags, but with runes!

    New: Pauldrons of the Ferocious Beast
    This unique item can be combined with Creatress’ Tears to activate visual effects,
    such as the ones that are available on weapons!
    The effect requires 45 x Creatress’ Tears to be activated.​


    Dungeon Difficulties - Sentinel Quest

    We have implemented a repeatable quest for the additional dungeon difficulties that guides you to all the monsters that you must defeat to call the dungeon’s sentinel.​

    Parallel World Hunting Call Clearing

    The position of the Cardhun exit that appears after defeating Bearach has been changed.

    Essence stack sizes

    The maximum stack size for essences has been increased from 9999 to 50000. Items in stacks of more than 9999 will now also show the exact stack size in the item tooltip.​


    The attack range of the following skills has been reduced in PvP battlegrounds:
    • Net
    • Explosive Arrow
    • Fireball
    • Magic Missile
    • Ice Missile
    • Chain Lightning
    • Hunting Arrow
    • Precise Shot
    • Bird of Prey
    • Thicket of Thorns

    • reduced the health points of all Qarinahs
    • increased the damage of Sigrismarrs melee attack (non-Parallel World) by 15%
    • increased the damage of the Andermagic Flood in the Khalys boss fight (non-Parallel World)
    • increased the healing per second of Khalys (non-Parallel World)

    Arachna Cocoon Effect

    A missing localization for the Arachna Cocoon debuff has been fixed.
    Navmesh Loxley Caverns

    The LoxleyCaverns have been modified to stop monsters or loot from appearing in unwalkable areas.
    Ranger Explosive Arrow

    An issue where the explosion of the Explosive Arrow skill was triggered even if the arrow didn't hit an enemy has been fixed.
    Steam Mechanicus Heavy Shot

    An issue where the Heavy Shot attack range was too high has been fixed.
    Dwarf in the Box

    An issue with the Dwarf-in-the-Box explosion had no chance of dealing critical damage has been fixed.
    Dragan's Rageful Armor

    An issue where the beam of energy did not deal the stated 150% damage has been fixed.
    Mortis - Soul Core Drop

    An issue where Mortis' dropped Soul Cores on difficulties below Infernal has been fixed.
    Mortis - Mystic Cubes

    An issue where every phase of the Mortis' fight had a chance of dropping Mystic Cubes has been fixed.
    Rootrock Cavern - Tree of Life

    The issue that the Tree of Life was not spawning has been fixed.
    Sharr Kharab - Sandstorm

    The damage of the Sandstorm during the Sharr Kharab boss fight has been lowered.
    Boss Immunity

    An issue where bosses lost their debuff immunity has been fixed.
    Wisdom Talent - Vivacious Vitality

    An issue where the health point regeneration of the Vivacious Vitality Wisdom Talent could not be increased further than 50 health points per second has been fixed.
    Corrupted Water Protector - Loot

    An issue where the Corrupted Water Protector in Oceanus's Opal Shrine (difficulty painful and higher) did never dropped loot or granted experience points has been fixed.
    Leader Monster without ground maker

    An issue where some Leader Monsters (purple) had no ground marker anymore has been fixed.
    Greedy Goblin

    Two health points issues with the Greedy Goblin have been fixed:
    • the Greedy Goblin in the Deeps of Demise had too many health points
    • the health points of the Greedy Goblin in other dungeons in Dracania were not scaling correctly
    Both issues have been fixed now leading to a decrease of health points for the Greedy Goblin in the Deeps of Demise and an increase of health points for the Greedy Goblin in other dungeons.
    Spellweaver Guardian Armor Value

    An issue in the armor value calculation of the Guardian causing too little base armor value and a non-functioning armor value increase when having the Mighty Guardian Talent active has been fixed.
    Defeat the Undefeatable Bosses - Mindcontrol

    The missing mind control immunity for the Defeat the Undefeatable bosses has been fixed.
    Circus Monstrorum - Mystic Cubes

    The drop amount of Mystic Cubes from the bosses in the Circus Monstrorum has been reduced.
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Dear Heroes,

    Please find below some Q&A regarding R212 that you might find interesting:

    Why is the essence stack 50k and not 100k?

    The limit has technical background. For example, for saving 100k stacks we would have to change how the items are stored. The increase to 50k is kind of a quick and easy compromise (and no, it’s currently not planned to increase it to 100k)

    Is the “Dragan Laser” dealing the correct damage because some players consider it as too much?

    If it’s making the damage stated on the tooltip it is correct.
    Position of the exit arrow for “Q4” was changed. Why only for “Q4” and what about adding a “leave dungeon” request window?

    It was changed for “Q4” only as it was the most problematic one. BUT as the “leave dungeon” request window is about to be implemented with the next release, this issue should be solved.

    Sentinel Quest “A mighty Threat” appearing on normal mode in scaling dungeons.

    This bug is known and a fix is currently planned for the next release.
    Sentinel Quest “A mighty Threat” is not recognizing the Goblin

    This bug is known and a fix is currently planned for the next release.
    Healing is displayed as white/yellow numbers instead of green. Is this intended?

    Not intended but a bug. Already fixed for the next release.
    Rhino Pet - Where can it be obtained?

    Within the next Premium Day.
    Where can you get the emote “The People’s Pendulum” from?

    It’s not obtainable in-game yet. It’s a “Community-Emote” that is currently only available through raffles, challenges and “Play2Win” (the event where CM Jesse is playing with random players and rewarding them)

    Gloves of Zeal – There is a recipe for it at NPC Emilia, does it belong to the Premium Day and is it related (unique set) with the Belt of Zeal?

    Yes, the gloves will be obtainable during Premium Day and no, it’s not building a set with the belt.

    Steam Mechanicus mystic cube set – the attack range was not adjusted.

    Known issue and fix is currently planned for the next release.
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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