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    Dear Heroes,

    Please find below the Release 215 pachnotes.​


    - Added a tooltip to the quest compendium progress bar
    - The little clawstrider pet Mochipa now appears next to Taneci in Yaltepetl after completing the It’s Not Fair (2/2) quest
    - The question dialogue when removing color from an item has been updated
    - The coin reward for the To the Rescue (r) quest has been increased
    - The quest Nasty Visitors has been updated so that it also counts when a player defeats Sandlings in the Spiky Valley now
    - Added the possibility to add pets of a higher rarity level to the Collector’s Bag and overwrite the same pet with a lower rarity that has been added to the Collector’s Bag earlier
    - All equipment item icons have been updated with the new rarity color backgrounds that have been introduced for the pets already
    - The recipe to craft the Crystal Solstice Star has been added again
    - The drop chances of unique items from event bosses have been increased
    - The Sentinel’s Chest can now also contain the regional unique equipment sets
    - Added highlighting for all equipment items where dyes or equipment refiner could be used with
    - The position of Village Bailiff Hoyt in the Swerdfield Pastures was slightly changed. He now stands closer to the female guard at the entrance of Grimford.
    - Jimmy, the guard will react earlier when new players approach him for the first time
    - The drop chance of Mina's leather bag for the quest “The Essence of It All” has been increased
    - Thabo found his way to the Resistance Command Center
    - All classes: Added new icons for the individual talents of all skills
    - Several Boss fights were reworked: As soon as a Boss dies, all his/her spawned minions die as well, meaning players cannot get killed by these spawned minions anymore after they defeated a boss

    Bug fixes
    - The issue that the Living Skull had a wrong icon, has been fixed
    - The issue that items which cannot be used in PvP still had a cool-down time (PvP) shown in their tooltip has been fixed
    - The issue that the Greedy Goblin had a too high spawn chance in the poison version of the Secret Lairs has been fixed
    - The issue that some of the leaderboard reward chests for the Ranger did contain the Rustic Dance instead of the Spectacular Fireworks has been fixed
    - The issue that some monsters could get the movement speed enchantment twice has been fixed
    - The issue that some versions of the White Wolf mount had a 4 seconds cooldown has been fixed
    - The issue that low-level characters could get a level 55 item drop in the Eternal Grove and the Rootrock Cavern has been fixed
    - The issue that the crafting for the Tooth Necklace repeatable quest did not work, has been fixed
    - The issue that the Parallel World version of M’Edusa stopped spawning the Face of M’Edusa from difficulty Infernal II on has been fixed
    - The issue that the Infernal Challenge effect appeared on difficulty Fatal in the Deeps of Demise, has been fixed
    - The issue that the recipe, to combine a Raw Red Crystal, Secret Tincture, Finest Polishing Sand and a Dwarven Polishing Tool to get a Flawed Ruby after completing the Shimmering Stone (2/2) quest was not unlocked, has been fixed
    - The issue that there were no rewards shown at the entry of the Teleportarium for the Painful difficulty has been fixed
    - The issue that some of the Parallel World Treasure Chests appeared twice on the same spot has been fixed
    - The issue that the Bone Oracle quest and the Questionable Health Drink quest could not be done properly while playing in a group has been fixed
    - The issue that the character was not able to re-enter the Eternal Watch on the same difficulty after defeating the map’s Sentinel, has been fixed
    - The issue that the damage of the beam of energy (Dragan’s Rageful Armor) was dealt twice a second has been fixed
    - The issue that the adds summoned by the Obscure Andermagic Monster in the Secret Lair of Andermight could also drop loot has been fixed
    - The drop chance of unique equipment from the Sentinel’s Chest has been lowered
    - The issue that the buff of Astral Phenomenon also triggered if the Mind Control was not successful has been fixed
    - Bosses are now immune to the poison effect from Thicket of Thorns as long as their immunity is active
    - Rubina in Varholm cannot be healed anymore by skills/talents of certain classes during the quest to defend her
    - Reduced the maximum range, a Steam Mechanicus can attack with two-handed weapons and with Orsha’s Lost Firestorm, so it exactly matches the other classes
    - Reduced the length of the animation of Thicket of Thorns so it matches the actual range of the skill
    - The PvP reward mounts were added to the PVP trader offers for people who finished the quests but lost their mounts before the Collector’s Bag was introduced
    - Bosses are now immune to the bleed effect from Blade Dance as long as their immunity is active
    - Adjusted the Augment Core Crafting prize of the Tenebrous Spider Adornment for all classes
    - You can now craft the weapon adornments (Mechanical Arrows, Mechanical Enhancement, Mechanical Crystal and Mechanical Shell) of the Mechanical Tools set without encountering issues
    - The issue that melting values of some unique items were too low has been fixed.
    - Boss fight tweaks: Increased the damage of Asar’s melee attack
    - Boss fight tweaks: Slightly increased the damage of Bearach’s melee attack (only the normal and dungeons with additional difficulties, not the Parallel World one)
    - Boss fight tweaks: Decreased the damage of the spawned Herald that you can encounter during the Balor fight
    - The issue with the quest row: “From Disaster to Master” where the Liar’s Lair sometimes did not count as a Durian dungeon has been fixed.
    - The issue that the loot of the Qarinah named Dhakiyah in the Treasure Cave was incorrect has been fixed.
    - The issue that some monsters in Varholm and Bloodmoon had too many markers has been fixed.
    - The issue that the armor reduction effect and the movement speed reduction effect of the Sandwhirl did also work against Bosses, has been fixed

    Known issues
    - Icon background change:
    1. According to the player’s feedback we adjusted the icon background color for unique and legendary items once more. This last minute adjustment is still on-going leading to some items (mostly jewelry like rings and amulet items) still using a wrong background color in the current version.
    2. A few items and status effects might still display a blank icon.
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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