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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Feb 12, 2019.

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  1. -Torack-

    -Torack- Forum Greenhorn

    I will add to all, went to the Assar inf3 after his death I was showered with stones, I think the norms will go there easier !! yeah right now , 4 big vortex being chased by a half an hour, and Asar that was already dead long ago, great correction, adusu think I'm not going to check puddles of poison were there, and well, geredar q3 laps of the frost too, after the assassination on the floor map hanging, awesome fix,
    Lana it's not a coat , ICONS things, who invented them, poisonous color at all, they hurt the eyes, give me back normal, smart people have come up with mind the color of things-215 release ring unique colors do legendary things, it would be better made filters sorting inventory and selling all the bags, and to expand would not prevent, for example cobalt handbags 5 , which has long asked the guys.
    Why it was necessary to add silence on KV1 and some more locations?? on Q1 there is a circle where run small just 1 time got there and all the corpse, I'm okay , but what about your favorite noobs, Yes they are here now do not survive up to LVL 35 pumped look and leave )) earlier pulled many weak, and now after nagging reluctance something.... q 4 the same history, q5 in General circles what that appear in a silence zone and start shooting and it is impossible to kill them!! there's silence attack there should not work!!
    Return interaction skills arena with pve, sooner if the group comes across a master and above, so for him pride was!! and now all ranks of pvp to pve is a complete 0, the recruits stronger masters to go!!! humiliating and fatal... Previously, people went to the arena to become stronger in pve, and Vice versa swung in order to be stronger in the arena, make points of fame to work in pve too, it will make sense to play....
    Very poor was the drop with the cube, make more buns for the Prem, it is in Your interests that people would Prem took just there and you can cram more seats inventory and sort filter, foundry , expand the store of prema, etc..
    Then - after the kills of goblins in the lair of the poison as all inhibited on inf3 and brakes, those brakes we don't manage to kill all the gnomes brakes at all!!! lost time, sinking into the lair is not rubber as it were !!! make then more penetrations or free entry, there clover all exactly do not fall, and if it falls with wild brakes, it is impossible to play, outrageous .
    Control as controlled mini-bosses for some controls or something like that with an ugly circles (aura) is way ahead again, had a beautiful aura. become very bad fall logs with blekbala 13 calls 450 PCs is not serious, began to fall very little platinum stat, about the bench, do not say anything "random"" everything is clear....
    Kick back with party in the locations, the bosses, you can leave that it would be impossible to kick, that's how many times popadaetsya people write that there is a super DMG, but in fact nothing, have to go to the location and to rebuild the party before the boss to drag this one not going...
    Well, as always NEBULA after 1 hour of the game when you go from the city to Locke, rebooted the client and I'm in the city , otlichnenko fix bugs, but what about the action ? after all, if there is a nebula in this , the people in the citys? and they're sinking their spend which is too limited, bring back the old carabou was very interesting!!!, return the old stock was very addictive, what to do with the junk of the old stock, but what about the unique with the protection of kinghill?? why all this had to start, so that it now lay and the place was occupied, and the whereabouts of these things...
    I play this game for a very long time, rarely what's written in General , boiling... but before I relaxed here, high, rested, and now I come as a second job to farm, so even departures and brakes (computer I have excellent).
    Emotion and pazer costume should also have their place in the album
    for icons in skills +
  2. nikatar

    nikatar Junior Expert

    The goblins now indeed are more rare to find cause i went 8 runs and only 1 I found them but at least at lvl3 they gave me 48 clovers instead of before that they used to give 30. Also, why some of my uniqs are orange in the inside and others yellow?
  3. Yammi

    Yammi Forum Apprentice

    Logical BP... nerf the skill that worked the same way for 7 years and call it a bug. Mages need this skill for combo, for me its unfair. This release destroy the base playskills of mages.
  4. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Im salty over Mc but your sentence still has nothing to do about the thing you quoted lul
  5. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    I understand that they're fixing a bug... but there are so many bugs that have not been fixed for such a long time.

    They removed that bugture... ok... now let them fix a real painful bug.

    The 5p. talent of the singularity.
    Its description says the following:
    Now, it doesn't work at all your active skills. Namely, it doesn't work at Singularity itself and at teleport below some certain amount of cooldown reduction from runes.

    Before someone replies about the lack of cooldown reduction skill in the ranger's talent tree... I know that pain, I play ranger too (aside of mage)... but give mage some reliable healing ability, and you can give ranger a conc. reduction even in the same update.

    Then comes the problem of the lack of good unique longbows at ranger... and this is painful too, I hate the q7 set and I don't want to ever use it on my live server ranger. When are the devs going to do something about it?


    Bug: Icon of the old "Vargulf Book" from the set "Vargulf Legacy" looks now like that of "Wolfslayer Book"... it looks the correct way when held in hand though.


    I know that @trakilaki doesn't use ToT... and I know that bit of damage was never a big deal... but I am used to throwing ToT on bosses just for that little bit of damage and they're taking it away just like that, for no reason at all.

    One more thing: they said they would make a Q&A session... it's high time they did it. So many questions, so little answers. I'd like to know whether they have an idea themselves on what and why they are doing.
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  6. .maes.

    .maes. Someday Author

    I hate everything about r215 except bug fixes (excluding goblins reduction)

    All changed icons now irritate my brain. Something to do with increased contrast, too many stark gradations from light to dark. Before it was smooth and neutral.
    Why is BP wasting time on things nobody asked for? Especially things that were not problems in the first place?

    Now the goblins. Goblin rate was about 1 every 5 runs. It was balancing out the 0% occurrence of goblins in all other maps (pw). Now we are at nothing across the board.
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  7. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Forum Veteran

    I hate everything about r215 also "bug" fixes.

    DSO need new content not new graphics or visual effects.

    Some times ago (feb 2017) I read this in patchnote release 185
    But from Sand of Malice expansion I don't see new content, new event or similar.
    Only useless secret lairs
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  8. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Commissioner

    I can accept the change of Mind Control, but not to mask the nerf with a bugfix. since 2014 i used it on boss and i never thought it was a bug.
  9. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    i noticed they finally added chests in q6 ocean of bones and all of the dead
    Are they actually planning on making q6 a proper quest now?It's about time
    They promised it months ago and the current structure of q6 doesn't make any sense at all, it's archaic design that worked from the time when mortis coin existed

    I'm also sick of the nonsensically low drop rate for the mortis ring
  10. Zigan

    Zigan Forum Apprentice

    Hey, there is a pet effect bug when changing the map, I don't know if it's an only visual bug or not, here's the video about the bug.

  11. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    There are still mages who work double or triple stun in pvp by throwing MC to players (no to invocations).
  12. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    It was not a bug. Ther removed it because of PVP and yet again it doesnt affect pvp but only pve so ye a good " bugfix " that didnt fix actually anything

    @ΣMiwel alsoif you have more than 15% cooldown from runes singularity upgrade doesnt reduce your teleport cd THIS THING EXISTS FOR A YEAR AND A HALF ADN ITS GAMEBREAKING so why isnt this fixed but the mind control ? my runes are basically USELESS
  13. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Yes there are still some mages using the bug in PvP, devs please fix it definitely.
  14. deliburan78

    deliburan78 Advanced

    You expected everything to be okay after r215 , you are very naive :rolleyes: ,


    Easy gays , we waiting for fix , fix two on first fix ,third fix , and then most of things probably will work properly , but do not rely on it! :cool:

    Mind Control - it is bug! When you can't control target - boss or player , then why you want skill effect ?o_O If MC is succsessfull ,then the boss / player should fight for you , i.e. must quickly commit suicide .:cool:

    I made a mistake, ranger have few talents with cooldown reduction - 2 pts trap , 2pts ToT ,2 pts adrenaline, 5pts WP , also 5 pts Net. But I am talking about the lost 5pts talent for BD - each critical hit vs foes reduce 1 sek cooldown for all skills . It's nerfed with DoT bleeding efect. WHY ? Only BP know this.

    R 215 -
    - All classes: Added new icons for the individual talents of all skills - Ranger skills - Net icons are totally wrong , 5 pts of WP icon is wrong too .
    - The issue that the Greedy Goblin had a too high spawn chance in the poison version of the Secret Lairs has been fixed- I don't know
    what is fixed , but this dungeon ( non PW) is totally buged too! - no any chests on the map , if in the map have guardians - no chest for map cleaning . , .
    - Adjusted the Augment Core Crafting prize of the Tenebrous Spider Adornment for all classes - This is the next one EDIT - I craft mine adornment T8 before r 215!
    - The issue that melting values of some unique items were too low has been fixed. - This is insolent lie too - selling & melting values is the same for all of regional "UNIQUE SETS" -the old values ~ 2-3 gold / ~ 4k gliphs per item . o_O
    - The issue that the Greedy Goblin had a too high spawn chance in the poison version of the Secret Lairs has been fixed
    It is better to keep silent about it, or not :mad: & then I will take next ban:rolleyes:.
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  15. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    so cooldown reduction runes don't actually work after you have more than 15% cooldown?

    That's gamebreaking as hell

    What are they actually doing at bp?I can understand minor annoying bugs slipping though the net, but this is unacceptable
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  16. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Ye before a year i tought it was a temporary bug( was reported by other mage ) but this summer i made my runes 15% no they are 22% or even more and the cooldown thicks the same as if i dont have singularity below me

    @deliburan78 what is wrong with you??? the icon is the same just a different color ? we all have that why do you think you are special ?
    Mages cant use a skill if Mind control doesnt hit a target ? Ok how about if net doesnt stun the target q7 doesnt activate. its the same thing. Just like with heredur ice spheres on the ground if you are immune to them they dont deal dmg ye rangers get their q7 despite the boss not being stunned ?
    Or why does piercing arrow slow bosses by 20% just like that ?Stop crying without an argument, only @trakilaki can say smt without argument due to his involvment and knowledge
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
  17. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Commissioner

    No, Mind Control can't control boss or player, but i can have skill effect. In this way the skill worked since the beginning !
    Why to call that bug?
    The developers give us a bugged skill in the 2014 ?
    sorry I can't belive it !
  18. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Why not belive? Belive it, they surely are good at delivering lot of bugs, than hot fix 1, hotfix2, and so on.
    There is a reason why term "bugpoint" appeared.

    Best bug team, no doubt.
  19. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Regarding the change to MC, as well as the other little nerfs in this release... no, just no.

    I do not use MC but I am just sick and tired of the devs doing this sort of thing. It is pointless. The MC thing was a big problem for some in pvp. So what? Pvp is allegedly going to have its own talent tree this year. Chance it there. I simply cannot see what good the disguised nerfs in this release do.

    As for the change in the equipment icons, I kinda like this. The brighter colors and higher contrast are actually better for my old man eyes :D Now if y'all would just do the same sort of thing for the mouse cursor... I can dream, right? ;)

    The actual bug fixes are nice.
  20. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Is going to be a talent tree for PvP because even a lvl1 player will go with 55 points to PvP, so this player will have 1 point in the PvE tree and 55 in the PvP tree, but nothing is said about changing the abilities, so this bugfix have sense, even if is only to not use MC on bosses (what was never possible to do in fact)
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