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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Feb 12, 2019.

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  1. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Commissioner

    really? sorry i no belive.
    Astral Phenomenon was a feature of the skill "Mind Control" that costed 5 points and we could activate it even if the opponent was immune to our control of his mind and not immune to the effect of the talent.
    But you prefer call that bug, it's ok for me, my mage can survive also after this nerf ;)
  2. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Yes, you could because it was buged.
  3. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Its funny because only rangers are the one opposing in this thrad its actually funny. When they have bugs which gave them 2x dmg because the arrow was hitting a second time when boss was near a wall , ye that wasnt a bug for them , but the mind controll actually is XD im laughing my [EDIT] off :D i mean me and @EmilyRose are just talking to the wall bcs ppl are salty about a real bugfix vs a "fix" XD its actually not funny but terrible
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  4. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    All classes had and have bugs, what do you mean? Wasn't EA made for exploding in the air but changed because mages were complaining?
    Sure all bugs are only in the 3 other classes but not mages, mages never have bugs, that's all magic xD
    And not all bugs are always benefiting the buged class, there's existing bugs that harms the buged class.
    You think that the change to the attack range of the dwarves is a bugfix or just a fix? I don't see dwarves complaining like you mages :)
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  5. Purgerzg

    Purgerzg Active Author

    Still not fixed bug where Andermagic Minion Seeker do not drop any items/gold in Parallel world Atlantis Above Water (even if those monsters are Champions)
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  6. Talaby

    Talaby Forum Apprentice

    nerf harms us too?because critical and index of critics no longer worked in hell for players and now it has worsened since there was increase of index of critical damage and critical damage in the bosses.I was walking in hell 1 or 2 only, now not even mortal to go +.I hope you get it.they only spoil the players.I'm getting annoyed with this situation.PVP got good, but points remain few per round.
    Since minions die with the boss.
    in kalys this is not what happens to the clones that continue to attack.bug or error?or the same excuse as ever ... post hotfix.
  7. 01simos01

    01simos01 Forum Greenhorn

    What happened? With Release 215 we fixed a very, very old bug that the 5 points talent Astral Phenomenon of the skill Mind Control was triggered when fighting bosses even though the Mind Control skill should not be possible on bosses.

    How old?from the starter?

    What will happen now? We will revert the “mind control bug fix” with the next release (216). The talent will then be deactivated for PvP only! Which means, the talent Astral Phenomenon will work again in boss fights…for now!

    why dont deactivated from farm only and leave it on pvp?
  8. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    Most important to me, playing a mage, I'm not too happy about the changes with the astral phenomenon skill. Especially in boss fights because there s too often no other mobs around to use it on. Taking this skill out is taking a third of a mages damage output away (in bossfights anyways). Btw, where is the logic? Mind contol fails if there s no mobs close enough. Otherwise it's a succesful hit, but bosses are just immune to the effect. So astral phenomenon can still be triggered. So no failed MC at bosses capice?!

    Another something i don't understand about this update is the new looks of unique items. Some uniques have the colors of legendary items, but there doesnt seem to be any correlation between such uniques. Is there? Or is it just a big screw up while wasting your time on changing the colors of something that didnt need any change? Btw, the old colors looked better. The new ones are waaaay too dark.
  9. nikatar

    nikatar Junior Expert

    I dissagre that the old colours looked better! Check them again and tell me! I also believe that we just have to get used to some things and by that i mean that is not a big deal the colour changing....i get used to it already and I prefer it too!
  10. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    I find the new color scheme for items to very nice, minus the incorrect rings and amulets (need to be fixed).

    Now if we could just get the Dev's to expand this to the equipment "bag" (see the green bags/blue bags/purple bags/orange bags/yellow bags gotten from the merchants, from the dialy challenges, from the event progress bars, etc.) so that all items drop in the same little color coded stack-able bags with " ", "I", "II", "III", "IV", "V", "VI", "VII", and "VIII" and light grey, green, blue, purple, orange, and yellow backgrounds on them. The bags get identified when opened (same for cubes, but no background color). This way, no more unidentified items.

    With little bags dropping all over the place, we could have auto-pickup for them as well. Then after our little groups get done making runs everyone can open up their little treasure bags at leisure (like after the Materi Storm is over when you didn't have time to process anything while keeping the buff up).

    Next would be the "you can't use this here" greyed out "ridiculously difficult to tell what you have" status of unusable items. I though I had escaped that crap when I got to level 50/55. How about ya leave the picture alone and put a red "X" in the upper left quadrant of the picture??? Or how about making the border thicker and be dark grey/black(???) while leaving the picture and background unchanged!!! With the nice different background colors, unique items don't need the larger border anymore. Right now in town I can't tell one healing potion from another without pointing to it, which is a big nuisance and waste of time.
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  11. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Bp sayed that mc behaviour will be restored in 216 only for pve.
  12. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Advanced

    In r215 i see some good improve at new moon and i farm all those three days this event, why? bcs was a good balance drop(and bcs was the only event runing). At boss still a low drop to find if anything but per map was ok. Hope full moon will have a good improve, bcs r214 was a painfull drop of nothing. Keep the positive improvment of drop is the best choice for now if you want your game to be still played.
  13. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    First they say they solved the bug in PvE and PvP, but they just fixed it in PvE. Now they say that in next release they will fix it in PvP but return the bug in PvE until they do a release dedicated to the bugs of all the classes because mages were complaining and they felt special with the fix.
    Now let's see patchnotes:
    - Bosses are now immune to the bleed effect from Blade Dance as long as their immunity is active
    - Reduced the length of the animation of Thicket of Thorns so it matches the actual range of the skill
    - Reduced the maximum range, a Steam Mechanicus can attack with two-handed weapons and with Orsha’s Lost Firestorm, so it exactly matches the other classes
    - Bosses are now immune to the poison effect from Thicket of Thorns as long as their immunity is active

    Well, are mages special? It is not the time to fix an ability but it is the time to fix some more on other classes?
    What's the point on saying: We will return the bug for now but fix it again months later. No sense.
  14. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    These should have never happened. I am against turning off any abilities at Bosses.
    That was one of the first posts in these thread and my first feedback post to this release.
    I don't see any significant change to be honest... probably because they only changed the animation and not the range, which was and is good.
    Nobody noticed it now either, it was a problem in PvP before the last release, now it doesn't work on the cube weapon and 2h weapons are useless (unless one is exploiting and would kill you even naked).
    So, not a real nerf (it's good that they fixed it anyways).
    Have you read their justification? MC's Astral Phenomenon "bug" was a part of complicated combos and playstyles, unlike a bug like the PS bug which was simply increasing the skill damage.
  15. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    A bug is a bug, for me this justification is not valid.
    If a bug is OP then we have to admit it in the game as a normal thing to let players do supposedly impossible combos?
    I really don't understand.
    Any serious developer creates a list of priorities based on the bugs that most unbalance the game and classes.
    Based on this, the minor bugs should have been reinserted because they do not seriously affect the correct gameplay, and should keep fixed the major bug that seriously affects the balance of classes and the correct gameplay of a class.
    But logic is not used too much in this game.
    Is funny to see mages giving "Likes" to this statement even if this means just having few more months of buged class, they don't care for now if they said it's going to be fixed later. They are going to complain again months later?
  16. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    So in the patchnotes it states: '- Several Boss fights were reworked: As soon as a Boss dies, all his/her spawned minions die as well, meaning players cannot get killed by these spawned minions anymore after they defeated a boss'

    But what about the clones of khalys staying around and attacking you after khalys id dead? they have like 0 hp, can't be killed and dissappear only after like 20 or 30 seconds? It still occurs.
    And what about minions that were under mind control at the moment of a bosses death? I havent tested this, but they still live after the bosses death like before 215?
  17. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Or these, when the eggs hatch after the boss is already dead.

    Come now, you didn't expect them to actually fix the bug, did you?
  18. User330K

    User330K Junior Expert

    Its just the same with Balor too. Herald still appear if the dragon dies while the "summoning ring" is on the ground...
  19. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    Then what do they think they fixed? i dont see a difference...
  20. gbit

    gbit Forum General

    I think they don't know which boss are actually summoning minions...perhaps they fixed only Q bosses, and not event or normal bosses :)
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