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    Dear Heroes,

    Please find below the Release 217 pachnotes.​

    New Features
    Equipment Tooltips
    • The equipment tooltips have been updated and they are now divided into a default view and an advanced view
    • Default View:
      • Shows all base and enchantment values rounded
    • Advanced View:
      • Shows all base and enchantment values with up to 3 digits after the decimal
      • Adds a power level indicator behind base values and enchantments that shows how far the value is away from the maximum power level
    • The standard active view can be defined in the settings
    • A key to toggle the advanced view if the default view is set as their standard tooltip type, can be defined
    Ring Compare Tooltip
    • An option to compare a ring with the equipped ring in the 2nd ring slot has been added
    • The key for toggling between both ring slots can be defined in the settings
    Pet Melting”
    • The schematic to craft Altered Crescerites has been added
      • The schematic can be bought at Zumpe (for 20 Gilded Clover), Matrona (for 619 Draken) or any Crafting Master (for ~119 Gold)
      • This schematic turns pets into Altered Crescerites
      • The amount of gained Altered Crescerites depends on the rarity level of the pet
      • The crafting costs will also depend on the rarity level of the pet
    • Pets that are already in your Collector’s Bag or in your inventory can not be bought anymore
    • Only pets that you already have can be used for “Pet Melting”
    Pet RarityReceived Altered Crescerite

    Spring Festival (Easter Event) 2019
    Progress Bar Mechanic
    • Like the Defeat the Undefeatable event, the Spring Festival will have more than one progress bar, this time: 2
      • The difference is, that playing on higher difficulties to unlock the rewards for the second one is not necessary - both progress bars can be filled on any difficulty
    Festival Eggs
    • There are Festival Eggs hidden in dungeons all over Dracania (except for the Deeps of Demise and the Secret Lairs)
      • These Festival Eggs can contain False Festival Eggs that need to be collected in order to fill the event progress bar
    Festival Trolls
    • Spring Festival Crashers can spawn in every map where Festival Eggs are found
    • Spring Festival Crashers have the chance to drop Draken
    • Chief of the Festival Crashers spawns in the Secret Lairs while the Spring Festival Event is active
    • Chief of the Festival Crashers has a 100% Gilded Clovers drop rate
    • Chief of the Festival Crashers can drop a special variant of the Spring Festival Egg mount
    New Costume/New Mounts
    • The Daffodil Costume has been added to the Collectors Bag
      • The costume can be obtained from the Spring Festival progress bar
    • The Spring Festival Egg mounts have been added to the Collectors Bag
    Daffodil Costume:

    Spring Festival Egg Mounts
    Spring Festival Egg image6.png
    Mechanical Egg image7.png
    Beehive Egg image8.png
    Scaled Egg image9.png
    Abyssal Magma Egg image10.png
    Grim Shadow Egg image11.png
    Perpetual Ice Egg image12.png
    Draken Egg image13.png
    Other changes/improvements
    • The number of spawned guardians during the “Overcome Your Weakness” quest of the Newmoon Event has been reduced
    • The damage of the Pyromania ( image14.png ) Burn effect (Fireball ( image15.png ) skill) has been increased from 15% to 25%
    • The following travel items have been updated and can only be used during their respective events:
      • Realm Path to Shanri-La
      • Scroll of Punctuality (Werian's Refuge)
      • Scroll of Punctuality (Kingshill)
      • Scroll of Punctuality (Jarlshofn under Siege)
      • Realm Path to Swaywood Dale
      • Scroll of Punctuality (Resistance C.C. u. Siege)
      • Jullov's Sleep Potion
      • Shadow Portal
      • Mighty Shadow Portal
      • Anniversary Arena Chip
    • The Breaking Free emote has been added to the Collectors Bag
      • The emote can be bought from Salvendar in the Splintered City of Cardhun for 1.000.000 Materi Fragments

    • An issue where the Synchronicity ( image16.png ) cool-down reduction effect did not work correctly when combined with Runes of Focus has been fixed
    • An issue where the Pyromania ( image14.png ) Burn effect of the Fireball ( image15.png ) skill, dealt the damage twice per second, has been fixed
      • An issue where the explosion of the Explosive Arrow ( image17.png ) skill dealt fire damage instead of physical damage, has been fixed


    An issue where the Set Bonus of Bearach’s Untamed Might, that increased the damage radius of the Tesla Turret ( image18.png ) by 2 meters, and also activated the Stunning Shock ( image19.png ) skill talent, has been fixed​

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team

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