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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Apr 29, 2019.

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  1. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Things that affect the PvP in a huge way and things that provokes the point in we are now in game so, yes, it needs to be discussed and said. It is not about my way or your way, it's about the correct way, but seems it doesn't matter to you, because you know, it went your way so you don't care of balance or doing things correctly :)
    This release is related to the previous ones, so yes I will talk about features and bad changes of previous releases that affects this one and go in the wrong way even if you don't like some things to be said because are not benefiting you.
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  2. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    Max why you tell that mages are op?
    topdks and mages from duel on heredur server:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    on mage list that kurodude is low level twink but checkout that daywaker2 for example. How do you explain this list(win/lose ratios on 55 level players)?

    Completely agree with phyrix... current pvp sucks' big time and ideas he mentioned on his post would be really something I'd like to see
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  3. Trela21

    Trela21 Forum Greenhorn

    Guaranteed stun. That makes too much difference in pvp.[/QUOTE]

    100% guaranteed stun yes when i use frost wind and ranger use blade dance and he doesnt get stunned or when i use frost wind on wars and they use jump or wings and they get stunned 20 ft away.Guaranteed stun
  4. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    It is a fact, doesn't matter what I say or what you say.
    Daywaker2 is a case to investigate, no doubt. But are you seriously saying if mages are overpowered or not based in how the LB looks like? You know that LB means nothing, right? Players are pacting 2-1 games to finish faster and forget about PvP sooner, even if mages are overpowered, some mage players don't like PvP, mages are overpowered both PvP and PvE and plenty of benefitial bugs that are not fixed in purpose so they can enjoy the god mode gaming. It is not only a problem of PvP.
    A lot of players could have done better stats at LB but they don't want to be doing 4-6 mins games in a boring PvP, so they pact or let the enemy win fast.
  5. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    This is why i ignored your previos post. Saying that everything is bug based is an old story.They even said they will fix it , at this point you are like a kid crying, becasue it didnt go the way it wanted.
    Stop saying that those bugs exist, mind controll doesnt work for me in pvp - that is a bug ( if it still works) if not , u have absolutely no right to speak of mages and bugs, i got enough of your mind control broken, bugged.
    Also the excuse that everybody has bad stats in LB cuz they are lazy is BS . Why no tanks are having this problem ? Traki is top ranger for pvp but as he said he lets jimself die , and yet almost all the rangers below him have 50-50 ratio

    So for u everything that u dont approve cant be used as an argument , but aslo bug is your only argument. OK ? so u want nobody to argue , because u dont approve anything except yours for a valid point.
  6. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Are not my arguments, are facts. And there is no point in trying to say PvP is equal and balanced and mages are not op, because they are.
    Let's compare it just to rangers, someone else said it too, mage have:
    +range and thicker skills
    +damage on each skill (also elemental damage which provides an important increase due to bad gearless PvP not equaling resis to armor)
    +stuns and easier to aim (bigger) with less execution time also
    - cooldown on all abilities
    also bugs ofc. but not the only unbalance here. All is wrong and you can't say it's ok and balanced vs for example, a ranger (saying that is BS).
    This is an absurdity of fight, not measuring the real skill of the players. So wrong.
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  7. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Ok... now:
    1. Explain how do they have a crit rate that is enough to assume all hits would be crits when they're 2h?
    2. If they use 2h... they have a lower attack speed. You can easily dodge their attacks and attack them when they're casting.
    3. On 2h they have no block... you can simply bleed them out. With 3p. talent BWS and 3p.+5p. talent RS, all you have to do is
      • approach (jump / DH if needed)
      • RS
      • BWS
      • now, they can't really do anything: no damage, no speed, almost unable to run, double bleeding - they have to use up a stun break
        • if they use FN, counter with FBC (unless you have DH on) and repeat RS+BWS
        • if they use teleport, charge at them
          • if they use FN now, counter as above and headbutt/GB
      • they're dead
    Rangers have:
    +armor break on the strongest dmg skill
    +running speed buff
    +homing projectile (bird)
    +area denial (thicket of thorns)

    I could go on, but such arguments do not make sense... stop with it, seriously, it leads nowhere and proves nothing.
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  8. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    You mean breaking armor (when marked) with the physical EA which needs to be aimed 3-4 times to equal 1 FS?
    Wow. You are so persuasive.
    You mean 1 of the 2 antistuns of the ranger? You think a ranger will use it just to run risking to be stunned and then die?
    You mean the worst stun in the game? You mean that bird that can be dodged with a single step? That slow bird warning you with a mark on your head? Nice one. You say homing projectile as if it is something good, when it is not.
    Ofc, op area denial, perma-singu is nothing compared, ah? Area denial+armor break+damage increased+no cooldown

    You opened my eyes, I was blind... PvP is equal, fair, balanced and mages are in disvantatge vs rangers... (notice the irony)
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  9. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Stop mesing withother ppls conversations. Stop popping left adn right to spam bs.
    Also writing armor break + more dmg wont make u sound smarter by spamming the same thing 2.
    Dudes literary speak about mage and tank andu just hop in to cry nerf mage, they op , they bugged.
  10. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    What are you scared of? In the forum I will write things that can help improve the game, make the PvP more equal, playable and fair to all classes. I don't write bs, something is not bs just because you don't like it or is not about your interests.
    You should not write to face me, but to talk about the game as I did. Spam is your last post.
    So you can talk about mage and tank but I can't give another additional perspective about aspects of this releases and whats being debated, PvP.
    I did not said "nerf mages", but you probably are scared of this happening and your subconscious made you say it now, so you don't want a nerf and that's why you try to kick me off from here. I'll say mages are op and bugged if it's true, and it is.
    So now pointing the bugs and unbalances of the game in the forum means crying. I though forum was meant for that, you know, feedback.
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  11. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Once u repeat the the same message 10 times , yes it is crying
    No, u did not said " nerf" its only that u hint it with absolutely every statement.
    Plus im backing u off because your answer is not connectedto theirs in any way
  12. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    There’s a reason he has to repeat himself 10 times. That’s because some people on this forum unfortunately lack the intelligence to understand facts when they’re being told them to their faces...
  13. DBS-Flamelurker

    DBS-Flamelurker Exceptional Talent

    What doesn't make sense is what you say about War, usually.

    Two things are OP in pvp, currently:

    1: Gwenfara shield.
    2. Singularity, precisely this change: "Singularity reduces cd of Singularity". And who suggested this change? ...

    Here my pvp ranking:

    A: War (with gwenfara); Mage.
    B: War (without gwenfara); Nano.
    C: Ranger.

    "Like" if you approve ;)
  14. Trela21

    Trela21 Forum Greenhorn

    Thats what singularity is supposed to do reduces abilities cooldown, i didnt see anyone complaining all these years when the singularity wasnt working properly which was a bug,arent you happy thats this bug is FIXED now
  15. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    It was working properly, the cooldown of the skills was already being reduced, but it is obvious and logical that should not reduce its own cooldown, that is simply a madness proposed by the mages themselves to be able to play in god mode both in pvp as in pve.
    What about the real bug, the MC bug. MC was FIXED and devs return it to the bugged state just because mages don't want to accept the reality. So devs fix MC, mages cry, devs return the bug and create another bug buffing singu to... apologize with the poor mages who cried?
    All of this inventing things like: "It's not the time to do changes on classes, sorry mages, we undo this fix"
    Next release they nerfed rangers and buffed mages creating this singu bug, again inventing it was buged when it was not.
    So it's time to change classes or not?
    Then why undo the MC fix?
    In resume, we have uncompetent devs watching the interests of the spoiled mages while other classes suffer the consequences of the
    poor management and imbalances.
    Come on... infinite guardian on bosses? (perma-personal-tank) Infinite damage increased? Infinite armor break? 9 sec of damage increased on q7 buff? MC working on bosses? Just take a look into all of this.
    Weren't you happy MC was fixed? Mmm... Why don't you ask for it to be fixed permanently?
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  16. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    When the singu aupgrade was added lv 50 ppl asked to be fixed , and the devs admited it was bugged yet it took them 4 years to fix it..

    About mind control BP themselves I REPEAT themselves ( becasue u like to say thing 20 times)that they will; fix it. Spamming wont change anything, they have aknowledged it and what is left is their part. Stop spamking the same thing when u are hear u are just annoying at this point.
    Every post is the same 2 things over and over again
  17. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

  18. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    Here’s my absolute 100% honest feedback on Release 218:

    Release 218 is great because it finally balances out PvP, and I love the new battlegrounds and how they’re cycled every few hours or so. With Release 218, we can finally choose from a whole host of different PvP builds which allows for a nice variety and removes the boredom of fighting against players with the same build over and over again, thanks so much BP. Release 218 also introduces the new PvP seasons - a great addition in my opinion, can’t wait to get in the top 10 in the leaderboards. Thank you to the developers for the new Helios events and items that come with it, such as the Golden Helios Amulet, I have no doubt it will be of great use to me with those phenomenal base stats and enchantments; a great addition to DSO with Release 218.

    In addition, Release 218 has made the situation in PvE much more interesting and exciting; thanks for increasing the spawn density of enemies in Secret Lairs, I have already witnessed much better items dropping there than before. Oh and thanks for fixing that horrible bug where chests in the Secret Lairs only contained level 1 items, finally Release 218 has taken care of this.

    Overall, this is doubtless a great update. I want to sincerely thank the devs for all the hard work they’ve put in making this game better. And let’s not forget the mods, thank you for all your very hard work, I really appreciate it (I really do). I hope all future releases follow this same idea that we see with Release 218.

    P.S.: I’ve tried really hard to stay on topic this time, I’ve even tried to write “Release 218” in every sentence and I hope that helps. But most importantly, I can’t stress enough that I’m really glad about all the hard work BP are doing and I hope they will continue in a similar vein for a long time to come.
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  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    The sarcasm detector is screaming loud! :)
    However ... I will disagree with you on this part:
    Golden Helios Amulet ... under this PvP meta is the best amulet in the game. (I am not sarcastic on this one ... for a change XD )
    Have I asked for a SW's nerf? No I haven't ... I just made my points what are the strong sides of SWs.
    We ... Rangers have legitimate right to ASK for a BUG FIX on our skills ... because almost all of them are currently bugged ... therefore rangers are in inferior position to others. This is not a statement against any class but rather a call for the devs to fix our skills ... and fix the long preforming Bird of Prey. The bird is not just useless but it gets canceled in the middle of a flight.
    After the devs fix the bugs ... then they should get rid of ALL CHEATERS ... and then under normal conditions we will see what is the real performance of any class ... without using bots, macros, scripts, hacks, exploits and other cheats.

    I have to correct you on this one :p
    I have never been a PvP player only. I have been always playing PvE so I can upgrade my PvP gear so I can kill the P2P.
    I even did vow never to play the one-shot fiesta PvP (except for clover) ... and i kept my promise.
    Now I am playing PvP ... not because i like it ... i am playing it out of tenacity.
    ATM ... i am leading ranger on Grimmag and 3rd in overall ranking ... which gives me even more credit to speak against the current PvP meta. :)
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  20. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    Did I say U asked 4 that? Nope I didnt!
    Did I say U didnt have that right? Nope I didnt!
    So I guess U agree w me that Ur info was wrong! ...again!
    And BTW... DKs general range is even shorter so I guess RAs range is now bumped up 2 top2...
    And BTW U wanna talk about mages bugged skills that havent been fixed? Theres 2 many 2 count! Ur problem is not alone amogst the classes! for instance: Try casting a singu on a stone in for example the Stonekeep map and watch how it immidiatly dissapears, but still require a full cooldown, cuz that stone is considered off map by the programmers... or try casting it in 1v1 PvPmap on 1 of the 3 barriers and the same bug occours!
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