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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Apr 29, 2019.

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  1. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    We don't know if they fix things we report in the forum or things that get reported via support. Those "fixed" bugs may have been as well reported via support or by official testers.
    All our complains and negative remarks here are heavily filtered by moderators. I don't think the devs get all this, possible only reports on obvious bugs and some of the suggestions, but definitely not all the negative feedback in its original form.
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  2. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    How do you know these things?
    Have you ever read any of our reports?
    Do you have insight in our reporting system?
    At last, are you suggesting DSO devs are illiterate and they cannot read what has been said on forums? As far as we know they are reading everything. Yet again, we are making our reports in a way so they would best reflect the mood of the community.
    The following example represents a fragment of one of our usual reports


    We are not just making reports based on forum feedback and forum reports but we are actually making our own reports before you even get to know new contents.
    Do they get our reports? I would not know and I would not bother, since our part is done.

    @nvmind , this is a feedback thread and you are using it to make a bold, false and ignorant accusations against mods. Playing a Drama Queen without first obtaining the correct Drama Queen license is not going to pass on this board.

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  3. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    So they do not play the game,as I said and they got know idea how to build a class or do PVP.
    If they even took notice of these forums instead of doing there own thing, the game would improve instead of being on a downhill spiral.
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  4. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    So, do you think being more transparent and sharing your reports with the community, letting us know in what form our complains reach the devs, would help us being less negative and destructive and more constructive ?

    BTW, I said "may have been" and "I don't think" referring to my own person, not at what really happens. And I still think I'm right that all the negativity doesn't reach the devs in its raw form, which I also don't think it should.
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  5. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    That is not possible.
    We have already explained in a separate thread. You should have more faith in us, this team is made of skilled individuals. But we are all players, we have no insight in BP's plans and priorities.
    Moderation team is not responsible for any of the game issues.
    Communication with players and exchanging feedback is not our duty, we cannot do that. We do not have such authorization. That is why DSO has a Community Manager.

    Now, please continue on topic.

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  6. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Oh really? Today was the first time I tried to do my pvp dailies since you posted this. And guess what... 8FFA for the next 3+ hours. So I'm guessing at least a four-hour cycle.

    I reg'd for the FFA... 2 in the queue. The team match was on the same cycle. (I do not recall what the format was because I reg'd and was the only one in the queue) so I un-reg'd and gave up at that point.

    Maybe the times between cycles are varying but to me, that is even a worse situation than originally.

    They really need to just go back to the old selection menu and let peeps play what they want.
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  7. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Oh really? Guess what... they changed it again to 4h, yes. It seems like they are doing some proves. I personally prefer the 2h cycles.
  8. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    When 98% of people complain, and most of them quit the game (my friend's list is full but almost all of them are off anytime, and the region chat is always empty like my fridge at home), all this just means that your meritorious reporting efforts are useless and that read doesn't mean understand.
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  9. cogix

    cogix Regular

    In this release I expected Full moon to be reworked.
    Unfortunately the chance to get attack speed rune from the boss is still very very low.
    You can answer me that those runes can be found in secret liars, but I noticed that killing the boss in the second map, does not give access to the secret liar.
  10. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Hey xD
    Gourex here, am on Heredur server now alias Phyrix
    Short answer pw and scaling dungeons lairs can drop speed runes now, albeit a low droprate but its there together with other lesser runes.
  11. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    Now, when there is no 1v1, players are going in team pvp matches, sitting there or just running around, just to do their daily, ruining other players' game.
    PVP needs to be removed from daily. This is already overdue.
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  12. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    yes, at this point it is necessary
  13. Sprokkel

    Sprokkel Active Author

    I would like to respond to your answer without making accusations to anyone. My answers are based on facts I found in the game (or on forum) and have previously sent to support. However, I doubt whether anything will be done about this because I do not see any changes or improvements that have been made to my indicated topics so far.
    How do you know these things?
    Because I also regularly report errors, bugs or unfair situations to support of which I do not see any positive changes in DSO.
    Have you ever read any of our reports?
    I don't need to read your reports, I want to play a game that works fairly in both PVE and PVP. I can understand that sometimes there are bugs related to the PVE game, PVP is totally different. When BP tries to force PVP to play, I can assume that it will be a fair fight. However, I have observed that certain PVP gear provides an advantage for one character and a disadvantage for the other character. Because of this I can only conclude that PVP then and now is still unfair and only because of major differences in items that you can wear.
    This results in many players who no longer want to play PVP because it is unfair. Now the developers want to link an event to PVP, how fair is that? Not so!
    Do you have insight into our reporting system?
    I have nothing to do with your reporting system, but I would like the DSO developers to delve more deeply into the position of some players with the problems they have indicated and that they are seriously treated or adjusted so that players enjoy their fun can retain in playing DSO. Unfortunately I see the opposite happen more and more often and then it may seem that the developers are more concerned with their earnings model that with the satisfaction of the players.
    Everyone will acknowledge it, but I'll say it again, without players there is no game and therefore no earnings model.
    I find part of your answer strange.
    If you answer that you do not know whether player reports will be brought to the attention of the developers and that you will not be bothered about that, it seems to me that you do not know your position.
    It is your expression when you say that it will not disturb you, but at the same time you say as if it does not interest you what that might have for the players. So your statement in this will not be well understood by a number of players.
    Each moderator nevertheless acts as a mouthpiece between players and developers, otherwise players would be silenced with regard to the developers.
    I would also like to add that I am losing my gaming fun, which is mainly due to the latest developments regarding the unfair PVP.
    I also don't feel like diving into an enforced PVP event, not only because I don't get the correct PVP gear but also because differences in gear between different characters are not correct. For example, hold a DK shield next to a Mage orb and you'll see the differences especially the crit.hit.rate.
    a DK gets crit.hitrate both on 1H and on shield and a mage gets none of that. There will probably be even more differences that are not correct and do not promote a fair PVP.
    I will not and will not lend myself to being pushed into a victim role by developers in such an enforced PVPevent and I have to take care of the adversary's progress because I will most likely lose every match.
    That while I was able to create a pretty strong character in PVE.
    For example, I still find it strange that players have farmed or bought many gems in recent years and that these are no longer counted during PVP.
    This means that under the current PVP circumstances I could find myself losing a opponent who, for example, is a number of levels lower than me because he / she has had more random luck with PVP items than I do. At the same time I am staring at my big gems whom I have sweated with blood and tears in all those years and I have nothing in PVP anymore.
    In short, if a player is not lucky enough to find strong PVP items, you can only lie on your back in the arena.
    Why is DSO a fair game, not so!
    I would like to say to the developers, first solve the unfair PVP before you want to impose such PVP events on players. Not only does my gaming pleasure disappear more and more over time. By playing less and less DSO, my paid premium also becomes useless.
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  14. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    DSO English Support is a part of DSO English Moderation Team. That means, yes, we read your reports, we read your forum posts, we read everything. We also communicate with players, in and out of the game.
    We test reported bugs first, then we pass them on to dev team.
    Sometimes bugfixes need time, but you should understand, we are just players, we do not have direct communication with the dev team. There are other parties in between. We are also not receiving feedback on our feedback, whether something has been read, and IF it has been read in what form the message reached the final destination.
    I have already answered that. We know our position, we are 'messengers', metaphorically speaking you are trying to kill the messenger.
    Please take a look into moderators' posting. Can you notice only few moderators are being active lately?
    Why is that? Because they, same as you, do not feel like playing DSO anymore. They could not change anything in the game because our feedback, by the look of the game direction, has not been taken into account.
    That does not mean these few remaining members of DSO English Team like the changes, it only means they still believe they can change that.
    We made our own feedback regarding PvP, based on our playing on Test Server. Our feedback was highly negative and it was representing only the opinion of our team.
    Then we made another feedback later on, based on community's feedback. That one was negative in general too.
    When I read your post, I can only say that we feel as you do. DSO English Team's opinion regarding PvP is exactly the same.
    Not just PvP, we gave negative feedback on many things, features, directions etc.

    Now, for the last time, please continue on topic.
    I will have to remove all off topic posts in future.

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  15. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Tonight I wanted to write to support so that it gets forwarded to the dev team.
    But not even support knows if their prayers are being answered.
    I dont know what to say.
    DSO is an amazing game and yes it has insane potential
    Regarding the new pvp if there was battles all the time but 1v1 or 8 player ffa, and 3v3 and 5v5 all the time the servers would probably burn. <- that's a good thing it would make them up their game :D
    Well regarding our prayers being heard <- the whole community.
    I m not going to do this but I will be putting it out there for anyone that really really wants their messages read.
    Someone that really really wants to change the current course of the game.
    You can do the following.
    1 Bigpoint is a publisher of the game dso.
    mail all possible mail addresses of bigpoint you can find regarding drakensang.
    2 approach affiliate companies regarding drakensang, speaking your concerns.
    3 I read somewhere in the past tencent does their hosting
    so adding tencent to that massive list of people you will be mailing regarding the game might not be that far fetched.

    Warning in advance, we do not know what repercussions this will have for the game itself but there's your answer

    if you do feel that the voices will be heard have them visit the forum.
    Let them read all the feedback including the cries for help from the dedicated and much appreciated support team.
    Also while youre at it just poke them and say hey psst Phy want his friggin hammer of zeal :D
  16. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Whoever thought that the pvp leatherboard is a good idea should get his head examined
    There's no possible way that anyone would be able to complete the progress bar, given that the three best matches per day are going to be added to progress
    Given that matches at most may give 4 thousands honor points( and that if you're lucky) and given that you need to make 110 thousands honor points per day to complete it, how can anyone complete the bar without cheating or exploiting in some way? it's mathematically impossible for anyone to complete in legitimate ways

    Is this another way to promote cheating?Also, what are you smoking? It must be very good, please share it with us
  17. Critztrike

    Critztrike Forum Apprentice

    I agree how are we supposed to complete the pvp leaderboards if 3 matches are only added to progress.4/5k max per day , this game has become so bad nowadays and i dont see any reason to play pve its not worth farming gems cause they cant be used in pvp.
  18. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    The developers are EDIT clowns
    They take our sets off us to PVP.
    They take our Gems off us to PVP.
    Say we are making it fairer.
    Go Grind some more get new things to do PVP with.
    Are they having EDIT laugh at us ?
    They can take the Gems and Sets off us but can they fix the match making ??
    Let's put Marshals Grand Marshals in same group then put them against Legionarres and Centurions that hardly PVP got know idea how to PVP.
    You want us to farm ?
    You can ban me from your forums I really don't care.
    IMHO the developers pay absolutely zero attention to the forums and zero attention to the moderators.
    This forum is a waste of EDIT time.
    Game has become so bad,the moderators should not hide how much dislike and hatred is from the customers of this game,they should be open, and say you know what come and have a look at how disgusted your consumers are with your product.
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  19. mystic_archer29

    mystic_archer29 Forum Apprentice

  20. Critztrike

    Critztrike Forum Apprentice

    DSO what is going on how does some people get 50k honor points per day if only 3 matches count?? Please tell us this is bug abusing and unfair !!!!And matches dont count for some ?!!
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