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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Apr 29, 2019.

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  1. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    What about fixing bugs, balancing classes and improving PvP before doing a season or an event?
    Developer eating donuts: Nah, let's do it now.
    The result is an absolute disaster.

    1 month to do 3300000 points with a bad rewarding-system of honor points that need a rework, but as I said, you don't want to fix PvP before doing events or ranks, the coherence is not in your brain.
    You are now giving better rewards for doing PvP than for doing a PvE event, last example Easter Event.
    And you will give more clovers for doing PvP than for doing PvE Season, again zero coherence.

    Supposedly only the 3 best battles per day and battleground type (solo or team) will be taken into account for the season leaderboards.
    Well, this is not happening, to some players only counted one game in group PvP, and they can play all day but the points are not increasing and games are not counting on the rank. In Solo PvP all the duels are counting to me, not only the 3 best duels.

    Do not appear in any place the necessary points for bronze, silver and gold rewards?

    The mentor bonus should not continue to exist in the game, if you really want a fair and balanced PvP and real statistics in the rankings.
    Hall of Fame of PvP is just a bunch of players using mentor bonus to reach a high rank even when losing and doing worst games than me, killing less people, it's just not reflecting a real skill.
    The same happens with this pathetic PvP season, that should not exist, this only causes the noob to enter to try to get rewards at the expense of other players who like the PvP and play it without needing to create a season.

    I'm totally sick of you devs, as many other players are. We are sick of your bad decisions, your bad work, your lies...
    I'm proud of not having spent a penny on your game, because you do not deserve even a sad penny.
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  2. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    This is what happens when a Chinese company owns and controls a European, Western game. Total chaos...
  3. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Reduced the maximum range, a Steam Mechanicus can attack with two-handed weapons and with Orsha’s Lost Firestorm, so it exactly matches the other classes.
    This is not from this release but... It's just me or this is a lie?

    More about PvP season, how many hours required to finish the progress bar? You didn't learn nothing from easter event, right? 110k points per day, when on average you can win 1k-2k points per game (15min), because finishing the game in 5 or in 15 min doesn't matter on your ridiculous point-system, or doing the most kills, most damage... In short, playing better than the rest, doesn't mean a significant difference in the final reward, so why the effort? Why a noob will receive free points by doing nothing? Why I have to play 50 games in a day to be able to finish a progress bar?
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  4. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Nah, it's not that, it's because the managers are exploitative EDIT who don't want to create an enjoyable game

    Also why did they put this idiotic idea? just make the progress bar count all honor earned in the game
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  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Wussup people? Problems eh?
    Good good. :)
  6. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    But is is that IMO because they’re trying to turn DSO into some crappy Asian MOBA...
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  7. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    but they do that because they're asians or because they're an exploitative company? Come on, stop putting ethnicity in places where it doesn't belong
    And this is not only asian companies, american or european companies do it too, since they introduced microtransactions( in buy to play games no less) games have become more tedious and grindy

    This is a general industry trend
    well, you have the correct predictions
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  8. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    2-3 days away from the game (and maybe 5 days since any meaningful gameplay) and thinking i'll keep staying away given how poorly these events seem to be going. Made sure to delete my payment info as well. Plenty of actual entertainment options out there.
  9. Sevilla

    Sevilla Someday Author

    Is this not an exploit? (registre full team on both side, kill all solo and end match to all)


    [image removed]

    because if not, I will do it every day, and get rank1 on pvp ranks without any effort =)
  10. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    Well, let´s say this season thingie is absolute failure i think many of you will agree. Idk how sb can reach 296k points in 3 games but whatever it´s Dso got used to it lol....
    also bigpoint ain´t asian
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  11. ubita_ro16

    ubita_ro16 Forum Greenhorn

    Please transmit to the awesome developers that since the Hotpix .... the drop of ingredients from world bosses is ZERO
  12. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    Ethnicity? That’s not what I’m saying. Let me rephrase:

    DSO is German-made and was for years owned by the European company Bigpoint which is affiliated with Radon Labs, who created the Nebula engine that the game runs on. And most things are going well, the developers are taking things in a positive direction, etc.

    Then a few years ago as I’m sure you know, a Chinese company, Youzu Interactive, purchased BP and thus controls what happens with the development of DSO. Now what you may not know is that Youzu Interactive also owns a highly-popular RPG game in China called “League of Angels” which resembles a hybrid MOBA-RPG game, which seems to be the basis upon which they are developing DSO these days.

    And of course we have to remember that this Chinese company just swooped in and bought BP for €80 million or so and immediately claimed ownership of its creations including DSO and others. Therefore they know nothing about how DSO was run before and what was happening with regards to the updates in the game. All they know is that “League of Angels” is popular in China and that they should follow that sort of development, game style, etc. which really messed up DSO for good.

    So my point isn’t that the company is Chinese (I don’t care where it’s from, that doesn’t affect me); my point is that here’s this company which swoops in and is trying to change a perfectly good game when they literally know nothing about said game and how it was managed before. Plus in China they have their own style of video games and RPGs which isn’t really compatible with the way DSO was made and the developers are unfortunately (maybe being told to from above) trying to turn a perfectly good MMORPG into some sort of hybrid Asian-style MOBA, and this is why we’re seeing all these terrible so-called updates these last few years.
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  13. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Oh and on what @piteris2 said let me add this:
    There is a whole different mindset in methodology in how asian arpgs work when you look at games like xxxx and xxxx for example
    they are not considered highly successful either because their crafting medhods is not really all that great these arpgs I am talking about is literally considered to be cash grabs, where they had insane potential.
    So nothing to do with ethnicity as much as culture and methodology.
    Also bear in mind that in the east mobile games is much more popular and which is why games like xxxx has gotten a mobile version that looks like xxxx in the east and in the end it was a failure.
    Also bear in mind that dragon rising was dso in the east and that it died due to not being popular in that said culture, so them wanting to change the game seems more likely than not.
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  14. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Think about this from a business point of view.

    You own a game that is somewhat popular and then you buy a game where the player base is shrinking on a regular basis.

    Would you not take what makes your popular game work and implement it into the dying game in hopes to save it?

    I'm not saying it is the correct thing to do, but the logic makes sense from a business stand point. You do what you know works.

    If they would have understood what made DSO special, they would have built upon what was there instead of trying to change it, but by the time they bought the game, it was already being ruined from within.

    As for feedback, I logged in recently to see what changes have happened and I cannot see any real improvement to anything. Crafting is still way too random, this new pvp is a sad joke, and the leaderboard is certainly not working correctly.

    There are still some very old bugs (which is to be expected), and it truly seems the direction of the game is for those who want to play 24/7 or cheat.
  15. LyLyh

    LyLyh Someday Author

    I would like to know it too! I played 3 hours and I won 27000 scores but my progress is still 2158 ?!? Some of my group have 50k?! How???
    And why not me??!

    And the frost nova still doesn't work, it doesn't free me from anything..!
  16. Sprokkel

    Sprokkel Active Author

    I know the solution.
    They have to start the Big Bug event, can't go wrong.
    But seriously, those gentlemen are now really too lazy to let players know anything in any way whatsoever. It rains here complaint after complaint, players are waiting for clarity but it seems that nothing has happened.
    ..... hmm .., or would they still be on the donuts?
  17. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Change the name of your PVP Event to Mentor Event.
    The developers can do nothing right in this game, try checking stuff before you put it live and listen to feedback.
    So glad I not put a cent into this game.
    By the way, someone should start a post in these forums with other online games, that are better then this and the development team listens to there player base.
    Would be appreciated.
  18. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Weren't you among those who advocated this crap pvp at first? IwOn'TbEnErFeD etc.?
    What mentor event? Do you understand that the mentor bonus only increase the currency people are getting and not the leaderboard points?
    Afaik that is pretty different from DSO. It's a completly different thing, and afaik it's bigger crap than DSO in its current state... which is quite an achievement.
  19. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    I gotta take issue with some of the stereotyping "Asian game" comments I just read. Utter nonsense. I try out a few dozen games every year. Where a game is developed or where the game is published has nothing to do with how good it is.

    Interestingly enough, right before I came here I just logged out of a game that is the inverse story of this one. Developed by an Asian shop and acquired by a western publisher. That game is a lot of fun. One of the more significant things that the game has that DSO does not... HAPPY PLAYERS :)

    That publisher looks at gamers as gamers and treats them well. It also has enough diversity in its portfolio that any gamer should be able to find something they like. Ironically this is where BP started out. Nowadays, BP seems only to be after niche players and newbies. That has been Youzu's philosophy all along.

    The first LoA was simply a click bait game for the creeper crowd (kinda explains why it was trash :p) But they did make enough money off of that to start buying up other assets.
    That's a quote from a gaming industry article about BP's CEO stepping down a couple a years ago to "pursue new, personal goals"... if you do not know what that catchphrase means, well I can't help you ;)

    So here we are. Simple gamers trying to provide feedback to save our beloved DSO. Sadly, this may be diametrically opposed to the current Youzu/BP business model.
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  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    That is not possible.
    Your progress bar should always show the total amount of honor points you get from Solo and Team pvp.
    That is not how the stupid PvP is working.
    Since I can see BP "did everything it can" to explain players how the craprena working ... I will do it.
    Your best 3 daily matches are counting for the ranking in Solo or Team PvP.
    What is the point distribution based on those 3 matches ... I don't know.
    Both Solo and Team ranking are providing points for the overall ranking based on your ranking in Solo and Team PvP. In other words it is similar to PvE LB. You get points based on your position. If you are 10th on Solo and 2nd on Team PvP ... you are getting X amount for Solo and Y amount for Team pvp.
    The overall ranking Z=X+Y
    Don't take me for word but I think it is working that way.
    Just like in PvE in PvP every position is providing points.
    In example (these values are not correct just trying to explain):
    1st place - 100 points
    2nd place - 90 points
    3rd place - 80 points
    4th to 10th - 50 points ... ... etc.
    That means you should have 50 points for your 5th place in Solo and 90 points for your 2nd place in Team PvP. That is 150 points in overall ranking. Again ... these points are not the correct ones ... just trying to explain.

    For the progress bar you get the total amount of Honor Points you got both in Solo and Team pvp. Those are Honor Points ... the previous points for the ranking are PvP LB points.
    Curently I have 4237 Honor Points from Team and 32129 from Solo pvp.
    In total ... it is 36366 Honor Points AKA Progress.
    There it is.

    These seasons are made for cheating ... because in essence they are pushing the cheating players forward and punishing the legit players.
    Only gangbangers can play 24/7 ... not to mention if legit players miss arena mode (because they are changing on 4 hours - 2 hours during weekend) they are doomed to failure. Gangbangers will always get all the rewards.
    These shifting modes are joke. Some people can play only and ONLY in certain time every day. they will always miss most of the modes.
    And why? Because the devs felt like they would force players to play when the devs say and want not when and what the players want. That is a pile of manure. Just because they can't get more players playing pvp ... they are putting all players in same basket so the people would get fights faster XD
    This concept is also know as Garbage in, garbage out.

    They consume pizza :)
    That is not what happened.
    BP went to conquer the Asian Market and kick some lower back ... they got owned really hard :)

    If my guessing is right ... the new emote "breaking free" has a meaning ;)
    That is my opinion ... I hope I am right.
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