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    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    Please find below the Release 219 pachnotes.


    The “Eligible for…” crafting texts have been removed from equipment items as they are no longer needed since the workbench now provides a list of all items that can be used for Augment, Soul or Pristine Core Crafting.

    Advanced Item Tooltip
    Base values will now also show decimal values with up to 3 digits.

    Daily Deal & Shop
    Mounts, Costumes or Emotes that have been added to the Collectors Bag, are no longer available in the shop or the Daily Deal.


    Storm the Fortress
    1. The damage dealt to the Steamdriver Gears and Bomb Gears is also normalized now.
    2. Dealing damage to the Steamdriver Gears and the Bomb Gears now also counts as damage dealt to machine targets.
    3. The explosion of the Marching Bombs can no longer be triggered by just crossing their path thus defenders now must destroy them now before they reach a Defensive Tower.


    - An issue where some dungeons had the incorrect recommended level has been fixed.
    - An issue where some of the Silver Essences that dropped from Amphorae’s in Varholm, had the wrong rarity, has been fixed.
    - An issue where the
    access window to Mount Suvius did not show the crafting ingredients that can be found there, has been fixed.
    - An issue where Bearach did not drop the Dragonknight version of the Strike of the Untouchable, has been fixed.
    - An issue where the Chest of the Lairs chest did not appear on the minimap, has been fixed.
    - An issue where the Cursed Frost Archers, spawned by the Parallel World Evil Miller, had no run animation, has been fixed.
    - An issue where
    essences had an up/down arrow for the “No effect in official arenas” text when compared with another essence, has been fixed.

    Additional information

    Helios Games
    The buff "Insignia of Honor Rush" is now also working with the Event quests (not for Daily Challenges).

    Localization issues
    Due to an issue with our localization export tool there may be missing translations in the game. Please help us detecting the issues with sending those issues to the support. Thank you!

    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team

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