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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jun 28, 2019.

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    You can find here the detailed Release 220 Patchnotes.

    We're looking forward to your feedback!

    If you are unsure what sort of feedback is being asked for, please read this thread.
    Any off-topic posts/pointless rants will be deleted.

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Made bosses harder. I'm sure that all the new and weaker players are going to appreciate the fact that they won't be able to kill the bosses that they did before this release.

    Got rid of boss animations. This is actually a good thing, but if the dev's had listened to the players and never added the animation to start with, this would have never been needed.

    Better loot drops. It's nice to hear this story again, although anyone who has played the game for more than one minute won't believe it. If the dev's accidentally do add more drops, they'll just take them back very soon as they have done in the past.

    Adding future events calendar. Neat idea, but we all know this won't work as intended.

    More crafting ingredients. Yep, that is just what everyone needs. More grinding for ingredients instead of actually adding actual gear drops.

    Remove the shop after boss kill. This one will also be most appreciated by newer and weaker players who never got the chance to get good gear. Personally I believe that there are better ways to make people quit playing the game, but I do have to give the dev's credit for sticking with the frustration angle. I cannot think of another game that does a better job of making players quit out of sheer frustration.

    All about PVE. Once again the dev's focus all of their energy on creating yet another PVE update that no one has been asking for and avoiding any potential fix to the PVP problems that plaque players on a daily basis.
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  3. stacker99

    stacker99 Forum Master

    @Rhysingstar Game itself is going straight to the recycle bin in near future. PvE will be impossible for new players, PvP is full with cheaters and ... no good idea behind the curtain. No brain dev team.
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  4. mystic_archer29

    mystic_archer29 Forum Apprentice


    Bad update overall, stop changing the game back and forth, if i wanted to play some different game i would, leave 'core' DSO as it is, you've already caused enough damage
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Only read till I saw shops/traders being removed after boss kill....

    Enough reason to uninstall; i mean common, i killed 400+ khalys during event and only got 3 unique drops. With that great droprate i dont feel like playing if im not able to buy with materi.

    [also what the hell am i going to do with all my farmed materi?]

    You simply wasted my time
  6. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    On the one hand making a single run to buy some uniques is stupid, on the other hand everyone has to be able to get the uniques without farming idk-how-many-times with no guaranteed drop.

    Since you have to farm for good stats on the uniques anyways, I'd say:
    1. Make the drop rate of uniques 25% from bosses + some lower one from the map leaders.
    2. To compensate, make bosses harder (even than R220). Perhaps make the fights more complex (PW Khalys - perhaps PW M'Edusa too - is a good way, although they should require more strategy - think about it).
    3. To compensate for hampered core farming, allow to buy all the cores (buying cores - ingredients makes more sense than buying equipment):
      • materi cores for materi fragments
      • tellurian cores for gold
      • draken cores for drakens (but we should get way more drakens from events)
    4. Increase core stack sizes on bosses (eg. 5 painful, 7 excru, 10 fatal, 14 inf1, 16 inf2, 18 inf3, 22 inf4 - when inf5 comes 20 inf4 and 24 inf5).
    5. Also, increase the ranking points you get from killing bosses in PW.

    About cloaks... I don't know yet. It may be a good change if the drops are enough. We'll see in 2-3 weeks.
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  7. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    there are good ideas and bad ideas
    Good ideas: removal of boss spawning animations, future event calendar
    bad ideas: vendor removal after boss kill, with no guarantee of improved unique drops
    This sucked when level 45 was max level and it'll suck even more now, given that uniques have random stats
    At least this will be somewhat compensanted if the drops of unique is actually relatively much higher than now, as the bosses were made mode difficult( tecnically they have just been made slower to kill, but fair enough)

    Also it's an especially bad idea that we're supposed to craft cloaks by using gems

    Wasn't enough to make them like all other items and put them as drops, which we would craft?
    Was it necessary to put yet another level of grind ingame with such a complicated system?

    And how the hell are we supposed to get witch seeker belt given the removal of vendors from events?that damn thing doesn't drop anywhere, where the hell are we supposed to find it?Amphoras?Tecnically it drops there, but it drops so rarely it's ridicolous
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  8. LongShlong.

    LongShlong. Forum Greenhorn

    The way I saw it on test server until recently,all infernals are 3x harder.So why not give us something close to 3x rewards.Instead 4 minutes,runs are gonna take 12,without full compensation for the increase time I spend in a single run.Materi fragments stacks should be increased and exos from normal mobs should be increased.Otherwise,what is the point of this update?To make me waste more time on a run with stronger mobs?Making every mob and boss stronger is artificial dificulty.Dungeons are not going to be harder,just more time consuming.
    Removing traders that sell unique makes sense to a developer probably,because a unique item doesn't feel special anymore,but you,developers,have to look how much the game has evolved and think twice before implementing such radical changes.Nowadays,people are not farming to get the unique item and feel completed.People are getting dozens of uniques,just searching for that gold base value.How are developing and new players going to get a gold stat q7 weapon,something that is essential to being strong endgame.You want them to farm inf4 with increased drop rate?Well good luck,cuz now 1 run q7 will be 20 minutes for a group with 40k damage.Not to mention the fresh 55s who will just have to farm until they get a tier 1,then hopefully tier 3 and then... they wont get a tier 6 or 7 cuz nobody will farm 3x mobs inf4 with a tier 3 weapon.Maybe some of you see this a right way to progress,but to me it is an unnecessary barier to new players.
    Also I'm exited to cloaks and that event calendar will probably be handy,but still,this is a horrible kick in the EDIT for most of the playerbase.
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  9. .iulian96.

    .iulian96. Forum Apprentice

    Just show us the numbers , by how much % the drop rate was incresed for pw uniqs ? I want to know the odds ?
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  10. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Well, the devs got me. It has not been three months yet since I stopped playing my live server accounts. Since many of my alts are still using old cloak quest cloaks I suppose I'm gonna have to log in again to get the freebie cloaks for them. And if nothing else I'll get another round of "why did you stop playing" surveys* later on to let them know what a crappy job I think they are doing overall.

    *most of my accounts use different emails. This goes way back to the Netflix promo where I could get a free universal map for each one :D

    Transmorph for gear... when this was first brought up years ago I was excited about it. Heck, I could have got many hours of playing just making my toons look cool. I even still have gear on my toons that I wanted to use for this. Even though this is an actual improvement to the game it goes in my 'too little, too late' file. Probably a good thing for newbies. They can at least be stylin' while they flail about trying to get thru a T3 dungeon. :rolleyes:

    Changes to bosses/mobs/drops... don't care. I really only play on TS a few hours on the weekend anymore. I have all the gear and other junk I need there already... so whatever. Now just maybe, if the devs actually pulled their collective heads out, and started adding new and useful things to the game... stuff that would actually encourage diversity over cookie-cutter... Nah, sry, daydreaming again :cool:
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  11. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    The absence of a boss trader is a good thing. The game feels like a supermarket atm. I just hope the boss unique drop rate will be significantly higher, though.

    The boss traders shouldn't have been added to the game in the first place. There will be a controversy now, because at first you let a ton of players buy their gear pretty easily, but now no newer player will be able to do so and will have to hope for a good drop, which will create a lot of frustration. The drop rate has to be much better, mainly because of random stats on the items, and also because the boss can drop multiple different uniques from which you may only be interested in one or two.​

    About bosses being much harder to kill now, I guess many players can forget about doing infernals. I suspect one of the reasons for this is to delay the necessity of adding new infernal modes?

    As for mobs or minions spawning in boss arenas, I'm guessing there's now an opportunity to use offensive sets that build their power by stacking kills? May be a step in the right direction... One of a bunch of steps necessary to break the dominance of certain sets like q7. Maybe?
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  12. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    hmmmm another change go figure. Lets see materi is useless now. Just like gold, I have 671k gold and can't do a thing with it since you took out the Jesters. What was it before COT's, lilies, what other useless currency you going to introduce to the game. Lets see,, hmmm back to drop only. Took me two years to get a lvl 40 Predator, oh joy so much fun, years to get good gear. What else is in here... more crafting nonsense I see. Really now you want us running around for thread or yarn what ever. suppose drop rate for that will be like willing eyes and dream eaters SMH.. How about the developers just make the game fun and simple. They have destroyed PVP it is zero fun. Now they expect us to run around for years on an unfair drop rate. I am so disappointed in what this game has become.. use to be fun.

    Well after tonight when Materi is completely useless. Please tell me you are going to change the rewards for the leader board. Really???!!!??? Goggles, materi, gold as rewards SMH... oh And as long as the Developers are destroying PVE like they did PVP let us put some different kind of runes in our pauldrons. All the ander we bought/farmed for materi runes is a total waste now. Maybe the damage or HP runes in plauldrons. You know give us especially newbies a fighting chance. Let em go down swinging as they say.

    Well just did a few runs on your new game. BP is big on graphics why did you remove the boss animation that was the best graphics, let me guess you listened to your select few on the test server and not the thousands of other players. The developers have no clue to why people play this game. End boss's are a joke now 3-4 the time to kill them. You really think players are going to spend 3-4 time to kill them when a lot of players only have a few hours a day to play. Gonna be like the old days everyone just running to HOD and never killed end boss's. All these maps so much to play and no one will do them. Good job developers you destroyed PVP and now you have destroyed PVE. This game is not even worth the mere thirty cents a day now..

    Well four days now 10 hours a day... This game is exactly like it was 4 years ago. One step forward, four steps back. SMH

    Well two weeks now playing, this revision is worse then any of my previous comments. I get it players got stronger you made the boss harder. But you went way overboard. No one wants to spend ten minutes of their life pounding on an end boss. I have seen players that played eight hours a day now haven't logged on in a week.

    Removing the merchants was a huge mistake. Players like myself no big deal, I have every thing. But you have destroyed all hope for future players to build a good toon. You could have just as easy raised the cost of the PW gear so newbies had a chance. Now random drops is just like four years ago, almost quit myself then nothing but grinding hoping a predator would drop. Just using what ever dropped. You have set this game back four years with this revision. Everything you have done, added is completely diminished.
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  13. Hetsunien

    Hetsunien Padavan

    I highly doubt already built endgame players suffer with this new release, but poor of those new players that reach lv55 after this patch. They must find a good guild/party that carry them throughout infernal 3 over and over until luck strikes them, 'cause there's no sense on grouping for infernal 4, since resources are too much limited to waste without as is now: a secure buying.

    And the system is ok with vendors, just because base stats are random. In my case, I have bought over 5 times both pieces of Sigrismarr set trying to find a single useful golden line without success. Will I have any luck getting one after this patch? I won't even try, but that's no big deal for me, since my toon only requires upgrading gems and two more platinum crafting to be fully equipped. The thing is newcomers won't have such opportunity and will end up quitting as quickly as all of their andermant goes to 0 trying to kill a boss on Infernal 1.

    On the other hand, I like the concept of having more cloaks, but this pay-to-win mechanics of combining gems to make them is so greedy that doesn't feels natural for DSO. I must repeat myself, endgame players will have for sure tons of unwanted gems to waste on crafting, but newcomers will have to sweat blood to get a decent one.

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  14. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    the game isn't going to be harder, it's going to be slower
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  15. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Well the gem thing isnt mean for new players. Its for ppl who have excessive amout of stones. For instance i ahve 3 royal rubbies , adn i will benefit from that.
    The game wont be that bad, especially after the devs said in the discord QnA that boss cloaks will ahve uninque effects, so im kinda hyped
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  16. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    To compensate you said? Actual chance of drop from Q's bosses is maybe 0,005%, increasing it by 25% is 0.00625%...

    Buy TPs with materi for massively boss farm as required by new cloaks.
  17. Fitzchevalerie

    Fitzchevalerie Forum Apprentice

    Will TP cost more post R220? If not we can only farm materi, no?
  18. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    He meant to make drop chance 25% not increase it aka 1 out of 4 boss kills should drop uniqe on average.
  19. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Where have you read that from my post?

    Nope. I mean 25% DROP RATE. How can I make it clearer? Bosses should have 25% chance of drop - aka drop rate.

    And no, it's not that low. I'd seriously say it's about 1%, based on my estimates. Too low still, of course.

    Not sure how are you going to buy TPs with materi if majority of the cloak farming is set in scaling normal dungeons, aka the bosses for keys + eg. asar normal.

    It might be that way... but I see it in a different way. We'll see if it's going to make sense.

    Newcomers farm eg. painful up to fatal. They can drop uniques there, too. Then they can transfer those, and possibly augment them. After all, they won't need materi for virtually anything else than the augment cores.

    Then... don't go to inf1. The game shouldn't promote jumping straight to the high modes.

    Of course... it might turn out it is going to be way worse than I am drawing it in this post. However, if my suggestion is implemented (see a few posts above), I'm pretty sure everything would get sorted out and would get better.
  20. Jhinstalock

    Jhinstalock Active Author

    Even if you're fresh level 55 you should only be farming infernal 3 and 4. Anything else is wasted time until you have some decent drops to use. You're looking for 3x or 4x gold line legendaries and maybe some good purples to use, and those need to be tier 6 or 7. Once you have that, you won't struggle to farm cores on the low modes, but it will still take you much longer than it would for any longer term player.
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