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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jun 28, 2019.

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  1. mesar32

    mesar32 Forum Greenhorn

    This gaem is dying with ewery update.
    Increase unikes didnt change.
    With ewery upadte is worst.
    TO get enything good from drop or craft you have to put life in game and play fo 6 to 8 hour ewery day and even then you have to be lucky.
    for me this game isnt like it was and i get in do daily and get of the game.
    beacuse there is nothing that i can say it better.
  2. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    I will:

    • Difficulty + traders out: this combination, in my opinion is good because, beggars won't be carried anymore because time difference between infernal modes and lower is so big (boss kill), that only close relative would carry someone there. :D This will maybe have influence on someone, to actually learn how to play, starting from normal, learning techniques and actually get familiar with a gameplay instead of whining like "I am playing two months and still don't have all t8 items" ... + from me.
    • Unique items drop: this cannot be graded based on few runs, where is notable that rate of unimportant items drop is bigger ... a lot! Even if you don't need any, glyphs are better than nothing. PW unique items, based on q, drop is still rare, but for sure also improved. And very important part of drop is luck, same as always. Problem is that ppl are frustrated when they put an effort on something and don't get reward, and from there comes all bad drop whining. (patience is a virtue someone said long time ago).
    • Progress rewards: positive improvement and motivation, specially pve
    • Infernal modes: As you see, currently, no real interest for playing those, and reason is simple one: time! I understand that some rune/gem/gear/cloaks change will come, You'll be able to speed up that process and in the future, infernal will be step up into end game, real one, so ... I'm nor frustrated just bored with time needed to kill boss!
    • Comfort is currently biggest issue, and I'm not telling this in negative connotation, just saying that some boundaries could be put into game, like a steps for improvement, difficulty levels based on player skills, solo/team kills entry needed for higher lvl etc. and all of that just to people understand that is not normal that someone can't kill fatal boss solo but still, is angry when is carried on inf 4 and don't get top item from single run!
    • PVP : Cheaters & scripts - / gearles can stay, I have no problem with "OP" classes ...
    All in all - play what's on the many and hope for the best!
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  3. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    I don't know what do you mean by difficulty... nothing is more difficult (in the healthy sense), everything is just stupidly slower!

    On top of that, what do you think is the aim of going difficulty by difficulty? Almost everything is the same on Infernal IV as on Fatal, the sole exception being some numbers and a "shiny" tag next to the map name. Sorry, but that is just too boring.

    If you got lucky and got some drops... good for you. Getting just a unique is not worth it. Tier raising of an item that has maybe 2% on the scale of base values is not worth it. If you are to tier your t1 uniques up (as a new player), you want to have at least 90% on the weapon and 50% on everything else.
    When you somehow already have your uniques (had pre-update like me and you or have dropped them after the immense amounts of farm and tiered them up) you need better base values. But you probably won't be able to farm Infernals as efficiently as Fatal (for inf1 to be as fast as fatal it takes ~55k dmg) so you are bound to farm t3 forever (or until you somehow get the uniques with correct states).

    You see... buying uniques was stupid. Farming and being unable to get them from drop at all despite farming for a long time, while you need best base values... is just bonkers.

    You what? What does R220 have to do with it?

    What endgame... what real endgame. I hope they are changing the direction into a different one than stacking infernals indefinetly while nothing is changing there... there are some chances that it is happening.

    I don't care about noobs (not newbies). They whined, whine and will whine no matter what happens.
    The thing is, dedicated players are getting punched in the face. Random factor has to be there, but it can't influence things too much. You know just as well as me that nobody gets strong here by buying/dropping uniques. It can't be that somebody crafts the desired items on the first try and others are trying for ages and can't.

    And what do you think is the ultimate aim that people do the all farm for? Killing the shrooms' challange on the highest mode out there?

    TL;DR: There is no ultimate aim of the farm, there is no diversity, there is no fight complexity, there is too much randomness, there are no interesting and diverse areas to farm, the economy is broken (see my other posts about economy), the game is too tedious and repetitive.
  4. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    at this point they want us to farm for farm's sake
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  5. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    Event window rework includes pve progress rewards so, I that. (I've just mentioned them btw).

    Other parts of my post are self-explainable and you've managed to miss the point on all of them.

    Long story short, I was talking about pointers for new players, for old ones, same as noobs/whiners - there's no help, just experience gained up till now.
  6. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Today I did the 620k points for q5 solo, I dropped +2 pages of uniques, of all kind, several times the helmet, several times the shoulders, torso, dragonslayer, yachak... all the possible uniques on the Q dropped to me frequently, I was getting min 1 unique per run.
    Same happened yesterday with q4, I dropped them all, included the weapon, and so on... Drops are high, drops are fine.
    And I did only half the LB now, the big quantity of glyphs I made is a supergood resource to newbies who need to improve the gear, adding they will drop the necessary uniques to gear themselves.

    You don't. That excuse of: "I need the item with 90%+ base lines, so pls drop me more uniques" is just ridiculous, you don't need a high base line, it will depend on luck, you can't pretend to have a 70% chance (for example, but basically a superhigh chance that some people asked for) of getting an unique just because it can be dropped with low base lines, it's ridiculous.
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  7. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Commissioner

    if you dropped all these unique doesn't mean it's the same for everybody. Don't you know how work DSO random?
    all for one nothing for other ;)
    If the equipment traders that appeared after a boss fight have been removed, we need a rework of DSO random.
  8. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I agree. Some shills claim to get lots of uniques, but anyone who has played DSO for more than 1 minute knows better.

    I did 30 straight runs of Bearach today and got 2 uniques (belt). I did 5 runs on Grimm and got zero unique drops. I have not seen any noticeable increase in PW unique drops. I do get more blues and pink drops since the update (depending on the map). I also get a lot less gems.
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  9. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Well, I did gold on q1 solo and group, gold q2 solo and group, gold q3 solo and group, gold q4 solo and group, gold q5 solo and group...
    Are you seriously determining if drop is good with 5 runs?
    Obviously. We know the reason why you didn't see an increase, the game haven't seen any increase in your playing time neither :/
    That's the problem, playing 1 minute they come here to complain.
  10. Shansurri

    Shansurri Active Author

    What part of the luck is dramatically different for different players confuses you?

    We've said this for months (years?) DSO's luck factor is dramatically ranged from 0 luck to 100% luck. That's the issue. For every player who comes on here talking about all the great drops he gets, there are three others who can't get a drop of ANY kind. It has nothing to do with how long we are playing-- I play for hours a day. Others play as long or longer. Or they do until they get frustrated by their total lack of drops, and then quit the game to go elsewhere. There has to be a change from the current design, where some get great luck and others get nothing.
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  11. Talbor

    Talbor Active Author

    I see you saying things like this a lot. I think your account is either weighted if it's true or you're full of it.
  12. Talaby

    Talaby Someday Author

    I am still here wondering, what goes on in the mind of a game developer, in which one destroys stones to make other stones? In case the latest stones made from powder other stones. Have they ever thought of making a dungeon of their own to extract only the dust that would remake the stones to a better level? or even that said were also left by the monsters on all maps? Another nonsense was to be able to turn sacred stones into stones with enhancements or spells that increase their strength and of course the recipe costs 1k of golden clovers if you want to assemble 1 stones like this, because the drop until today since the release of the release did not find any monster. detail? the stones for those who made it are no longer useful and you know why? With the new stones it was a waste of time to improve or put magic in them. yes the new stones surpass all in everything. I thank you for not finding the recipe for improved stones and I didn't buy it with 1k of golden clover, since the recipe for monumental stones costs 11k of gold as well as costing less is also difficult to make. yes you have to melt stones to make triangle and wonder stones. they can range from improved (green) spells to blue ones as well. Here comes the question that does not want to shut up: Do they stop there with the stones or in a few months invent wondering recipes again? This is because runes have lost their value even to buy clovers that besides guys who will want runes if they can have superior stones with the junction of sacred stones. now the game developers only need to increase their drop because to melt stones to make stones you have to have a huge amount in the inventory. just waiting for the news from DEV'S. GOOD MORNING.
    In time: and we can not leave out the harvest of the lines also that besides taking longer has no use after making a blanket. or are developers thinking we're going to live making cloaks? until I find 1 better than the other?
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    100% sure this update never increased unique droprate in PW. Doing 10-20 runs a day and still waiting for one to drop. Its getting really annoying; Got items crafted to be put onto unqiues, but never get the uniques. Meanwhile I see people who barely play this game for couple months have all the items/sets they wished for.

    Still the worse update ever .....
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