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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jun 28, 2019.

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  1. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    They're worse than just shills... they're simple "useful idiots" (probably) unwillingly working for BP.
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  2. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    I don't quite understand the weird bypass. They could have just increased the drop rate and didnt have to add the merchants in the first place. So they added merchants to make up for the lack of uniques dropping, thus giving the less lucky players an opportunity to get the uniques by purchasing them. Well, sounds nice, but as Atsalakotos said:

    removing the merchants should make it feel good, obtaining new items. Dropping items is a more rewarding feeling, more deserved than simply buying them. Older players won't be mad that they had to work hard for something, while new players get it from a materi shop, because now we will have to farm for the uniques, dropping them.

    On the other hand, it's not as simple. sargon234 pointed out that getting a unique item is just a beginning. It's true. And to tell the truth, I'm not quite happy with that. Do you guys actually like the way it is now, that you get a unique item which you then have to completely rebuild so it's actually usable in harder difficulty modes?

    Another issue might be: What with all the people who had the chance to buy their uniques?
    'Cause we now have 2 generations of players: Old gen who had to drop items 2+ years ago, and new gen who could just buy them. And now the 3rd generation will have to do it the same way as the old gen.

    For this^ to feel fair, mainly from the perspective of old players, the current items would have to be made more or less useless, so REALLY Everyone will have to throw their current gear away and farm for new uniques. How? By increasing the level cap, or adding tons of much better uniques. Or?

    In any case, the unique drop rate better be much higher.
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  3. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    ???? why? You don't have your gear upgraded yet? Materi is useless, just like gold is now, and COT's, And Lilies... what currency they going to introduce next that will be useless in a few months. Cloaks??? I have seen the drop rate for willing eyes and dream eaters. Total waste of time farming thread/yarn what ever. To get a few more dmg, or 1% of this or that.
  4. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    1% here, 2% there... and boom, you have 20%.

    Welp. If they really rebalanced the game, a level cap raise would surely be a good way to push some problems out... however, too much has to be done before that. So, anyways, this:
    It's ok that you have to build an item from many sides... however, the progression path has to be clear, not too grindy, not too random (it is both now) and there have to be many different builds that actually do work and are really diverse. Currently, they either don't work or are very similar in the approach or playstyle (or usually both). Subclasses and exp tree expansion would be a partial solution for diversity, but still the sets have to be rebalanced.
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  5. cogix

    cogix Regular

    This new release has some "interesting" things, such as increase drop rate of unique.
    What I don't like much is the big amount of gold that a DK will have to use to remove gems/runes from one set another.
    Time ago DSO wanted to go for 2H build so many DK started to clean their inventory and get rid of shields and tank gears.
    Now revert back and while other classes will have most of the damage set, DK will have to switch gears all the time if they want to do PVE in group and solo mode
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  6. Atsalakotos

    Atsalakotos Someday Author

    If exist anyone more than me who use strong language for this game show to me ...
    This game hit and hit and hit again and again the old players ..iam sinse R70 in this game
    They stragle kaiza gems
    They remove runes and stones from pvp
    They add this runes at the shop witch runes is easy to farm and get when and old player pay!
    And all this at the name of balance

    My play time in this game was arena and i stop
    The players witch one I make this runs at Inf4 cuase they cant even walk at this mode , beat me at arena ..and they just buy once , more i dont know how many more time from a trader the t7 and cuase he run he find also the t8
    We dont have difference..i play , we play , they play with basic values

    This R iam sure it will be hard for an end game player too..imagine if inf5 comes.. but with this way and with no trader at the end the harder modes it will be only for the players who they can.

    I leave an age in this game who we cancell the boss fight( Mortis) cuase we was weak, So time this company give respect to old players ..if something left to change ofcaurce

    This game for me stop to be p2w... but somehow must seperate
    I supose it is good start
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  7. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Its the opposite. Every endgame player will have prepared augment cores , so when inf 5 comes u need tier 9 item to lv up your items.
  8. callme0216

    callme0216 Padavan

    I did not regret leaving this game for 4 months now.
    All the 4 months of effort to be faster at farming just would have went to the trashcan. Great way to milk peoples.
    Also compared how Q10 comming, I think maybe when the apocalyps come you guys will get the PW version of Balor. :D

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  9. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    I want to appreciate one thing. On the official DSO discord, there was this request to do something about the July events, and one of the suggestions was to at least run twice as many Moon events. It seems like the devs responded very quickly, because we now have 4 Moon events in July.
    I'm not so excited about just Moon events, but I appreciate the DSO team seems to be communicating more thanks to the discord server.

    Btw. some time ago some people on this forum played with the idea of a DSO discord, but most people were very skeptical, including me, mainly because we thought it'd become just a toxic dumpster fire, considering how much flame there is on DSO FB.
    But it looks like the Discord server is doing fine. There's about 400 members and so far I haven't noticed any wars and hate spitting posts.
    CM Jesse is there too and overall it seems to be quite a good place. It also feels more direct.
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  10. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Honestly, i would just tier up my weapon every time a new tier comes out, but i'll redo most other gear items every two or 3 tiers. Now that pve gear is separate from pvp, i'm playing less and less. I'll finish this latest big hunt event and then probably take another 3 or 4 week break.
  11. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    It's gonna be fun :D
  12. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    hmmm 1% of this that adds up you say.. That is the problem all you guys play this game with a calculator instead of a mouse. You have no love for the game. Nothing but stats which is why this game is dying.
  13. Purgerzg

    Purgerzg Active Author

    R220_15 when you click on Offer of the Day! crash+nebula
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  14. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    Taking aside the fact that we get nebula error everytime we click on the offer of the day, i see no point in this update. It only makes the game even worse than it was. Now even old players take ages to kill bosses in high difficulties. What the hell is this? How are we supposed to farm materis now? How are we supposed to get higher tier items? Only by crafting full platinum line items? You devs did not just make bosses harder. You made them gods. If Heredur had like 100k before now it has at least 10x if not 20x more hp. This is a joke!!!
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  15. megacarlos

    megacarlos Junior Expert

    I tried to kill regular Khalys in Inf 3 to test her new stats, aside from taking about 6 times longer than usual, I noticed something that wasn't said on the patchnotes.
    My mind control ability with 5 point talent used to work and I could launch up to 3 Meteors at the same time, but now it doesn't work and I lost two attacks that dealt 800% of my damage and 1 second of augmented damage because of Q7 set
  16. Atsalakotos

    Atsalakotos Someday Author

    Iam laughfing..... Port inf4 Heredur , okey i didnt had problem with this boss but really remind me old time who we make 1 kill 10+min...
    Its hard
    Really its hard
    Impossible kill for no end game players inf4 modes or he die many many times...
    I dont know if i like this but...
  17. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    Guys, just try Grimmag with his permanent dmg reduction you will have fun
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  18. Latton

    Latton Forum Greenhorn

    Removing the merchant was a EDIT move. That's not subjective. It's a fact. It'd be like looking at your bank statement and discovering that your currency couldnt pay the mortgage.

    Increasing the boss difficulty for established difficulty levels was a EDIT move. That's also not subjective. It's a fact. It'd be like going to the gym for 6 months and bench pressing and doing pushups only to come in a day later and not be able to do the very same workout.

    The timing of this is just ridiculous. We just finished PVE event to build up a mountain of materi currency and for those of us in the USA, we have a small vacation window from work to play the game and cash in the frags for the uniques.
    But nope, BP released 220 before many of us could find a group to spend the currency.

    Great, now the old timers can enjoy their sense of superiority because that's all this accomplished.

    So for new players (less than 6 months), the options are dismal.

    For old players or players that leached on a stronger group; I salute you. You are just too cool for school. Please spend the rest of the day feeling super awesome and superior. We're not worthy. <<<<< There, feel better?
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  19. bram

    bram Forum Greenhorn

    Patch 220 TL;DR

    - Newbies that just hit lvl 55 get kuked cause they cant farm because its too hard and cant buy cause shop is removed
    - Top players that with insane dmg get rewarded cause better loot

    -> BP only listens to the most involved ones like on the discord, the forums, facebook, ... (e.g. "CM" jesse siding with the high level players in discord and discarding any negative feedback as "not constructive" or simply ignoring it)
    who are these players? the high level players that have 60k dmg +

    -> how to grow a game -> introduce the game to new players.

    BUT OH WAIT new players cant do anything, so they quit...
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  20. Purgerzg

    Purgerzg Active Author

    Was testing q1,grimmag have some very laging skills + invincible attacks (laser or meteor I didn't see often).Maybe other bosses have same issues?
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