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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jun 28, 2019.

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  1. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello kankerkanker2 and welcome to DSO EN Forums. One thing to consider: as much as we may understand your frustration regarding new changes in the game, please be advised that no form of insults towards Developers will be tolerated in this Forum. Again, you are most welcome to post your negative but constructive feedback but please refrain from posting angry comments - you may find some useful tips on how to post in this Forum here ;

    kind regards,

  2. Veteran666

    Veteran666 Active Author

    I can confirm that you can get yarns from bosses in normal mode too.In my case it was Asar,i havent check other bosses yet.
  3. ZantezukKken

    ZantezukKken Someday Author

    i think that's one of the first times i appreciate a release xD. Graphic and skill bugs on boss fixed, finaly you can't kill all boss inf IV with 25k dmg as before. We will see a difference betwin an organize grup, and random noob who were laughting about the guys who were building "a useless pve char"... can't wait the moment where you will need pve farm for pvp gear :)

    btw there are lot of mmorpg where you can't finish a dungeon alone, or survive whereas end game chars still do it here... Cloak system is still confused but there is time to learn^^

    I hope they will fixed the points of q, at next LB cause rush fatal will be boring and if we expected great loot after hard fight infernal, we still hope more points than the guys who made his 2 rush fatal q...
  4. dianademilani

    dianademilani Forum Greenhorn

    With this release (220): More lots and more monsters.

    Exemple: In Temple Sector (normal): one run give me 200 items! After I melt these items = 79,000 Glyph of Power (I rounded the numbers) ... [Level 45 - No PVP]
  5. THQ1.King

    THQ1.King Forum Apprentice

    i Game in all Q Wright's difficulty is very high Dropping the same features the former has not changed anything The HP Wright for Leaders is very high And the players between the fire now
    I see it to be very good if the ratio is changed I think it would be very good if the ratio of features in gear drops ,So that the player can withstand the monsters
    The new pack is good with the idea here if the damage was getting close to 20% (since the difficulty is higher now the ratio is higher ...)
  6. Hetsunien

    Hetsunien Padavan

    A single Boss fight on Inf3, post R220, is taking me the same amount of time as the entire Q on Inf4, before the patch.

    Leaving that apart, now it really feels as infernal difficulty but health points on Bosses could be lowered a little bit, thinking of people wo plays 2-3 hours a day and can only do a few runs in that timelapse:

    Inf1: 2500% -> 2000%
    Inf2: 3800% -> 3300%
    Inf3: 5700% -> 5200%
    Inf4: 8500% -> 8000%

    I'm not saying I like this Release, 'cause I don't, but we were used to farm Inf3-Inf4 Bosses on 20-40 secs with green essences, which felt, IMO, very wrong. But that is not player's fault, but Devs. Devs did all this mess with R185, Crafting 2.0 and R214, giving players the chance to ascend to heaven in terms of damage with the 2H meta and new crafted Royals gems.

    Was it necessary this Release when all could be fixed long ago? Tell me, why 2H is far superior to any 1H build? Why we have different enchantments for those weapons? Devs could leave the same 51%/61% idoti for both kind of weapons, varying only the base damage, in order to control people's damage, so we could have toons on 2H with 40K~ max damage and 1H with 30K~. Numbers won't be so inflated as they're now... Even PvP could be different that way.

    Sorry for my ranting, and going on topic again: This release is ok, it feels as we're back on lv45 again on boss fighting, but this is a step backwards, which is pretty regrettable, IMHO.
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  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Team Arena selection is jammed on Death Match entire day.

  8. Maguinator

    Maguinator Forum Greenhorn

    Congratulations to the setback, continue like this and soon you will not have more players,
    I feel that any progress I have made inside the game is not valid, I will never reach my goals, because I am always harmed by nerfs
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  9. .maes.

    .maes. Someday Author

    Fisrt about PW.
    I think the problem here is we have a bunch of unbalanced classes crying about how "easy" pw is for them while disregarding everyone else.
    The less selfish solution for those people would be to just remove weapons/armor/create handicaps to simulate increased boss difficulty.
    This solution is localized and does not impact others who were perfectly happy with status quo.
    But no, those hardcore elitists have loud voices and now everyone has to suffer. It's like that kid in class who reminds that teacher forgot to give homework.
    So problem 1 here is lack of voting/ lack of voting platforms.
    Problem 2 is wrong solution for the true rootcause problem - unbalanced classes/sets.

    Problem 3 is how BP chooses to implement the solution (may it be the wrong one even). Increasing the amount of time it takes to finish a PW run is not a pleasant way of increasing difficulty.
    Mainly because the rewards did not scale with difficulty. Secondly because majority of players have real-life obligations and now cannot fully compete in most event.
    New moon: did difficulty increase also increase wood drops?
    Full moon: did difficulty increase also increase ess drops?
    PVE leaderboards: did difficulty increase also increase LB progress gained, by the same amount (x10)??

    Some people said they wanted difficulty increase, but nobody made it clear to BP that boss kill times should not be increased. And now we end up with a bad implementation of the ask.

    Now how is anyone supposed to help out new players when noobs in party increase boss kills times from 20 min to 40 min?
    I just feel the value of my time is being disrespected here.

    Now cloaks.
    This just feels like those creatures tears. Something you automatically collect over time and never use.
    How do devs expect players to enjoy new content when it's locked behind a farmwall? And gems as ingredients of all things? Seems a bit more pay2win than usual. It's like removing the "pay with gold" craft option and leaving people with just "craft with ander".

    So in summary, things look worse, and we will be feeling how much worse with every event..
    Oh solutions.
    Problem1: create in-game-only voting system to gage player mood on planned features/ future content. That way casual players will overwealm the hardcore players and we won't have such problems
    Problem2: solved by using Solution1 and asking players whether they want class/set balancing vs PVE increased difficulty. Further polls on how to increase difficulty.
    Problem3: if majority votes for PVE increased difficulty, further polls on how to increase difficulty.
  10. thebearreturns

    thebearreturns Exceptional Talent

    This is not the way... I bet i'm not the only one who has not enough time to this new kind of gaming.
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  11. bram

    bram Forum Greenhorn

    amen to that, 100% agreed, only the hard core players who want change will vote though so it should be an obligation to vote.
    I think its pretty clear way more people are comming out now about the difficulty levels then pre 220 people were comming out about the "easyness" level
  12. Jay

    Jay Forum Apprentice

    You made the game harder for us but it will definitely be harder for you. I feel like losing time in infernal now .. I would have one option now to have fun: pvp ... ah wait .. this is also broken.
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  13. ubita_ro16

    ubita_ro16 Forum Greenhorn

    My first day not playing !
    Huray! Looking forward to no2....
    Keep them comming!
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  14. mystic_archer29

    mystic_archer29 Forum Apprentice

    dead game, move on to next one, was fun while it lasted
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  15. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    apparently to you and the galaxy brains at bp more difficulty means more dmg to boss and more hp to them: unfortunately for you, you're wrong, that only means more time to kill bosses, which makes that even more boring
    At least prior to that, you killed them fast and were done with it

    it's even less than that prior to R220 and in addition to that, bosses are now pointless as you correctly identified
    they are as pointless as destructor when level 45 was max level, nobody did him as he was slow to kill and the loot was trash and you had to waste tons of resources to kill him
    Well, now this applies to all bosses

    Where did you see the increase of item drops? I haven't seen none
    And the loot from bosses, the only reason to do bosses in the first place is the same as before

    They balanced the economy around fast boss kills and now that they removed that element the economy collapsed
    Who would have thought? apparently the geniuses at bp didn't

    Also, can the geniuses who think this patch is good tell me where is one supposed to farm to the get the witch seeker belt?
    The golems don't drop that and neither do the amphoras
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  16. wojtekwjk

    wojtekwjk Regular

    Only screen is jammed.Arena works and changes periodically as it should.I reported that yesterday but since it's pvp nobody gives a ....
  17. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    In the point.

    Heck, I'd accept really hard bosses (with better AI, skill systems etc.), BUT drops of uniques must be WAY higher. We don't need the whole boss arena filled with purple items, if that'd be their next step. Bosses should drop uniques almost every run, with their uniques (uniques of their set) being 25% at least.

    One good thing? Increased the drop rate of the regional sets. At least they're a thing now for new players. The problem is, they're locked with it. They can't move to PW uniques for the drop rate is "almost 0": with the time required for a kill, it's impossible to get a unique.
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  18. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    You've been around long enough to know that one bad decision leads to the next bad decision and then is rinsed and repeated.

    This decision to bump bosses is just a rinse and repeat of what they have done before and the next thing that they'll do is once again bump the power output of players.

    This started with R155.

    Before that 3000 dmg and 50% crit was massively OP. So they started the first bad decision by more than doubling the dmg. This lead to the next obvious bad decision.

    Boss animations, which lead to taking away the ability to just farm PW bosses at will, which lead to lower drop rates.

    So the next power jump happened, which lead to more bad decisions.

    Bigger gems, runes, gold lines, targeted crafting.

    This of course lead to harder bosses and painful, excruciating and fatal maps. So yet another power bump was needed.

    That lead to infernal maps, which lead to mining.

    This caused them to add platinum lines and more powerful gear sets.

    So obviously they needed to once again bump the bosses and take away the ability to buy gear.

    Their logic (as bad as it is) follows a direct path of very predictable causes and effects.

    In a nutshell this is what they do.

    Massive boost in power = add more grind = lower drop rate = add more complication = massive monster/boss boost.

    Very shortly there will be a slight adjustment for the bosses, then another massive increase in player power, which just starts the cycle all over again.

    In 65 releases, we've gone from 3K in dmg to 60K in dmg. We've gone from 1 level of map to 7 levels. So inf 5,6, etc will happen very soon and the top players will be 100K or more in power. It's just a big circle of bad decisions.
  19. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    No boss merchants
    It's actually good. BUT unique drop rate has to be so much better, not this joke we have now.

    (However, I killed Nefertari several times and she dropped unique almost every time. Even 2 at once. HOWEVER those are uniques nobody wants, so = just fancy wrapped glyphs. Seems like unique drop rate has improved, but not on really desired uniques lol)​

    Increased leader/boss stats
    It's good. I get it. Devs are delaying new infernals with this. You get pushed back 2 or 3 modes with infernal3-4 being only for the best of the best (or for the most patient). In theory it's fair, in reality it hurts :/

    Example of ridiculous monster buff though:
    Khepre in Great Desert, inf3, hp regen version. Me: White ess like prior to r220; 32-39k dmg, almost top crit. values. ---> UNKILLABLE :D HP goes down by 10% max, then he regens back to 100%.
    Am I supposed to be wasting strong essences on this mini-boss, if his drop is ... well.... not much?​

    So I'm fine with
    no merchants,
    increased difficulty,
    and more time needed,​
    2. Don't buff monsters THAT MUCH!

    I don't care. It's a filler until new unique cloaks. Or will we be able to transfer the new cloaks onto unique ones? Idk, if yes, then I still have no clue if it actually pays off.

    They could have just made the existing unique cloaks upgradable with yarn + other ingredients.
    But I get this is a replacement for the old cloak quest (which was BOOOORING as heck). Idk if this one is better - I'm far from having collected 1000 yarns...

    Event window and mini progress bar
    Well, it's nice. Unnecessary, but... it's fine.​

    Short potion cooldown
    Good. I really have to drink more in harder modes now :| So this was necessary.

    Equipment refiners actually drop from monsters
    Yay. It's rare. But yay anyway.

    Equipment visuals based on region
    + I like the diversity
    - The diversity makes it a bit confusing in the inventory
    I still like it.

    Andermant drop rate is still abysmal. I'm not going to purchase gems with real money, sorry. It'd cost me more than 150 other games.
  20. Talaby

    Talaby Someday Author

    boss with infinite life, imperious titanium armor, damage x 10 000 and against attack that seifa life with 1 blow only.I killed infernal 3 every boss out of the parallel worlds now infernal 1 nor with red essence with you without first dying a few times.Most unfortunate developers do not understand what the players complain about, or are too many dumb.or is extrategia to force players to buy premium packages and other how the game is goingit will be difficult to buy 1 of them.sad.and I will not even report the famous drops rate.that they advertise and actually happens.only with items that nobody wants is raining only roshan, dragon, pompous duria, but the cover and the gold wire so far nothing, nor of the monsters in maps falls the line and when it falls is 1 in a round of 3 to 4 entries per disappointment.
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