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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jun 28, 2019.

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  1. bassevents94

    bassevents94 Someday Author

    i find the r220 a good release

    1 issue i found is when you farm ingredients like vanadite the items that drops in stonekeep that looks of items lvl 5 and not lvl 55
  2. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    So far, i have a ranger that used to be able to face most inf4 bosses on pw, not easy , but he could. I dont see r220 as a bad move , but i have my regards about what was called a chalenge.
    PW isnt a chalenge with r220, by a chalenge i was wondering new boss skills ,i was wondering bosses with randon atacks intead of following the same patern everytime, making me move more , pay more atention on boss fights etc. R220 is just a death machine created to kill players 1 hit , notably sometimes without even the chance to see it happening (just go to inf4 lairs and check). I did some tests on tegan inf4 , that mini knight boss hits 250k+ when exploding (almost the double of my hp) . This is not a chalenge for players, this is a machine to kill players. A chalenge would be his explosion reducing my hp drastically and some mobs pop from that , come to me and kill me if i dont move/atack fast, not that crappy nonsense value from a mini boss.

    I see a lot of peeps saying about herald set and rangers, probably they dont have a ranger that did all the "homework" with an A+ and they are living in wonderland. Herald set is not even close to what it was before r220, and I can really say about it, cause my ranger is fully crafted (including bow with 4plat lines). We cant kill minis anymore when solo on the first EA load (inf3,4) (which is good, generates the possibility of a chalenge), than the chalenge, where? mini bosses 1 hitting players? This is the ridiculous part of the update. Its not about chalenge, its about monetizing deaths in game.

    Wont even talk about 1h rangers taking 1hour+ to do a full inf4 pw run.

    Devs shoud have created an inf5/6 ,whatever, and dump all the r220 crappy ideas they had, intead of once again , taking off from all chars, all they did, to be able to make a decent char to run higher lvl maps. The only chalenge created is to hold our patience to accept that we now die as if we just reached 55 today and went to an inf1 map expecting a good drop for the first craft.
    They should change the mechanics to make us die, really. On rangers case now, lots of times , net never hits mini bosses (minis are synced with net atack, as we press net , they teleport), than mini atack , u jump, (ur basically 0 defensive skills to use) ,
    we loose herald buff , miller for instance freeze me and 1 hit me? This is not a chalenge, this is a +1 death on dso counter. Dont let me atack, and 1 hit me to kill - just like that? Not mentioning that they are more defensive and ofensive. All the changes were made to make +1 player killed.

    Now all we can do is wait , since devs change ideas as much as we change our clothes.
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  3. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    While planning to open new thread related to wrong ore stacks Hotfix announcement popped, so I'll just post it here for those who can't wait up tomorrow.

    Who needs Beryl ore, Tegan's Sanctuary is the best place because only one spot is bugged (misplaced ore).

    On the other hand - FBI have only one regular others are bugged:


    Here is TS:

  4. Talaby

    Talaby Someday Author

    these are the promises of the game since I started playing.the higher the reward, but it does not always is only at the beginning of each update that drops the items after the drop percentage falls down has always been like that.This has to change.only promises.

    --- MERGED ---

    ingredient drop Yarn automatic collection of the item. please developers. as it has a lot of lag in the game, elastic effect and other inconsistencies in the game. as always, no release comes full without errors. So pack it up, please. players thank. I lost many for not seeing the drop and with game always in the lag. thank you for meeting the request.
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  5. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    My god... so you think the rate should be higher in higher difficulties? xD
    You want seriously 30%? 1 of 3 runs will drop unique? This is so excessive, now I understand that you'll never be happy with droprates :)
    No more questions here xD
    Not asking for 1/1, just asking for 1/3 xD The same, easy peasy.
  6. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    no it isn't excessive, it's normal, considering the "difficulty" and the fact that uniques come with random values, with good values still very hard to come by, as it should be
    You know, the game is more "difficult"( it is actually more time consuming, but let's not delve too much on that)
    Also, 30% probability of drop doesn't mean that every 3 runs you get to drop the unique, it means that there's 30% probability of getting everytime you kill a boss
    it's not difficult to understand, at least to normal people
    Apparently it's too much to ask to BP shills or BP's useful idiots

    Ah yes, very galaxy brain, very clever
    Apparently 1=1/3
    Somebody should tell mathematicians that 1/3=1 and we should start revising school books all other the world
  7. bassevents94

    bassevents94 Someday Author

  8. Orologas98

    Orologas98 Forum Apprentice

    Why Mind Control Astral Phenomenon doesn't work in Boss Fights ?
    Haven't seen anyone mentioning it + its something that i couldn't find in the patchnotes of r220
    Is it gonna to be like this from now and so on, or is it just a bug?
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  9. Jhinstalock

    Jhinstalock Active Author

    That effect only works if you successfully control an enemy. Any enemy immune to being controlled which I believe includes regular "mini-bosses" you find on every map will not give you the effect.
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  10. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    This is intended.
    Devs must see this:
    This is the shortest full description of what's mainly wrong with this update that I found.

    Haven't noticed this part before... welp, you're wrong. Drop has to be the same on every difficulty or we're spiralling to insanity even faster. More legs on the higher modes, but the unique drop rates have to be constant, as I've already proposed:
    About every 10th run, a part of the boss' set should drop. If you have to make 100 runs to notice the difference, something is wrong.

    Now... knowing the drops before the update...
    How many boss' set uniques did you get from 100 runs? I've run PWs only a few times for general difficulty testing after the update.

    They said they would "fix" it with the next rebalancing update when they brought it back.
    Singu works on itself though and you can MC minions in a bossfight, so...
  11. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Why can we not play through Browsers anymore ?
    My job takes me away from home a lot so I have to use a dongle or a some weak wi fi
    I used to be able to play through a browser and could log in at least
    Now everytime you do a new release got no chance of logging in because you have to download this to play on thin client
    PLUS you can't do anything right ever with your releases so you have to do 20 hotfix's
    You wonder why your game is dying on servers ??
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  12. ubita_ro16

    ubita_ro16 Forum Greenhorn

  13. Veteran666

    Veteran666 Active Author

    You can still play DSO through IE or any other browser with java support(native or plugin).I have tested it with a slow internet connection (2Mbps) and it works just fine.As for r220,the majority of DSO community dont like it and i agree with that.DSO is going downhill for a long time now and a few p2w op players cant save it,only alot new players can but i think it's too late now.
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  14. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    There are still some misplaced sentinel's drop after hotfix:

  15. finas321

    finas321 Forum Apprentice

    can you guys revert this patch? its annoying to hit the boss on inf2 solo for over 5min... its boring not challenging thats what it is :/
  16. wizz

    wizz Forum Greenhorn

    This is the first time I bother to comment here though this is not the first update in the game that I did not like at all.Well, this time I really started to find the game incredibly boring.PvE farm was fun and fluent before this update but now it is so slow and boring.I am a mage with 48k dmg full crit rate+crit dmg and yes I can still farm the modes I was able to do before but this is not the matter for me.What matters for me is now I really do not enjoy the runs.Seeing a monster still alive after countless hits annoys me to hell.Boss fights make me yawn and groan.I feel bad for the new 55 guys.If I am seriously thinking about quiting I wonder how they feel...
    OK, I agree they should not be farming inf3-4 for a serious amount of time and they should be improving their chars instead but this could be done in a different way other than making farming so slow and torture like for them and for all...Like for new 55 guys unlocking a new infernal mode every month or every 3 months.The amount of time required to unlock could be discussed on.Another idea could be unlocking infernal modes for players according to the PvE titles.Like inf1 unlocked at "Demigod" title,inf2 at "Messenger of the Demigods", inf3 at "Hero of the Demigods" and inf4 at "Titan" title level.This way they would join infernal modes as more prepared fighters.Just an idea it may have cons/pros to be discussed on again.
    I have never enjoyed PvP in this game and always wished there was another way to get PvP costumes or mounts for PvE fans.Now I really do not enjoy the PvE too so I wonder what is left to go on playing for other than meeting a few nice friends to contact with.
    Instead of making the game more boring, BP could add some new ideas so that everyone does not look exactly like each other for example: all costumes could have seperated parts like the "Shadow Minion" costume and this way we could make countless of different combinations using the available costumes.Considering the fact that you add only a few costumes every year and introduce us different colored versions or the ugly "armored" versions of the current costumes and mounts, this seperated parts idea could be an alternative to the current situation I thought.
    There are so many things to say but I will end this post with the following questions.

    1.Though I got the famous New Moon"Shadow Wanderer" costume long time ago I wonder why it never drops anymore?What is so special about it? and What is so special about the broom mounts?(I got it too long time ago)I am asking for those who do not have them...

    2.Why have not I ever got the epic "Witch Seeker Belt" from the quest Golemns or Amphoras myself or have not seen anyone in my group get it in 3 years of active playing time?(I have it but I bought it from the shops some time ago)
    Just why??

    3.Why am I forced to play PvP to get some specific costumes and mounts if I do not like PvP at all? Like comon if I liked PvP I could find way better alternatives to Drakensang.I am sure you can name many when you are reading through...

    4.Are you aware of the fact that people can not get enough draken cores for their planned crafts for a long time?Dragan being postponed to an unknown date and Full Moon and New Moon being a pain to farm those cores at...

    5.While you were adding lightning,ice,fire,poison,andermagic resistances to the bosses and mini bosses and telling us to use our skills "wisely" when fighting those bosses from now on were you aware of the fact that each class usually has 1 main huge damaging skill to depend on?How can we choose our skills wisely vs a mini or End Boss when we have only 1 main damaging skill to depend on?You know someone building a char over 1 main damaging skill can not use alternative skills for a specific boss or mini boss?This requires different sets of uniques,skills and wisdom pts. placing...
    To give an example from my own class; a mage with q7 set has to depend on "Frozen Sphere" for damaging and he can not use lightning vs Heredur/Sigrismarr/White Queen Karabossa even if he tries to use it, it will not be effective unless he uses q4 set crafted and sets his skills and wisdom pts. accordingly.

    Anyway I have played this game for a well 3 years and I hope it will be fun again or 1 player quiting won't make a difference for you :)

    Best regards.
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  17. OldJackDaniels

    OldJackDaniels Forum Apprentice

    As I always say, the last good release was the 89. Old players (if they still exist on the game) can confirm this.
  18. bezryl

    bezryl Active Author

    so i tryed q1 painful on my lvl 53 mage, though the map was not bad but the boss was loong and anoying and he also 1 SHOT ME. why is this an issue?

    well to start since i know more about the game he has 9k dmg is at 50%+ critical rate and has some critical dmg
    he has a 3/4 leg 2h weapon already, its not an ideal one 2 idoti 2 increased dmg but it is great for a lvl 53
    he has some wisdom in the 40s
    ALL of his items are TIER 3
    he has mostly polished gems offensive gems included
    he has the full desert set so getting bonus from that set
    cube ring(armor i guess?)
    i was using blue ess as well

    with all of these advantages a new player probaly would not have the boss 1 hits me and takes forever to kill on mode 1 with mode 3 gear?

    i gota ask, what chance does a complete noob have when they go and try q1 after they get lvl 55 and get destroyed

    are we suposed to get caryed and t6-7 gear as soon as we get 55...?

    some complaints i have:

    poison miniboss, why they do more dmg now?

    in the depths of demise on NORMAL mode today whenever that lightning sprite came he was HELL to kill waaaay to much health, is almost like he has health of fatal miniboss in normal and i found one with the poison ability was really not fun

    i feel like this release needed things to be balanced before it was released wich are
    if boss takes longer to kill and map takes longer to complete amount of cores should have been raised and maybe materi in end chest
    if the maps are longer progress drops needed to be reworked, thinking new moon here
    as others have said how do we get the belt from new moon..?
    materi has been davalued, add more items we can purchace with it

    overall playing mostly in inf3-4 on my dwarf i feel like in the maps yes it is harder but it is compensated with better loot so its ok, but boss some more pink items and useless uniq we are just gona melt is not cutting it, give us more cores or its not worth the headache and time to do higher modes i will just speed run easy modes:(

    please fix the issue that is alowing *easy* killing of boss with a certain class
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  19. mariusmgm

    mariusmgm Someday Author

    hi all,how do i start,first off all ,who manage this game is a rookie,,now with new release,to be onest im quit strong in the game ,i dont mind the new patch,but is every thing,on monsters,main bosses,dmg and armor are double up,or even more,from the lvl 45 who get involve in this game and who is the manager of all this changes until now,the person is a rookie,doesnt have no ideea what is doing,i why i say this????easy ti think,we old players,over 9-10 years in the game,because we are strong and to be onest ,WE are a example for another players, to atract more players to be here and come and play the game,i se no one care about that,but this problem no one deal with it soo far,because this a bussines soo far,i understand,but the big problem is who manage this game and the development of it!!!!doens look like have a future anymore,with all new idiot paches,soo,-pls have more a closer look min the game,check what is going on ,what you can change,do not l,the forum moderators are here for nothing,they didnt prove they plasure and pasion for the game,they are here only to get pay in andermand,because is free from dso,i dont have nothing personal with no one,in the game,this my personal opinion,have a nice day all!
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  20. Aeternusbr

    Aeternusbr Forum Greenhorn

    Is this some kind of a joke with the wars?

    Smash with q7 buff

    Smash without q7 buff

    Sentinel regeneration

    After this release dmg of wars was nerfed or is a bug. I dont know but this is unfair, I can't kill this sentinel. I like the new difficulty, but this is not good.
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