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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jun 28, 2019.

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  1. Hiro73

    Hiro73 Forum Expert

    Smash is too weak. It needs 300% damage.
  2. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    base dmg buu followed by q7 speed nerf . so u can make q4 viable too
  3. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    So I see two explanations for this.

    First is that smash deals the 240% only in one specific spot, but it is AoE and it doesn't center on the mob automatically... so you're standing too close or too far from the mob that you are hitting.
    Second is that it is indeed bugged because it uses the mechanic specified above... Frozen Sphere of mage used to use the same mechanic. Since some specific release (maybe somebody keeps track which one it was? I don't) it was bugged and didn't work properly, so the max specified dmg was never dealt. Then they made it deal the same damage in the whole AoE.

    Now... if this skill is bugged, it's probably bugged since quite a time, not since this release. You just didn't see it before because the hp of the mobs was lower and so the regeneration (which is percentage) was lower (especially way lower in inf3).

    If they can't fix this bug, they only need to make smash deal stable 240% (or 200% without the talent) in its whole AoE. Then we'll see if it needs further buffing or no.
  4. Jhinstalock

    Jhinstalock Active Author

    My conclusion regarding new level 55 characters is that it plain sucks to play. Bosses too strong, and monsters on low difficulties are worth nothing but money. You need the tier 6-7 items from high levels to get drops, and the time it takes to farm them on your own is hours and hours for a single map clear. There aren't any shortcuts besides being carried by people who are already strong. If people were all to start over, the process of getting good items isn't just long, it's ludicrous. Overall the changes are as most people have already said. What other games can I play hmmmm.
  5. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    What are your stats as a fresh 55? (screenshot maybe?)

    Oh there are so many... Depends if you play DSO because it's online, or because it's an ARPG.
  6. Jhinstalock

    Jhinstalock Active Author

    I already aquired tier 6 items with the exception of weapon but I can tell you my damage was around 5000 with a tier 3 oasis unique (good base enchantments) and my crit damage was 3x. Defense was absolutely terrible, especially resistance and my hp was around 12k. Grimmag could oneshot me with a normal attack on painful so it wasn't very enjoyable.
  7. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    BP fails to understand that you need to give players a sense of progression: new players are going to hit pretty much a wall when they arrive at level 55 and then they'll remain there, stuck and without any sense of progression: it then becomes a question of patience. Those who are patient enough to go through the months of boredom will eventually grow and climb that wall while most simply leave the game

    The growth should be provided in small but notiaceble steps
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  8. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Grimmag casts the basic attack too quickly and it's devastating. On Inf1 I go down in 2 shots - and my def is not so bad (75k+ hp, 78% armor, 70% resist).

    Anyway, Idk what to think. On one hand everyone should agree that the PW needs to be hard. But on the other hand if someone with tier 6 items can't do painful with relative ease, there's something wrong with it.

    Sure, it's possible to craft your gear before even visiting the PW, isn't it? You can farm scaling dungeons and keep killing normal bosses. They drop all kinds of cores, and I think you can get all the kinds that are necessary for crafting of non-PW gear.

    Maybe that's the way people are supposed to play now: Get good non-PW uniques, which drop very often now; get enough pristine and tellurian cores, and get decent legendaries (= with good enchantments) which is now easier than 8 months ago. With a gear crafted this way, people should be able to farm painful - fatal in the PW, right?

    Of course, nobody wants to waste hundreds of cores on just some temporary gear. Everyone wants to get the end game gear and craft that, not some dune set or something...
  9. Tregs

    Tregs Forum Greenhorn

    Like many of you, I've leveled up countless toons over the years. We know what it is supposed to 'feel' like in terms of progression. Good story telling narrative really ends after Resistance Command Center. Graphics plummet after Myrdosch expansion. Sophisticated boss mechanics stop after Destructor. The mob AI has never appreciably changed - ever. Why? We can speculate but the likely reason is that they have no money to invest in these areas of the game. So you can imagine a conference room full of millennial's white boarding how to squeek more player time out of existing content. Ta da! Difficulty levels.

    R220 just plain sucks. There's no getting around that despite all the excuses by the apologists.

    Let's break this down a bit using "User Stories" for New players:

    User Story #1: New Player with zero exposure to DSO and zero in game friends. This person will hit the 'wall' and wonder what is the (a) meta build, (b) how do I message people offline, (c) is there anything beyond the maps I've seen other than difficulties?, (d) how long will it take to grow my character? ----- This person has already logged out and left to play a top tier game.

    User Story #2: New player but with an in game OP friend. This person is feeling like a mooch having to 'trail' their friend on higher level maps when their friend is online. They are basically in 'vacuum cleaner' or hoover mode. They dont enjoy the game at all because all they are doing is picking up loot from a safe distance and melting. They feel guilty for bothering their friend. They can easily see they wont catch up to their friend any time soon and probably in the neighborhood of a year if they can manage to get good gem drops. ----- This person has convinced their OP friend to log out and play a top tier game.

    User Story #3: Existing player. This person is looking to recapture the fun and feeling of the maps up through Atlantis. This is nostalgia for many. ----- This player sees how tedious Painful is compared to their Main and just 'dabbles' at their toon with no progression nor is it helping the BP financial bottom line.

    Net-net, R220 isnt a wall. It's end game for the game. It's confirmation we wont see BP investment in the game.

    --- MERGED ---

    Which basically leaves a new player stranded in the Great Desert, Temple of Agony, and Treasure Cave for a solid 3 months hoping they wont further nerf the gem drop rate. It's all rather ridiculous and compounded by the DSO economy of cores, glyphs, and frags. Maybe DSO has a trick up their sleeve to make this fun for new players but I seriously doubt it. Your 5K damage sounds fantastic for a freshly minted 55, btw. The meta build de jour of post R220 is going to be a Lehain (amulet, rings, spearhead), Yachack (boots, gloves, belt) and Durian (all other pieces) with a Destructor Bow. Stop laughing, it is a really sound beginner build that doesnt involve event economies to augment. :)
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  10. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    You make good points here. Pretty much the way I see it.. end game..
  11. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Using Lehaine set would mean that the new player liked the game enough to buy premium membership... which would mean BP would earn money, which would mean for them the update was well received.

    Either both you and BP are wrong, and the new players won't buy anything, ergo no Lehaine usage...
    ...or BP was right, the Lehaine's set will be used by newcomers and they will earn they money, so you're wrong that BP will lose on the update.
    Either way, you're wrong. :) :) :)

    Maybe Asar's set instead of Lehaine's set would do... and that's what I think.

    Also, if they have the premium membership, wouldn't it be better to buy premium uniques for gold from selling cubes instead of the cube set?

    Anyways, newcomers don't do that. What they do is "Q7 INF3 NEED OP DMG ++++" and the like... after some amount of tries they get their set, having used "help" of as many strong players as they could.
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  12. finas321

    finas321 Forum Apprentice

    i agree with everything you just said, its true i already have 2 friends who already left the game because of the tideous amount of farm they have to put in to get even near my stats , before r220 i was able to help them with ease but now we just feel bored farming inf1 because of how slow pace it is to kill a boss. so they just left to play other games and am slowly going too... its just heart breaking building good stats for a solo player on inf3 just to be shutdown in 1 update :/
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  13. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    1. It's good that the regional sets, Roshan/Yachak/Keen/Sparks and Scorn of the Dragon have a higher drop rate.
    2. Players new at lvl55 have to be able to do painful PW without big problems. That has to be fixed and is easy to fix.
  14. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    well yes, after Duria the story is always basically like bad guy threatenes city--->have to kill bad guy---> bad guy is killed---> city is saved

    there are some few links, but that's it
    Graphic quality stays pretty much the same across the game

    The mobs and the bosses are incredibly dumb, yes
    Difficulty levels aren't bad in itself if they are coupled with actual more difficulty instead of simply more life and damage for a mob
    they could actually make the regional sets good enough to make the noobs prepared for painful
    Scorn of the dragon will never be useful as long as they keep 1h weapons useless
  15. Jhinstalock

    Jhinstalock Active Author

    Current Stats:


    Weapon (level 52)

    This unique is very nice until you get an end game one. The enchantments as a I said earlier are equal to about 3 gold lines but there is no set effect. I have aquired several items with damage gold lines both for weapon, belt, and torso that I want to craft but getting them on my own would have been a lengthy process. The best I could recommend is going infernal 3 with a bunch of lockpicks and opening chests, then resetting map and repeat. Farming desert is the best way to get the items because there are lots of easy chest spawns, and if you kill monsters they're weaker than parallel world. Despite this, it's super unenjoyable and getting materi to augment good uniques you might farm in parallel worlds on painful will require lots of materi, another painful process.

    The biggest issue with this increased difficulty is that you can't farm the items you want for crafting without having good items already. If possible, you only want to craft with tier 6 and 7 items because the chance of getting extra gold lines from the random one is higher, and you can use your craft without a unique to put it on. Now you must get the gold lines on low tier items, and craft them with a lower success chance, and even when you do get the item you need to put it on a unique, and later spend extra cores when you're stronger to put it on a higher tier unique. The process of getting stronger seems to take multiple times as long as before, rather than 50% or even 100% more. Getting boosted by already strong players is the only efficient way at the moment.
  16. Tilwin90

    Tilwin90 Padavan

    I made a DK three days ago to finally experiment how this game works for new players. After getting up to level 30 I can say that the experience was super challenging and more difficult than I remembered the game being (I also have a level 30 SM that I stopped playing), but at the same time frustrating and boring.

    I'm not sure how difficult the game used to be for DKs, but let me tell, this time around I die a lot. Below you can find my feedback from the perspective of a low level character this time.
    - While Khalys was highly manageable, Heredur was a real pain without potions and a shield, Bearach was almost impossible without potions, Arachna is insane (that attack speed is plain stupid and you can't dodge her or anything as level 27 DK) and don't get me started on Herald. All this on NORMAL. For the most tanky class (with sword and SHIELD nonetheless, two handed I die even faster), you'd expect the HP to compensate the lower damage.
    - Painful is completely undoable solo style. I remember it used to be hard but not impossible for a solo character - now the bosses are impenetrable. I cannot complete the first mission on Q1 to even tackle the circle or consider getting to Grimmag (he sounds impossible anyway). Been trying at various levels (starting with level 10 when it became available and last time at level 30), and it's an impossible task only getting more and more difficult.
    - Sure, it showers with uniques, but they are not THAT great to begin with. In 29 levels I have seen ONE legendary (yes, ONE!) and that was from a cube. If we complain about drop rates at level 55, at lower levels it's absolutely horrible. I remember how awesome it used to be to get legendaries with my low level characters in the past (sure, they lasted for a couple of levels only and then I had to change them but at least they dropped!), and now it's all blah uniques (no, the Duria set is not that great even for low level characters, proof that bosses are impossible with it).
    - Let's not talk about essences, potions and other steroids that are supposed to make the game "so easy" (thank you for the 1s cooldown on potions I can't afford as a low level character). The economy is built for high level characters - as a low level munchie it doesn't rain with gold. This is completely wrong not being able to afford anything but raising the difficulty in tandem with these buffs! Either tone down the cost like crazy until level 55 or don't bother.
    - Some might say this game is supposed to be hard. I agree, and for completionists once you are at level 55 you are free to do that. But a low level character will be quickly disheartened by the difficulty, lack of rewards and slow and boring alternative to grow your character. I remember when I played other similar games all I wanted was to level up fast, and then focus on truly growing my character. And it was actually fun the game allowed you to do that. But in DSO that's no longer the case.

    Oh yes, and of course this is all from the perspective of a character growing by himself, with the past knowledge of the past years when I made other low level characters to re-experience the initial stages of the game. You could argue that someone could push your character, put them in powerful gear in Qs (Painful) and then rinse, repeat. But that honestly is more of a "if you have powerful friends willing to work for you, you will grow, otherwise good luck with the game" which is a VERY BAD approach.

    N.B.: Maybe low level SWs and SMs have an easier time now. I know my level 30 SM does almost 1k damage, while my DK struggles at around 0.5k-0.6k.
    ...I am having a hard time convincing myself to continue growing him for now. Better go back to Kepre with my LV55 and kill him in 10 minutes thanks to the constant healing.
  17. Aeternusbr

    Aeternusbr Forum Greenhorn

    This argument has no logic whatsoever, for the damage is the same if there are monsters around or if the sentinel is the only one, if I am further or closer. The fact that with this release was very evident how much war is weak and the damage of his main skill is much lower than it should. I fully agree with what was said by @Hiro73 what the smash should be 300%. The images are there and against facts there are no arguments.
  18. Jhinstalock

    Jhinstalock Active Author

    I just want to point out that you should be using 2 handed no matter what for your new character, and spend gold on crit tonic and physic once you can access jarlshofn, some time around level 20-25. Once you're using those, you just build crit damage and damage on all your items. Your basic rage swing should one-shot any normal monsters from there on, and since it sounds like you have other higher level characters on your account your wisdom bonus helps you get more damage even quicker. I personally had no problem except for the occasional one-shot by a boss while leveling up. Also it gets easier once you have your healing on mighty wild swing :)
  19. Atsalakotos

    Atsalakotos Someday Author

    iam one of them who react good for this Release ...
    Its Soo So borring this game ...
    Even for me with this ranger i spent 1k+ red at solo in inf4 EDIT ess but the time ..Its too long time per map and at the end of one run i feell i make 10 runs and ofcource i close the game or i stay afk ..
    Seriously is pathetic.....
    No no no ....
    The problem is , i dont have to do something to improve my ranger for kill faster and thats the point ..i make beast ranger for fast runs and now i go as a chicken to the maps ...
    No no no.....
    Pve is sux..
    Pvp is mega sux.. a mmorpg who have game coin have moba pvp ( this never exist to another game )
    Searching until one miracle happen in this game :)
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  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I have a challenge for you and all those with opinion the mobs are not harder. :)
    Try soloing the mobs for "Mushroom Collector" achievement on Infernal III and let us know of the outcome XD
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