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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jul 31, 2019.

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  1. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    So it was not enough that you (the devs) buffed the PW bosses to that extent, you also had to buff dungeon bosses too(karabossa and magotina as welll) and u dont even say that in the patch notes. I did 1 run arachna and i needed twice the time i previously needed , not to mention now if her spider web attack hits me i die when before i did not. Nice. U buffed up the dmg and the hp. Nice very nice. You do a great job at making this game even worse than it is now.
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  2. RensatGM

    RensatGM Forum Greenhorn

    How about updates 221 like Jewels, the chance to drop common items enlarged? only in events 1 Month (or can it take longer?).
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  3. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Two immediate things I noticed upon playing.

    First, junk unique drops were increased. I got running half way around the desert map. I have not tried other maps yet, but I did notice the increase and wanted to point it out.


    Second thing is not so good. Also on the desert map. Not only has the beetle been increased to the point where it is barely worth taking the time/ess to kill, but then this happened on two consecutive runs. No drops whatsoever when killing it.

    I thought maybe it was just a weird bug on the first kill, but two in a row?


    So far I see no reason to add any more playing time to DSO as I can barely stomach the hour per month I play now.
  4. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Well, you can always approach everything like a zen monk, and I like that.

    But not everyone who is complaining about R220 and R221 is criticizing the thing merely from their own perspective. Of course, I can for example ignore that what others here call the gemstone theft, because I haven't lost any gems. But some players farmed hard and they say they have lost a lot with this update. So despite this not concerning me, it still may be a valid point of criticism.
  5. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    I have 2 Solstice Stars, and 1% of my health is way, way, way more than 180 health. My initial math said 1540 health lost, but as I think on it, it's more realistic that I'll loose somewhere around 800 health.
    And gaining 10 mana (5 per) for that health lost just doesn't do it.
  6. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    If you upgrade the solstice star to blue, it will have more hp than a green royal amethyst in addition to +14 resource.
    So it's really that bad? That new gem will help gain hp and resource to most of the players, because you know, is not like we all have full blue royals.
  7. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    So if I did the math right, I traded the 7% increase in HP / 20 Mana for 720 HP / 40 mana. (I had two Solstice Stars and one Crystal Solstice Star in my cloak.)

    Replacing the four radiant Amethysts (90 HP) in my boots with the new Solstice Stars, this added the 720 HP, removing the 360 for a net gain of 360 HP. However, I lost the 7% HP which was worth 3286 HP prior to the change. While my overall gain in mana was 20, the loss of 2926 HP is not really worth the mana increase. My mana is high enough that the 20 doesn't really affect much.

    I know that I have three empty gem slots I can put more HP gems into but there is no way that those three are going to be worth 2926 HP. This trade was not "even" by any stretch of the imagination.

    Now some folk expect us to upgrade our special gems, and maybe we'll have to in order to make them useful, but to upgrade them means I need to turn some of my other gems to dust. I don't have gems to waste on that (as you can see from my only having radiant gems in my boots).
  8. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    And just where is the resources going to come from to upgrade them?

    I have NO SPARE gems. I'm still upgrading from Flawless to Sacred. And as slow as gems drop for those us us _not_ named Max*, it will be a long, long, _long_ time before I get to having any spares.

    ! ! ! ! ! ! EDIT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Moderators, this is for the DEVs ! ! ! ! ! ! !


    You take my good Solstice Stars from my cloak....
    And force upon me something that has to go into my FEET??? Where I have NO SPARE SLOTS???

    Who's the
    [EDIT] that came up with THIS MORONIC idea??!!??

    You there in the back with your hand up.... YOUR FIRED !
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  9. Jay

    Jay Forum Apprentice

    • The amount of Golden Yarn for unraveling a Cloak/Banner of the Desert Tomb has been lowered from 10 to 1 - How can you put this to "other improvements"? So, all T0 cloaks will worth 1 golden yarn? No? But is good ideea.. make this in next rel ;)
  10. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    it's only that cloak because you can get it easily
  11. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    You are supposed to purchase the gems now.

    The idea is gaining a clear shape:
    As a free-to-play player, you can only make it so far. If you want to be better, you have to pay.

    You can theoretically make it for free. But that would take 10 years, so in practice, you can't.

    Now, the question I would ask is, is this really so bad?
    Of course, you may argue it is bad, because we think a good free-to-play game should allow players to obtain everything without paying, only a bit more slowly. And as far as I remember, BP presented DSO in that way.

    But I searched for a definition of free-to-play, and here's what I got:
    Free to Play =

    "relating to or denoting an arrangement in which basic access to a game is granted without charge while more advanced features must be paid for."

    "...are games that give players access to a significant portion of their content without paying."
    So, as much as I hate to say this, strictly following the definition, the "pay-to-win" features like purchasing gems (and therefore being able to access higher and higher difficulties and maybe better features, too) is perfectly fine :/
  12. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    and what's the point of playing if farming only gets you so far?If they want us to farm, they better damn give us a reason to farm: for many people, it was pvp, for others it was the ability to do higher difficulties and others had
    And they both took away pvp and the point of doing higher difficulties in the first place
    Heck, for same, reaching the same heights as payers while free was a stimulus to farm and get better
    Now that stimulus is gone

    As such, there's no point in playing
    i'm glad i found another fun game, it was fun while it lasted but DSO is on the way to the grave
    Well, no game lasts forever

    And i heard terrifying rumors about future patches which further killed my will to play
  13. ZantezukKken

    ZantezukKken Someday Author

    If you stop to spam wrong idea perhaps you will get more time and more chance to get your gems without pay... i killed 3 royal onyx cause i haven't save the old gem skull, or the other thing and i have still some others. i have like 20 extra royals and ingredient can reduce the cost of gems you need to use the new jewels...

    I play from few years and i never pay to buy a single gem, i use prem normal and the prem 1/3/7 days that you can collect. Sometime (holidays a deluxe month) and it's a low cost to play a game... the last items that you can buy only in cash are little annoying cause anderment drop is low as never before and it forceing to pay.. but you can do it without...

    And guess what i have every pet/mount excep the 3 last pvp quest when it was like 35k anderment (from my farm) to get one mount in gold reward, whitout all things add in LB rewards, without the % permanent spam where you can get everything with low cost...

    I just like collection and finish the things at max as possible, but guess what, using this anderment only for gems and you've got your royals so fast...
    Just cause they 've got old items some ppl and crasy bad char got 3/5/7 new jewels... come on it's just representing a present of 9/15/21 royal gem xD.. all old skull become better than blue royal of life xD and there are still dumb chill...
    Check your number of post (and imagine 1 represent a gem that you didn't collect xD cause you were busy here to complain again and again..
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  14. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    I would like to say congrats to your marketing team they are making sure they are squeezing the last few $$$$ out of people that pay to play
    Looking back I can actually see what you have done
    Destroy PVP with the new PVP system yes a lot of people left others stayed but did not buy Anders for Gems
    So let's think about it, ohhhhh, R220 let's make PVE super hard and boring too
    R221 Ohhhh you can spend Anders and put 3 Royal Gems together now for PVE
    Very well done congrats, I am sure there are people that will spend on this not 100% sure why but they will


    You only play for a few years yet you have 20 Extra Royal Gems and you not spent much money ? I call BS or you are a development team hack.
    I have played for 6-7 years and I have farmed like a maniac and I have 4 Royal Gems I use there Free Premium and Deluxe when it is offered.
    The rate Andermant and Gems drop now I feel sorry for new players
    By the way your few years you have played what was end game level when you started ?
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  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Relax man, those people are not like you pro players. Those players don't cheat and gangbang and exploit, they often don't have more than 2 hours to spend with the game ... they need time to wash and clean themselves, they don't eat where they poop and where they play, they spend time with their families, they go to work or school, they attend public events ... they simply lead a normal life they are not sociopaths. Unlike you pro players. They are not pro like you and General Maxdisapointus Franco ...
    So they need their voice to be heard as well. ;)
  16. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    [quote removed]

    Gem drops are good ? Mind sharing where you are farming if they are so good ?
    Definitely isn't Inf1 to 4 PW's
    Definitely isn't last Full Moon event that used to be good maps for Gems during event and while you farmed for Ess
    Definitely isn't this New Moon Event for Gem drops
    So how about you share with all the players of bug.point where your Good Gem drops are mate

    --- MERGED ---

    Quick question about the bug did you kill it or did it Explode before you could ?
    If it exploded and died before you could kill it could explain while no drops just asking mate
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  17. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Well haha, here's the thing. In DSO, it takes a long time to get to the point where you may start feeling like you can't progress any more without paying. The designer hopes that during that period since day 0 until that point of despair, you'll grow attached to your character and all your precious farmed items, that you'll be willing to pay. You have already invested a lot of time in the game, after all, at that point.

    "Ahww my precious little itemses!"
    "Wait... Now I have to pay money,
    or else the farm would have been for nothing
  18. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I have never seen the beetle explode, so unless that is a new feature with this new release I have no idea what you are talking about.

    I watched the health bar go to nothing and the beetle died with zero drops. I thought that maybe the first one was a bug, so I waited until it re-spawned and killed it again. Same thing, no drops.

    I've never seen this before yesterday. Maybe it's a bug, maybe it's a design aspect, either way all it proves is that I should not waste my time killing the beetle.

    Normally I only sign in to play the full moon event and then forget about DSO until the next month, but I wanted to try out this new release like I did with 220. I will not make that mistake again.

    Until there are new dev's hired, my playing time will be limited to full moon events, which are still sort of fun.
  19. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    it may be true that he has 20 extra royal gems by playing for a few years without spending
    He either botted or gangbanged on his character, as many did and still do

    I actually believe him, it's a nice confession to make
  20. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    One of the recent beetle updates is an exploding beetle that explodes after a certain amount of time and when it explodes, it dies with no drop. Additionally, if you are within range, you also take damage and (in my case) die in the explosion.

    If you are a ranged character it is possible that you are out of range of the explosion.
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