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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jul 31, 2019.

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  1. Μorfeas

    Μorfeas Junior Expert

    Why the game going in wrong direcion all the time..? Suppose to be better thats why we have forum and write some things! If you do whatever you want there is no reason for us to tell you what we want..
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  2. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    True, mages were buffed release by release for months, now dwarf nerf. And if you say it was all because of mages complaints meanwhile other classes aren't listened, they themselves call you "shill", "troll", etc.
    The chance of goblin appearing is not bad, whats bad is the incredibly superstrong they are (if you play solo, it will be sooo difficult to kill few of them, for example I kill solo 3 goblins Inf4).
  3. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    you can't even kill them in a group
    Maybe you can kill one if the whole group focuses on it

    And yes, the chances of goblin appearence are bad
  4. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    It seems that you have an obsession... You always quote my posts.
    I've never seen you argue your positions, just write a line denying what others say, without more.
    I will explain why I think as I think:
    I talk about the goblin from the point of view of an endgame character, where in Inf4 I used red ess to kill them. The goblin appeared to me 3 times, and I got to kill 3 of them in the same round.

    About this:
    Being able to kill them or not will depend on the characters forming the group, if they focus the same goblin at same time (as you said), the essences they use, and if they are in the corresponding mode for their toons/gear.
    And because of this last point is why I think as I think, I think any endgame player should be able to kill all the goblin in Inf4, with more reason if they are using red ess like I did.

    Why do I think the appearance rate is correct? Because if I had been able to kill all the goblin when they appeared, it would have been totally worth the fact of having to wait until I was lucky enough to appear on my map.

    This leads to the conclusion: The problem in this case is not the low probability of appearance, but the fact of not being able to profit them the few times they appear due to an imbalance in the HP of the goblin in Inf4 regarding the possibilities of an endgame player using the most powerful essences of the game.
    Once they fix this, it doesn't matter if the probability is low, because when they appear you will profit them and it will be worth the reward for killing them, it is obviously a jackpot that cannot be usual.
  5. ZantezukKken

    ZantezukKken Someday Author

    I killed 5gob in IV with a war full of lagg who didn't touch it. And the 1st reason is not def/hp of gobelins but the wave of freez created by the spawning gobelin, the second thing is your hp BUT kill 5/12 "sometime" when you're lucky is okey for me...

    The thing who is not ok is to see them 1 time with 350+ lairs IV, and that's a real statistic, not like 99% of numbers comment here by guys who speak 500% of their time and cry about how the game is hard, or their "char got nerf"...or "no gems anymore"..or "release is bad, i got only coalescence jewel just cause my char is old and get a useless rune/gem in storage from years"...was just 3 or 6 or 9 royal for free, just to finish an event some years ago like we 're doing a progress karra atm.. pff
  6. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    There was NO dwarf nerf.

    I don't know what kinds of drugs has the person who originally posted that "nerf" used, but I tested it before and I did some more tests today and nothing changed now.

    Stop spreading misinformation.

    Name one of those buffs. There were some during the "great PvE class rebalancing", but nothing more after nor before that.

    If you think I'm wrong... list all those buffs. Release by release.
  7. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    The erroneously called bug of singu, for example. That was not a bug, now mages have the bug they wanted, and before this mages received more, you can see patchnotes. And this all came because they were mad of the real bugfix of the MC, even devs stepped back of FIXING A BUG, thats gross, creating an statement saying: this is not the moment (so is the moment to buff them but not for 1 bugfix).
    They said they would not make more changes in the classes until the rebalance arrived but 1 month later... voilà, singu "fixed" as an apologyze and you have all you ever wanted.
    Looking at it from the point of view of the company, they did it so wrong, but everything is for the mages.
    While all this was happening, the other classes were receiving slight nerfs and mages slight buffs each release.
    BUT... "its not the time to do changes on classes", means its only the time to buff mages, the rest have to wait an specific rebalance release coming... never?
  8. cat3370

    cat3370 Forum Greenhorn

    Do you know any reason why I cannot lift the Frigid Spider Silk Banner in tier8.but the other banner, yes
  9. ZantezukKken

    ZantezukKken Someday Author

    Btw i thought the hotfix of tomorow was for boss problems issues but no still dev don't care... i rlly curious about how are the fights for normals chars when i see all bug dmg... some mini make just 150k dmg on a char with 80% armor IV and 77% resist IV but np^^.. check the protector in thunder lair for example who can hit near 200k xD, where golems haven't life xD and are one shoot... build a monster in dso in from a big lottery finally ... they look like drunk...
  10. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Great Master

    Have you got any screenshots of the workbench when you attempt to augment your Frigid Spider Silk Banner?
  11. valahro

    valahro Forum Greenhorn

    ANY EVENT MUST BE ACCESSIBLE TO ALL PLAYERS, even if some make it faster and others harder. This event ended for me in the fatal way. And even if I'm in the beginning I think you're nearing the end of this game.
  12. Critztrike

    Critztrike Forum Apprentice

    [EDIT] I OPENED THE CHEST OF FEARLESS I DIDNT GET NO RUNE NO PREMIUM only sacred ametyst and sacred diamond [EDIT] this stupid grindfest im done
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  13. ZantezukKken

    ZantezukKken Someday Author

    That's the worst loot Critz, that i got too at 1st chest, the secodn worst (without jewel) is the one with 100 clover and 7 day prem that i got at second... as i allrdy said there is no random issue, just 100% raate luck to get thoses 2 loots on the two first chests...
  14. mesar32

    mesar32 Forum Greenhorn

    Game is worst with ewery update. They took ewerythig from the game so that now you have to play to get something.
    About new cloaks first you have to get the material and then craft. Witch is random (luck if you have) some make it beffore then others. Good drop of legendary or unike is maybe once a year. Developers are making update and ewerything else for them self it sems.
    Better to stop playing there are other games that are better and you will be good player with less time playing and drop is 100% better than here. About bosses and other you went to far. Even if new players decice to play they will soon stop beacuse they will now makit far without help. But like you care or read the forum. Beacuse lot of players writing about the game and still o better changes in game.
  15. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

    Random is the cancer of this game, in fact i didn't play the second bar of inf4, a lot of resource for a ridiculus random drop.
    I hope the developers change this aspect of the game …
  16. Critztrike

    Critztrike Forum Apprentice

    I mean it is not okey, no premium, no jewel rune, no clovers, i actually feel like it was so big waste of time and resource to open chest u give so bad garbage...
  17. mesar32

    mesar32 Forum Greenhorn

    Random is only excuse. If there are players that get stuf in 1.2 or 10 runs. or craft 10 or 15 times. Others have to do that same thing in crafting or farming for months to get. Even if it is random should be the same for all. Its game only: not tha we play poker online or Lotery to be lucky. I say let the drop and craft be the same for all The same. About drop of unikes and legendary is crap still even if you say its increased
  18. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    I have been waiting for some change. A big positive change. A remarkable fix.

    Nothing like that happened. Everything has been just some fiddling around.

    Some fiddling with unique items - no significant changes.
    Equipment effects. Quite nice.
    DtU: recycled.
    Wisdom tree update: more grind to get where you were before power wise; Group skills: many of them useless, some of them fine. Missed opportunity to make them glorious. Adjusting the monsters - resistances etc. All in all fine, but nothing amazing.
    Changes in skills. Stormball: Farm on 2 maps where it only made sense; brain dead grind for random jersey and flag drops.
    All for One event. Universally hated. Could have been a cool thing. Group runes that made everyone angry mainly in R212 when they dropped from Zumpe's pinata.
    Anniversary - same messed up long boring arena from before. New anniversary mini events that were a grind celebration.
    4 months later! A lot of stuff, but mainly missed opportunities. Secret lairs were dull (and still are). Platinum enchantments are cluttering the bag and only add too much grind on top of a lot of grind. New crafting materials increase that grind. Potion crafting makes no sense if players can simply buy them for little gold. Crafting quests are dull just like all DSO quests. Pet upgrades are ok.

    DtU. It's a recycle. + new dolls. Nothing else.
    Adv. tooltips are fine; + pet melting. Spring event: Grind requiring 2 hours of continuous play to 100% utilize clover buff. Nice egg mounts.
    Pvp. 9/10 players don't care.
    Provisional pvp changes, but 9/10 people don't care. Adv. tooltips are ok, but that's just a small quality of life thing.
    Big nerf through boss hp/resist increase. Cloak gambling. Nothing significant or interesting.
    Gems 999/1000 players can't afford. 2 new cloaks are disappointing af. The new DtU: Nerf of drop + nothing new or interesting.

    Roadmaps mean nothing, apparently. We wondered how would they make it, stuffing all the content into 6 months of patches. EASY, because all the changes are either tiny, or tiny & awful to the players.

    I'm coming back to Drakensang when they redo and restart the game completely, just like ffxiv which was crap but got fixed and now it's god. Make it a nms redemption story all over again and people will love you.

    As of now, DSO seems to be surviving on leeching a handful of whales foolish enough to pay for this mostly awful content :|
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  19. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    the situation is only going to become worse and worse, they have no intention of improving the situation, they plan to survive off whales, cheaters, gangbangers,ecc.

    No positive shift will come to this game, which is already being carried to the graveyard, by blackhooded figures. Hope is dead, there's only disappointment left.
  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I spent crapload of reds to finish all the progress bars ... but every single red essence was well worth the effort, I got what I was looking for from the chest -- > Dragonslayer Bow.


    I didn't get any jewel but that's OK ... I didn't get even 100x gilded clover but who on Earth needs clover when getting Dragonslayer Bow.
    Body count (under increased drops): 5
    Body count (under lousy drop during previous event): 60+
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