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    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    With this release, we will introduce a unique quest row for players who return to the world of Dracania. This quest row will be available for all other players at a later point.
    Besides that, the main focus of the second part of release 222 are bugfixes and some minor tweaks.

    1) Content

    - Quests
    The quest row “Shadows of the Past” has been added to the game
    - Collectors Bag
    The Shadow Hunter Costume has been added to the Travelers category

    2) Improvements

    - We reduced the screen/camera shake effect on certain spammable skills to 1/10th of their original intensity - please provide feedback if you like it and tell us if we missed out on any skills especially deriving from Parallel World sets and such.
    - The drop chance of Drill Heads from the Sewers Treasure Chest has been increased
    - The maximum possible dropped amount of Drill Heads from the Sewers Treasure Chest has been increased to 5
    - The runtime of the Rampaging Worm challenges of the Infested Sewers Event has been increased to 2 hours per challenge.

    3) Bug Fixes

    - An issue where Balor and Asar both did not drop ancient wisdom or their unique items on normal difficulty has been fixed
    - An issue where some enemies still had a chance to
    drop uncommon items on difficulty Infernal IV has been fixed
    - An issue where the enchantments of the Amulet of Deflection could not be rerolled by using Equipment Refiners has been fixed
    - An issue where the Finding the Citizens quest gave
    999 Andermight Powder as reward instead of Antidotal Essences has been fixed
    • The quest now gives 250 Antidotal Essences as a reward
    - An issue where monsters in the Sewers beneath the Fairground, Sewers beneath the Harbor, Sewers beneath the Crypt of Kings and the Abandoned Sewer Passage didn’t drop any Sewers Keys has been fixed
    - An issue where the Sewers Treasure Chest did not drop any Draken Cores has been fixed
    4) Shadows of the Past

    Jon Sunlair assumes that his family is somehow connected to the business of “shadow hunting”, but he lacks evidence. A hero is needed to help him, but is he really prepared for the truth?

    As already mentioned,
    this quest row will only be available for reactivated users for a limited time and they will get notified via mail. However, we will make this quest row open for everyone in the future.

    We hope that you enjoy it.
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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