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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Sep 10, 2019.

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  1. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    or its just halloween replacing gwenfara with sargon?
  2. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Nope. I am 100% sure Gwenfara is staying there... and Sargon is not getting added to her, as an addition.

    I takes only analysing new skins' tooltips and where they are coming from to know that, wherever Sargon is coming, it's not the Ghost Festival event. There are other reasons that careful watchers notice, too...
  3. TiTAN

    TiTAN Forum Apprentice

    I am very disappointed with this direction of how you think all, the time to minievent, ist very frustrating, we work, or learning in school etc, why you dont let this minievent to do when we have time to play?, 48 challange let it just like the primary or secondary event 25 days and when we have time to do it we will do it! We cant stay all time to PC at the time you want.
    And the drop is very bad to Rune of poisonous thorns, Death wink and omery wild rose tuber.
    Please dont destroy this game!!!
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  4. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    I am not even doing the quest for the minievent... but some friends told me that the drops are mode-independent. That's like... one of the stupidiest things made by BP in a while. I'm givin' it this award, seriously. First, you have to farm lots of items for the quest, and then... you can farm normal, because higher modes require more ess and give you essentially the same? Well, yes, you might choose fatal... but that changes little. Whichever mode you choose, you need lots of ess to finish all three progress bars, which consumes yet more time. Like... threefold grind.

    On top of that... be aware, some friends told me... the rat king no longer has 100% pet drop rate. Actually way less, even if he spawns...

  5. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Forum Veteran

    A small premise.
    I have been playing this game for 7 years and I have always bought the premium because, in my opinion, it is right to reward in some way the possibility of fun that is offered to us.

    In the last 2 years, however, the game has increasingly become boring and repetitive, reaching very high levels of grinding first with the various cores, then the ingredients to improve the real gems, then with the yarn for the cloaks and is continuing more and more on this road.

    In fact, in the last 2 years I have played at alternate periods, while continuing to buy the deluxe premium. In 15 days I completed the PVE leaderboards then I only did the daily quests and events because the level of my characther had by now reached good statistics and every minimum improvement would have involved hundreds of hours of grinding.
    With the 214 release, the first big hit came: the gearless PvP.
    PVE and PVP until then were connected and one also did the most boring things in PVE to have some advantage in the PVP. Years and years of improvement lost in an instant.

    From May 2019 the second blow comes with the release 218. Helios Games and PvP Season both skipped given the absurd repetitiveness, the scarce rewards and about the PvP season the 3,300,000 absurd points to reach.
    The only interesting thing was Helios's amulet which, in my opinion, did not repay the effort. Sooner or later it would be another way to get it and in fact 3 months later I took it effortlessly from the anniversary event.
    If I remember well, less than 50 players completed the PvP event on over 12,000 on Heredur. Those numbers should have been thinking but you continued without thinking.

    Moreover you have reset the PvP saying that you would have developed it but once you have done Milestone 1 everything is blocked and, in your words, there will be no changes before 2020.
    PvP is slightly more balanced than before (not like it was at level 40-45) but it seems that the number of players has dropped dramatically.
    We are in the middle of the PvP season The new PvP season has started from 20 days and I see, on Heredur, only 3000 users who have made at least 1 point against 12,000 in May.
    Team PvP Score 1st place: DK 230k - SW 320k - RA 230k - SM 270k.
    This time I think noone'll complete PvP leaderboards.
    Where are the exciting numbers of players in the new PvP?
    I would like to hear from you the numbers of the various PvP seasons of May, July and September: how many players have made more than 1,000,000 progress points.
    The PVE season as rewards are not bad but it has gone from lasting 55 days to just 29 days. For me it was not a problem since I generally finished single and group in the first 12 days but many did not finish it before let alone now that it lasts half and that everything has become more difficult.

    But we finally arrive at the last hit received and that prompted me to leave DSO permanently as an active player: the 220 release and the changes to the PVE.
    It is something obriobrious and managed even worse.
    You have changed 10 numbers in the database without thinking and about 50% of the monsters have become super op by unbalancing everything. There are still very unbalanced monster skills that disguise you despite having armor and resistance at 80% and 170k HP. The thing seems to me a little absurd when the same day of the release I managed to kill all the bosses of the PW INF4 without big problems. And now a little monster on the map destroyed me? There is certainly something wrong.
    These changes did not increase the difficulty of the game, they only increased the frustration of the players and the time to devote to the game.

    As a choice you can also stay in general but whoever faces an Infernal IV map and a parallel / event world boss at that difficulty must somehow be rewarded.
    One cannot stay 20 minutes from a boss, consume resources beyond belief, and remain with a handful of flies, that is, get absolute nothingness.
    At the same time one makes 10 turns in lethal and has more chances to get one. If it is good, he can improve it with adequate resources, spending 0 essences and generally putting in less time.

    For all these reasons you can never expect positive feedback because it is the foundations of the game that have been ruined.
    I hear talk of level cap at 60. It would be the absolute most haphazard thing to do after the 220 release. An increase in the maximum level would make the game impossible because the monster improvement curve is very different from that of the players and especially if for maxing resistance at level 55, it only takes 26k to do so at level 60, at least 60k would be needed, which are impossible to reach.

    Well there are new items and sets too but the problem is always one: who can benefit from these new items? Only a few hardcore players who have the chance to play 12h a day without getting bored.
    For all the others they have not yet completed the full platinum setting, how can they do to change sets?
    The platinum bonus drop is very bad and the craft is even more so.
    I was lucky that in the first 3 months I managed to do everything and in the following months I already have legendary readiness (6 out of 10) for a second setting but I have no intention of risking using them.

    Your game taught me a lot about DDS files, crunch, n2, n3, nvx2, etc. on float2, float4, float4n, packed encodings, etc., on 3D models and related meshes and bump maps but now the boredom is absolute.

    But let's get to the feedback of the event.

    I completed the event in 94 laps in Infernal I and then increased the difficulty in the last bars:
    - Sewers beneath the Fairground: 4 (0.5%)
    - Sewers beneath the Harbor: 4 (0.5%)
    - Sewers beneath the Crypt of Kings: 86 (99%)
    To improve progress in the last 2 bars I opened Golden Amphorae during 30min of buff using about 250 amphorae keys

    Besides these maps I did:
    - Sewers beneath the Castle: 28 for repeteable quests and 12 for new quest
    - Sewers beneath the Fairground: 15 for new quest
    - Sewers beneath the Harbor: 10 for new quest
    - Sewers beneath the Crypt of Kings: 18 for new quest
    which was a waste of inputs.

    For Toxic Fume instead I had to do 50 runs (painful) and in these laps I NEVER dropped nor pet nor just 1 Omery Wild Rose Tuber

    Rampaging Worms: 0 runs. It's impossible for me finish 35 mini over 48 and rewards are realy poor to make us become a hamster in a wheel.

    In total I consumed 2.000 sewer keys but I use old buffs....a new player needs at least 8.000 keys.

    Event feedback
    ~ Your overall impression: disappointing
    ~ Which maps did you particularly like, and why
    Sewers beneath crypt: it has a medium size, it is possible to turn it all over without going over twice in the same spot, it can be cleaned in adequate times, you can easily do repeatable quests of the event.

    ~ Which maps were you unimpressed with, and why?
    Sewers beneath the Fairground because it has been changed but the piggies and the citizens have not been included to do repeatable quests. It is immense and not from an adequate advancement even with respect to the difficulty.
    Abandoned Sewer Passage: too big and you always have to go back on your way. It only serves to kill the six vermons and gain access to the boss's map, and you must also use the antidote essences for all monsters even if the monsters do not progress.
    Where are the Omery Wild Rose Tuber? And why is the cursed amphora dropping only 2 silver cups and the rest are bronze cups?

    ~ What was your view of the difficulty of the event? Too fast / easy? To hard / slow? Or about right?
    The event is quite simple in general if it were not for the absurd number of essences that are wasted by the bosses and for the abilities of the samples found in the maps (see warrior and dwarf).
    The progress of the event is too slow and requires an absurd amount of time to finish it and to recover the keys. I finished it in 13 hours using 11 Sandwich with meatballs for the main event while Toxic Fumes did it without buff in about 6 hours.
    I avoided the minivent Rampaging Worms completely.

    ~ Did you find the event interesting, or was it a bit of a grind?
    It is a lot of a gring
    The new quest is too long especially if you had already finished the main event.

    ~ What, specifically, could be done to improve it?
    Leave the key drop as it was in the Sparkling Mountains before the fix or reuse the sewers below the fair as before then less progress drop but other number of keys for the other maps.
    Lower the number of medals in the various bars by a good 25% so that in infernal IV we only need 10k tags.
    Completely review the new Abandoned Sewer Passage map and increase the drop of pet and ingredients to make the necklace.
    Fully review Rampaging Worms
    Start the event and Toxic Fumes together.

    ~ What was your view of the rewards? New and interesting? Same old, same old? Ok, but a bit poor for the time / effort involved?
    For me they are good especially if you lower the progress of the bars

    ~ What rewards would you have preferred (no Lamborghini's or Ferrari's, sorry).?
    A few runes and a few more drills, certainly not yarn.

    Drop of Cursed Amphorae in new map. Why there are 2 silver medals (argentea) for challenge and 11 bronze medals for event?


    Event ended

    Toxic Fumes ended (no need buff)

    I played a lot event and challenge. WHY I DON?T HAVE A SINGLE Omery Wild Rose Tuber?
    And why I don't have Eyeball and Rat Fancy Pet?

    UPDATE: I forgot to talk about the Rat King
    I've a bad sensation about "small chance that defeated monsters will drop a lump of dirt" and same in "event map".
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  6. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    I guess You haven't bother killing spitting heads on the walls .

    If I didn't play inf modes for drills, I would say difficulty issue (You've mentioned painful above), but because I haven't got it neither - I'll just join You with this question. (I'm afraid that answer is, both for rat & Eye - rare drop)
  7. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    they don't seem to understand random at all

    If they want us to search for it, then they have to massively increase its spawn probability
    What's the point of keeping his spawn rate low if the drop rate of the pet isn't even 100%?
    I can confirm this is it, because a guildmate who spent time to find it with me has found it on sewers beneath the crypt, but he didn't drop it

    and this is another stealth change that they made, again
  8. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Forum Veteran

    Probably I don't kill so much but I clean my way with Dragan skill jump and Might Wild Swing son in 50 runs I think about 150-200 I've killed

    The answers for all question is that Random is a poo and DSO random it's the worst of all games (I said that since 2012)

    In fact I didn't complain for drll heads but for omery bla bla bla that I could drop also in Normal
  9. Dемои

    Dемои Forum Pro

    Why I can't use rune joker for my spee runes? I can't craft 20% rune from 2x16% + joker
  10. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Padavan

    I search today about 6hours the rat king in 12key map and a big surprise 0 boss rat king! a lot of ppl say maybe is a bug in 12key map. None of my friends find any boss rat king and i ask a lot on region chat, zero rat king today!!!
    Btw in 18key map a friend from my guild invite me to kill a rat king boss i kill him with full party on inf1 and a big surprise no pet ! so is not 100% i think is 50-50% i hop at last on this 50-50%. In some words a lot of work for nothing, what a big joke i can't belive.
    One of the guild member find it the rat king , but no pet drop !!

    YO put two rune speed in your inventory in the same slot and then right click on joker rune left click on that slot where u have 2x 16% speed rune, make this simple in your inventory not at work bench
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2019
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  11. Dемои

    Dемои Forum Pro

    I know how this work, but I can't do this few hours ago. Now this work normal, pff stupid bugs
  12. couda22

    couda22 Forum Commissioner

    Gold is needed even for crafting runes with joker. So I guess you was low on gold.
  13. antix

    antix Forum Greenhorn

    Why is drops too low? i did about 180 Herold tours during last 4 days(only portal entry, even i dont notice map runs) , just i got only hand, hand, hand... if bosses getting harder, why drops decrasing:mad:?? rl 222 drops is terrible
  14. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    Wanna know why? Because those amatuer devs actually think that just getting the weapon or even the set you want is enough to make you op in pve. They dont even know that those items are there to help players farm easier so they can craft gold or plat lines later to farm even harder difficulties. They actually believe that just having those sets will make you so strong so they dont increase the drops.Literal EDIT
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  15. Magau

    Magau Forum Greenhorn

    beat the invincible again? for real? I don't know what goes through your mind, or if you are unemployed, without family, friends or social life and you think everyone is like that, I believe that like me, most active players are without fragments, is this the exemption? leave us no resources to force to spend? $$ You are ending this game and are pretending not to see all these negative feedbacks.
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