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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Oct 9, 2019.

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  1. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I don't think you understand what am I saying ... let me show you.
    I repeat again ... you get dyes from drop you don't have to buy them with andermant.
    Once you pick the dye up into your inventory go to the nearest blacksmith and use it on any item you wish. It is FREE ... you don't pay nothing at all ... you are not paying andermant or silver/gold coins.
    Open the Dye window then drag and apply the color on your item (any item you are currently using - not customized with a new skin)
    Pay attention on Snow White dye on weapon in the following example.
    Until now we have spent 0 andermant or gold and my bow is white. That dye stays there forever ... unless you want to change the color and replace it with another color - which again can be free from drop.
    When we want to add a skin or new skin to any item ... we don't need to buy or farm another dye because that new skin will be dyed white by default ... if we change another skin same happens again ... and again and again .... ....
    You don't have to buy color at all if you have it in your locker/inventory.
    We don't pay for the painting ... we are only paying for the skin ... painting is always FREE (if you get the dye from drop).
    As you see the new skin is painted white by default and we only have to pay to apply the new skin.
    0 andermant for each bottle of dye ... times 8 items is total of 0 andermant.
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  2. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    --- MERGED ---

    Good day,,, yes Sir.. I do understand. You do not understand. The point of having dye is so you can be a different. Change your color when you wish. Red one day black the next. I do not want to be one color over and over no matter what the skin is. Not to mention it was fun to change the color. Also gave me something to do with 952k gold. Gonna have so much gold I will break the game. If that is how you want to use your ander fine. I say it is to expensive for what you get,, temporary color. Have a good day Sir.
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  3. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    Don't take things out of context - that is supported with more than one WHOLE thread about "nerf Gwenfara's shield| please" etc ...

    Once more - DK have to go trough all ranged attacks to get in range, then to use only skill to break armor while all ranged classes have it merged in some useful skill, then and just then to hit opponent with some chance to kill - that's why am I saying that I don't like total shield's chr removal from pvp.

    And as I said - I don't have problem myself, i still have cca 70% chr in arena (t8 spider axe with max dmg&chr golden and 4k in cloak), but that is not the same like 80%!
    And I am talking about highest tier geared opponents also, not average, because I play arena to win (no matter if I play against cheaters or regular players), not to participate.

    All this is the most noticeable in spam fest (5v5) arena.
    And you're telling me that DKs whining .... Well, would you like to DKs start mentioning their 8 sec skill that's gone ages ago ... Would your beloved singu be in danger?! I can imagine that XD

    I'm sure you wouldn't, that's why are you so aggressive in your comments and not to mention that you trippin, like below:
    Who do what?! Why did you felt threaten and where did I mentioned only mages.
    EA,Oil,Tesla etc. aren't your class skills ... All of those are more useful than any DK's

    "Resistance is useless" in my context meant as DK's shield replacement for a chr.

    I know that you'll try to dissect my post so in advance - end of discussion .
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  4. 100кНяшности

    100кНяшности Forum Apprentice

    The release is very good, the customization is a very interesting, I like this.
  5. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    So what? Before patch i could have dyes used whenever i want as it was for gold. Now i need to drop particular colour otherwise i have to pay anders?! For sure great change :confused:;)

    All that customization patch is basically blocking customization of char for players who make an assumption they never spending anders for it and you know... there are some of those. From my point of view dyes have been removed from game and nothing was added in replace :) Just simple as that.
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  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You can change colors not just every day but every minute and it is still free.
    Dye's price has always been in andermant or draken. They were available for purchase in gold only for 9 months ... after R214 (I think).
  7. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    and they can still be obtained by farming still, because the chests drop them and you can farm lockpicks
    there's not much problem

    It can be annoying that customization is paid for by andermants, but i prefer monetization there instead on gameplay content such as events
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  8. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    Let's clear some things:
    • You're right:
      • As long as you have dyes - it's free.
    • You're wrong:
      • Same moment when you're out of dyes - it ain't free anymore!

    When you have dyes in inv - it's free, so, theoretically - you can farm dyes and it'll always be free ... only if you save them a slot in inv.

    It doesn't work like Customization where you have to unlock item and that's it.

    You can't unlock dye, you must have it! (at least in f2p mode :D )
  9. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Correct before dyes were ander or draken buy. And just like then when game was lvl 40 players just looked like ….. hmmm like I don't know. Nothing matched, players had purple snake helm, blue sigi armor etc.... was just ugly bunch of mismatched colors. Which is what it will be again, the game is going backwards. This dye issue takes us right back to lvl 40.
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  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Lets clear some things.
    What heavy drugs are you on today? :D
    You didn't say anything I already haven't:
    I get what you are saying ... honestly I wouldn't buy a dye even if it was 1 silver coin.
    I am still keeping my old items and cloak of power painted with fine Bronze because it was a reward from events. :)
    But you have right to play the game as you like ... I won't argue that.
    I was just saying you don't have to buy them if you can have them from drop.
    Nope it is not working that way :p
    Skins can be unlocked if you have them items but you still pay small andermant fee when applying them on items.
    Dye stays on item no matter how many skins you are changing ... so NO you don't have to have a dye in inventory so you can use it for free. You will always have the dye on the item and you don't have to pick up another dye of the same color for that item into your inventory.
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  11. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    I'm a little bummed.
    Because of the lack of instruction and thus much confusion I sold my two sapphire dies because pointing at them in the table stated it was 500 andermant, which I took to mean "cost to apply" since I already had them in my inventory.

    And since I would never pay that I wasn't going to right click and then click to apply. I wouldn't, and didn't, think of dragging to attempt apply.
  12. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    Just a clear misunderstanding and I guess we're on the same then :D

    You are talking about multiple skins ON THE SAME ITEM - where is logic you have one dye till you change it :p

    But I was talking about changing dyes ON THE SAME ITEM

    I skip explanation about smt I've already said so it is true that you don't have to have it for a skin but YOU HAVE for item like You always have! :D

    Drag & drop system is used, and if you have dye it should cost you 0 andermants when you drag it at the item slot.
  13. jakayba

    jakayba Forum Apprentice

    Right, but: It costs 1,25 Gold if you change an already coloured item or if you want do delete a colour.

    It's only absolutely "free" to dye an item which is blank, here my weapon:
    (the little window is just a random mouseover)


    Here changing the colour of my helmet, which is already black:


    And deleting the colour:


    Actually I cannot understand the resentments about the andermant-costs for colours which are not in the inventory. Before this I had to buy me any colour I wanted and did not own. So why should it be for free now? (and there are many other reasons to be upset in this game)

    I just don't like the gold-paying for the changing/deleting. Even if it's only about 1,25 gold. Feels just a bit greedy to me... :cool:
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  14. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Correct, but that is the Dye Remover you are paying for. :)
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  15. jakayba

    jakayba Forum Apprentice

    Yes, and I had to buy that before too, and I did not like what it made the items look. So now it's much better :)
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  16. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Apparently the q6 set is bugged, and Mortis himself is bugged as he doesn't drop cores anymore, at least on painful and inf 1
  17. AngryMOB

    AngryMOB Forum Apprentice

    Yes Mortis have bug on cores ... drop is 0.
    Also set have bug ... theres a big grimreaper appearing and kills you ... please fix it... ;)
  18. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    the grimreaper that appears is not a bug, it's a feature of the set, it's an intended feature( well, at least until BP changes its mind, it happens often)
  19. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    (Psst: He was being ironic. ;))
  20. Парабум

    Парабум Regular

    I apologize for the poor quality of the video, I have DSL internet. I prepared a buff in advance EDIT . Then see for yourself. The video is recorded on a Russian-speaking client, but for those who play in the DSO, everything will become clear;
    [content removed]

    I really don’t want this project to die, but I see the same picture for the last year or two, these are nails in the lid of the coffin of the DSO. I even had the thought that this was done on purpose, for more interest in this set. I hope I'm wrong, and you're just still crooked? I hope my character is not banned for using these "legal cheats." The speed of correction of such defects should be very fast and not inferior to the fire service.

    [video removed]
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