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  1. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    You can find here the detailed Release 228 Patchnotes.
    We are looking forward to your feedback!

    If you are unsure what sort of feedback is being asked for, please read this thread.
    Any off-topic posts/pointless rants will be deleted.

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Another trashfire is incoming.

    BP has managed to ruin yet another event.
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  3. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    Realm Fragments

    As you might have read, we decided to reduce the drop rate for Realm Fragments with this release. One reason for this is, that we run less Realm Fragment-based events than we have originally planned.

    We have also implemented a special version of the Looters Fortune event that increases the drop rate of Realm Fragments. Our plan is to run this event regularly whenever an event is coming that requires Realm Fragments.

    ''That we run less Realm Fragment-based events'' Last year how much times we got DTU event ? and how much time we got between every DTU to get realm fragments ?
    ''This change is the first step to decrease the huge gap between players with an endless amount of Realm Fragments versus players that struggle with finishing events due to a lack of Realm Fragments.''
    EDIT I got my realm fragments for free ?!? No, not at all, also how nerfing the amount of realm fragments you get will help the players ''that struggle with finishing events due to the lack of fragments'' ? Wouldn't it be even harder for them than before collecting X amount of realm fragments.
    Also how often those ''Realm Fragments event'' will run hope it's not like Dragan event, overall this nerf of fragment's is unnecessary and the reasons you give as an explanation are ridiculous.
    Don't wanna comment Dragan event I will only say it took nearly 2 years in order to do so ''much'' reworked stuff on dragan event.
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  4. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Somebody tell me... wth is this?

    That's an excuse as always. We'll see what the drop really is when it goes live... I hope it isn't nerfed to the ground.

    Now, the mighty

    • New uniques are always welcome, especially usable ones and some easy to reach ones for starters... we have both here
    • Completly new stuff in the event in general is welcome
    • Some good rewards that look pretty achievable for many players (from what we have seen in TS)
    • New achievements with actual rewards - I hope this becomes a regular thing, I'd also like to see some achievements for accumulating large amounts of achievement points, with titles and some rewards too (at least cosmetics)
    • Widow spawns randomly, can't really be farmed. That's not only a punch in the face, it's a knife to the back of everyone who is trying to make a slightly more defensive build. (very bad) Looks like Dragan drops it, maybe it's not that bad.
    • Old skins sold out only (most of us, if anything, have only the warlord skins... being able to reach the other ones by playing would be nice, even if it was a random reward). Also, the price doesn't grow with the quality of the legacy item (eg. squire's cape is the same as warlord's cape).
    • Looks like another big grindfest, but we'll see.

    Finally... now, what about fixing the Starlight, Predator, Beast and equivalents core type requirement and core costs? They're worldly drops now, they should use the same cores as other worldly drops (tellurian and not materi + lower costs like normally for tellurian cores crafts).

    But, the main question is...
    Who has the high ground now?
    Those who have the low height, as always in DSO.
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  5. couda22

    couda22 Forum Commissioner

    Defensive set can also be "farmed" by killing Dragan. I'v got torso (Dragan's Battleworn Mail) by killing Dragan on the classic boss map (the one with lasers, can't remember name of the map).

    EDIT - map access window:
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  6. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Dragan's refuge? That's a good news.
  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Dragan's Refuge.
    Personally I haven't got a single item from that set in Dragan's Refuge ... but I haven't been playing there in the past two days.
    You can get them from Dragan in the Great Hall ... I got few from that dungeon.
    Also ... there were changes with Cadoc the Belligerent. He is spawning frequently in all dungeons now.
    I found a way of spawning the Ghastly Grave ... on top of it (it might be a pure luck) the widow had 100% drop for me so far (always drops unique item).
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  8. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    You mean like the Looters Fortune that for some of us ran LESS THAN 3 HOURS minus DINNER ???? Where those of us with limited play time got almost nothing compared to those that play all day (the ones with mass amounts of realm frags)????

    This is a load of BS. It will not close the gap. Nobody in their right mind would think that it would close the gap. It will OPEN the gap to HUGE MEGA proportions. Those who have mega Realm Frags now will grow mega more amounts with an event that runs while some of us are at work and thus get no time in that UNFORTUNATE NON-Fortune event. Those of us who are constantly running out of Realm Frags will have none. And we will be locked out of the events.

    Unless you plan to run this "Realm Fortune" for 3 days before Full Moon and for 3 days after Full Moon and for 3 days before New Moon and for 3 days after New Moon and then for 3 days before DtU, and for 3 days before PvE Leaderboards, and 3 days before each weekend so that we have the realm frags needed for direct PW Boss runs.

    In other words, if you don't plan to run it ALL THE TIME, then scrap the idea and just increase the Realm Fragment drops !!!!
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Reduce realm frags? ...i kinda hope this is allready in effect, cus im getting barely any drops since a week or so. Ran the entire PVE event and got about 1800 frag drops total. So if its not in effect and its even getting worse, than theres no hopes finishing the bigger events like DtU in future.

    Also still waiting for increase of parallel world uniques. As mentioned ran the entire event, plus some more, which is 400-450 runs and had a total of 17 unique drops which only 9 were actually parallel world uniques. The patch couple months ago where the shops went pooof, said the drops were increased, but I only noticed a slight increase for a couple days and then seems to be ninja-patched back to hopeless droprates again.

    Only positive thing i see in this patch is being able to buy potions etc. in stacks of 25
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  10. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    "Realm Fragments

    As you might have read, we decided to reduce the drop rate for Realm Fragments with this release
    . -
    Yeah! the ONLY thing in this entire game U FINALLY managed 2 balance is now getting unbalanced again! -that makes sence! One reason for this is, that we run less Realm Fragment-based events than we have originally planned. -so those 50k realmfrags I personally used last DTU 2 in order 2 open Ur 4 gold chest and 3 silverchests and 0 copper and 0 wooden, I got hold off 2 easy did I??? Are U guys high???
    ...Also REALLY? U run less realmfragbased events than U planned to??? So those 4 DTUevents last year, the 13 New Moon events and the 13 Full Moon events (PLUS ofc those extra moonevents U added last summer plus other events that used realmfrags was "less than U originally planned"??? -Dont U guys also plan 2 reinstate the event "Desert of Essences", which is also a HUUUGE realmfrageater?
    We have also implemented a special version of the Looters Fortune event that increases the drop rate of Realm Fragments. Our plan is to run this event regularly whenever an event is coming that requires Realm Fragments." -we all know that BP cant balance for *bleep*! WHY do U even "fix" a problem that isnt there 2 begin with??? Wanna fix stuff?
    -Fix the NUMEROUS bugs in this game!
    -Fix the autopick up! So it AT LEAST include all eventitems!
    -Fix the owacluttered UI! Im tired of having to look at TONS of stuff blocking my gaming view!!! 3 rows of buffs?? HP/mana-ball???!!!??? Questfinder???!!!??? EVERYWHERE I LOOK theres stuff in the way preventing me from targetting the mobs FFS! At least make us be able 2 zoom out more, or make us able 2 play more cleanscreeen!
    -Fix the imbalance of the classes in PvE! -Nerf Dwarfs and DKs and boost RA and SW!
    This change is the first step to decrease the huge gap between players with an endless amount of Realm Fragments versus players that struggle with finishing events due to a lack of Realm Fragments. The Looters Fortune event is supposed to create a balance between these two." As usual U guys have completely missed the point!!! NO1 has an "endless amount of realmfrags"!!! NOT 1 PLAYER HAS THAT!!! -legit players that is!

    -But the botters do! Aaaaahhh I get it now! So Ur answer 2 fix botproblems is to nerf the realmfragdroprate??? Well I have a completely different solution 4 this problem! U could also, this is just off the top of my head here, so pls 4give me if it does not sound well-thought-through, BAN THE FRIKKING BOTS INSTEAD!!!!

    ATM legit players who play a lot get a lot of realmfrags, yes! Theese are also the legit people who uses a LOT of realmfrags cuz THEY PLAY A LOT!!! Why punish the people who actually play Ur game a lot???? Wheres the reason for that??? Is that even good buisness???

    Ok then... I guess the other stuff in r228 is ok then... Unless ofc U count in the new Draganevent which is BS just from the read!
    Lets just count the ways shall we?:
    The new draganset: A new set w no setbonus? Yeah thats gunna compete with the obligatory original Draganset we are all forced 2 wear atm! (insert barfemoji here)
    The new pearls: -Oh! Entrances 2 something hard and challenging??? -I LIKE the sound of that! -I cant wait 2 get my friends 2gether and make those runs! -Waaaaait a min??? I can only run those runs solo??? So in this MMORPG, U are now changing it 2 be MSORRPG??? -that dont sound right 2 me, dude!
    Getting red pearls: Sounds like its even harder 2 get red pearls this time than ever be4... unless ofc U go P2W... BAD move, Papi! Last Dragan that was the single highest complaint from the playercommunity! -that getting red pearls was WAY 2 hard! And Ur answer? make it even harder this event! GJ BP!

    -Im not even gunna comment on the fact, that U are now supposed 2 grind to open the maps, U have to grind, in order 2 just get 2 point where U can grind Dragan...
    But I gatta ask: Next Draganevent"fix" are U then gunna make the players grind 2 get to the point, where U grind 2 open the maps, U then have 2 grind, in order 2 get to the point where U can grind Dragan???

    So in conclusion: r228 is not even out yet, and *yet again* it still looks like BP have PHAILED *yet again*!
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  11. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    I mean... wouldn't be bad to use some logic. If there are players who play much more than others and aim is to flatten disproportions in real fragments between those 2 groups than how on earth you want to make it in a different way? There is no other solution than overall reduction with limited time large increase. Idk why they want to aim for that but if they have that sort of need they have picked best solution. Of course as always a lot of depends on execution.
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  12. Aragornmg

    Aragornmg Active Author

    Realm Fragments
    • The drop rate of Realm Fragments has been reduced (more information below)
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  13. blackassam

    blackassam Forum Expert

    Just because it just created another time limit to get RF .... Simply put, who has a lot will have even more, because it is the type of players who play more than 6 hours a day in the game .... those who have their duties - work, school, family, others do their hobbies and play on average two to four hours a day this will feel the most. Especially when this RF event will coincide with their everyday activities. In that case, they would have to include the RF drop in the scheduled events that the player would have collected while running. This is how it looks like it is more purposefully led to psychological pressure to buy event gowns to reduce consumption in the process ... or use the package for real money andermant + RF.
    Another problem that arose was mainly inappropriately triggered planned events where it was needed for game RF... see last summer ...DTU, Anniversary event, DTU + in addition to that New Moon and Full Moon - which in turn points to targeted marketing to purchase.
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  14. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    The game goes badly, both in pve and pvp, you know by looking at the rankings, in my opinion the highest drop ever!

    And do you think the problem is Realm Fragments?

    Don't you think that many players are no longer playing and not consuming the fragments?

    Maybe it's time to review your game policy because it's a disaster!

    For the dragan event we will see when it comes out!
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  15. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Totally disagree. What you trying to say is illogical. Of course may be truth at the end if change is made to fish for event attires but if so would be by pure coincedence. It's exactly opposite so those who have little will gain and those who have plenty will be somewhat toned down. You may now play at Looters and gain possibly couple times better time usage in gathering realm fragments. Reduction doesn't have to mean events will be undoable without purchases. It may as well mean they will be preceded by a stage 1 where your aim is to gather realm fragments and than with resources you made you run stage 2 so proper event. This can mean much less grind for people who don't play DSO on daily basis and only activate with something worthy. I'm one of those and I would be THRILLED to grind needed realm fragments only in 2-3 days before event. I won't play every day anyway, i'm interested only in getting realm fragments in most effective way. If this means I have to play my 4 weekly hours exactly on Tue-Wed instead of 8 at the weekend than hell yeah, sign me in!
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  16. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    This is why newbies should shut up.

    Why should top players have to accept to be reduced at the level of newbies and lazy people? If there are people that have a low number of realm fragments, it's because they either spend too much or because they don't farm enough and that's their problem.
    One of the few right things they did with realm frags was drastically increasing their drop rates.

    The only thing they have to do now is reduce real frag costs for things.
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  17. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I take that back.
    New patch today and we are back to 0.
    Not a single boss found today and Cadoc the Invisible spawned whooping 1 times out of 50 runs.
    Not to mention that I got 0 Headless Costumes since the event started on TS until right now.
    I like these kind of challenges :) they remind me of the challenge I took 7 years ago and I still can't finish it. :cool:
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  18. Iselda

    Iselda Advanced

    So once again with the new R you're saying to the fair, average players: "go away, we don't want you here", and you somehow promote account-sharing and botting your game... Interesting, truly interesting. Guess, I'll never understand your logic.
    I'm one of the "lucky" players that had a very decent drop of RFs (from the very beginning), but I understand that some other players that play the game the same way I do (0-4h per day) have a pathetic drop of them - that was confirmed several times via voice-channels I was a member of.
    You wanted to "bridge the gap" - yeah you did, but you made the gap wider between fair and unfair players.
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  19. wavi

    wavi Junior Expert

    Well, in my case, all events are playable, I don't understand what kind of events the community wants that always says long, bad, boring, monotonous events, etc.
    The last events last between 15 and 30 days, enough to complete them with 1 to 2 hours per day individually or in groups. With respect to the fragments between the worlds, it's fine, as if that decision was to kill players. Those who say the game is bad, etc. They are the first to finish the events and play 3 or more hours per day every day of the week.
  20. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    I can say as well that people who play DSO every day for couple hours should shut up. What's the difference... Both exactly as stupid.
    Btw. I don't play anymore regularly because there is no more progress to make in sensible time frames. I'm not spending endless hours for changing stats by 1-2% in non competitive game. That would be true stupidity ;) Doing stuff for fun.

    We are not discussing bp decision whether it's right or wrong, we are just expressing our reception. You totally mixed up those 2 things.
    I'm also curious how can you know that flattering realm fragments distribution doesn't have concrete aim? Maybe they are planning to make their usage more diversified. Than there could be a strong need to reduce disproportions.

    Btw. if you think that developer makes changes aimed at low or/and high extremes than you are an idiot. His main aim are masses. Only at games with highly competitive scene it's different which of course doesn't apply to DSO as it is as competitive as collecting stamps. Bp thinks that changes they are aiming at in future can hurt average DSO player so they are taking steps to reduce that risk. Who cares about 3-4% of most dedicated players ;)

    And last not the least. If you could read you would understand that issue aren't players with low number of realm fragments but those with large. So yeah we are getting possible reduction because of people similar to you. Of course would be stupid to blame you for that so chill ;)
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