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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Apr 7, 2020.

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  1. -joseph9393-

    -joseph9393- Forum Greenhorn

    where are you taking the game to? seriously !!? now to play lvl you want you gotta waste time 1st on lvls you don't care about ,and if you do that you get stinky drops ,and after that pain the drop rate of uniques 0.1 % one word chaos ...(not to mention lags and the chat's broken system ) sorry brokensang that's the truth .
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  2. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Forum Veteran

    To DSO teams, QA and testers: what tests did you do?

    How did you not notice this absurd drop during tests? Or do you test something?
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  3. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    As said before, higher infernals...... ugh :S

    Full moons silver pebbles, wolfsbane and claw of vargulf haven not been included. They should be, since they are only crafting materials and nothing else.

    Will DoE become a monthly event like the moon events?

    With all the new infernals now, is there any chance to bring back the white infernal fragment drops from sentinels in inf3 maps? Make sentinels a little stronger if neccessary. But they should drop inf frags.
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  4. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    They are not included as they aren´t crafting materials but quest materials as still even after dozens of FULL MOON events sunlair gives out the shiny ess via quest and not via crafting recipe after the first quest

    Most likely but if so it will be the more p2w version of the event or idk how to call it also it´d just add up to stuff to do for those who actually have lifes therefore turning even more people out the game i guess
    Idc for higher infernals if they´d not affect the lower ones as the adjustment of hp cap makes even inf3 carrying worthless and time wasting rip all my guild mates which relied on my help bcs likely the only way ill participate in this game will be here and on my lows which are older than most of the top end 55s these days
  5. BigHink

    BigHink Forum Inhabitant

    quality of drops in higher levels is very good but quantity is too low

    there is no reason at all to use lock picks in the higher levels

    Key bag excellent need an essence bag next
  6. srl54df

    srl54df Forum Apprentice

    We farm the passage here all day! For the sake of this bug?
  7. Totentamten

    Totentamten Junior Expert

    What do you mean? Mobs spawns over and over again?
  8. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    I read some things here and report them:

    Q: Will platinum and gold lines rate be increased in the new infernal modes?
    A: Yes.
    Are you sure which drop? from inf5-6 it is even lower than inf4!

    Q: How do you think will the new infernal modes impact the “balance” of PvP?
    A: We know that the higher tier of the equipment will also influence the PvP balancing and we have to investigate further to improve this in the future.

    I don't know if you noticed it, but few users play pvp! Of those who play a cheat part and the other does it for four-leaf clovers, he gets eliminated without playing for the daily quests in 1/1!

    That being the case, do not throw other resources on the flop, and fix the pve which is currently the most broken ever!

    Elemental Essences deal a percentage of your skill’s base damage as additional elemental (poison, lightning, ice, fire or andermagic) damage.

    what sense do they have for a class that only does elementary damage?

    Will it have the same damage with normal essences?

    Is this likely to be another mess?

    Honestly I think it's a big mistake not to rework the Dk especially in group play!

    What is highlighted is less damage than the other classes, less survival, especially from the bosses, but also in the map, impact-related skills that are further nerfed, which is different for the other classes that don't work like that!
  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I haven't been playing the game for 2 weeks ... but I thought I would play on TS just to make a small crappy event guide.
    So I did and I was playing last night and today.
    The Q/A section in the patchnotes says:
    Very interesting ... indeed.
    Now ... I haven't got a single Pet nor Mount nor Unique Item.
    BUT ... I must be very very lucky because in few hour span (2x Daily Deals) I got 3x offers.
    Hmmm ... I am lucky indeed. That Daily Deal offer (as the patchnotes say) should be extremely low.
    And I got them 3x ... in few hours :)
    No drops from mobs but I got lucky with the DD XD
    At least now we know what to expect from that "event" as well ... as it was the case with the infested toilets event.

    BTW ... here they are.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  10. Goldd

    Goldd Forum Apprentice

    R231=R89 ?
    -The point to leave to the game?
    -What happened whit not strong players?
    -Why not decrease the difficulty from painful to infernal 6 for?
    -once again they were unable to implement an equitable system

    (and yes, i use translate xd)
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  11. bonjourvietnam

    bonjourvietnam Someday Author

    I thought new release will bring us new good things such as the essence set but....
    Who need this useless set? BP. It's totally useless. We've been stuck with 2handed-build for years BP. It's very disapointed.
    About new infernal level:
    Okay but drop rate is EDIT
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  12. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    Keys have been added to the Special Bag - the best feature since the Sort Items button. Still waiting for the Sell All button. Little things like this can make such a difference.

    Items tier 10 - completely ruining the PVP. The very strong players or the players that are friends with very strong players are now getting even stronger. The rest should go and play pvp solo.
    This is my 2 cents.
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  13. Atsalakotos

    Atsalakotos Someday Author

    One release with 3 more Inferno .. I dont undertand why the drop is too Low and people when they Get the T9 /T10 ( is i think 2 runs ) they back at inf3/4 cuase not have sense to be there...
    Dissapointing stats .. i feel like a total crap .. and really 100k critical we need :)

    It will be more easy for me to accept this if we had 60 lvl with end players and like this the game is just dissapointing.. Once again you EDIT
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  14. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    What everyone is missing about the new infernal levels is that everybody can't just run to the last one and get instant level 10 items. Everyone has to work their way there.

    You farm Inf 3 (everywhere) for a long time to _slowly_ get many grey Inf Passages.
    Then you farm less on Inf 4 to _slowly_ get green Inf Passages.
    Then you farm less on Inf 5 to _slowly_ get some blue Inf Passages.
    Then you farm a few runs on Inf 6 to barely get any purple Inf Passages.
    Then you get a run on Inf 7.
    Along the way you get some T#s for upgrading your equipment.
    Then you start all over.

    Then you farm the dickens out of Fatal (and Painful directs) for a long time to get the cores needed for upgrading. And then farm the dickens out of PW to get Materi Fragments to buy Augment Cores.

    The whole process is designed to slow down everybody (the weaker the slower). No "I made 55 today and tomorrow I've got all T10 items cause my guild carried me strait to the top level". The idea is to work your way up. Get everything to T7/T8 then get everything to T8, then get everything to T9, then get everything to T10.
    --- And for the whiners: yes I did join a guild and Dragan event came several months later and yes I got a bunch of T5 and T6 items with the help of much stronger players... and yet almost 2 years later they still are not all T8s. And 2 more Dragan events and I've replaced some of those pieces, some by group effort, and some by solo effort. And yes, I help the new guildies that ask. It's the benefit of having a good guild (not all of them are good).

    Now as for the new Inf Level access, personally, I get it. I don't even have all my stuff to T8 yet (even though I have all the T8 items needed, I lack the cores to get there) and with the last DtU event I got some multiple base gold line items (all T2) which need a ridiculous amount (some 2K each of 2 core types * 3) and so for quite a while I think I'm just going to ignore the new Infernal levels for a while.

    What I do like is that ALL Inf 3 maps now drop Infernal passages. So while I'm doing all my Old World Inf 3 farming, I can actually be building those greys up. Not to mention that it's a good incentive to do "solo/small group" M1/M2 100% PW Inf 3 runs (which misses the cores, but now has an alternate acceptable reward).

    Maybe now I'll be able to keep up with the "lets run Inf 4" guild group runs. I'm still trying to get a usable Sigrismar weapon adornment (I've gotten 2 very bad ones which refined to glyphs).


    Now for my one gripe. There was for a very short time the "Looter's Fortune (realm frags)" that was SUPPOSED to INCREASE the realm frag drop. However right now I only have about 230 realm frags and I'm not getting them anywhere near as much I'm using them daily!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get rid of this farse of an UNFORTUNATE "event time" and put back the drop rates that we used to have for realm fragments. PLEASE !!!

    If the Easter Event (aka Spring Event by those anti-free speech peoples) has any realm frag requirements, then I'll not be able to do it at all. :(

    P.S. If you really want to call it a "Spring Event" then it should RUN ALL SPRING. That's 3 months by the way.
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  15. Atsalakotos

    Atsalakotos Someday Author

    Good story .. I like it really ... The game is 100% to your theory but from your side , but sorry is not all the players like you , like to join in one guild for take straight help and take your time to make your items T10 ...for me its fairytales
    Exist player who have set up to run alone or max 2 people in party and run all this fast!
    Always exist this players what ever this game change.


    the problem is for me Why they dont give us good farm at eatch new inferno .. The game crash all the rules and the rule was bigger inferno that means harder but better loot
    Now with this loot all they take fast the T8/T9/T10 and they back at fatal to farm for lvl up the items thats means Cancell the 3 new infernos.

    Dissapointing ..Really . And the biggest is my end game player i dont know if he cap the % at stats at the end.

    Best Idea ..put lvl 60 NOW
  16. alexlenesul

    alexlenesul Forum Greenhorn

    Where are we going with this game?
    I don't even want to imagine how much time should be invested to upgrade all t10 items.
    You lose 1 year of life to upgrade the items just to hit you with inf10 and lvl 60, not to mention stones, runes and others.

    [ potentially hazardous links removed ]

    Varholm - inf 5 drops

    Good we manage to get t10 items just to go back to farm on the fatal !?
    Have you ever entered the game to see the chat?
    - Inf 1-2 need op dmg 50k.
    -Q7 fatal need help drop the weapons and more

    It is the only game where you are punished if you go in group (time wasted and resources consumed and you get nothing).
    For a casual player this game is far too repetitive and boring.

    After the spring event, I think i'll quit if it's like a toilet paper fiasco.
    Im not sorry for my bad english.
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  17. -kirachan-

    -kirachan- Someday Author

    for me this patch is super pointless even the special card mobs don't drop items or if they drop one it's blue greens? the usual cycle has increased with the farm now and the path to the above mods also our value of armament does not meet the difficulty you have added new boss skills well but do you realize that the guards who release are too many in 5 people group it gets scary :) at all under any criticism and this if it has to be something new ....... this is my opinion there are other players who might be happy with what was done;)
  18. AngryMOB

    AngryMOB Forum Apprentice

    This killed my will to play ... so i stop now. Bye
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  19. wavi

    wavi Junior Expert

    hellish 5,6,7, it's a different game (clean maps, boss difficulty, new boss skills, eagle sight at all times, precision in attacks) I give 10/10 points to the update.
    -in the beginning it is only to farm the entrances, then look for objects of grade 9,10 and finally the character upgrade ends (it is necessary to have thousands of cores)
    -The drop of objects seems good to me in 1 or 2 entries (map, boss, secret lair, chests) you finish obtaining the objects of grade 8-9-10
    - In the new infernal you do not waste much time Collecting the objects as in inf1, inf3.
    -The fight with the boss in individual mode is much better, they put new skills to the boss in exchange for hp.
    -in group mode the boss is tough
    - much progress is made for the season pve, I like the idea of quality and not quantity, very successful
    -in secret lairs the fall of clovers is pleasant.
    -for my taste it is a good difficulty to spend potions, essences, soul guards, quick fingers, eagle sight, concentration from the beginning.
    - the drop of the tickets is reasonable (good)
    -Critical hit with 40-50% at inf 9 is enough, no need to change spells on items.
  20. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    So, the only good thing out of this mess is the key bag, too bad that all the freed inventory space will be taken up by the essences.
    So we now require an essence bag and a coloration bag.

    The rest of this release is, yet again, recicled trash.
    Inf 5,6,7 are going to be entered just enough to get the items needed to upgrade to t9 and t10, then they'll be ignored by most, if not all players.
    And then what, most players will return to farm on inf 1-2-3 like before, because they are the most efficient difficulties to farm on for end game players.

    The lousy drop rates on those difficulties are probably intentional to prevent players from getting all the needed items in one run.
    It is also laughable to claim that platinum drop rates are higher, it's even worse than on lower difficulties, due to the fact that even special items are very rare.
    Whoever proposed this mess should honestly be taken to a psichatric hospital.

    Also, the drop rates for the piece of skin from Herald and Medusa are still very low, even on higher difficulties, for no reason at all.

    In short, nothing was fixed, the prior problems still remain, with the addition of new problems.

    how about adding a new map, like the q10 that was supposed to come months ago?Even that would have still been recicled content, but it would have replayability.
    What about exciting events? Forgot about them? It seems so, because the last event have been very boring, especially sewers.
    And the drop rates for cores have to be increased to meet the demand.

    Also, the whole silver mine businesses in the full moon event has to be reworked, the stone drops should be increased drastically and scale with difficulty or simply allow for the scrolls to function in map 2.
    And at this point, the bloody mage boss is simply going to be impossible to beat on the highest difficulties.

    In short, this released haven't been though through.
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