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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Apr 7, 2020.

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  1. ☆Đдяkאєşş☆

    ☆Đдяkאєşş☆ Active Author

    1) Adding an inventory page is only to collect all the unnecessary items that you yourself have brought into the game to make it heavy and boring. You have not increased the ability of object slots (e.g. anime stones, pff).
    2) The events were turned into a moment to make money spend, taking away the fun of the players. I did not do the sewer event and for sure if I complete the spring set, I will never do it again. The only ones are nowhere to be found and if you find them they have enchanted them so low that it is not worth using them, you have put the portals on each map with the release of continuous mobs that do not allow us to collect the items, the prizes are useless, I have them all .
    3) about the PW: the new difficulties are only an excuse to lengthen this long agony and lower the quality of the classes. The difficulties are enormous compared to the ability of players to face them, you have not provided sets, gems that could help us in this, but you don't care, you have no ideas (that is always), and therefore
    Make the new difficulties high, at least REMOVE THE MALUSS YOU GIVE US.
    4) The drop of the new infernal is ridiculous, the higher the mode the less drop is collected, only to you could have come such an absurd and mean idea, Shame!
    5) Finally I will say that I have decided not to participate in the events and finally I will move away from this user exploitation policy.
    !! Now I predict the future: after we have spent millions of gold, dragon cores that no one has, for crafting or raising the level of items, without any purpose, the level 60 will arrive and we will return to repeat the same things. We will only have the frustration to have made our time available to receive nothing from this now old and useless game
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  2. Vedmak1974

    Vedmak1974 Forum Apprentice

    That’s it, guys! This release finally killed the game! Everyone was waiting for new content and fun and got new hells without a drop and an event with rewards not worth the time! I delete the client so as not to go even for daily rewards! I do not advise investing in this dart even a cent! Everyone is happy to find new, interesting projects! Games are created to entertain and not turn into hard labor!)))
  3. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    Unpaid labour* :p
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  4. megazombie1024

    megazombie1024 Active Author

    Absolute failure!!!!!!! Introdusing new Infernals is very, very dumb idea and nobody is happy about this, however you guys made it even worse. Why are you thinking????????? What is this drop rate what is this stat decrease (crit, armor, resist) what is this non-sence with the infernal ports? Im very disapointed about this update so as everyone in this forum. Why would you spend time on something that no1 will be happy? why dont you make something that everyone is waiting for YEARS -> BALANCE the classes. DK is garbage, ranger is weak [EDIT] compared to dwarfs and mages. Last time you introduced inf4 no1 was happy and you still make more infernals. Im sorry but this is [EDIT] i will not play dso anymore. This was the end for me!!!!!! GJ BP
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  5. vkillerx

    vkillerx Forum Pro

    Ranger ain´t weak i agree with dk
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  6. zoldorak

    zoldorak Forum Apprentice

    Bigpoint say :
    you deserve because you are slaves of dso u ar prisoner
    Farm tellerian core like bot and farm key of prowess like robot
    we dont care about weak players
    your feedback is nothing for us
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  7. novecento

    novecento Forum Expert


    I can’t take a resource at all. Aren't your college students programmers EDIT
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  8. Mops413

    Mops413 Forum Apprentice

    My char is lvl 50 and I've retuned to see what's new. I like the gameplay and the looks.
    This will my opinion on the overall game, rather than just this release.

    I wonder are there any concrete things BP implemented at the behest of players' feedback? Few years ago the situation was bad but this is even worse now. There is so much trash and clutter in the game, I have no idea what to do with it.
    Whatever I do or try to do at my level, is made extremely hard - without paying. All is see and everything I do in the game requires some arbitrary items and is accompanied with shameless BUY THIS TO MAKE IT BEARABLE adverts.

    I wanted to upgrade my character in ANY way, because well, the whole point of an MMORPG is character development and so I figured there are two ways I could do it: lucky drops of gear and crafting, probably a combination of both. Well that was a disappointment!
    There are no good drops and the whole crafting system is absolute bull-.
    There are also some weird items now I have to harvest in dungeons and a whole new bag needed just for that. I need to finish ridiculous "crafting quests" for basic things like crafting splintered gems, like seriously??

    There are two main problems of Drakensang:
    1. greed
    2. content

    1. "Free to play - pay for fun" games are worst type of games there are and drakensang is one of it. I saw the forum is active and concluded that isn't the case anymore, so I've returned to play again. What a disappointment! There should be some moderation when deciding what to charge money for, but this game takes it much too far.
    2. The problem with content is the growing number of aforementioned "weird" items, currencies, systems for anything you can do in the game. It's all a cheap way to cram in "new" things and call it a day, also ties in with shopping, since new systems always bring some new "optional" way to spend money, eh?
    New content is NOT taking a perfectly fine system, turn it from easy and simple to a complex mess, time consuming and a boring chore.

    Playing this game feels like running in circles while money is flying out of my pockets. Buy hey at least everything looks pretty!
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  9. Talaby

    Talaby Someday Author

    Desert of Essences event. when does the event come?
  10. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    And will we get sufficient Carmots for our needs and desires or will it be a disgusting tease that only the top end players will get _enough_? (Like the current Realm Frag Looters Fortune where most players aren't getting much of any frags.)?

    I was a new player the last time there was Desert of Essences and I have very bad memories of it. It was a slaughter fest and I was what was on the menu.
  11. Hiddenachievement

    Hiddenachievement Forum Greenhorn

    well, new infernals... the amounts of stats we need to reach are insane... here is a pic of me with 106994 block its not even 80% on infernal 7.... i was able to reach for some seconds 128325 and guess what that is enough. only 130k block to reach 80% i bet with critical strike works the same thing. u know sometimes im curious about bp developers, they dont know their game? if we need to focus on one stat to reach 80% what will happen with the rest? i hear from many players say that they need to put critical in their helmet etc ... so thats the point of the relase? to roll us back while we were still noobs? this company make everything possible to waste the time of old players so new ones can catch up. even those events with crap rewars like locker expansion nobody need except new players. a game must be rewarding for anyone not only the ones who start now. that way everyone will lose his interest someday , its not fun rolling back everyone who worked hard to achieve something. all of our work goes to the trashcan everytime.
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  12. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    Rolled back like a train, indeed :D

    But, as I remember, newbies "catching up with OP players" was the goal few RLs ago ...

    Nevermind, I can hold on that, I play what I get (f2p), but still I always note if I see a bug, big one, unexplainable etc.

    This one burns :

    My first daily log, picked daily q and deals and went New Moon inf 5 via white spider and ice lair ...

    I had enough frags to enter inf 6 (to farm for inf 7 frags), but I had to change cloak for I6+ farm and replace COH with FSSC (Crit hit for dmg).

    Sell i5 loot and immediately I've clicked on FSSC I've got a daily deal notification!?!

    If i died on inf 5 (I wasn't), I had enough spirits (mighty) + freemium activated, haven't click on a daily offers *(shop) etc.

    I looked at my daily deals and not only that I got bronze dd, I've "spent" much more:


    And as always, I'll say - not a "biggy", but I would really like to know what happened !
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