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    Heroes of Dracania,

    The descendant of Orpheus from the Heart of Atlantis, Jesse O’Barker, has arrived in Kingshill. He is exchanging valuable items for Community Coins that you can obtain via the newly added Live Stream event.
    The version also contains several player ideas from our Discord as well as smaller improvements and bug fixes.
    Have fun with the release and see you in Kingshill!

    Changes / New

    • Auto-pickup
      • Enabled auto-pickup for key items for Premium and Deluxe users
        • Key items that already had auto-pickup enabled, are still auto-picked up without having a Premium or Deluxe membership active
    • Events
      • Live Steam Event
        • The Live Stream Event has been added
    • Trader
      • Jesse O’Barker is now available in Kingshill
    • Currency Bag
      • Community Coins have been added to the currency bag
    Player Suggestions

    • Amphorae
      • Nearby Festive Amphorae are now displayed on the minimap
      • Nearby Golden Festive Amphorae are now displayed on the minimap
      • Nearby Cursed Amphorae are now displayed on the minimap
    • Auto-pickup
      • Enabled auto-pickup for ingredient items (for example yarn and cores)
    • Parallel Worlds
      • The Lesser Rune of Materi Blessing can now drop from the Parallel World Treasure Chest
        • 1% Drop Chance from normal chests (Painful – Infernal IV) and 5% Drop Chance from golden chests (Infernal V-VII).
    • GUI
      • All dungeon entry windows and confirmation and notification windows can now be closed by pressing ESC
    • Dragan - Curse of the Black Knights
      • Cadoc will now be shown on the minimap

    Bug fixes

    • Crafting
      • An issue where the Golden Horn Cap was not available for any crafting method has been fixed
    • Mounts
      • An issue where using the smelter caused the player to unmount, has been fixed
    • Bosses
      • Mortis
        • An issue where some classes were able to stun Mortis, has been fixed
    • Monster
      • An issue where some Death knights in the Ocean of Bones, were able to use teleport without having the enchantment active, has been fixed

    Community Coins

    image1.pngSome of you might have already heard of the Community Coins – a new currency that comes with release 234. This new currency can be obtained via future bonus codes, the Live Stream Event or other community-related activities.
    Jesse O’Barker

    image2.pngThe new community trader, Jesse O’Barker, arrived in Kingshill. Exchange your Community Coins for valuable items.
    Live Stream Event


    The Live Stream Event is one of the ways to obtain Community Coins. It will run when Jesse and Hansen have one of their live streams.

    How do I get progress during this event?
    There are many ways on how to collect progress for the stream event that can be activated by Jesse and Hansen during the live stream.

    Infernal 15
    Infernal 26
    Infernal 37
    Infernal 48
    Infernal 59
    Infernal 610
    Infernal 715
    Worthy Bosses

    All worthy bosses in Dracania can drop progress depending on the chosen difficulty mode.

    Worthy Opponents

    Playing with Jesse will also enable a progress drop from worthy opponents.
    Bonus codes

    There is also the possibility to earn progress given out via bonus codes.
    A Secret Enemy

    It is also possible that a very strong secret enemy appears in the Secret Lairs that can be entered after defeating a Parallel World boss or an event boss. Defeating this enemy will grant a lot of progress for the event.​
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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