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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jun 24, 2020.

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  1. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    Its unfair for people who dont THINK! Why set it for Kip, if Vos is in the map??? Cmon, man!
  2. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    The others just don't spawn. It must be a bug.
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  3. couda22

    couda22 Forum Commissioner

    It is a bug. The other 3 monsters have zero spawn chance.
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  4. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    I state that now the releases are made only exclusively of events and little else, it would have been more appropriate, to close this development that aims to survive for too many months and release the new expansion.

    Small off topic, I always watch the releases of new games with greater interest and what I see is very interesting. My advice before the competition takes off your shoes and works seriously on the game so as not to lose the few users who remain!

    That said and after the worst dragan event ever. Anything that comes out even the least worst is best!

    The pre-event is easy to perform and requires few resources and time. Obviously I don't know if it will be worth it in the end as the prize is a currency to spend in the main event!
  5. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    maybe...bc ppl have life/job/school etc and don't play 10h/day to farm enteries?
    every EVENT should be prepered for all players not only p2w or nolife's
    dso kid?
    try play some others games, where event is an EVENT not grind festival or p2w joke
    i start play dso hmmm in 2014? i never had so much problems with doing events like in last few months
    idk i don't play on stable serv so idk what can i find there
    1 u need enteries
    2 ok
    3 what if sb don't have premium? and he can refresh daily 10x+ times and he can don't find this boss/miniboss.
    4 ok
    5 what rewards? u see there any rewards? i don't see it. are u mean event progress? its event progress not an reward(and in event progress u don't have any reward. There are only stacks of new money and u even don't know what u will can buy for this money xd enything valuable or only a rubbish).
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  6. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Forum Veteran

    - for coins during festival (50 summer coins) I think are 2 (one a day)
    - 3 from festival progress
    - you miss fishing rod
    and peharps pigs but I found only things for Sewer event (valve, essences, etc)
  7. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    Dude do U even LISTEN 2 Ur narly self? I ask 1 thing U answer something COMPLETELY different:
    My Question: How is this event pay to win?
    Ur Answer: "maybe...bc ppl have life/job/school etc and don't play 10h/day to farm enteries?"

    -Kids! Pls follow next week when I ask:
    Why is water wet?
    and KulawyMao will answer:

    Nope! Its fine that U still believe in Santa and stuff! But Im in this game BECAUSE NOTHING COMES FOR FREE HERE!!!
    -Its been this way since the game started in open beta more than 10½ years ago, and its still like that! The very fact that U havent picked up on this after that long says NOTHING bout BP, but EVERYTHING bout U!

    Yeah but this is NOT feedback on "the last few months" this is feedback on r236! Pls keep up!
    Yes things are given for free in other games like in WoW! True!
    -thats why I dont play WoW!
    -THAT IS WHY I PLAY DSO! Cuz U gatta WORK FOR UR STUFF HERE! Im proud of what I made on my acc, because it wasnt just given 2 me like they do on WoW! I had 2 GRIND HARD 2 get what I have now, and that makes me PROUD of what I have gotten in this game! Its one of the JOYS that comes w playing this game! IMHO this game has been on the wrong road in a LOT of events here in 2020, true! BUT THIS EVENT IS DIFFERENT! ITS NOT P2W!

    So still want free stuff without doing nothing but sit here and cry? Follow Ur own advice and go play WoW or something then...

    Thats gunna be on U! But I will call these events as I see them! And I refuse 2 call an event P2W if its really NOT! And this is NOT! Want BP 2 take Ur feedback srsly? BE SRS ABOUT UR FEEDBACK!

    Its that simple! Just pooring pure HATE on BP will accomplish NOTHING! Being HONEST however will!

    Me neither! -It was shown on DSO Stream! Go look on twitch! The vid is still there!

    Yep! Which U can farm easy! Besides after day 1 U only need 5 per day! I have allrdy farmed 200+ entries! U actually get 2 entries for free each day so U just need 2 farm 3 more! ANY1 can manage that!

    After doing Dragan where we all got several months of prem for free, unless U lived under a rock, so all of us have it rn! :)
    Again WATCH DSOstream on Twitch! Or actually READ my posts even!!!!
    -The rewards comes once the "preparation" is over and the actual event starts in a few days!

    Dude.... yes, U can play this game for free! But if U play it year after year like U claim and dont support by at least buying prem from time 2 time! Ur just a freeloader!
    Playing a game for that long without paying is like... a public pool! -U still have to pay to use a public pool! And why should U pay like evry1 else is doing??
    -Cuz U still want 2 use the pool!
    -Cuz U wanna swim in fresh, clean water!
    -Cuz U want an on duty lifeguard etc...


    Its not rocketscience!:rolleyes:;):)
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  8. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    Dude, I have been reading these forums, and have struggled through so many of your posts. I am not the grammar police but did you ever stop to consider, people may respect you more if you stopped writing words using numbers? I mean, your posts are long enough that you don't need to use text-speak abbreviations and make yourself look like an unintelligible monkey when you type. I'm surprised the mods haven't banned you because you write like a 7 year old that was taught to speak by chimpanzees.

    That said, I think both sides have valid points here. Yes, there is a huge P2W aspect here and at the same time yes, you are right, if you have many hours in a day you can grind to win. The problem (and what makes you look like a trolling shill) is that while most players are upset with the direction BP is taking this game (Their lies, their insults, their money grubbing, their overall disrespect for the people who plan AND the people who play) is that you come to this forum and all you do is defend them. While defending them, you insult every other player on this board that makes their opinion known. Your form and etiquette are almost as bad as your grammar and typing because rather than contribute to the discussion, you just seek to troll and flame, making you worse than useless to anyone but BP.

    People here are justifiably upset with the dumpster fire BP management has turned this game into. You yourself have some complaints but those are dwarfed by your odd desire to make people see what a cunning and smart player / grinder you are. The problem is, no matter how good you think you are at the game (and I'm sure you have a fair bit of skill and intuition) whenever you get behind the keyboard to insult other players, you insult yourself with your moronic nonsense.

    But good luck to you. When you are the last one left on an empty server, and come to post on an empty forum about a game that died because management held you up as their shining example of what the players actually want, you won't just be alone in your mom's basement, you will be alone on the internet as well, and that is going to e so very scary for you.
  9. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    Please dont talk about stuff you have absolutely no clue about.

    As an active player in the game you mentioned since more than 7 months now you have absolutely ZERO, NULL idea about that.
    In DSO mindless zombie-like grinding for 20h/d is rewarded, which is not hard but time consuming, while in the game you mentioned you are rewarded for your skill (you cant do harder content without a proper understanding of game and class mechanics), smart time management and overcoming the hard challenges eg. mythic plus (which is infinitely scaling difficulty of the dungeons but past +15 you dont get better items so higher difficulties are like inf5 with items from fatal), raids (lfr, normal, heroic or mythic / mythic being the pinnacle of difficulty, it takes tens or hundreds of pulls to just kill the boss when you're progressing) or PvP (which is purely skills based, maybe current patch bonuses make it less about skill and more about RNG but its just this patch as they decided to try something entirely new which sometimes backfire). World first guild had their first kill of last boss of current raid tier on mythic after more than 300 pulls! You get a raid tier with about 10ish unique bosses, with unique mechanics, in unique surroundings every patch. You have so much stuff to do and you are rewarded not for playing insane amount of time daily which isnt hard but simply gatekept from people that have lives, families, jobs or hobbies just to create a false sense of "elitism" but for how smart and skilled you are which is why you ARE elite!

    So dont talk about something you are clueless about, please.

    There is a reason why DSO is in a state of its demise while the game you mentioned has millions (yes, multiple - latest data I found says 3.5 million unique players with active subscriptions) of active players but I guess you being happy makes it all good. You will definitely cover all of the financial needs of entirety of DSO team :) DSO peaked with level 45 and since then we were witnessing the downfall of a, once upon a time, great game. Lv 50 was great and aesthetically, lore wise and content pleasing but then we got crafting that pretty much broke the game. Difficulty levels (not bad) with new tiers 1-3 (bad) that broke the game even further. Since then we're suffering from content drought (Qaizah was not an expansion and never will be - it was a failed event made permanent). Lv 55 with base stats broke the game even more. Runes that broke the game even more. Infernals (that btw, probably will be removed with content expansion LOL) that broke it even more. Cores aka stats transfering that broke it even more. No new skills or interesting items, gamechanging sets, since 5 years now (lv 50 was released in august 2015!). Jewels, colored royals (improved --> legendary) that broke it even more. All of the items we're getting are old unique items rescaled to lv 55 or new items that are garbage and unusable. The absolutely unacceptable and insane grind on the events since more than a year now. All you get is temporary maps that you might or might not revisit while in the game you mentioned 90-95% of the content that is released is permanent.

    All of that is why DSO has tops 10k active players (with probably even less of people who get stuff done like gold during LB seasons, events, etc) while the game you mentioned has 3.5 million :rolleyes:

    Your logic is absolutely flawed. We're in the situation where:

    - DSO is an ATC (air traffic control)
    - There's multiple crashes and hundreds of people either dead or injured daily on the runway
    - There was a day without a crash
    - You are saying "look there was a day without a crash! HOW GREAT IS THAT"

    whis is why people ridicule you and your opinion and this is zooming right past you. You're unable to realize that. The game spiraled out of control and you in fact ARE a part of the problem due to praising (not even great but at most not as terrible) fuctions/events etc.

    You think I dont care? Why do you think I would spent hours on this rotted forum or their silly discord? Ah yes "haters that dont play the game". If that's CM's attitude then this game is simply doomed and no amount of (btw its silly that 2013/14 character has to be bring back to life in some shape or form to even create a resemblence of hype, kind of speaks volumes about recent work doesnt it?) Sargon themed content expansion will save it from the inevitable failure. People want to be treated with dignity. People want a change of attitude. People want to be listened to. People want more freedom aka not being bound to 1 character because now you cant even have 2 active chars that's how much grind is required. People want less grind and more challenge (aka less brute force spam and more "how do I approach this"). All of us loved this game at some point and there's a reason why people are unhappy. Its not just people "hating" for the sake of "hating" and if CM is unable to grasp this concept and dumbs it down to people "hating" on the game then there's just nothing else to be said.

    All the people who did that, including you, should be banned (either temporarily or permanently) for the "exploitation of game mechanics for their own advantange".

    Also it speaks volumes about the event if the only way to make it profitable was to abuse alt-chars for the guaranteed reward :rolleyes: Which just proves my mindless, zombie-like grind argument.
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  10. KotBogomot

    KotBogomot Forum Apprentice

    I got 14 days of premium which are already gone :) Several months ?
  11. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Don't expect reason from someone hellbent on defending this game at all costs, for no reason at all.
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  12. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    maybe bc if u don't buy enteries for mm aka $$ u need to play few hours per day? most ppl don't have so much time bc they are working/have families etc?
    nope it's not fine.
    EVENT is an EVENT so u should get some staffs from there in low amount of time etc not grind festival
    gring festiwal u have on ranq/q/upgrade stones etc

    as i wrote up. i play here from ~2014 and i see many diffrents events
    some of them needed many grind, some of them need some specific way to finish, some of them was to easy.
    but now u have all the events grind festival without any other way to finish without paying.
    maybe u should go to the work than u will see with what we have problem.
    its a game! not another 8h job ^;- its should be fun to play not only frustrated that every single event u cant finish without money
    now u have special enteries, u but it or u don't finish event if u don't play many hours per day
    next will be rats event = u don't finish him if u don't buy essences or if u don't play many hours per day
    next will be circus event = u don't finish him if u don't buy enteries or if u don't play many hours per day(bc u don't have time to farm RL to prepere for it)
    this is a GAME you should do everythink u need in max 2-3h playing per day not 5-10h per day.
    its a GAME not twich. i come here to PLAY not to watching some noobs on twitch.
    gg i was farminq ranq in weekend
    i do 2,5kk ranq = i get 15 enteries from 10-15h of playing fatal(2-3min full map) so gl
    normal ppl finish 1 bar(unlock all quest ) in 2-3 day of event = even if they do all dailys and do 2-3x 100 colours then will still need ~1,5progress to the end
    i have 290 red and 30 in this way even if i try and i will be farming in every free time what i have(i have some more than most of the ppl) it will be hard to finish this event for me. oh sry this isn't and event, this is only preparation for event.
    nice joke.
    1 this is exploid
    2 1 character do it in 2-3h
    3 1 character get 7days
    4 if u have several months of premium how much u play? 15h per day? gg for u
    5 for normal ppl it was hard to even finish 3/4 bar so how they can do several months of premmy?
    6 this is ur problem u write 'we all got' nope, its just YOU got it bc u play 15h per day
    again this is A GAME not STREAMING. so i will don't watch it like 99% of the ppl
    as i remember this game is FREE TO PLAY so why i should to pay? if i find sth i want to buy = i will buy it but i will never buy events progress ^;-
    again. this game is FREE TO PLAY so there isn't any reason to pay for anythink.
    again. this game is FREE TO PLAY and this is POLITIC OF BP
    and in other hand
    u call wow
    so how long support of wow repair bugs/exploids?
    how ofen they banned bugusers?
    how much maps u have there?
    how much mosters u have there?
    if u will ban every single ban users in few day. if u give me tons of map to farm and tons of diffrents monsters. if u give me tons of unique events i will think about paying
    for now many of single distibuted games are better than dso.(without graphic)
  13. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    The ONLY thing U got right in that post is that Ur arguments are mindless!:) Besides that, I am going to respect Ur request 2 stay silent!;)

    LooooL I wont! Pls tell me who it is whos defending this game! Cuz I know it aint me!:p

    Im not gunna answer Ur whole rant, cuz Ur so far of point that its tragic!
    I will however correct some of U graver mistakes:
    When i talk about DSO-stream I talk about BP's DSOstream where they share the news about this game! Im not referring to some random DSOstreamer! :cool::p:D
    Also before accusing sum1 of exploiting maybe actually READ the license-agreement?
    Calling people something BAD they are not is NOT what this forum is for!

    And finally Ill just leave U w this: So U dont pay at all is what Ur saying? And still U complain about some game that U play for completely free? :):):) Tell me: Do U also knock on strangers doors, and angrily tell them that the Lasagna they threw out last night, which U picked out of their garbagecan is 2 cold and 2 salty? :rolleyes::eek::rolleyes:
    Dude why not just jump in that free pool of Urs and drink up! :confused:;):confused:
  14. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    I never said my arguements my mindless but I guess your twisted understanding let you to that conclusion.

    My question is:

    Why bother saying anything when all you do is avoid questions alltogether?
    Why bother saying anything about the game you dont play or ever played for a split second when the moment somebody with experience shows up you just vanish or change the topic?

    Typical Karen :D

    You just got squatted on by somebody with experience so hard that you dont even know how to reply :cool:
  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

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  16. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    No, everyone didn't get months. I managed to finish the third bar and didn't have resources for the 4th. And I only got Premium for 7 days. Not even two weeks. Just one week.

    And your posts are soooo hard to read. Much of it makes no sense. Does "rn" mean "registered nurse"??? And thus how do you know KulawyMao's profession? You really need to go back to school and learn English.
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  17. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Yea, he's probably referring to a certain method whereby one utilizes twinks created solely for that event. Not sure if it worked, but it was described in the forum before...
  18. Inu

    Inu Junior Expert

    Someone know possible loot from these melon pug chest and summer solstice horse chest?? Is possible to drop solar coins from there?

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    I'll try to speak your language;

    LoooooooLLL OMG uR thinkinh BNW!!!! OFC I dont expect them to drop same amounts LOLLLLLL rnrn i ugoooboogooooaaaa

    Enough of that. Its pretty obvious the droprate is about 9 to 1 compared red to green. Couldve been a bit more of the same.
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  20. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    *sigh* Im gunna explain 1 last time then... but as usual U guys prolly dont get it cuz U are so close-minded, but here goes:

    1. I am NOT defending BP in my posts! BP has a LOOOONG history of lies & deception & even theft! Many of the things and MANY of the changes they make I DO NOT AGREE WITH! (Just 2 make sum examples: RF-drop-nerf was explained with people having 2 many RFs in players inventory across the servers! BP officially said the nerf was made to accomodate this and make the game "more fair" for evry1... That was a downright LIE!!!
    -what they shouldave done was ban them botters that had all these RFs in their inventory, cuz no normal player I have spoken with had an excessive amount, not even the socalled "superfarmers" with no life! We are ALL starving not having enough RFs to play events right now, and its only gunna get worse at the end of July!
    Next BP stated that they would in the future make LESS events that had a need 4 RFs!
    That was another downright LIE!!!
    -They changed Stellar Gold and made that eat peoples RFs even more!
    -The made DoE, also an event that requires RFs! etc..)
    And as I have allrdy stated MANY time in my previous posts MANY events here in 2020 has been P2W! -and when I say "MANY" I mean WAY MORE than usual!

    2. An event is NOT a free giveaway! This is 1 of the things I STILL LIKE! This is 1 of the reasons I still play this game! In most cases when theres an event U get a choise:
    Option A: U can chose 2 pay extra in DSO and then have a moderate workload in order 2 get the rewards that event offers!
    Option B: U can chose NOT 2 pay extra in DSO and then work HARD in order 2 get the rewards that event offers!
    As I allready said; this is why Im still in this game after more than 10 Yrs! Cuz Im NOT a hard payer! I pay for Prem and sometimes Deluxe, but its been Yrs since I payed for my last load of Ander! But the only way I get an attire or things of that nature is if a viewer donates it 2 me! I do NOT have the money 2 buy stupid stuff like that!
    (and again: YES, BP offers so much STUPID STUFF, that is just so WORTHLESS that words cant even explain it! As an example of that, just look at the attire offered this event, but not given untill the "hotfix" that did NOT even fix the most important problem: People who bought it on a specific toon will now ONLY get the attire on that toon if thats the toon they log in2 first! So many people will once again be cheated by BP! And BP cares so little they dont even put a warning sign on the client frontpage, where it belongs! They HIDE IT HERE ON FORUM, and instead use the client frontpage for STUPID stuff that has NOTHING 2 do w DSO like BLM, but lets not go there again)
    Back on point: I LIKE that what I get in this game I work HARD for! Nothing comes easy!
    Its been this way since the start of DSO and it has been the same way ever since!

    3. What U guys dont get is that this event is WONDERFULL! ITS SUCH A NICE CHANGE FROM MOST EVENTS RECENTLY! Thats partially cuz many of U dont know and dont yet see the rewards from it cuz the event is brand new and we are still in the prep-fase! And why is it wonderfull?:p:p:p
    A: This event is not grindy! BP has made SO many nerfs in recent events, its actually refreshing 2 have an event thats not supergrindy and that evry1, payer or nonpayer, has a chance 2 complete within a resonable amount of time! (1hr or less per day)
    B: This event is for evry1 as U dont get more drops, just cuz Ur stronger!
    C: This event is the first event EVER I can remember where U choose the rewards U want and need the most! (no more more stupid books of knowlegde U dont need, or stupid inventory space U dont get cuz Ur maxed, or stupid endgame uniques U dont need, cuz U just turned 55 etc):eek:
    D: Yep! Ofc the people who grinds or pays the most will get the most stuff! Cuz thats only fair! I KNOW, that a lotta spoiled brat-trolls will come out of the woodworks as they allwayz do and say the same thing they allways do: "I want my free eventstuff, and I want it NOW! I dont want 2 work for it, I dont wanna pay for it, I just want it cuz I exist!":confused:

    4. This event is not P2W! There really is nothing 2 pay for (yet! There will ofc be shortcuts once the actual event starts, cuz BP has got 2 make money, which is only natural! They ARE a business! They do NOT work like Santa who gets payed in something called "cristmas spirit" gimme-a-break-here) Thers a few things U can poor Ur money and Ur ander in2 if U REALLY dont like how thick Ur wallet and Ur skull is, but paying 500 ander for a color and then make that 10-1 colorchange? Or real money for an attire that gives basically no advantages? Or 2500 ander for 5 tickets and 25 of each color? Cmon who in their right mind does that?
    -So all of U who says: "This event is P2W!" either show me an example of that (like I have asked 4 like 5 times now)! CUZ IN THIS EVENT FOR ONCE, THERE IS NONE! Or STOP LYING! -leave that part 2 BP! They so bad at lying, they at least make me smile evry time they try!:);):p

    So most will prolly still dont get it, :rolleyes: they will just attack me personally cuz they dont have any real arguments... But at least I have now done my best 2 give feedback (which IS what this tread should be about, instead of calling me names, getting personal and just in general dont respect the fact that not all people have the same opinion as U do, nor do we all have the same way of expressing ourselves, but HEY! -thats not my problem!;););))
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