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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jun 24, 2020.

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  1. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    I know I'm a bit late but here's my colorful ratio :D


    And about actual event - I've survived all entries in mini game and i spend ALL tickets for blue and green items + few rods = joke!
    I don't have tokens for even one try for horse(pet is useless)

    btw - Since hotfix 2 (maybe 1, who knows) - colors couldn't be changed(craft) in a workbench and there where no recepie to buy!
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    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    Gotta say Its nice we can choose our rewards. Minigames are bit lame and think everyone does the surivive 60secs since the other 2 are just impossible.
  3. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    Now that prep is over and the actual event is here, this is my opinion.

    Being able to buy only 1 token per day in an event that is less than 3 days, coming into it with 7 tokens from the prep phase doesn't give me time to open even one of the chests, so this forces me to gamble with the mini events. Limiting the token purchase needs to end.

    The rewards are ok. Fishing is fun and ranges from worthless trash I will never use, to a couple of gems and oddly enough, a Dragan Emblem Ring (I won't use it but still was a fun drop. Limiting the purchase on fishing rods is stupid and annoying. The purchase limits need to be removed..

    Meanie Brawl, would be better if they spawned all at once and you had a chance to kill them all. As a DK it is sometimes tricky to go after 1 opponent with high movement speed and health, especially when that opponent spawns right before the clock runs out. It feels like I am being cheated by BP instead of having my skill tested.

    The treasure chests, I tested once with my alt. The first chest I locked in was the wrong one, so I won't be playing that game of 3 card Monty again.

    Arena of endurance gets it done, with health buffs and blocking gear on but its not really very fun or challenging. Figure out the survival method, rinse, repeat, and hope for a token.

    All of the above represents a marginal improvement over the standard BP regurgitation of frustration but lets talk about the real scam, the progress bar. In order to make progress on the event bar you either have to spend ander, or spend real world money on the attire. There is simply no other way to progress. This isn't even pat to win, this is the very definition of pay to play. This simply cannot be disputed, and is just another pretty scummy cash grab by BP.

    Good job as always guys :)
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  4. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    No, it doesn't.
  5. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    You disagree, and say it doesn't. Why do you feel this way? I understand your concerns about people having excessive coins and making excessive purchases but for this event, do you think this is likely?

    The reason I feel that it does is, look at the two rewards one can purchase with 20 tokens. Are they all that game changing? Will someone suddenly become OP if they open both chests? Also, when you look at the total number of solar coins an average player has, and can possibly earn during the course of this event, many (not all but many) would have to choose between buying enough tokens to open the chest they want, or buying items from the vendors. My thought process is, this is limitation enough to the average player.

    One last thing, and I know this has been beaten to death in various posts but let's say someone farmed and completed the preparation progress bar and they only need a few more tokens to be able to open a reward chest. But unfortunately, due to family or work obligations, they can't punch the daily DSO clock and login every day. So even though they have the resources, even though they put in the time to earn those resources, they are unable to spend those resources on their chosen reward because they have less available time to play?
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  6. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    I agree! ...with the Mivel-guy!
    This event is so wonderfull, and the rewards are so AWESUM, and the fact that we get 2 choose what our rewards is gunna be is even more AWESUM! TY BP!
    And Aslan? No it doesnt! Did U really expect that any version of Premiumday like this event is was gunna be comepletely free? Well it actually is! So be gratefull for that!

    -Yes! OFC U still get more stuff if U pay, thats how it should be! But even F2P gets GREAT stuff here! -Hows that unfair?
    -NOPE! if U dont have time 2 play when the event is on, U dont get the rewards from that event! -Hows that unfair?

    Now... as for the rest of July, thats where the real problem lies!

    Sewerevent is going 2 be unplayable, unless Ur P2W!
    DTU the same cuz all legit players are out of RFs now!

    But this event that can be played by all and BOTH F2P and P2W gets rewards is GREAT! MORE like this in the future pls!
    No they dont! If that EVER happend, abuse would OFC follow, and we would have 2 have another "ban-hammer"-demand on our hands from people seeing others w full runes + gems + loads of other stuff!
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  7. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    lol I still do not agree with you, but you make good points. There are arguments to be made for, and against.
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  8. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Gotta hand it to BP, they created a great cure for insomnia, not a great event though.
  9. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    They should fix the way the tokens are distributed and not just sell them for event currency.

    Most of the tokens require either paying money (pack&progress), paying andermants (shady jon&possibly progress), extreme luck (treasure hunter) or using secondary event resources (festive amphoras). While secondary event resources (like in blackborg for a broom) or extreme luck (same example can be used) are OKish and event currency and of course event gameplay are the correct way to do it, the fact that you have to pay to get some of the event rewards doesn't sound ok. That said, one of the chests can be opened with a bit of luck without paying a single andermant, but it is still... shady.

    Now, while I'm at it, I have to give some positive (and some more negative) feedback.

    + completly new event
    + some new mechanics
    + good art work (subjective)
    + rewards can be chosen by player (big +)
    + isn't as grindy as some of the last events have been
    + rewards are quite good
    + preparation doesn't have to be 100% completed to get a good bunch of rewards

    - extremely repetitive (big -)
    - not offering any interesting challenges (no skills? really? make the mobs respawn on kill (like training dummies on arenas), but taking away the skills just dumbs it down too much)
    - daily dose of playing (and not that little one) required to finish the preparations (so that one virtually can't make up for what was lost on the last day)
    - amphora keys (or crazy grind) virtually required to complete the preparation
    - clearly uneven dust drops (so we're getting more of this and less of that, effectively leaving us with a few hundreds of useless dust)
    - one of the minigames is not really doable (make us kill more of the gremlins, but also make way more of them spawn)
    - one of the minigames depends on luck only (or some shady cheats, I've heard people've got a way to "check" chests prior to locking them) too much (make us have to kill a wave of mobs of increasing difficulty for every failed chest or something like that)

    So, ultimately there's something new and theoretically interesting, but there's still lots of things left to polish... with extra coarse sandpaper.

    I didn't have time to specify anything when I was writing the sentence. Anyways, I'll repeat: making us buy it is not the solution, and I'm pretty sure they'd up the price of a token if they removed the limitation.
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  10. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    XD I still dont get U, I know Ur not alone on this, but where is all this GREED cmin from? Why the obsession w getting evry new thing IMMIDIATLY?
    -I LIKE the fact that U have 2 make a choise if U play like I do! As I have allrdy stated, Im a MILD payer! Im somewhere between F2P and P2W! I do think that a game I play this much, Im obligated 2 support in some way financially, but my money is TIGHT, so all I can do is buy Prem and sometimes Deluxe! And Im good w that! This means that I have 2 CHOISES as I said, this time I had 2 make the choise between the horse and the pet, cuz there aint no way I can get both RN!
    -As I said, my financial situation does not allow me 2 get it all RN, and 4 me thats just FINE! Actually its better than fine for several reasons:
    #1: Other people are interested in that mount and that pet, even though allmost the only changes they bring 2 Ur personal gameplay is cosmetic! So people keep playing and some even keep paying, which brings me 2 reason...
    #2: BP gets payed, so they can keep this game afloat! I may not care about BP nor their methods of doing buisness, but I do care about DSO!
    #3: Hey... it gives me something 2 look 4ward 2 next Yr when the event comes back; I will then get the horse I couldnt afford this Yr!

    This is how this game was 10 years ago, this is how this game is now!
    -if U want ALL the pets and all the horsies and all that blingbling that dont really matter, then PAY 4 IT!
    -if U cant pay, then U hafta grind HARDER than the people paying!
    Which leads 2 the next obvious statement:
    -This is a GRINDgame!!!
    People come here prepared 2 do repetitive stuff! And nope! Its NOT allwayz fun doing tha SAME thing owa n owa!
    -now... I cant speak 4 others, so Ill just speak 4 me:
    I do it, cuz I LIKE how strong this grind has made my char owa tha Yrs!
    I take PRIDE in the fact that my char is legit!

    Now 4 tha LUV of whateva deity U prefer sum1 PLEASE, PLS PLSPLSPLS explain 2 me, why have U turned the forums in2 a cryfest for babies?
    Why are like 90% of the posts in here now this:

    -"I dont wanna GRIND!" -so dont! Its allwayz UR choise! -But remember: This IS still a grindgame!
    -"I dont wanna PAY!" -so dont! -but dont expect 2 get the same blingbling as the people who do!
    -"I was FORCED 2 cheat!" -NOPE! U CHOSE that, cuz U SCUMMY 'n' destructive! And by cheating Ur ruining it 4 ALL of us!
    -"I dont have time 2 get all the blingbling, cuz I have a REAL life!" -Good 4 U! Then go live it!
    -"I just wanna sit on the forums and cry my eyes out!" -PLS dont! No1 wants 2 see that face anyways!
    -"BP just wanna trick me in2 paying and now I cant afford 2 pay rent!" -LooooL yeah! Thats what they do! They are NOT NICE PEOPLE! -did U really not allrdy know this? Dude they sometimes sell purple items T0 in bundles at 20.000+ andermant! They would sell their own family if sum1 were willing 2 pay 4 it, but who wants a used BPfamily anywayz?

    ...Yeah I know I have ranted on and on... -And Miwel? This aint all on U, buddy!
    Im NOT saying, Miwel, that U are crybaby, nor am I saying that all U post is cry-posts!
    -but when I look through all these feedbackpages, most posts in here are irrellevant!
    -and if we want BP 2 listen 2 what we players REALLY want, we gatta STOP! Not just some of us, if we wanna be heard, we ALL gatta STOP! -Even me! I gatta STOP ranting! People in general gatta STOP being crybabies!

    ...And once we all have taken a DEEEEEP BREATH, we should start focusing on how 2 make this game better 2gether...
  11. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    I agree that this event is not as bad as many other events we had and i think it has some potential to be really good, if they bother to fix the issues.
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  12. AngryMOB

    AngryMOB Forum Apprentice

    the rats are ON! but still rather low drops!
  13. NSDT-returns

    NSDT-returns Someday Author

    Well this event ended to be one of the most worth it event I ever saw.
    Pre-event was decent since you could clear it by doing it 20 minutes daily + a few hours aside to finish in the end.
    The big question was HOW WORTH WILL THOSE SOLAR COINS BE

    Well I never expected them to be worth more than a clover which they ended to be.
    It's kinda great, ridiculous and sad at the same time
    GREAT because we got 5000-8000 clover worth in mounts for like less than 10h total farm
    RIDICULOUS because we could get the 5 SOI and the 3 chests wthat come with it so cheap
    SAD because those had to be hard farmed mounts and they

    About the minigame event, prices of entries is nice, the idea is good BUT:
    arena of endurance is basically sit 60s near corner and get 35 coins + a few gems / items
    Meanie rumble is far too hard
    Chest opening is an unworthy gamble
    Fishing is non interactive
    => we get a lot of coins that are worth it but it's not interactive
    => those minigames need to be reworked (waves ina rena of endurance)
    => add a group minigame too

    In the end, totally worth event not requiring absurd amount of grind, good ideas overall with the mini-system. Mini need rebalancing + prices have to be adjusted.
  14. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Ok yes the main event is kinda corny and silly. But thank you bigpoint an event that you don't have to grind 10 hours a day on half dozen progress bars. Only had to play an hour or two each day to have fun. My friends and I have enjoyed this for the most part. Thnx
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  15. Orange_George

    Orange_George Padavan

    the prep event was not to bad , i did finish it. but yeah the drops way out of whack.
    ended up with 925 yellow 518 purple 1045 red and 394 green , i did phesto's Q 4-5 times only.

    the real summer event was a flop for sure, with no way to get progress with out ander or real money i am 0/4000 and that's how it will stay!
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