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    Heroes of Dracania,

    This version contains some final adjustments for the upcoming Dracanian Anniversary Festival as well as minor bug fixes and improvements.

    DSO is wishing a happy 9th anniversary to everyone!

    Enjoy the Festival!​

    rel239 banner.jpg
    Changes / New
    • Events
      • Dracanian Anniversary Festival has been polished (more detailed info below)
    • Character Creation Menu
      • Some armor pieces of the characters in the Character Creation Menu have been replaced (more info below)
    • Player context menu
      • The “add as a friend” option will now be hidden when opening the player context menu for a player that is already on your friend list
    Bug fixes
    • Dracanian Anniversary Festival
      • Arenas
        • An issue with the hitbox sizes of some monsters not being correct, has been fixed
        • An issue with the run-animation of some monsters has been fixed
        • An issue with the Escape/Aggro Range of some monsters has been fixed
        • An issue with wrong immunity settings of some monsters has been fixed
      • Golden Piñata Truncheon
        • The tool tip has been updated (due to space constraints, we cannot display every single possible item from every Piñata in the tooltip, but the individual loot lists were already published in the official forums)
    • Monsters
      • An issue with Papan having the wrong rank in Oceanus' Opal Shrine has been fixed
    • Localization
      • Several localization issues have been fixed
    • Technical
      • An issue causing a permanent “308 redirect” using the 32bit client has been fixed
    Player Suggestions

    Dracanian Anniversary Festival Event
    • Pricing of Arena chips
      • The Crystal of Truth costs for Arena chips were slightly reduced
    • Performance issues when opening the arena chests
      • We reworked the coin drop stack sizes to avoid possible performance impacts when opening all chests one after another very quickly
    Note: The overall amount of coins being dropped was not changed​
    • Egg Openers from the final Arena Chests
      • We added Phestos’ Egg Openers to the Loot of the final Arena Chests. The amount scales with the difficulty
    • Community Coins
      • Event items are being offered from Jesse O’Barker, while the event is active
    Live Stream Event
    • Players asked to make the “Hansen” boss, that can appear in Event and Parallel World Secret Lairs, not only stronger but a real challenge. So his overall stats were increased and skills with stun and armor debuff chances were added. Have fun!
    Character Creation Menu

    image1.png image2.png

    Some armor pieces in the Character Creation Menu have been replaced with new pieces that are not obtainable in-game yet but will be very soon! ;)

    Can you spot all the differences?​

    image3.png image4.png

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