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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Feb 17, 2021.

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  1. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    There would be a nice hotfix to do because now you are no longer sure that a group of 5 will be able to enter the full boss room but rather split into two groups when that's okay!

    Another matter I still can't see the effect of the spiked shield for that most of the time I can't see anything and I would need a welding mask to save my eyes, I'll give you an example!


    Can you do anything by avoiding stupid nerfs?
  2. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Forum Great Master

    Hi is there a way to obtain mortis coins without having to do the event? like drop or quest or whatever? cos i don't want to spend time with this event more than spent it to do the main quest...

  3. Anyki

    Anyki User

    Hello Lambrusco,

    The only way to obtain the Mark of Mortis is currently from the Terrifying Shadows event. We do not know if that will change in the future.

  4. Sprokkel

    Sprokkel Junior Expert

    Hi, if all events are as impossible as we have been presented with them since Dark Legacy, then there is no DSO future anymore.
    Before OP players start posting youtube videos again to show that it is possible, not everyone has the equipment for this. Dso is more difficult than before, especially if you still have something to build. DSO also tries to encourage players to play in a group, but is not aware how difficult that often is if you do not have a fixed group.
    Quarrel and greed are what often plays within certain guilds and I often don't feel like it. Searching for a group is also difficult because it often falls apart within 5 minutes because strangers are often not attuned to each other. To have to play dso and then have to search for a group 9 out of 10 hours and be able to play for 30 minutes, I don't feel like that either. Being able to play dso independently should also be possible, but that chance has hardly been there since dark legacy.
    And why should players without a group or guild still have to play Dso if the events are no longer feasible.
    As now, it is actually not worth it anymore.
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  5. mestamer67

    mestamer67 Padavan

    Let's move on to the next one and I'm tired of listing all the horrors in this patch. Sargon drop zero, unbeatable mortis where all abilities don't work, crazy stuff. Collecting mortis coins forever. 10 blue jewels recipe not received.
    The wizard's shot close to the enemy does no damage, I have to move away to be able to kill him.
    Then put an announcement where you give the possibility to the players to recover their hero. I tell you that to those already canceled, others will be added and then still others until only your odd testers remain on the servers.
    I wonder will there ever be a patch where you will scream WOW? Since you've been around, I've been waiting for it for 4 years. Even today two more have left my guild because they have lost the desire to play.
    I didn't start playing this game to be a farmer and grow items to make another one, I like to see the yellow light up, that's emotion, but I haven't seen a single one from the bosses.
    I have a hope that I don't write it here, but I hope it comes true. INCOMPETENT IN THE PURE STATE.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2021
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  6. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Here is a novel idea
    Reverse the nerf on Realm Fragments , Ancient Wisdom , etc
    Instead of this being your daily Rewards Green Item 2000 Glyphs Green Item White Item Flawed Gem bag A Stack of Green Items.
    Try going for the old Daily Log In 250 Ancient Wisdom straight off the bat.

    I like this comment.
    Funny how there is some people so overpowered with in a month or 2 of the CE and 98% of the players are miles behind.
    Coincedence ? I Highly doubt it.
    Could say that some of these players are on 24/7 too. Although people that have been around long enough know what is going on here.
    Bigpoint won't do anything so there it goes.
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  7. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    These overpowered people are exploiters,botters, sharers and all other stuff but since they are heavy payers and friends of the CM, nothing has been done against them and nothing will be done against them.

    And then they try to come here and claim that the expansion was the best thing ever: of course it is the best thing ever, if you aren't affected by the punishment the game bestows upon you if you actually play the game.
    The game punishes people for playing the game, let that sink in.

    And as for you suggestions, i have suggested that before, i also remember the 250 daily wisdom that we got, however this was all removed and the suggestions were ignored and this proves that the devs are actively working to prevent normal players to actually progress in the game, to hide the fact that the "expansion" has no content to speak of( and yes, mindless grinding and attempting to fleece the players doesn't count as content, sorry).

    Patch r247 didn't fix anything, as usual.

    Also, did i mention that if for one second you get booted out of the game, you can actually lose the door to sargon's boss room?
    Bear in mind that this never happened in the past.

    Probably the managers, the real culprits behind this mess think this is content
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  8. Cenedouran

    Cenedouran Forum Apprentice

    I think the game has turned to horror
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  9. Javah

    Javah Forum Baron

    Good question. I've learnt that 6-bars version exists in game just reading messages in the region chat.

    Anyone knows how to unlock it?
  10. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Forum Great Master

    Hi @Anyki. Thanks for your answer. History shows us that this game have differents moments... like form M2 to Q6 and from having to collect coins to get to Mortis to having to kill knights and finally not having to do anything special... maybe in a future we won't need for those coins to face Mortis or maybe we can get them not having to do this event, but meanwhile this is not going to occur i'm gona leave this game here...

    Thanks for your time DSO
  11. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    I don't know from what point you unlock the 6 bar but with over 15k of objective points, I have that.
  12. Anyki

    Anyki User

    Hello Javah,

    The 6 progress bar version of the event is unlocked by having reached level 55 and completed the quest "Terrible is Back" prior to gathering any event progress. Once you start collecting progress on the 3 progress bar version, you will be "locked" into that version until the next re-run of the event. :(

    Last edited: Feb 22, 2021
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  13. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    If only...

    They don't even care about content or not, they only care about offers for lots of $$$ being available and then about as much crap and grind as possible, which is supposedly going to "force" people to buy those offers. Well...

    Now they saw the dropping numbers and they sent some clowns to bring the players back. Actually, I think they had their last chance with the CE. They failed, thus only downfall remains. I hope I'm wrong, but unfortunately I'm probably right.
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  14. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Mortis was last quest ?
    So if you are free to play or just play for fun that is your last free Andermants really.
    I will use what is left of my resources and walk away from this game too after 10 odd years.
    Bit of a shame.
    Sad part is this game back when I started you did not need money to play everything dropped Andermant Ancient Wisdom Realm fragments Gems.
    You did not NEED to Pay to Play, of course there were those that did and good for them that is what they wanted to do.
    NOW it seems like Bigpoint want to make this a PAY TO PLAY game, unfortunately your product is not good enough for the majority of us to waste our money on it.
    Could I spend on this game ? Yes easily, I have a very well paying job and am totally debt free.
    Will I spend on this game ? Nope never, I have thought about it from time to time , the nerfs of my character made me say nope you can [EDIT] OFF.
    I actually feel sorry for Premium players that log in and look at there dailies and go da [edit] is this.
    For me I log in, if they are just not worth doing, I chat to friends if they are doing something I go with them otherwise if no one is on which is now the majority of the time I log out.
    This is my last post in this forum, it is a waste of time honestly.
    For those that stay I wish you good luck.
    For the Drakensang development team well done you killed a great game, for the art team you guys always do a fantastic job well done,
    [content removed] :)
    Last edited by moderator: Feb 23, 2021
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  15. Elégedetlenkedő

    Elégedetlenkedő Active Author

    Full map dropp (infernal level)! Bruhahahahahah..... It's joke!

  16. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Old Hand

    Don't worry about it. I have 6 progress bars and there is nothing of value in them. Just a bunch of Mortis coins total waste of time.
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  17. mestamer67

    mestamer67 Padavan

    I forgot to omit the biggest mistake that is continually being made in this patch 247: the lack of bulk drops of the infernal passages.
    You just can't put it in that little head that if I drop a few infernal passages, finished those in 30 minutes, I quit the game because I farm 1 every 10 minutes, I don't like it.
    Knowing that the drop is zero and having no infernal passages, can you explain to me why I should play?
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  18. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    True, but they intentionally slow the progress to mask that the "expansion" actually was such a small expansion.

    In the end what did we get? We lost q6 and we got mortis as a final boss, a boss that we already had before.
    Now, if they put sargon, as a final boss, that i would have accepted.

    Yes, at this point they're going to kill the game off for good, but i don't really care, i don't profit off it, it's their business, not mine.

    i already tried to speak to one of their shills who pretended that god mode is apparently what a normal player experiences( too bad he didn't realize that there are few shills here and he got found out immediatly), i explained clearly what the issues were and of course my explanations and fairly simple solution fell on deaf hears, either they can't listen or refuse to listen.
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  19. cogix

    cogix Regular

    skipping all the other negative comment I posted before, I have something else to add:
    with the CE, this game is more group game.
    I tried to do the event into infernal mode with my DK, I did not die, but it took me a lot of time to kill the boss.
    In group with other players, even weaker than me, the boss was easier to kill and we did mercieless.
    I get it, share skill and bonus to other players, help each other.. bla bla bla but as right now, I don't find many people in the server or I find some group which I don't know who they are (I know I could sound a bit picky, but I like to play with players I know, at least I know how they play and they offer stones when you die)
    Kingshill is one of the major cities and there are 10 players there and most of them low lvl.
    Sometimes I wonder if someone in DSO really sees what is the reality of the game
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  20. SillySword

    SillySword Padavan

    About the R247, it does not fix the main bugs for my DK.

    1. crafting gems
    My DK got the achievement of "All These Gems III" but can't craft any Trapezoid gems and opals. When filter of workbench "Show only craftable items" is on, recipes of different level and gem type are randomly showed. I did see the re-booking recipes of R247 but those recipes did not go to my DK's inventory after receiving, nothing there, just empty or I rejected them in the booking windows?!

    2. guests
    My DK's main quest is jammed at "Lost in the Woods (2/4)". By trying many times, the 3rd map of Twisted Woods is always no maked stump with mushroom and only return to the 1st map. So "Hide and Seek (2/3)" is jammed too.

    There is a side quest in Tetaconetl. It does not count the number of killing specific monster. I think that the quest would work by redoing. There is no NPC offers the quest after I cancel the quest.

    3. Compendium
    My DK is at Act VIII - Chapter 1 (89/128).
    Open the "Compendium" tab in the Journal, ok.
    Clicking on "Act VIII - Shades of the Soul", ok.
    Clicking on "Chapter 1 - A Dark Heritage", ok.
    Clicking on "Shadow Portal 2.0 (1/2)", ok.
    Clicking on "Shadow Portal 2.0 (2/2)", ok.
    IF I click on "Shadow Portal 2.0 (1/2)" now, it shows the contexts of "Shadow Portal 2.0 (2/2)".
    That is clicking on quest N and showing the contexts of quest N+1. And the blinking color of quest N-1, N and N+1 are on by click on quest N.

    I don't know why the referencing of quests and contexts go wrong by browsing. Maybe that is why My DK's quests are jammed.

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