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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Feb 17, 2021.

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  1. Sayaa

    Sayaa Advanced

    Check.. maybe helps..

    --- MERGED ---

    Yeah good drop only on blood, farm mercilees, do daily, to get those enters.
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  2. WillM0

    WillM0 Forum Apprentice

    Thanks for the patchnote
  3. KARL31

    KARL31 Forum Apprentice

    Hello, I realize over time that certain class are not equal, the rings of Balor q5 do not have the same state in base value between the mage and the ranger, the life states are multiplied by 2 compared to we mages are a damage class and our base states aren't overvalued and that I don't think is fair. each class has more life than the mage but the mage does not do as much damage as all the other classes and that is not normal.

    I ask those that the base state of damage on equipment be raised the same with the unique value on the mage which is a class which is supposed to do the most damage in all the games which exist in the world ......but not on dso
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  4. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Commissioner

    Why do you care about the mage's damage? The mage's destiny is only to die, as you can see from the useless talent: Boodmage, devised by the developers ;)
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  5. KARL31

    KARL31 Forum Apprentice

    it's true the good days are over

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  6. marta1912

    marta1912 Forum Greenhorn

    I hope better times are coming after patches 246 and 247.
    Drop of gems is better, it is still long way to make some trapezoids, but now it is even possible.
    Special abilities of "Brigavik" set are fixed.
    But still is much more to be done to make this game "playable" again
    DSO said make bosses "more challenging" but they made them "discouraging". Nobody wants kill PW boss 20 minutes and finely gain no one unigue item.
    What about runs ? Why drop of runs is better on infernal then bloodshed and both very very low ? Please increase drop od runs, especially at highest difficulty. Now we have to choose go for gems to blooshed or for runes to infernal, but we need both. You made us so weak after Dark Legasy and it is really boring farm hours and hours for 2 or 3 runs.
    Unigue items from PW bosses ? Mythical thing, hard to believe it is really exists.
    And events ? We need runs, but DSO removed it from full moon and new moon, why ?
    Do somebody from DSO play this game ? Do somebody read feedback ?
    Many of players left this game after Dark Legacy. DSO please give us chance to be strong again and enjoy game. We like to play not to grind.


    100% agree.
    Mages have less health points than other classes and as we saw in "rocket event" we have lowest basic DMG. Guardian is now useless in bossfight, boss don't pay any attention to it and go direct kill us. I used to go kill PW bosses at infernal III alone, but times are changing :-(
    And DSO wonder why player don't like Dark Legacy.
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  7. Inu

    Inu Junior Expert

    Hello, you realise right.

    Please for god sake dont even try to compare ranger vs mage... just try to read description of your skills before you start spreadin these nonsense ***ts... becouse what you writed is total poop. Yes ranger have double HP base value on items... And thats all and only true in your missleadin post...
    Here are base stats on 100lv MAGE no equip runes wisdom pet essense
    50 400 base dmg
    165 000 health points
    Here are base stats on 100lv RANGER no equip runes wisdom pet essense
    29 400 base dmg
    345 000 health points
    So mages base dmg is almost double the ranger. Sameas rangers hp doubles mage hp.
    And you want too double base on ITEMS??
    When your skills can do this?
    Ok lets sumarized it...
    Singularity with q2 amulet(by pressing 1key)
    -110%mov speed SO BOSS IS LIKE STATUE BY PRESSING 1 KEY(even monkey can do that)
    -110%atck speed SO BOSS IS LIKE STATUE BY PRESSING 1 KEY(even monkey can do that)

    resistance are broken -78% for 8.0secs
    SPAM 472%
    (0mana cost) ICE DMG SKILL ON BOSS which is under double res. break -78% resist for 8,0sec from SINGULARITY
    -55% ice resist for 10sec from FROST NOVA

    TADADADADA SOLO boss is down under 30sec with not even mid game MAGE

    I have no more power to showin you what rangers skills are. But for sure try to turn on brain before you start spreadin these missleadin infos.
    Go check youtube and write there Q2 SOLO BLOOD MAGE and then Q2 SOLO BLOOD RANGER
    You will find out 95-100% of videos are mages kilin it solo with mid game chars.
    Ofc you find too DKs but DKs was so long bad(before CE) that they deserve some power now... mainly these which stayed till now.

    BTW that video you posted... If it was you so you cant play at all.(no offense just true)... right now mage can kill blood much faster than you did on video before ce on IV... Just try to read your skills... MAGE
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  8. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Your delusional. 99.9999999% of mages can't do 1/10th of that. Why don't you put up some realistic numbers like most of us have.

    A Sargon run solo on normal took me 35 minutes to compete with 2700 white ess of vigor and 3900 green light essence. 2 maps: over a half hour.

    Propping up the top 1 mage and claiming that we ALL need to be nerfed is ridiculous. I bet the top ranger and top Knight and top Mechanic can blow the top Mage out of the water, not that you would compare apples to apples. You just want to further make the game unplayable so that it actually does come to an end.

    You want to make a good argument, then start comparing the majority of players damages vs the ridiculously super duper mega OP shield and health of the BOSSES. Compare something that will actually help make the game better instead of killing the players.
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  9. Inu

    Inu Junior Expert

    [EDIT] these are my numbers on my alt char WAKE UP!!! If you killin as mage for 30min boss on norm then y doin somethin wrong:)) btw dmg numbers not important... these % are:))

    Here is random mage with no top gems. grey ess he can f2f(face to face) arachna bloodshed under singularity. which means static boss :)
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  10. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Dear Heroes. This is Release 247 feedback thread. Please kindly stay on topic and be nice and polite. Any off topic posts will be deleted;

    kind regards;

  11. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Bugs since 247 that are more noticeable
    Jewel for healing and raising rage is hit and miss, more miss than hit. -------> What is the point of farming something that does not work whenever you guys touch anything in the game.
    Reviving people in maps sometimes can not revive people. Especially mages in our parties. So have to use Andermant to revive nice waste of more resources.
    Bounce on entering boss maps eg Grimm Arachna Medusa etc Causing group to split, once again another waste of resources.
    These are just the obvious ones causing annoyance at the moment.
    When it becomes more annoying to farm than fun, your game gets the log out button.
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  12. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    U can revive all members in old way.
    Short click revive doesnt work if dead guy had bug with his dead - he's dead but his HP isn't '0'
    In this situation u can still revive him=inv-right click on stone-left click on dead body.
    This bug has few years
    But maybe u have other bug with revive Stones...
  13. Шотто

    Шотто Advanced

    Random mage?! Are you joking? He has 436k andermands and over 10 million gold. It's an old player with at least 203 wisdom level and very good gems (at least almost top onix gems) and runes which give him over 440k critics. It's a "top" mage. :) Show me the same perfomance with an average newly created mage who just reached 100 lvl few weeks ago and has around 30-40 wisdom level, no jewels and few low rarity runes.
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  14. GotAnswerz

    GotAnswerz Forum Apprentice

    [QUOTE="Reviving people in maps sometimes can not revive people. Especially mages in our parties. So have to use Andermant to revive nice waste of more resources.[/QUOTE]

    This is a very old bug. You can right click your Spirit Stones, and then click the player to rez them.
  15. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    This is a very old bug. You can right click your Spirit Stones, and then click the player to rez them.[/QUOTE]
    Ah yes, what a "solution", meanwhile before you're even able to do that, the mobs have already killed you, especially if you're in a boss room.

    Please, don't bother defending BP, it's pointless.
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  16. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    DK continues to be a bad support class because it's their bad idea!

    This is demonstrated by all those skills placed there at random, which are rendered null by a simple video of a wizard Op now with whites and who knows how many others with blue, purple, red and elementary essences!

    If you watch other videos but the truth is somewhere in between and the Rangers do their videos too, you find something less than DK and dwarfs.

    Obviously the game is all about damage and skill as seen in the video not stat defenses. So the more damage you have, the sooner you take out the boss and the easier it will be and the less you'll die.

    Once and for all BP balances damage and ability with equal opportunities for the classes, in this case watching videos of that type would not be a problem.

    Regarding you have bugs r 247 you have fixed some to create some worse ones.

    There continues to be the problem of the drop fragments of sphere and hell for free users is too low.

    Playing in a group continues to be painful for several reasons, first of all the damage, as well as always having the usual problem of eye pain due primarily to the various fireball effects!
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  17. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Forum Great Master

    I see someone deleted my post... it seems that truth is not welcome, anyway i'm gonna tell that this release is a lost of time. sidequest with bugs. Devs promises a lot but finally there's nothing... all is a complete lie... as i said in my last post in less than 2 hours you finish all but for the mortis coin... a boss never seen before, maps and enemies useless and a meaningless story and now they force you to play an event to get on with your main quest, at least they could give you a mortis coin like a reward to face mortis, but this is too much...

    To Mods, do you like this post more?
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  18. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    They do even worse, they specifically nerf the drop rate of those who are critical of their "game".
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  19. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Forum Great Master


    I couldn't agree with you more...
  20. aBDuLHaMiTHaN

    aBDuLHaMiTHaN Old Hand

    There really is now enough inept management, they are constantly breaking the skills.

    It was working incorrectly before, this skill got better afterwards, whatever we said.

    Could a friend be such an unfortunate management or officially Bigpoint should fire these guys and get people who do their job smart, know the business, please, enough for this company now.

    Look, I've given feedback before with the frost charge skill. Applies x1 freeze per enemy phrase does not work, stack does not stack.
    sorry for my english(i translated with google)
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