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  1. Шотто

    Шотто Advanced

    Actualy, there are two type of stacks for Mage's Ice skills.
    One of them is created with "Frost Wind" only and it buffs your "Ice missile" and "Frost Nova" skill damage and it can be stacked up to 20 times. As this skill buffs you it's icon is displayed in the buffs section of your character.
    The other one is the frost debuff that applies on enemies and therefore doesn't show up at all. It's a debuff and you won't see it in your buffs section, sorry. "Frost Charge" only applies the frost debuff.
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  2. Darkness90

    Darkness90 Junior Expert

    Cringensang news: if you though that 2020 couldn't go to worst, game was recked... keep calm, now is impossible to do "norm" run at PW because boss room is bug! :D . Please DSO devs, wreck something random more for next release, that make it worse... :rolleyes: like fast death's at city (debuff mobs) in Kingshill, Cardhun... near to respawn point, to shops... or mobs with shield like bosses :) (it's just an example or ideas, i trust in you for do something really bad ;) ).

    I'll don't say what could be fixed because everybody are saying all errors to you long time ago and you just make worse the game...
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  3. aBDuLHaMiTHaN

    aBDuLHaMiTHaN Old Hand

    no, you know wrong. because i know, formerly that skill was working properly

    and 1 more skill bug. piercing nova is dont working everytime. why mage's all skills have bug??
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  4. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    The Dk stasts are missing since no one has put them I close the conversation with those:
    Ah one thing to the developers because at the front of -50% of the damage of a much lower armor splitter we must also have the same consumption of essences and pay them in the same way? Just to discourage those who think they are doing this broken class!

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  5. cogix

    cogix Regular

    you forgot one thing: there are mobs in merciless and bloodshed mode that are dealing debuff... one of those debuff is -xx% HP.
    Try to run those maps with -80% HP (which is the main property for a DK) and be close to the mobs all the time (since you cannot deal damage from distance)... fun eh?
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  6. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    As one Sex Pistols's song say - NO FUN

    Here's how long you need to become useless :

  7. cogix

    cogix Regular

    and since the game does not have a buff removal (closing the game will stop the counter), we just enjoy the visit in Kingshill or Cardhun.... no more comment. Really, those "genius" who invented those mobs should play more the game to understand how things are working
  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Yeah ... it is all rotten and vicious ... it is all just one great swindle!
    You still don't get it?
    Those debuffs are just a way to force players into buying boss portals.
    Their purpose is to discourage you from making full runs or running fast to the boss maps. Go survive in boss maps with all those "debuffs".
    On top of it they made it clear with the last release ... they made boss rooms ask for more infernal fragments. It is no longer just the Q entrance ... but you have to pay in the boss room as well :)
    15+15 per run ... in the game where the drop of infernal frags is 0-2 per full run.
    That means you will have to make between minimum of 15 and maximum of infinite runs in order to collect infernal frags for one Blood run.
    That is when direct ports kicks in ... you will spend 50% less infernal frags and you will get no debuffs ... all you have to do is pay ander/realm frags/materi frags :)
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  9. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Good news is, with r248, those debuffs will disappear when you leave the map.
  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    what about double or triple pay?
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  11. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Don't know. I have exactly 7 Fragments of Infernal Passages on the TS, can't check even if I want to. xD
  12. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    I agree but it's worse!

    Mmm is more in the Q a 15 hell fragments at map change 15 m1, + 15 m2, + 15 boss room = 45
    Or just 15 hellish fragments so to speak + 25 rations in other gems or at the crazy price in fragments of matter or sphere fragments (pemium cube).
    The rest are in normal maps, 10 Hell Fragments m1 +10 Boss Room Fragments = 20 + 10 Keys
    With portals, 10 infernal fragments +10 keys + 9 rations.

    Farming those shards for a round of Q in slaughter will take 2-3 hours of gameplay is insane!

    But seeing after 2-3 hours of play in maps with a bad drop, the dailies that ask you to consume those fragments that you have barely managed to do is priceless.

    Rations for normal maps can be purchased in sphere fragments including those of Q or practically in altergem. The infernal fragments from the dailies are closed for those who do not have the prize.

    Now I understand why they destroyed the game economy and the sphere shard farm, so you give them to yourself as drops in the cubes and there will already be users with over 100,000 sphere shards.

    I wonder if in the desperate intention of making some money they have forgotten common sense!

    Sorry my English as a translator I changed 2 things to make it clearer.
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  13. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Just how is that good news? They weren't there 3 months ago and should not be there now. Players spend money for ander to buy gems just to have their investment reduced by 80%. [EDIT] adds them to screw the players. Then B*gpoint Makes it look like they are doing you a favor to have them expire when you leave the map.
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  14. mestamer67

    mestamer67 Padavan

    If you allow me, what do you want to demonstrate with your ignorance in the game? It is evident that here you show the basic stats with your hero naked, but I ask you: do you go into the maps like this?
    I don't think you're going to play completely naked, so you put all your gear on with an equipped wizard and you have to compare them, because armor is the poorest for the wizard compared to other classes.
    So please use your intelligence next time, but I know, you don't study that, you have it by nature.
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  15. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst


    You can be happy all you want about the debuffs resetting on a map change, it changes nothing. They have a negative impact on the game and should have never been introduced into the game to begin with.
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  16. RatsEatingMyCables

    RatsEatingMyCables Forum Apprentice

    Have you tried to see how it works for you? For example on TS it's already there. Personally, take it or leave it. And i'll take it, it goes away after a map change and overall it's better than nothing. Previously you had it on PvP, on other maps etc. And you had to wait 30 minutes for it to go away. No more of that
  17. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Breaking something then putting a band-aid on it later solves nothing. [EDIT] should not have broke it to begin with. The debuffs should never have been implemented into the game to begin with. To be happy with a band-aid on something they broke is not Positive or good for the game.

    Being happy with them putting a band-aid on something THEY broke. Is a piss poor attitude for the health and longevity of this game.

    oh by the way you do know that terms and agreements say one player one account. Seeing you are such a stickler for the rules.
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  18. RatsEatingMyCables

    RatsEatingMyCables Forum Apprentice

    I didn't know you are not allowed to break something or make mistake and fix it after, sorry xD
    Nevertheless, it's whatever. And btw i am familiar with the rules. Make any assumptions you want. Toodles!
  19. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Guessing you are another alt of a bugpoint employee or one of Jesse's alts or a Moderator's alt
    You guys should just use 1 account because people can see straight through you
    Oh and a big thanks [EDIT] you put something in that does not need to be there then oh look guys we are helping you out when you leave map it goes away
    Yeah after 3-4 months of us wasting resources and getting pissed at something crap that didn't need to be there
    My one hope is the complete development team jesse and Hansen never get another gig at a gaming company once this goes under
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  20. RatsEatingMyCables

    RatsEatingMyCables Forum Apprentice

    Seems like everyone who is not trashtalking the game here has to be a moderator's alt or employee's alt. Pathetic
    I am trying to communicate with you and share an opinion, and you make it difficult for me to be able to make sense out of it. I simply said that OK it's gone now (or at least part-gone), stop crying. That's all

    ""They implement something that it never should've been there"" -- Right, World Wars should've never happened as well, do you still cry and whine about them happening to this day? Boohoo! Let me get you a paper towel, or you can cry to my shoulder if you want (make sure not to wet my sweater, i just bought it yesterday :( )
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