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    I've been playing a little when I'm done with my other (better) game for the day. This new "quest chain" is unbelievably bad. I agree with the previous posts where they say the devs are hiding the fact that this was a very small expansion. It was bad enough with that ridiculous "maze" to get to Artaya's clearing. Then I got to where I had to wait for the next Sargon event to go into the castle. Don't they understand that if I am *waiting*, I'm not playing or paying? Then I got to where I had to fight Tegan in the clearing. Thanks to all the posts in one of the other threads for the strategy. Fortunately, I've been playing a mage. I used 10 spirit guards, but I got it done. Now I find out that I have to WAIT AGAIN for the next Sargon event to earn Marks of Mortis. *sigh of exasperation* They are always looking for ways to get people to spend money. Why aren't these in the cash shop? The Sargon event is really boring and I only played as much as I needed for the quest. Don't know if I will have the patience to play the Sargon event again.

    It was very frustrating to me that I was no longer able to play the parallel world dungeons after the expansion. I'm at level 79 now, and it's still going to be a long time before I am strong enough for them. The daily quests are a joke. The events are now tedious grinds with lousy rewards. Grinding jewels is horrifyingly tedious. Unique items almost never drop. So apart from a little grinding at the end of the day, I have no use for this game.

    I've been playing in groups and have some equipment as high as level 106, but if I go to a shop I can only buy equipment at my current level. How stupid is that? I would consider spending money, but I don't see anything in the cash shop that would help me be stronger. It would take more money than I would ever want to spend to buy gems which would only grant small increases to my abilities. When I was spending money before, it was always on speed gems. Those, of course, were taken away a long time ago. So I don't want to spend money on equipment and gems that will probably be taken away from me later.
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