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    Good day Heroes,

    Release 248 is addressing some of the most mentioned pain points from the community such as the Rune drop, the difficulty of lower modes, the Mortis boss fight, the drop of Ancient Wisdom and the Bloodshed/Merciless debuff. In addition to that, the version aims to introduce a more simple and basic crafting system and contains several improvements and bug fixes.

    Enjoy the release!​
    Changes / New

    • Difficulties
      • The damage and health points increase of monsters on painful has been reduced
      • The damage and health points increase of monster on excruciating has been reduced
    • Loot
      • Runes can now drop on painful difficulty and higher
      • Improved runes can now drop on merciless and bloodshed difficulty
      • Magic runes can now drop on bloodshed difficulty
    • Events
      • Dragan Event
        • The amount of progress items needed to fill the individual reward bars has been changed (more details below)
        • The number of Cursed Pearls being dropped has been changed (more details below)
        • The number of Elemental-charged Pearls being dropped has been changed (more details below)
        • The number of Raven Pearls being dropped has been changed (more details below)
        • The rewards in the individual progress bars have been updated (more details below)
      • Easter Event
        • The progress bars have been updated
        • Drop behavior of some Easter Trolls was changed
    • Equipment
      • Glowing Sapphire Armor set has been added, including:
        • Glowing Sapphire Pauldrons
        • Glowing Sapphire Chestplate
    • Bosses
      • Mortis
        • Mortis now has an increased chance to drop unique or set items
        • The range of Mortis’ scythe attack has been adjusted to the visual effect and therefore reduced
        • A longer anticipation time has been added to the scythe attack
    • Bloodshed
      • The debuffs dealt by the rippers on Merciless and Bloodshed are now removed when changing the map
    • Ancient Wisdom
      • The drop chance for ancient wisdom has been increased
      • The drop amount of ancient wisdom now scales with the chosen difficulty
    • Skills
      • Ranger
        • The trigger radius of the Hunting Trap has been increased
      • Spellweaver
        • The light intensity of the dual fireball has been reduced
    • Mystic Cubes
      • Currencies obtained from the mystic cubes will now be added directly to the currency bag / wisdom tree
        • Note that gold is not directly added to the currency bag and must still be added by right clicking on the stack in the inventory
    • Achievements
      • The achievement A Little Bit of Help has been moved to the legacy category
      • The achievement Enchanted by Words has been moved to the legacy category
      • The achievement An Avid Reader has been moved to the legacy category
      • The achievement Be Blessed has been moved to the legacy category
      • Boss ingredient and Event Boss ingredient achievements have been added to the equipment category
    • PvP
      • The time to accept a match invitation has been reduced to 10 seconds
    • Ingredients
      • All different ores have been reduced to one type of ore
      • All different herbs have been reduced to two types of herb ingredients – Leaf and Plant Sap
      • All different extracts have been reduced to three types of extracts – Gnawed Bone, Jerky and Cursed Blood
      • Boss ingredients have been added for all bosses
      • Event boss ingredients have been added for all events
      • “Basic ingredients” were added for every dungeon

    • Special Bag
      • Bottle, Flask, Filter Paper, Vial, Plant Sap, Leaf, Gnawed Bone, Jerky, Cursed Blood, Ore, Yarn can now be found in the Basic Ingredients tab of the special bag
      • Heredur’s Hauberk, Arachna’s Exoskeleton, Bearach’s Hide, Khalys‘ Robe Fabric, Herald’s Dragon Skin, Sigrismarr’s Eternal Ice, Gorga’s Skin, M’Edusa’s Skin, Destructor’s Components, Nefertari’s Robe Fabric, Balor’s Wing, Asar’s Hair, Sharr Kharab’s Amulet, Grimmag’s Coat and Mortis’ Sacrificial Bones have been added to the Boss Ingredient tab of the special bag
      • Sargon’s Horn, Gold-embroidered Silk Fabric, Silk Gland, Werewolf Tooth, Bear Claws, Cursed Heart, Burned Flesh, Worm Flesh, Pyrotechnic Star, Glowing Fish, Daran’s Paint-stained Ear and Golden Stardust have been added to the Event Boss Ingredients tab of the special bag
      • Fire Sphere, Poison Sphere, Ice Sphere, Lightning Sphere, Andermight Sphere and Light Sphere have been moved to the Essence Ingredient tab of the special bag
    • Workbench
      • Unique and Set Item crafting has been added to the workbench
    • Events
      • The Curse of the Black Knights – Return of Dragan Event was polished to make it less grindy (more details below)
    • Sets
      • The sets Dark Fate and Dark Exile have been buffed and now deal more damage (more details below)
      • The set Shadow Reign has been buffed and now deals more damage. The maximum stack size needed has been lowered and upon activation, all cooldowns are removed (more details below)

    Bug fixes

    • Maps and Quests
      • An exploit position with a tree in Mortis' Exile was fixed.
      • In some dungeons the green travel stone to restart the dungeon after defeating the sentinel of the map, falsely restarted the map on normal difficulty. This is fixed now, the restarted map has the same difficulty as the originally played map
      • In the Spiky Valley the green travel stone to restart the map after defeating the sentinel now moves the player correctly to the travel stone position
      • In the Hagastove Grotto the Ancient Warriors needed for the Quest "Useless Rubbish 1/3" will now also correctly spawn at higher difficulties than normal
      • In the Frog River Delta the Toltacs on higher difficulties now correctly count the for the quest "The Holy Artifact 1/3"
      • In the Cradle of Life a ditch where players and monsters could accidently get into was blocked
      • An issue where the Abandoned Castle had no map description has been fixed
      • An issue where the demons didn’t drop the needed quest items for the Thieving Demons (1/2) quest has been fixed
      • An issue where the player could not talk to Peter Bassington during the A Frightening Audience (1/1) quest has been fixed
    • Monsters / Bosses
      • An issue where some sentinels didn’t spawn with their full HP has been fixed
      • An issue where the non-parallel world version of Sigrismarr did inflict an old version of the Frost debuff has been fixed
      • An issue where the big version of Sargon was sometimes going into a t-pose has been fixed
      • An issue where the big version of Sargon could spawn with an offset has been fixed
      • An issue where the darkness tentacles had a larger area of effect than the visual effect has been fixed
      • An issue where the Memory of Balor did not use its basics attacks has been fixed
    • Daily Challenges
      • An issue that challenges requiring to defeat enemies on higher difficulties were available for low level character as well, has been fixed
    • Skills
      • Several rounding issues in the skill tooltips have been fixed
        • Ice missile
        • Smash
        • Ground Breaker
      • An issue where some skill buffs that increase the damage of other skills did show placeholder text has been fixed
      • An issue where the Deadly Wind buff had no icon has been fixed
      • An issue where the Weak debuff had no icon has been fixed
    • Group Talents
      • An issue where the Close to Turret talent of the Steam Mechanicus was not active for the full duration of the machine gun turret has been fixed
    • Loot
      • An issue where the Sentinel in the Wildherz Caverns didn’t drop keys of prowess has been fixed
    • Items
      • An issue where the Mark of Mortis had a selling price shown in the tooltip, has been fixed
      • An issue where the Jewels of the Desert had a wrong rarity in Fahid’s shop has been fixed
    • Crafting
      • An issue where some crafted equipment items were level 1 has been fixed.
    • Runes
      • Wisdom runes in combination with other runes were boosting them that’s not possible anymore.

    Detailed Section
    The Curse of the Black Knights – Return of Dragan
    Progress bar tiers and needed Progress:
    The amount of progress needed to fill several bars of the first 4 tiers was reduced.
    Level range/RequirementProgress bar tierProgress needed to fill bar 1Progress needed to fill bar 2Progress needed to fill bar 3Progress needed to fill bar 4
    Lvl: 20-3415675029846710
    Lvl: 35-442104902599416600
    Lvl: 45-5431201180920020000
    Lvl: 55-100412818031200030238
    Lvl: 100 + Hero of the Demigods achievement unlocked (Collect 5000 Achievement points)516042202100039000
    Cursed Pearls:
    The average drop number of Cursed Pearls has been improved on every difficulty.

    Elemental-charged Pearls:
    The average drop number of Elemental-charged Pearls has been improved on every difficulty.

    Empowered Cursed Pearls:
    The drop chance of Empowered Cursed Pearls has been slightly improved from most sources.

    Raven Pearls:
    The amount of Raven Pearls being dropped has been improved, compared to the last version.

    Please keep in mind that this is not 100% accurate because of the recent difficulty overhaul and the highest difficulties being non-existent the last time the Event was active:
    DifficultyDragan’s Refuge OLDDragan’s Refuge NEWGreat Hall
    Great Hall
    Reward bars:
    While the overall time a player must invest to get all the rewards has been reduced for almost all reward bar tiers (which comes with a reduction of Andermant amounts as reward). We additionally updated the rewards the player gets per tier. While 2000 gold feels great for a level 20 character, a level 100 character is looking for high tiered Gems, Runes or Shiny/Rune dust. The effort was made to meet every players’ needs.

    Dark Fate Set (Mortis) Improvement
    The Skeledragon attack now deals 500% of the base damage as Andermagic damage in a straight line in front of the player and 800% of the base damage as Andermagic damage at the end of its path.

    Dark Exile Set (Mortis) Improvement
    Mortis' possessed Scythe now deals 400% of the base damage as Andermagic damage per hit and inflicts 1x bleed debuff per hit. Still attacks enemies multiple times.

    Shadow Reign Set (Sargon) Improvement
    The player only needs to stack Dark Hatred 16 times and the explosion now deals 1200% of the base damage as Andermagic damage to foes around. The Dark Hatred Eruption buff - that frees the player from any debuff, heals the player completely and fills up the resource – now additionally resets all the skill cooldowns, making the set more versatile. This means that even a hero with low defense values can jump into a group of monsters, deal damage with the explosion and can jump straight out of harm’s way.

    Crafting improvements
    Basic crafting

    Basic ingredients (Bottle, Flask, Filter Paper, Vial) define the type (potion, elixir, tonic, buff).
    Herbs (Leaf, Plant Sap) define the direction (offensive, defensive).
    Extracts (Gnawed Bone, Jerky, Cursed Blood) define the runtime (short, long, instant).


    Unique Crafting
    Release 248 will introduce the option to craft Unique and Set items.

    To craft Set and Unique items the player needs the specific boss ingredient, Ore and a generic item of the same type. The rarity of the boss ingredient depends on the difficulty. The boss ingredient drops on every mode (guaranteed on painful+). Ore can be obtained from monster drops and via farming ingredients with Multitools. The generic item defines the item level and the ore defines the enchantment power.


    For cloaks the boss ingredient, yarn and a generic cloak is needed. Yarn can be obtained from unraveling cloak at the workbench.


    To craft Parallel World unique items, an additional Parallel World ring is needed. The rings can drop from any monster in the Parallel World dungeons. The rings also define item level.


    Realm Quartz Cavern / Glowing Cave
    With release 248, we are introducing 2 new dungeons, the Realm Quartz Cavern and the Glowing Cave.

    Realm Quartz Cavern
    To access the Realm Quartz Cavern, the player must visit the NPC Thabo. He will provide the player with a new daily quest.

    Quartz Stompers will wait in this dungeon, defeat them for a guaranteed drop of Realm Fragments based on the difficulty. With a bit of luck, the Amulet of the Realms from the Sentinel Centaur Chileos also drop in there.

    009.jpg 010.jpg

    Thabo offers a new daily quest for the Realm Path and a repeatable quest that grants the player with 250 Realm Fragments.
    011.png 012.png

    Glowing Cave
    To enter the Glowing Cave, the player must travel to Jarlshofn and complete the quest “A New Discovery” at the NPC Crafting Master Roxana. After finishing that questline, the Glowing Cave can be entered directly from Hogni’s Mine. [Note that the quest color will change from green (crafting quest) to yellow (main story quest)]

    Broken Multitools are needed to enter the Glowing Cave.

    When using Multitools to farm ingredients, a Broken Multitool will be added to the inventory.

    Additionally, Multitools can be crafted via Broken Multitools in a 5:1 ratio, the recipe is also unlocked via the quest “A New Discovery”.

    The Crafting Master Roxana is offering two new quests:
    1. The starting quest needed to enter the new Glowing Cave

    2. A daily quest to gain ingredients and Multitools​

    Glowing Sapphire Armor Set
    The equipment can drop from the unique leader in the Glowing Cave that has a chance to spawn.
    Glowing Sapphire Chestplate – All classes 016.png
    Glowing Sapphire Pauldrons – Steam Mechanicus 017.png
    Glowing Sapphire Pauldrons - Spellweaver 018.png
    Glowing Sapphire Pauldrons - Ranger 019.png
    Glowing Sapphire Pauldrons - Dragonknight 020.png
    Glowing Sapphire Chestplate (item level 100)​

    Glowing Sapphire Pauldrons (item level 100)

    Set bonus​
    Whenever you pick up an ingredient, you generate a stack of Crafter's Delight. It can stack up to 10 times and lasts for 2 minutes. You get a 5% movement speed bonus per stack and will lose Crafter's Delight upon map change.
    New Jewel
    The jewel can drop from the unique leader in the Glowing Cave that has a chance to spawn.

    023.png 024.png

    New Mounts
    The mounts can drop from the unique leader in the Glowing Cave that has a chance to spawn.

    Script / Booking
    All old ingredients will be exchanged to the new ingredients, so be prepared for many booking notifications! (hint: You can close the booking window with esc to save some time )

    What’s next?
    The Sharkman finally rises from the deep (again) and will be part of a new Parallel World chunk, the Parallel World Gorga. And with that addition the existing Parallel World Dungeons will be reworked and improved as well.

    026.png 027.jpg

    A new reward system for loyal heroes is also planned for Release 249, the so-called Veteran Bonus.


    See you in Dracania!
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