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  1. hrasok16

    hrasok16 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, 25x HP potions for 8002 gold ? i hope its just mistake and it will be solved.
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  2. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Getting this rubbish from blood mode is the best joke ever. Can we know why the hell you do such bull-things?



    UPDATE: Shame on you!!!!!!!




    Final result:


    I censor myself because I would be banned for life from this place. Although maybe it would be better.

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  3. cogix

    cogix Regular

    you got luckier than me. I finally got the Aracna 1h weapon (by farming a lot) on lvl 145 (bloodshed) and when I right click on it I got a fantastic 0% damage on base... no comment, but my first though started with V A F

    About drops, I don't know if it a bug, but it is really strange that I run several PW maps (in merciless mode), I found only 1 ring and then suddenly in 5 seconds I got 3 unique drops from mobs (no ring). Seems those drops are "scheduled" at a certain time, I doubt that my lucky increased into those 5 secs only. I have also a screenshot where you can see for example 2 cloak of heroes dropped from 2 mobs nearby, which is kind of weird
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  4. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    The crafting mechanics are simply bugged by a lot. Multitool accesibility looks like the biggest problem right now: well, that's a cashgrab. Let's wait it out and not pay them a cent.
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  5. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Someday Author

    the amount of the dredge event progress drop is very low even in bloody the drop is still low for elemental pearls and raven pearls and not to mention the red pearls that hardly come out not to mention null
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  6. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Only positive I found from this Dragan Event No S H I T Brown Screen on Agathon and the event is actually playable straight away.(Hopefully did not jinx it)
    Less Grind better Drops easier Progress Where ?
    Now the 24/7 Gangbangers will come in with I have already finished why are people crying ?
    Maybe bug.point should look into how many people are playing on 1 account.
    Just as a trial because I thought I was wrong. I logged in 5am my time same group same guildmates online fair enough it is afternoon for them , I log in just after reset 8am my time still online I decide I might stay online for once since CE.
    Log off at lunchtime 12-1pm for me same group same people online still.
    Since I was checking I log back in at 2pm just to see and what do you know still online, again at 4pm and I stayed on until my tea time 6-6.30pm still online.
    So I am on days off for work so I think hmm maybe they had a day off and all spent it on Drakensang.
    I went on Drakensang more in the last week than I have since the CE was introduced , just to see if I was wrong but I am now sure I am not.
    I play on a dead server where it is easy to see these things.
    I am sure other servers have there 24/7 Gangbangers too.
    Not sure how people do not have to work or sleep or have time with there family.
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  7. Falcone

    Falcone Someday Author

    This only confirms my previous post. So now what are you doing ..... do you start over? If you truly admire your tenacity and perseverance and all those like you who are victims of random DSO
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  8. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

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  9. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

    there are errors with the workbench
    java does not recognize drakensang online as safe
    why did you remove the red pearls from the daily challenges?

    I am not surprised if the craft of the unique item with good base values has a very low percentage,because the values have such a wide range as 1200 numbers between minimum and maximum.
    the random algorithm on DSO is designed by a diabolical mind capable only of creating frustration in the players, very far from the beautiful balance of mathematical laws ;)

  10. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Yes. Probably @Falcone and you both right, me wrong.

    There was no reference to the possibility of obtaining decent baseline values, I see. The reference to the enchantments in the illustration posted a few days ago is just to the inheritable lines, which are in any case perfectly useless.

    That's all.

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  11. gbit

    gbit Forum General

    every player:

    "very good, now we can craft uniques"


  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    It is not a mistake.
    25x white celerity buff in example costs over coins while in same time crafting is locked by achievement XD
    It is complicated ... all leading scientists in the field of psychology have no clear answer yet.
    3 types of workbench 3 types of behavior ... the one next to the blacksmith is for rune/gem upgrade , the one next to the jeweler is for rune/dust grinding only ... and the old one , the one that looks like a windmill can both upgrade and grind dust.
    always look for that kind of workbench ... one is present in Hognis Mine in example.
    I don't think it is a coincidence or bug ... patchnotes always mention bugfixes but nothing is fixed. If it was once or twice ... or maybe three or four times it would have been odd ... but all repeating over and over again in all releases just shows level of incompetence.
    You need to go to Java settings and manage it manually and make exception like this


    They are not removed you only need to spend 7 hours and 45 minutes of your life rolling through the options ... IF you have premium.
    You roll and press and press the button hoping you get the desired daily challenge ... press and press until you don't feel your hands anymore and your fingers are all purple and swollen from all that "fun". That is what players get after paying for premium ... they get a torture.
    You are right ... and that is a scam. If the ore is deciding the enchantment strength - which is useless knowing that everyone would transfer their own enchantments ... then the Boss Ingredient should decide the base stats strength. The generic items and rings are deciding level ... so the only reasonable method is to get the base stats values with the Boss Ingredients. Otherwise why would they all be in tiers (common to legendary). There is no logic at all because they were intentionally not mentioned on the workbench and in the patchnotes ... so they want you to suffer and spend your ingredients over and over ... until they announce in the next release they have finally listened to you and made the boss ingredients decide the base lines ... like it was all planed in advance.
    And no ... it can't be a bug because it is not mentioned at all ... not in the patchnotes not on the workbench description.
    you have a wrong timeline :p
    that is not "after crafting unique item" but rather "during deciding game mechanics" :)
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  13. Darkness90

    Darkness90 Junior Expert

    Guys! where is rings drop? tell me that this will back with fixed base stats...
  14. gbit

    gbit Forum General

    You're right, but you know what I mean :D
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  15. cogix

    cogix Regular

    I agree with you and this is called lack of communication from BP.
    As proved from Anyki in this post too: he knows something and communicate to us, but why not put those info into the patchnotes? Why we users have to discover those "features" and find out it was decided and implemented and "SHHH don't tell to players".
    Don't they know that players might feel unhappy?

    @EmilyRose, I am in the same situation with cubes too, bunch of part 1,2 and 3 and 0 part 4. Where is the random in that?
    I have seen games (even on the phone) where developers are putting the chance of getting each item as drop or package open.
    Why DSO does not do the same? Maybe because they don't know? or the mechanism is not random?

    One more thing I got upset after new relese: "old cubes" now are useless, opening them is only green, blue or purple items.
    I know someone in Discord (which was not the official way to communicate to users) suggested to open all of them before CE, but as requested several times from players, there was no real statements from DSO what would happen to them.
    When CE came online at lease those cubes could contain small gems or realm, now nothing.
    Now I have several thousands of them, since I paid for my premium/deluxe with real money, and they are just rubbish and the answer from support is "thanks for your feedback".

    How DSO thinks to attract new players or keep old players with such behavior? You want our money, so:
    - fix bugs
    - be honest with players, don't make them to find "features" hoping players don't notice them
    - think about good new content and not something reworked (with bugs)

  16. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    That was what I ingenuosly tought before receiving the response of the workbench.

    Crafting the uniques with white or golden ingredients is therefore totally irrelevant, because it only acts on the inheritable lines and not on the base ones: in all frankness it was a suspicion that had flashed through my head, but then I was self-convinced that it was too stupid even for the Bp. And in fact I was wrong.

    In Great Hall for sure. From Dragan maybe, as usual, if you lucky. And now it is even more useless than ever, being not tied to the offensive set anymore. To don't mention that even the offensive set is total trash now. Nothing is forever... R.I.P. Dragan.

  17. tiki

    tiki Forum Apprentice

    Dropping runes starting from pain mode and reducing the strength of mobs at low difficulty levels is a great solution. This is good news, and it's great that you make the gameplay easier for newbies.
    Falling knowledge is nice too.
    Ripper debuffs are now removed when changing maps - very good too.
    Changes in the sets of mortis, sargon, also for the better.
    Judging by these points, I see that they have become more sensitive to the opinions of players
    Slippers will be thrown at me here, but the fact that the group bonus no longer affects the drop of kingdom fragments from dice is also a useful change. Because it introduced a big imbalance and creates a gap between the owner of the premium and the player without a donation. (I'll clarify that I'm a regular deluxe customer).
    The new kraft was very disappointing. This is not what we expected. Great idea with poor implementation. Crafting an item with platinum stripes is useless under these in-game circumstances. We can mine these lines in any other legendary item and pass it on. There is no incentive to defeat bosses on high difficulty levels. Strong or weak - the fastest way to create a unique is to pass the low difficulty levels, which is not interesting.
    My friends and I were sure that the% of the BASE STATS value will depend on the level of resources. Oh, what disappointment awaited us after hundreds of murders q8...
    Hope you think about redesigning this option)
    In addition to this, the drop rate uniques is terribly small. Get 100 kills to create a weak unique item and remove it - I don't like that.
  18. Darkness90

    Darkness90 Junior Expert

    Thanks you! I wanted to say about Q's rings (for unique items craft). I did a lot of runs there in differents difficults and seems like if they would have down considerably the drop of them. Anyone more feelt that or just mine? pauldrons, shields, belts, weapons, helmets... nice drop but there's no rings
  19. GoldenGecko

    GoldenGecko Forum Greenhorn

    OMG I must 500x click to find in daily menu, its horror!
    DSO give please option to select first mode of daily quests (painfull ect..), bcs we must click and skip same quests on every mode !
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  20. Асото

    Асото Someday Author

    after i did 116 kills on q4 boss, (ports and full runs) i still dont have the ring.
    someone else with the same problem ?
    something is wrong here...
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