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  1. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    I suppose Bp raised to zero the chance of drop from the bosses, considering that now we have the possibility to create uniques at workbench.

    So all the Q rings might be found killing green and blue mobs in map1 and map2, exactly as it happens for Q5 ring.

    The drop of rings was more than satisfactory right before the begining of Dragan event (we were still having r247 on live server).

    I remember one Q4 blood run where 3 members of the group dropped it in map (and one of them dropped it more than once).

    No idea really but, now that most players recognized what they can do with the current workbench, can't be excluded that Bp pulled back ring's drop chance to 0,0001% even in map.
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  2. Асото

    Асото Someday Author

    that was good :D:D:D
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  3. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Created right now using Q9 ring lev 145, legendary ring lev 100, blue boss ingredients, green ore (just cause I do not have 500x white).

    What to say? Could I have gotten 3x platinum using the white ore? o_O:D

  4. Tзсниоlogy

    Tзсниоlogy Forum Apprentice

    Which mode is more effective to drop the jewel in Glowing Cave? (Do all of the difficulties have the same drop chance for the jewel?) Where can we drop this jewel from? (from the tree and the rock which cost 5 multitools or from the boss which sometimes appears?)

    If you have an idea about these questions, please share with me. Good games!
  5. Асото

    Асото Someday Author

    if u are lucky enough, when u join the glowing cave u will have a boss, he drops the jewel.
    check this video on 47:00
  6. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    314 rerolls to be exact today I counted them :p
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  7. Tзсниоlogy

    Tзсниоlogy Forum Apprentice

    Thank you for the information bro
  8. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    I watched until min 54:00 and it didn't seem to me she dropped the jewel. But, in any case, the movie was recorded on TS, where (some) players received thousands of broken multitools: easy to farm something when you have almost (unlimited) entries. On live server the drop of jewel might be different/worse, and currently there is only one way to gather a few hundreds of multitools: buy them (2300 anders for 5x multitools) then break them. Lol.
  9. Асото

    Асото Someday Author

    i know one thing for sure, i'm not gonna go this map any time soon
  10. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    From what I read from Discord, people are saying the drop rate of the Jewel is the same across all difficulty levels.
  11. GoldenGecko

    GoldenGecko Forum Greenhorn

    Hi. Dear DSO why there is no any info about item on craft table.
    Its secret ? I must craft item to know what bonuses it gives ?
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  12. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    One of the Moderators want to forward to the developers a question please ?
    Have they got any ideas except to Grind at this game ?
    Not only has the CE driven players away , now the game is utter boredom.
    Even the new Thabo thing is just a ROFLMAO.
    Try to find a group , oh great they lied about damage , they don't have essence , they do not know how to stun , and the list goes on.
    Before this CE we could log on see our friends were not on go to Infernal 4, 5,6 and farm happily solo until friends turn up to play with.
    Now it is log in Friends list Red Guild list Red , look at groups the handful on our dead server and the 24/7 gangbangers are on and a handful of other end game groups.
    Not even sure how you guys can fix this game now.
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  13. GuerreroJaguar

    GuerreroJaguar Forum Greenhorn

    I took two days farming in painful and I don't see any runes.
    Someone else happens?
    I think the drop rate is the 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.0000000000000000000000000000000.1
    Bad game.

    Thank you.
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  14. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    Some thoughts (green positive, red negative):

    -gem drop decreased - just as I feared, drop of higher rarities plummeted. The boundaries are still the same, but you will mostly get up to +1 or +2 rarity levels from the minimum of given difficulty. Which unfortunately translates to significant reduction in overall gem dust.

    -rune drop increased considerably - rate as well as rarity (on merci and blood). It will not stay like this, so go Temple Sector and get as many as you can before it gets nerfed again.

    -wisdom drop really good - I would say even considerably better than before, as it now scales with difficulty. Of course, it's only right to drop more than ever as we had almost 4 months of nothing. Still, I fear it will get nerfed again in the future.

    -realm frags - After many years, we finally had a solution to them. For a while. Everyone could obtain them at high quantities, and make use of ports, universal maps etc. Instead, they removed them from cubes and we have that mind-numbing daily quest from Thabo. What a waste of developer hours, to create another useless copy-paste map, which means we need to waste ever more time every day to finish it. Why is DSO going ever so more. Currently, their drop might be enough to finish events but certainly not enough to port PW bosses.

    -consumable crafting - finally a system that makes some sense! General ingredients that can be dropped everywhere, reasonably priced materials, specific use of every ingredient type. It is slightly overshadowed by that health potion price increase.

    -item crafting - please, don't fall for their tricks, see my post for R247! For now the ingredient rarity doesn't affect base values, only enchantments! Of course, it makes no sense to work like this, as enchantments can be transferred, so you could just farm on painful and get better items than with skins from bloodshed. It is intended to work with base values, but they intentionally released it only halfway working, so that some of us get tempted or tricked and waste our resources. It will get "fixed" in the next release, or two, depending on how strong the backlash is...

    -glowing cave - lol. Just put those mounts and the jewel for cash in shop, you will even make more money. Another waste of dev hours.

    -cube drop improved - which unfortunately translates to still lower value as gem drop was decreased and realm frag runes and talents don't work anymore.

    -changes to DK's rage attack - the "speed-up" stack that previously let us considerably increase attack speed now resets every time we use another skill. If you used rage attack to pass the 4.0 threshold, it is now much harder to keep that buff consistently. Not sure if bugged now, or bugged before and now working as intended.


    As usual with every release, something positive, something negative. For now, the wisdom increase outweights the negatives, as I can finally gain some levels. All in all, 4 months after release, it still feels like we are beta-testing the CE :D
  15. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Just in case somebody thinks that BP is being generous and think about praising them for once, think again: yes, they have given us the possibility to craft unique items( and not all of them, how generous), by using the PW rings for crafting the PW uniques.
    Now, what is the catch?
    I'll tell you what the catch: the unique drop rates from bosses and mobs is now pratically been nullified, you will never be able to get a unique ever again but worst of all, they nullified the drop rate of the rings NEEDED to craft the uniques.
    Prior to the patch it was quite common to drop the ring from mobs and miniboss and bosses, now the ring are very rare, if not actually impossible to get.

    So that means that nothing has ever changed, they still want to keep screwing over the players, so never ever believe any words that comes out of the developers, the CM and their shills and orbiters' mouths, never.
    They want to keep this status quo, you will never ever get a change for the better.
    They had months to change the status quo, they didn't, which means that this is what they want.
    So if you hope that meaningful change is ever going to happen,don't bother, it's not going to happen.
    This game is being developed for the clique of cheaters that lick the boots of BP in discord, not for all players.
    They increased the drop rates for the rings so that these cheaters, botters, pushers and sharers could get what they needed, then they introduced this patch, while simoultaneusly nuking the drop rates to ensure players will never be able to progress, a pathetic attempt to frustrate players into paying, which isn't working, because the game is bleeding players very fast.
    Don't ever think that this crafting system was ever meant to you, it was meant for cheaters and other such "people".
    Don't fall for this siren song.
    They are against you.

    And the fact that they went for this convoluted "solution" instead of actually for example drastically increase the drop rates by 1000% and such should have rang many alarm bells.
    If they wanted to truly solve the issue of randomness, they could have done that or they could have simply gave us the option to buy uniques with materi fragments of even gold as we could in the past which the merchant that appeared after the boss was killed.
    They didn't, they went for this overly complicated mess to give the appearence of rewarding effort, while still keeping things the same.
  16. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    The drop has improved significantly and at least now your resources are going up including wisdom.

    The Dragan event is really bad, certainly worse than last year, I stop at the second progress bar andare beyond is not possible due to a bad fall of the red pearls as well as a bad damage and a bad survival of the Dk that you pay for everything in the great room.

    To group for this event and go to Dragan is not the case I think it's all a mess between the classes and I prefer to skip the event than play it.

    However, with 2/3 of the extra costs of another class I managed to get the boss set, but it's totally useless for how the game is set up and how the skills are made.

    The creation of the only ones will depend on the rings and I hope that their rarity is not excessive even if I do not know what to do with these, they do not give answers you have so many problems in the class and they are not a reason to waste time making ingredients as the Dragan's set or fortunately the event prizes, I don't feel like playing at a loss and I give up.
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  17. Darkness90

    Darkness90 Junior Expert

    Somebody know if unique rings still drop from norm mobs at PW maps? greatful to know
  18. ргцт

    ргцт Active Author

    Haven't seen any "unique ring" since 3/12/20.
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  19. GoldenGecko

    GoldenGecko Forum Greenhorn

    Dear DSO please make ability to change player class and save lvl, all items, jawel, runes ect.
    I think you can make script for that. I dont want star over on another class after you nerf dwarfs.

    If you make this option you can nerf everything what you want :/

    --- MERGED ---

    I can't drop any ring after 248

    --- MERGED ---

    Same, drop nerfed
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  20. Anyki

    Anyki User

    The drop rates of Parallel World rings is a known issue and will be resolved with release 249, as per this official announcement.
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