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  1. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    If you increase the drop somewhere and lower it somewhere else, the drop hasn't improved significantly.
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  2. Vedmak1974

    Vedmak1974 Forum Apprentice

    The idea of releasing 248 seemed good to me at first!) But as soon as I started farming ingredients from bosses, I realized that this was a simple delay in the game!) I can say one thing - if the game does not stop working against its community, then it will not advance far! And even without a solo -mode in the game there will be no new players! This is due to the fact that beginners themselves cannot farm and veterans do not take them into their groups! At the moment, going to any location, I see only one thing - GAME IS DEAD !!!
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  3. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    That they tell you in r248 you can craft your unique items and now it's not possible and tell you that you must wait for r249 it's not fair, but we should be get used to it... it's more and more of the same... maybe hotfix3 or 23 of r249...or maybe r300 it's gonna be fixed... there's a lot of wastrels...

    Enojoy the game
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  4. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    I didn't write that you have to jump for joy!

    I did 100 painful bosses for 1 rune and this was 1 experience, that is, nothing.

    But at high levels it releases the green and blue drop, if you find them you have the same drop as before.

    Wisdom averages 150 per boss on normal maps.

    Before the castrino with strange hotfixes!

    Altergemme I do not know if there is minimal, the group runes work and if you play in 5 you will see the sphere fragments go up, and still low? maybe now I skip almost all events after the questionable choices they made. So I don't know what to say but I'm sure with the cube bug their tables see unlimited sphere fragments, they will do another one live to say they bring it to 0 forever.
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  5. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    It doesn't matter that rings don't drop... there is still a scam of random base values! So, I would advise everyone to not get tricked by the game, and wait patiently until the crafting is working properly.

    Actually runes drop much better than before, I can get 50k rune dust in 2hr farm Temple Sector merciless. Something tells me they will "fix" it - watch the hotfix tomorrow!

    With full wisdom runes you get around 330 per boss kill on merciless (not always, but ~75% of the time). Who knows, maybe they will "fix" this as well so it drops less often? I wouldn't be surprised, RN I can get +5 wisdom levels per day easily.

    Something is certainly fishy about that hotfix... no real issues except "fix" of dwarf's oil slick. I suspect a lot of other unmentioned "fixes".

    However, gem drop got reduced, I estimate by around 40% overall (in terms of gem dust received per X hours of farm)

    Realm frags drop from mob still works with runes, and I would say it's better than what we had (of course with now-nerfed cube farming it was much much better :D )
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  6. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    So you do a hotfix for some little problems you know there are big problems the players are complaining about but hey that is affecting the players not bug.point so know skin off our noses.
    As Nostalgic predicted a hotfix another nerf :)
    You have a Dragan event that the Uniques on Bloodshed are worthless.
    Have end game players that will not do the event because of the Grind and prizes being so crap.
    So why do the developers not sit down and say ok we have totally [edit] this up maybe we need to listen and fix it up ?
    Listening to Jesse and his hard core supporters is not an answer they are the minority of players.
    Anyway keep digging your own grave you are heading the right way :p
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  7. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    They think that we don't see through their games, like, they think we are stupid enough that we fall for what they call "fix"( which is actually a nerf to drop rates).
    I mean, they probably got their impression from the shills of discord, who are not that brightest bunch.

    And do you honestly believe that the drop rate of the rings was removed due to a random bug, just when the new unique crafting system was ready to be introduced?
    I don't believe that, they reduced that on purpose to stop the players from progressing and now are pretending to be the good guys.

    It is never going to work properly, and yes, the drop rate of the rings is the most important part, how are we supposed to craft without the rings?

    Also, notice how they increase drop rates in one part and then reduce them in another.They want to keep the status quo.
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  8. Selene-Rip

    Selene-Rip Regular

    [​IMG] Prank

    And, I found the winner of March 24, it's jackoneill he say : " 354x!!!!!!!!!!! kellett klikkelnem"
    (I had to click only x219 or x205)

    and NOW THIS BUG :
    A problem with the loot of normal monsters or bosses in all dracania, all modes, often these loots do not appear since this release (exemple : on the dragan event you kill the dungeon element boss and he gives nothing, is not taken into account for the quest.)
    When you clean a dracania' map the sentinel boss gives nothing (neither keys of prowess, no items ..) and the chest not appear.
    same thing (Zero ! 0 gems, 0 money, 0 items...) on Dragan, Spider, Heredur, medusa, bearach etc ...
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  9. GoldenGecko

    GoldenGecko Forum Greenhorn

    • The Oil Slick skill from the Steam Mechanius reduced 100% fire resistance and is now correctly reducing 40%.

    ***. correctly reducing is 70% at 10 lvl !
  10. faxx1

    faxx1 Forum Apprentice

    not true at all . They totaly ruined Oil slick . to use skill +13 ( -46% ) is pointless now :(
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  11. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    I confirm what is written after the hotfix.

    To fix bugs, regardless of the class and not to argue, it would be appropriate to make a list of those that are there, check how the classes are and if it is appropriate to do it in small steps or it is better to do a fair balance to have the same damage and more.

    And above all, tell the users, before you finish correcting them, the users leave, because if the classes are obviously unbalanced and you take away from one class, I don't care which one, the other will appear even more unbalanced, to the point of being wrong. .
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  12. Anyki

    Anyki User

    Please read the following announcement regarding character imbalance.

    As well, pointless posts will be deleted. If you don't know how to give feedback, there's a guide on that.
  13. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Premium ………………………………. I do look forward to Dragan Event because it means Free Premium.
    I then can use the community coins that I have worked for and saved to buy either Deluxe or extra Premium.
    Before CE I thought it was useful.
    Now I am not sure it is.
    I asked my friends that do pay for it and that is there choice if they had got any big Gems from the Gold Cubes from level 140-145 ?
    There answer nope Premium is a rort.
    So I open somewhere between 250-400 Gold Cubes after killing Dragan on Bloodshed a lot of times.
    I get 2x Sacred Gems as the biggest Gems, actually got better drops off Dragan before the hotfix ie nerf.
    The Agathon Legacy set is level 100 can not be leveled so is absolutely useless at endgame level. Let's just say that was another thing well thought out before the implementation of the CE.
    The addition of Wisdom Realm Fragments and Glyphs nice touch I guess, the addition of Gold ……………………….. can I ask what are we supposed to be doing with out millions of Gold from farming ?
    Anyway I have to say I feel sorry for people that actually buy Premium on this game. Once again my personal opinion and I have nothing against people that do but I think bigpoint is ripping people off.
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  14. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    I left discord cause it became an ocean of tears.
    So ill say 1 of my thoughts about the whole CE concept on rangers, that imo is as bad as it is not being able to kill a boss nor be killed by him. In parallel with this bad concept there is the concept of hp regen + wolves. I hope with time rangers wont need wolves to stay alive, but since we need them now, pls do something with WOLVES. I cant believe im the only ranger that has several problems with them. Wolves code is written to stuck us on position and its tied up on frames. No matter with good video card or normal video card, from one frame to another , there they are in front of us. So rangers are the class that instead of kill mobs have to find positions around for traps , and as they walk to a mob, be stuck, i repeat , stuck ALL THE TIME by wolves forcing us to use bladedancing when we wouldnt and missing the skill when we really need it. Not mention how annoying they are for peeps when we are in groups. To get worst Trees are also coded to pop in the vector we are pointing our char. Damn logic concept! Better kill us fairly. To add up, i feel guardians from sw and also those 3 dk minions around also add up to the "stuck a char" party. Ill re-ask FIX WOLVES.

    I didnt find place for dragan event feedback. This event became useless following the bandwagon introduced. Uniques are useless though we can make some experiments but wait , do they drop? Except for the great hall first kill there is no drop. Second, 90% of players cant even do the great hall after CE in infernal, maybe not even painfull. And im like wth? Ive so focused on my strugles but i really dunno what newer players are doing in this game post CE.
    Back to dragan, next event pls check the buggy Sulfur Map. That map is insanely buggy , all players i talked have problems including me, with that insane ticking poison killing wolves and us. I notice if i reduce my hp i do better than with high hp, lol

    Costumes : Its my second time on this event the way it is. The first one i got most costumes but poison costume, and trust me , i farmed like hell. Same happening now, biliion times on lvls from normal to merci on sulfur. No costume. Well , im half 3rd bar, i got 1 single drop this event from gloom map. Add a counter , for players , even if we have to kill 1000 times, reward the time wasted. Cause all i want from this event is the damn poison costume since it has nothing usefull.
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  15. cogix

    cogix Regular

    I can add one more thing: before with premium you got those nice things from cubes. Now I have thousands of cubes before CE and when I open them there is only green/blue/purple item. No gem, no frag, no Ander, no set.... nothing of those things. So I stopped to pay DSO.
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  16. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Someday Author

    It is "normal" for mini bosses and monsters to regain all of their life when leaving the player's camera vision range. I understand that no, I also know that it is something that did not happen before the CE and also it was not something that It happened before the last updates, in this case they no longer only "regenerate" their whole life at the time of resuscitation normally -40 ader (something that did not happen before the CE and that does not bring anything beneficial to the player) now also if your enemy goes out of your isometric vision range.

    The position of appearance of the wolves and the tree of life are not the only annoying thing, we must include the lack of resistance to elements or clarify if they consist of it, the lack of ability to regenerate their own points of life (something that did not happen before of the CE) at the expense of the tree that for some reason has taken away the possibility of attacking enemies and only works as a mockery totem and with a very ridiculous rate of regeneration, the uselessness of the skill synergies, the little durability who have high difficulties.
    We must also include the costs to activate the skills being much higher than the other classes causing the talent to regenerate concentration are not enough besides that it only affects the marked enemies reducing the possibility of regenerating more (if it is true that the wolves help in that, however, in high difficulties where they are struck down very quickly)

    The default promise to increase the activation range of the hunting trap being before and after the update of 3.8 while still maintaining that range after a Hoffix.

    Removing the nerf from the explosive arrow that is currently keeping it is completely useless since it does not meet the condition for which it was nerfed that they are to explode without hitting an enemy, which can no longer be presented due to the very long recharge time that they have imposed. , the reason for this proposal is that there are failures in which the arrow is not exploited because it does not detect coalition with the marked or unmarked objectives, despite being in a short distance, it is not possible to activate, although it is not very frequent it is In addition to causing prejudice when playing, factors such as poor connection are not the decisive factors either, since it has also happened to players with excellent connections.

    translated by Google
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  17. Darkness90

    Darkness90 Junior Expert

    My opinion about Release 248:

    -Everything in cities is fine (i aren't sure to 100%, but don't found any problem).
    -Daily rewards is working good.

    (i would like to say something more... but don't wanna lie. I haven't played since patch. I'm dwarf)
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  18. Strit555

    Strit555 Forum Apprentice

    Good morning!
    I don't understand why take so long the fixes for our skill ... Seriously skill is our game play and we talk about this after 4 months Dark legacy is coming !
    Bugs bugs bugs everywhere ... empty server in grim mag cause developers are Idiots ...
    This game pass the worst phase and maybe his last phase .. We can not work in this game correct anymore and that's a huge problem sitting in game and waiting maybe we find a party .. events after 2-3 days if not finish is unplayable cause you cant find party
    The game go slow tempo fixes and Release as before and this is disappointing ..
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  19. kabezonn

    kabezonn Forum Greenhorn

    By the way, how do you enter the destroyer?
  20. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    You don't, eh, because they introduced that bug on purpose to slow players down and prevent them from progressing.

    So they have the time to listen to the tears of some high end dwarves but they have no time to fix the ring drop from the mobs in the parallel worlds?

    And apparently they also the time to intentionally break destructor to prevent players from being able to farm.
    The depravity of BP knows no bounds.
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