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  1. kabezonn

    kabezonn Forum Greenhorn

    It is incredible that now it is not possible to enter the destroyer, as always only the privileged ones, every day I have less desire to play.
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  2. RatsEatingMyCables

    RatsEatingMyCables Forum Apprentice

    I read that they fixed both of these bugs on 249
  3. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    You read it is fixed in 249 ?
    They have had 2 hotfixes since they introduced these 2 bugs , it is still not fixed.
    Sargon is right about bigpoint developers.
    They are loosing more players each day because they do not listen , or if they are listening I am guessing it is from a small group of players.
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  4. RatsEatingMyCables

    RatsEatingMyCables Forum Apprentice

    Sometimes i just read comments like "they create bugs to make us not play anymore" and i am like "what the frack" -- So, my question: What's the reason for them to create a bug so you can't progress, only to fix it after few weeks? What do they gain from it? Just because you expect someone to fix a bug in a certain period of time doesn't mean they're not trying to fix it in overall, if you know what i mean.

    And yes they're fixed, just entered on Test Server and the fix is there fyi
  5. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Someday Author

    What happens in the Test Server can remain in the Test Server as it happened with the new CE because the opinion before all this was not the best there was uncertainty but those who tested it in the Test Server classified it as decent and interesting only 2 days after its implementation, the vast majority did not like it at all
    What is the reason they create a bug so you can't progress, only to fix it after a few weeks?
    Certainly they fix something but most of them are minor visual errors (which are not all) or some bugs and the simple reason why the game does not allow you to progress is due to the lack of content available and the few interesting updated and innovative mechanics. also this is something that did for example the events of dredge and invincible also also in the pvp that they have made a lot of nerfs that today are unjustified
    What do they gain from it?
    just create time and spend a lot of money on unnecessary things

    Another thing that is not mentioned is the increase in the activation range of the hunting trap that in the patch note itself mentions and that would come in handy for hunters, however to date they have modified it
    translated by Google
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  6. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Maybe for the same reason they give a bonus code while half of the community is asleep or working ?
    Sure didn't work for me this morning :p
    Or maybe it was for someone's supporters , the same one that doesn't like criticism ?
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  7. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    -looks at the date-
    April 1st
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  8. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    hi this code is not working for me at 11:37 spanish hour 2nd april like you say this must be a code for privileged
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  9. RatsEatingMyCables

    RatsEatingMyCables Forum Apprentice

    Wrong. To be honest, the start of the CE was very bad indeed. But look what happened after it. They listened to everything we said. Was it too late? Yeah it was, but better late than never

    - They fixed gem drop -- It is actually the best adjustment ever made for specifically gems in all DSO history
    - They fixed the Mystic Cubes
    - They fixed the Wisdom Drop
    - They fixed Group runes and therefore an important aspect that comes with it, Realm Fragment farming
    - They made it possible for you to farm runes even from painful difficulty
    - They are bringing back the Infernal Fragments with 249 as far as i can see + Jewels will be droppable like runes and gems now

    --- MERGED ---

    Seems like they don't get it :rolleyes:
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  10. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    in r249, while in reality this fix is so easy it should have been in one of the two hotfixes.

    If they did fix it already, it's because they broke the drop rate on purpose.

    There's no way a random bug could happen like that.
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  11. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Padavan

    I hope for a better radius activation on ranger hunter trap. We can't activate if a enemy is a little big then normal monster size in game!
    I hope for a good improvment on realm frag drop, you can tell me, yes in party now drop like 40-50 but drop once in 1 hour, I can barely see a drop.., so i prefer to drop 2-3 realm(per stack) if i am without party but much frequently. I come back after 3 months and i hear all the players make(or most of them) a big stack of realm frag like 50-100k(good for them) but not the all of use have so much so please dso devs don't punish all of us because of this ...
  12. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    My friend, it's April Fools. You need a healthy dose of skepticism for everything you read on the internets that day.
  13. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    Hi my friend, i never had heard of it cos here in Spain we celebrate 28th December for that... thanks for the clarification. i always try to check a famous wiki/fandom but it seems the owner likes jokes too... now i checked it again and that code is strikethrough ja ja ja :mad:. Thanks Chuck Norris
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  14. uvozapanje

    uvozapanje Forum Apprentice

    old scholl here,1 qwestion i see dwarf complaning about oil skill,mages some times ago singularity.Im a warrior is there no worrior left ??i am the last one....Dragonknight is bay far worst class ever now..not for party not for solo gessing no1 is writing about this couse all tanks left the building
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  15. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    No mage is complaining about singularity, which is working as intended, as there aren't any bugs that i am aware on it now.

    And to be honest, i don't see why dwarves should complain now that they got what they wanted.
    I mean, they can kill Khalys in 30 seconds as well.
  16. 4NormaL

    4NormaL Junior Expert

    Use only singularity and try to deal damage with the Mage. After doing this, you will understand why the dwarves' oil slick ability alone is not enough. The mage wouldn't be able to deal damage with their ice abilities as they are now, without the frost nova, which reduces ice resistance.

    Mage: Singularity + Frost Nova
    Dwarf: Oil Slick +?

    There is something missing, another ability to reduce fire resistance.
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  17. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Singularity deals no damage, so this is not possible. :D

    Now seriously. There are working setups with mage that don't make use of ice, and therefore don't use frost nova as a res break. You can play with fire, you can play with lightning, even with poison, actually. In all those setups, only singularity is used as a debuff skill.

    Now, dwarf can play without oil slick. Yep. No oil slick at all.

    I am not saying skills are balanced. Mage with ice is of course a bit stronger than other elements out there... but not OP like some things used to be pre-CE. Same with dwarf. Meanwhile, you have the all-or-none mindset that clearly stems from the OP cookie cutter builds from before CE. What we have now is many possibilities with one meta slightly stronger than them... which is unavoidable.

    There should be fire res reduction added to the rocket though (not mine, and there are reasons for that), and armour break added to the iron landing (iron dwarf skill). Also, bomb should have the damage gradient changed or removed, or the maximum range increased.
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  18. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Ah so your problem is that you can't kill a boss in 15 seconds now, so you want even more.

    Also, since the "expansion" singularity doesn't deal damage, it only debuffs the enemy.
    Ice is supreme, while fire is competitive but poison and lightning are still lacking, sadly, in my opinion.

    But mages need singularity, since it cuts killing times by a lot and it works as intended.

    But the people who are whining about singularity don't understand that singularity also helps the other classes.
    They don't realize how useful it is, when used correctly.
    It's the one things mages can do good.
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  19. 4NormaL

    4NormaL Junior Expert

    Don't use frost nova. Use singularity only, try killing boss with 70% resistance reduction.

    Show the video of the dwarf who finishes the bloodshed boss in 30 seconds alone after hotfix 2 otherwise you are a liar.

    Show the oil slick ability in the video. Thus, we can understand that it is after hotfix 2.

    It's okay if you show a video like I said. But if you can't show a video like that, you're a big liar.
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  20. Szenlonggz

    Szenlonggz Forum Apprentice

    im not sure if oill slick have 70% fire res before the fix was dealing around 380.000 dmg when using oil slick now im dealing around 120.000-130.000 so im not convinced that its 70% fire res reduction
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