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  1. mariusmgm

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  2. GoldenGecko

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    Dear DSO,
    The oil skill doesn't last 10 seconds, but much less. About 5 seconds. It will stain the stain for 10 seconds but it does not reduce the fire resistance for 10 seconds. Please, correct this error.
  3. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Forum Apprentice

    **** 4 ******* years farming like a mule for this one because I wanted to be able to farm them in a week or less before the CE, but of course with their innovative ideas they supposedly made the way to farm more "easier"
    600 Matter Shards
    5000 Ancient Wisdom
    1 Rune of the Wisdom Seeker
    2 teleportation cages
    1 bag of trapezoidal gems
    150 picks
    20 community coins
    250 draken
    160 Hell Passage Fragments
    160 shards between worlds
    45 multi-tools
    1 bag of minor runes
    2 opals separators
    ps: and if I already know that it is something but it is not enough for the amount of expenditure requested by current events, example dragan and easter
    These updates have brought hundreds of bug fixes, major improvements to key systems (such as crafting and lore), and new content. This is a short summary of the highlights:
    Hundreds of bugs fixed (true but there are still visual and coalition targeting bugs)
    The appearance of various categories of items has been greatly improved (the drop egp: the Q rings is still a complete disgusting)
    Gems and runes (yes of course adding different types of gems disappear the fact that you have 4 different types to improve making the fact that you have to occupy a lot of space in the inventory and another that you need to farm 10 times more to have the gems to the max)
    Ancient wisdom (yes 3 times more but the best option is to kill bosses but of course you need a group to be able to do it, something that the community itself excludes members that do not have damage, therefore now it is more difficult to get a group without removing the fact that many players are have gone from the game)
    Mysterious cubes and matching loot
    Ingredients (herbs and minerals) (none available)
    The quartz cavern is here so that you can get the fragments between worlds more easily (yes, of course now we not only put you a map to farm fragments that you used to go to a painful and cruel map by taking out more fragments than the ones you get. map and in less time)
    The shiny cave has been added to add more value to crafting and gathering by offering more ingredients and unique rewards (yes of course reducing the drop on the maps so that you forcefully go to the map to farm, nice ideas to make you spend more time on this game)
    Now you can craft set and unique items using unique boss ingredients (just one thing that happened with the rings that strangely lowered the drop after this implementation and secondly, not all uniques appear just a few in addition to the amount of materials that were more It is profitable to kill the boss than to get the only ones and even worse with the damn problem of the variation of the base values that it is useless to farm 500 of thread or mineral and 100 materials of bosses that I say 100 times that before the tenth you left the only one and now not even killing it 100 times you get what an implementation but everyone is cool when hundreds of players proposed it a long time ago and were ignored)
    With the imminent launch of the 249 (April), we will present the veteran bonus (4 to 7 years for a "new mount" you have to see if they do not do any tricks such as the zombie disguise that they were supposedly going to leave for veteran players and only They left it for those who had left the game years ago and even with that, more than most did not return and since nobody came back they left it as a fall from a cancino map of farming to that if you did not take advantage of the bug xd and the codes that do not reward all years left in this game), which will reward loyal and experienced heroes and heroines with even more perks and epic rewards, like the mythical Manticore mount!
    ps: players we should not ask that they finally listen to us when it is the work of a certain department that informs other areas about the problems they have identified during the investigation in addition to the fact that we are the clients and our complaints should obviously matter since they are not a Lots of kids who get angry for telling them the things they do wrong and not solving them properly I repeat, there are still visual errors, coalitions and bugs. They implement very badly or they do not know how to apply them well, which is not easy either, but it is their job to do so.
    translated by Google
  4. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    I quit playing in December after the CE. I got the email with the bonus code. I am waiting for content on some other games so I thought I would try this one again. They have totally kept the frustration in this game. I was playing the quest with the Twisted Forest over and over and over until I found a playthru. It still takes 3 runs thru the twisted forest to get through the quest. TOTALLY not fun. I got to the part with the Canol. I had to look on the forum as the quest does not say to kill all the mobs and then WAIT ONE MINUTE for the demon essence to spawn. The crafting after that was totally nonintuitive. SO MUCH GRINDING and the experience accumulates SO SLOWLY. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH.
  5. KiduIoana

    KiduIoana Forum Greenhorn

    Same here. Quit the game around that time. Got the mail. They seemed to be on to something actually coming close to admitting their mistakes, but.. just hogwash. Everything's the same. See y'all in a year.. or .. never.
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  6. CH1976

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    Dragan left and the game was once again as dull and empty as it was before Dragan.
  7. Anyki

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  8. vannick242

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    Release 249- 3 days Membership offers
    We analyzed the different offers. Seeing that the 3-day Premium and Deluxe offers were rarely used, we decided to remove them for now and overthink how we can provide you with offers that will be more useful for you in the future. Anyki, and what will happen to my unused three-day premiums that I still have?
  9. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Overlooker

    I bet nothing, why would anything? They're just removing them from the shop. They used to give 1-day premiums in bonus codes, and those were never in the shop. I'm pretty sure the leftover premiums in player inventories are staying.
  10. vannick242

    vannick242 Forum Apprentice

  11. mariusmgm

    mariusmgm Someday Author

    i have played many years,but never was soo hard after the changes,i come back after 2 years break,now this stupid quests the put in the game,sibyl and artaya land,artaya,i just cant find it,one week i look to finish the quest and i cant,thank you dev team for STILLkeeping the frustration in the game and make the players quit,well done,keep creating stupid paches and the game will close!
  12. rjrichards

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    Review this video by forum user Silverseas:

  13. Шотто

    Шотто Junior Expert

    Any news about release 249? It was supposed to be today, but bashful silence all around.
  14. Apolon80

    Apolon80 Exceptional Talent

    here are the news buddy :D. The news is the same every time from the beggining of this game. Every time happens the same thing - every single time the new patch or expansion is being delayed. Every time there are lots of bugs in the new patch or expansion and the players have to wait for 10000000 hotfixes in the next couple of MONTHS to be fixed. Every time Bigpoint disrespects the players. This is the news. Get used to it! Now tell me honestly, how can i spend money for this company???
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  15. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Active Author

    Very well said.
    They didn't even bother to tell us anything...
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  16. Strit555

    Strit555 Forum Apprentice

    My opinion is they should announce about delay .. Game is broke from the start of CE ..what ever they do they cant manage or fix something .. if fix something, something broken ( example ( destructor boss / rings drop and others ) ) So better to take a month more to bring also the character balance to think if its time to abandon this broken game .. They make this before 2 patch at one .

    We are tired to play total broken game .. must short the period of bug fixes if wanna have some people to play the game .

    We dont need . new char , new parallel world not Veteran ..we need fixes at existing bugs... More adds in game mean more bugs and no solutions

    When you go out for a drink / food what you watching ?
    Service support
    Costumer support

    What this game have ? :) :) "Nothing"
    that's why is dead
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  17. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Great Master

    from Discord ;)
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  18. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Who said it was supposed to be today? I've not seen anything that said April 20th.

    Now today I see the first date published is for Apr 21st. Tomorrow.

    Yes they did. Last week they said it was going to be this week. They DIDN'T say what day this week. Y'all are wrongfully assuming that you would get it when you got up on Tuesday. That assumption is on your part, not theirs.

    Posted TODAY at 12:08pm... [Announcement] Sync of R249.

    Get yer panties out of a wad... your chaffing. ;)

    And just so that you know... Walgreens has an ointment for that. :rolleyes:
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  19. agent-kaziu

    agent-kaziu Active Author

    "Dear heroes,

    Release 249 was planned to be deployed this week but is now postponed to next week Tuesday, 20th of April"
  20. kuwabaraz

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    is written here::

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