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  1. Prune15

    Prune15 Junior Expert

    for the moment i see that you who cry like a baby
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  2. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    A rebalancing was needed indeed the classes did not have to come out so unbalancing even from the test server! in addition to the bugs!

    Probably, between the various classes, not much has changed, or so it seems from the leaders with the groups, the mechanics are the same!

    It is too early to come to terms with the changes and also to understand what has been done useless to complain about this aspect.

    It was a good thing to reduce the damage of the bosses and mobs, this certainly, but there is a lot of imbalance in the progression of the characters, it would be appropriate to leave a space for growth at least in groups for those who are not too strong and see no possibility of growth.
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  3. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Someday Author

    What he says is practically right when you touch something from the magicians there are too many complaints to stop taking into account examples: the pyroblade, singularity and items.

    the problem is that with the r250 they reduced us some things instead of increasing the different ways of using your skills and following only a series of skills preselected by the developed ones and if you go for other options they are unfeasible.

    Justifying the nerfs that like ops a lot and that do a lot of spam (practically all the classes have abilities that do damage in area and that are also spam eg: pyroblade, bomb and smash) this only hurts the gameplay, besides that if they justify the Nerf because it does spam and a lot of damage we would now have almost a little more damage with 20% more damage in addition to doing a lot more spam due to the regeneration runes.

    Also I do not know why they justify nerfing the fighter if practically it is supposed that this new BP is about playing in groups and that each one has its pros and cons in the field but now the only thing they have achieved is that the fighter is more like a magician without being one and not being a hunter or at least the one who follows the generic concept of one but well, as always, others will justify the nerfies to the hunter but when you touch something to them be careful that Troy burns (and if they say that it is because They are not allowed to do this kind of thing to him but also those who use this class also have to speak).

    It was not just a nerf either if not several (reduction of damage from the multiple shot they put reload time that if there are jewels that reduce the recharge time but those that are old already have it however now it is 3 times more difficult to achieve due to to the exaggerated amount of resources of the game and outside this as the time you spend to obtain some things, they reduced 20% of armor of the explosive arrow skill I do not care if they change the skill that breaks the armor but that they reduce it seriously This is good for the players of this race and not only for this one but for the others now if you have a fighter in the group they can no longer exploit it as it was before and if they said that before some bosses could only be affected with a single ability but I really ask you, you can't demand to have both without having to reduce them, they reduced the amount of life you recover taking into account that hunters also have close combat as well as at a distance) although if he did one relevant thing that is the increase in the activation range of the hunting trap and the only thing that increases is the ability to swarm bees that I repeat almost nobody uses since it is still completely useless and not viable due to the low dps it generates and cooldown time.

    But as always, this breed is almost submissive and they never get upset by the changes generated, the truth is that I do not understand this if it is out of pride or courage to show that they can with all this even if they harm them.
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  4. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    What's "pyroblade"?
  5. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Best thing to do is walk away and leave [EDIT] point too the one class.
    This happened when they brought Mechs into the game.
    Anyone that could not develop anything else made a mech.
    Ranger continually gets nerfed through my 8-10 years playing.
    Last 3-4 years been less.
    Now it is time to give drakensang and [EDIT] point the flick all together.
    You dug your own grave hope you enjoy going under :)
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  6. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Padavan

    My primary class is Ranger, in r250 the best thing is that we can also do solo on boss.
    On the others side the bad thing is the nerf on wolfs, in r249 we have 6 wolf with 60% heal each, now we have one BIG wolf who can heal 15% so from 360% to 15%, ok is not a bad change, i know is was to MUCH heal before, my problem is that BIG WOLF is so lazy when i run and fight hes healing is almost non-existent !!! that howl is bad we need him to heal not to howl at moon, i can mark my enemy myself what i need from that wolf is to HEAL me. And i noticed his bite is to freaking slow he take a bite at 2-3sec...what the h**l .....
    Make BIG WOLF a little faster on his bite or add some more healing % to him like from 15% to 25-30% to recover from the lack of speed of the bite...

    I am glad we now can stuck to 1000000 wolfs... and
    the biggest lazy wolf from the beginning of this game till now is this r250 wolf !!
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  7. hacker09897

    hacker09897 Someday Author

    I dont agree with you ranger had enough healing rn as 1h but as 2h is bad indeed.
    My proposition is simple increase speed atk from owner to bite wolf the same content has dwarf turrets ( so why dont make it?) it should be enough for both version .
    About marking i rly like this idea and dont wanna change him to only heal cheers and have nice day .
    Also about balance Bees doesnt stack per secound dmg buff dmg. Only if you using you got only 2 rly .. which means is ussless it helps as free dps but hey we got mother of nature now. But wait they also doesnt count stack. So total overall Tot ability (good dps) bees = unusefull skill.
    Last edited: May 31, 2021
  8. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    Somebody must be paying to play this game, but I don't know why. I've been waiting for content on other games, so I thought I would see if I could level my mage to 100. I'm at 87, and the grind is excruciating. I've been farming (getting carried) and have level 123 equipment. I'm still not strong enough to play much on my own. I was able to kill Sargon on normal. I don't have the patience to grind for the mark of mortis so I won't be finishing the main quest. The other quests are ridiculous grindfests with really low droprates. I am still unhappy about my equipment being melted in the CE. Now I have millions of useless glyphs. Levelling up gems is a hopeless task. I am also still not strong enough to play the parallel world dungeons. There just isn't any fun to be had in this game.
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  9. hacker09897

    hacker09897 Someday Author

    That is the most boring gameplay which remind me lv 50 times ..
    Not only for end game, but also for newbie . After get enough items and dmg crit etc i can say it is not balanced .
    Let see scatter looks like the same but ?
    NEED DMG to could clear maps ,Why ? cause it is nerfed dmg from 175% to 150% .Okay i understand is for end game and need jewells but hey ! Why others classes hasnt like this skills? Only ranger now need do jewells to unlock on of main skill (thx for pvp destruction balance) .Other classes made only for making short time skills. Which still can use it on start.
    And mages can take only points and items to made 500k dmg , with frozen wind stack + dmg buff and clear alone maps .
    ( Now some do also block version only to made solo maps. Oh wait they did it. And thx for bloodmage ability they do more dmg, but couldnt make like mother of tree from ranger ability ofc..
    Dwarf infinite healing enough aoe dmg to clear alone mobs.
    War hm (secound ranger dmg) dmg is looks great, but when you give other classes in group then ranger and tank they out between mage power.
    Now next healing ..
    dwarf infinite healing
    mage infinite healing + non range guardian ( Imagine it when you slowly run portals in brigavik blood and need stay to put 2 guardians or turrets then mage stand up his guardian on start and run between mobs with healing .
    Ranger to heal need use 2 guardians now pet + tree. (pet is slow doesnt work on speed atk and alone healing not so much cause 15% hp. I understand he is nerfed but why i need using everytime the same pets like guardian which has 10 m tree! without one of this pets = fast dead
    On bosses healing is ussless becouse doesnt reg enough hp between hits bosses = more spend pots ! ( But wait they have cooldown right ? so i can use 1 per 30 sec and after died and use ander to get up thats is how looks gameplay. When other classes no need spend any potions.
    I feel like secound war melee dmg and the same ability as war to heal borrow from dwarf turrets (wolfs) + tree from mage guardian.
    Also wolf working for your dmg, which means without stones and ess you made low reg hp
    Tree working as runes hp and any items, which has reg hp also on hp which means more like this items = more healing .
    But ! I wont be annoying about this using skill if they could get own roles. Like wolfs dmg boost, but tree is like guardian mage .
    It is fair ? now ranger need max stones and jewells on start to made good enough class to survive then others classes can enjoy without it . Now about what need this game
    First new style game
    Becouse rn is content ( bloodchest ) only! 0 q ,0 normal maps ,0 pvp ( okay maybe few people but look how many time you wait for one duel) only bloodchest ( which means the game stay bored).
    Next content solo blood *
    After patch r250 the main target players is kill solo mortis on bloodsheld and run solo blood.
    Which means low chance to found group. Did you before doesnt say bloodsheld will be harder then infernal ? Now you see how they destroy it after bloodchest content more players just stay rich and prices also increase to crafting etc .
    Which means people cant progress and need grind on start . Thx only for one patch ..
    New events only good for drakens nothing special for items.
    And also i have non idea what is the point to increase minies armor even we got nerfed But it makes more ussless release then before patch.
    Oh also you made elemental mastery usefull right ? but for which class? probably mage becouse we dont using elemental mastery becouse it is ussless and is not worth it when bosses are weak on physical dmg !
    Aha about hotfix still dance blade is bugged and will be bugged with teleport animation . Per 10 years or maybe more.

    If this game go in this way then i wont have any place for this game in my desktop.
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  10. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Oh ye u r so rite!!1!1!!!!1!

    Now seriously. Fire mastery is useful for all classes when grouped (with everyone using it). Poison mastery is useful for all classes with PW Gorga pauldrons or when grouped (with everyone using the same mastery). Lightning mastery is useful for solo tank DK setups (yes, I know almost nobody is going to use that) all classes when grouped with a mage or dwarf (with everyone using the same mastery). Ice mastery is... specific. It is useful for mages when solo, and for (solo) tank ranger setups (yes, I know, even stranger, but possible). In groups it has limited use, but it is not completly useless.

    When you make a little mistake, you use a potion. When you can't play, you spend potions all the time.

    Why [EDIT] do you cling so much to that crap of a skill? Man up and play like good rangers always did: with PS.

    The only thing you are right about. Still, only dwarf doesn't have a skill bugged in that manner.
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  11. hacker09897

    hacker09897 Someday Author

    Well ... let me explain you about mastery first:

    Why mages using ice? The reason is BR on nova ,which with singu as solo they use ice mastery the end.
    They ,also using lightning, but only with secound mage or dk which keep up summon to boss. Also thunder using as aoe dmg on mobs but just one skill.

    Next is dwarf ,First they use only fire why ? Cause oil has fire resisitance + mine + rocket = 100% br on solo in fire mastery.
    Which means other ability are ussless.

    Ranger use ice mastery, why cause he helps slowly bosses with singu mage . Fire dmg please (in end game meta for fun only).
    Cause newbie player cannot touch boss in new his combo net + (dance blade) as br skills. I havent problem with elemental dmg but dance blade rly .. use it now when you cannot stand up with bosses maybe on group but as solo is ussless which means physical dmg is optimal not only on late game but also for newbie cause also spend save a lot skill points. That is why we dont use mastery cause lost a lot points in spend mastery then ab.
    Lightning? please maybe on late game as support mage in group but not as solo cause we cannot do stack now and also for newbie is ussless cause low dmg on scatter + cooldown + costable on mana practicly 80% skills in ranger cost mana higher then 30-40 per skill the most costable is ea 80 . Bees? free dps but stack is reset per 5 sec which they his cooldown is 15-20 sec.( the best skill isnt it).

    AHAHHAHAHA poison dmg i cant. Yes as main dmg is poison ( in ranger) but it is ussless .When in the group you do easly 100% br and on solo is not usefull cause you cannot using 100% br without mastery well you can use q10 shoulders ,but you lost more on stats then normal. So yeah .. + skills on poison stack wolves ? no dmg , green arrow? please.. sweep (only one alternative but i prefer ice then do like that and more usefull only on boss then maps so in overall is ussless poison on ranger .Aha and about special ability per level 4 arrows around mobs seriously...

    Now, who can use poison dmg well probably warriors but costed by stats, the same dwarf , mages forget it. ranger forget it.

    Lightning can use warrior ofc cause probably smash skill + jewell ,but he wont do that.
    Cause prefer save more on skill points like ranger then spend on one ability.
    Probably he can use it on solo that is truth but as group is ussless.
    Cause you lost a lot of points ,which means physical dmg is better option.

    Imagine if you making legend potions ,but they have practicly the same cooldown. You can heal more then normal potions ,but you need wait the same time. Meanwhile your guardians are dead and you are blocked by mobs. You try reg cooldown in this time so doesnt dont help you any support.
    What did you do in this situation ? it is logic you died and respawn again by andermaters. But wait if you do it it wont be end untill you dont finish running right? Cause might be chance to repeat the same error. But hey is fault player he has like that stats right not fault the game ,which made like that system of healing.

    Why i talk about this skill so much. First if you thinking i do PS TO NEXT EA THEn you are wrong ! And probably you are going to make next braindead skill.
    Cause scatter is alternative skill to not bored only spaming one skill like ice sphere ,ea ice missile etc etc.
    2nd have you was as ranger in low maps to collect ingriedients? or memory maps?
    First maybe i say about memory maps
    There is one map, which has ice mobs like q8 and there is not change to killed them on scatter shot no way .
    You need clear precious shot why cause deal more dps as skill.
    So imagine it how many spend times to clear big maps on precious shot and how many on scatter logic right.
    As stonekeep for example they are easier to clear as scatter shot but... if you see how many times you spend to clear on scatter shot Then you say why i do this jewells for what if my scatter is worse skill ever. Even if they want change our playstyle they could remove this skill right?. But they wont do that why ? probably thinking is still usefull to use like that scatter even he is so much nerfed.
    As group scatter shot is good support skill to made more dps as aoe. Even has low dps as % so dont tell me to use as good ranger PS to made next ea to make more boring gameplay then was on lv 50.
    I dont play this class it has to be similar as other classes, but cause she is unique and has own style . Every classes should has own unique style not might be similar like others. Cause later you want to say why i play this class even doesnt feel nothing special in my before class.
    Look how many alternative has other classes war he can use swing smash fury etc.
    Mage can play as thunders or ice .
    Dwarf turrets flamethrover
    ranger PS ( in your words ofc).
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  12. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    Solo physical damage is the best and the various masters to the elements are marginal for me we are still in alpha on these abilities.

    If you can use the masteries in a group it would be nice but I'm afraid they won't have good results at least with the dk. Because that -25% less resistance counts, the elementary breaker is lower, I don't know with the new jewels if he can change the subject, if we are lucky it will be a draw.
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  13. Strit555

    Strit555 Forum Apprentice

    Iam thinking , iam done from this game... boring farm for nothing , no motivation for our farm and the pvp is not to their plans .
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  14. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Ranger has the following main damage skill + mastery combos usable:
    • PS + no mastery (solo meta)
    • PS + fire mastery (solo a bit weaker, great when grouped with other people who... play with fire)
    • DS + poison mastery (solo similar to mage's ice, just melee, so you sacrifice dmg for def in stats, but have more % dmg)
    • DS + ice mastery (solo comparable with mage's ice, just melee)
    • SS + lightning mastery (solo quite useless, good when grouped with other people using lightning)
    Keep in mind there are a few possibilities on what to do aside of those main damage skills... sure, you can spam it, but playing skillfully is more efficient.

    I'd say that the cd on SS was indeed an overkill, it was nerfed enough aside of that, but that sort of gameplay was not very ranger-ish, and I could imagine SS without cooldown with the last speed breakpoint passed could be too OP in PvP (since it hits instantly).

    Also, I agree that Hunting Arrow should pierce some enemies... if they gave such a thing to two of mage skills, ranger should have it even more so, especially that this base attack has a very limited use, and it's not worth to put any points onto it (just 0/10 for marking single opponents).

    How many usable combos like that (main dmg skill + elemental mastery) does mage have?
    • IM + FS + ice mastery (strongest solo choice, because res break)
    • FS + MM + poison mastery (for solo requires q10 pauldrons, is surprisingly quite efficient if you know how to play, good generally when grouped with other poison players too)
    • LS + CL + lightning mastery (a weaker than ice but still usable solo choice, great when grouped with other lightning players)
    • Fireball + GoF + fire mastery (a weaker than ice but still usable solo choice, good when able to make enough crit without pet for crit in order to use bloodmage pet against bosses, and good when grouped with other fire players)
    • MM + destruction + no mastery (rather useless when solo, usable in a group, but generally subpar, good only against hordes)
    There are of course varieties, but I'd say meteor needs an additional explosion for balance... and maybe mage doesn't need a physical playstyle possibility?

    Now comes the dwarf.
    • Automated turret + fire mastery (generally meta)
    • Tesla turret (+ Automated turret) + lightning mastery (weaker than fire when solo, but a very good group setup with other lightning players)
    • Flamethrower + Iron Fist + no mastery (a weaker-than-turret choice for solo, usable for group)
    • QS + (HS/Automated turret) + Shrapnel + poison mastery (requires q10 pauldrons for solo, usable when grouped with other poison players)
    • ??? + ice mastery (only a group tanking setup with tactical turret... dwarf has no true ice skills with the mastery and too many fire skills for it to work solo in general)
    Let's say dwarfs have fire in their hearts and can't use ice. Poison does have room for improvements, just like Iron Dwarf.

    And DK remains, but it is way more complicated, because of the offensive and defensive specific talents being intertwined with the rest... still, a bunch of general possibilities for dealing damage are:
    • Smash + no mastery (this encompasses many setups, more offensive-oriented)
    • RS (+BWS) + no mastery (again a range of setups, perhaps a bit more defensive-oriented)
    • RA + (RS/Smash) + no mastery (weaker than the two above... unless you need the RA buff to stack the buff for damage)
    • RS + BWS + poison mastery (good both solo and grouped)
    • Smash + FotD + fire mastery (good both solo and grouped)
    • MWS + Smash + lightning mastery (good for balanced off-def setups, also for solo, and great when grouped with a lightning mage)
    • + a few other variants
    In general, this variety in these "setup backbones" is the result of DK being a melee fighter class.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2021
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  15. hacker09897

    hacker09897 Someday Author

    About thunder mastery as ranger is good , but only if you play with players who use thunder. (which means electicity effect it is work).
    Cause rn he cannot do thunder dmg on scatter even in describtion is wrote he deal it.
    Which means is bugged. If not bug it might be one of meta ofcourse for group gameplay. ( tested cause electricity doesnt increase his dmg even target get stack.) Also stack might be possible too make on solo but his buff is so short ( 5sec) that is why recommended is thunder dmg as group gameplay not solo and that is why meta on solo is physical dmg.
    About ice why not ? We can do physical dmg also on ice so it doesnt change at all
    + 100% dmg on ice adrenaline which makes 2x explosion + add tree explosion so have 300% free dps from ice even you need only 1 point. With br is a lot of damage.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2021
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  16. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Padavan

    I am the only one with this problem, for one weak when i begin to sell items from my inventory the MS begin to up and the items sell very slow...

    About 'new' event big game hunt i see in the progres bar a lot of rewards , where are what you say BP ? ''the new events we try to add drakens'' like a standard rewards bla bla bla .... and i din't say a shop for that event like toxic funes have ... will be a big dissapoint that rework event bcs yes is not a new event is that old event ...
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  17. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Exceptional Talent

    Just for you to see how trustful we are... they are a bunch of liars...
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  18. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    When will Pvp be balanced? now it seems to see a terminally ill!

    Even fixing the pve skills hasn't changed much!

    I am always of the idea to create a skill tree only for Pvp otherwise we have the usual class or unbalanced classes now it is particularly evident!

    Not to mention that in 5/5 the flag cannot remain like this because there is a huge abuse!

    Here is the roadmap and I hope that at least the basic solving questions match a solution.

    One more thing in the past, listen to 1/1 or 3/3 junkie users led to ruin all pvp! it would be the case to put all the pvp maps on the same level and balance the classes, now this game looks like the archaic, space invaders, you look at the map and you shoot without seeing the characters!
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  19. dam18

    dam18 Junior Expert

    Summer Solstice Festival
    17.07.2021 at 00:00 - 18.07.2021 at 23:59 i the event i only 1 day in year?
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  20. Anyki

    Anyki User

    Two days' duration, actually. Not a mistake.
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