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    Heroes of Dracania,

    Release 251 comes with some improvements to the unique equipment crafting and boosts the drop quality of equipment dropped by bosses on higher difficulties once more (retroactive!). This release furthermore contains a fix for the Opal creation crafting and more events have been reworked to use the new reward mechanic that was introduced with the Infested Sewers of Kingshill Event.

    Enjoy the release!

    P.S. Improvements that were based on player feedback and wishes are marked with :)

    Changes / New

    • Workbench
      • The rarity of the ores/yarn used for the equipment creation crafting now also affects the power range of the base values of the result item :)
    • Loot
      • Equipment items dropped from bosses on higher difficulties do now also have a guaranteed minimum base value power level
      • The drop chance of the Lingering Memory unique items has been increased :)
      • The item to unlock the visual effect of the Dark Exile Pauldrons can now drop from Mortis
    • Events
      • The Fullmoon Event has a been adjusted to the new reward mechanic
      • The Newmoon Event has a been adjusted to the new reward mechanic
      • The Desert of Essences Event has a been adjusted to the new reward
      • The Rising Hero Event has been added
      • An Updated version of the Summer Solstice Festival Event has been added
    • Mounts
      • Black Pony has been added to Grima’s shop
      • Palomino Pony has been added to Grima’s shop
      • Bay Pony has been added to Grima’s shop
      • Flaxen Chestnut Pony has been added to Grima’s shop
      • Grey Pony has been added to Grima’s shop
      • Glacial Crawler has been added
    • Daily Challenges
      • The required level for some daily challenges that required to enter higher difficulties, has been adjusted to ensure that they don’t appear for characters that are no able to enter the requested difficulty
    • Quests
      • The required level for all Myrdosch quests has been adjusted
    • Dungeons
      • The amount of spawning enemies in Telepolos has been reduced :)
    Bug fixes
    • Equipment / Items
      • An issue with the new unique items dropped in Sargon’s Shadowfort has been fixed
      • An issue where the Big Game Hunt Event Attire had a missing buff icon for the Steam Mechanicus has been fixed
      • An issue where the bag expansions had a missing icon background in the shop has been fixed
    • Workbench
      • o An issue where Rangers could not use short bows for crafting unique items has been fixed
      • o An issue where you had to add gems in a specific order to combine them into an opal has been fixed
    • Skills & Talents
      • Spellweaver
        • An issue where the damage of the Guardian when using the Bloodmage talent, was not shown correctly in the skill tooltip has been fixed
        • An issue where using the Fire Blast blocked the movement for a longer time after the skill was used has been fixed
        • An issue where the buff icon for having a Guardian active did appear when summoning a new guardian before the old one disappeared has been fixed
      • Ranger
        • An issue where the Hunting Trap did not trigger when being placed nearby Sargon or Balor has been fixed
      • Steam Mechanicus
        • An issue where the Mine did not trigger when being places nearby Sargon or Balor has been fixed
    • Achievements
      • An issue where upgrading the group talent runes did not count for the Rune Carver achievements has been fixed (not retroactive)
    • Quests
      • An issue where the “A New Discovery” quests were not listed as crafting quests has been fixed
    Detailed Section

    New Pony mounts
    Do not judge these funny looking fellas by their size, they are real powerhouses:


    Black Pony upload_2021-7-6_19-9-0.png
    Palomino Pony upload_2021-7-6_19-9-6.png
    Bay Pony upload_2021-7-6_19-9-10.png
    Flaxen Chestnut Pony upload_2021-7-6_19-9-15.png
    Gray Pony upload_2021-7-6_19-9-19.png
    Myrdosch Quests

    Quest NameNew Min Level
    Journey to Myrdosch (1/1)36
    The Hoisting Contraption (1-3)36
    The Hermit (1-4)36
    We Want to Be a Dwarf (1-2)36
    Friends of Andrakasch (1-2)36
    An Age Old Dispute (1-3)37
    Big Bad Wolves (1/1)37
    Evil Creatures (1-4)37
    The Spy Swatter (1-2)37
    Repurposed Drones (1/2)37
    Repurposed Drones37
    Shimmering Stone (1-2)37
    Watering Crystals (1-2)37
    All or Nothing (1-4)37
    Dark Dwarf Lager (1-2)37
    The Myrdosch Train (1-2)38
    Stolen Gems (1-4)37
    Under Threat (1-6)38
    Bracelet of Power (1-2)38
    Hard to Chew (1-2)39
    Religious Support (1-3)38
    Riddle Me This (1-4)38
    Emergency Aid (1-3)38
    Patchwork (1-2)38
    Waste Not, Want Not (1-2)38
    Puzzle Buddy (1/1)39
    Gold Rush (1-4)39
    Through the Wall (1-5)39
    Stolen Gems (5-7)38
    Foreign Friend (1-2)39
    Eye of the Beholder (1-4)40
    Curious Son (1-2)40
    Flames of War (1-5)40
    Tannins and Trinkets (1-3)40
    Stolen Apron (1-2)40
    Well-Oiled (1/1)40
    Balance of Power (1-5)40
    Operation Ophidion (1-6)40
    Base Value Enchantment Power

    When we introduced the unique item crafting, we announced that we will make sure that you will be able to define the power range of base values in the future as well. Coming with Release 251, ore/yarn with a higher rarity guarantees that you will get base values within a specific power range.


    This change also applies to equipment dropped by bosses on higher difficulties – that means that all dropped items will have a guaranteed minimum power level for base values too.

    But there is one more thing to this change! The change is applied retroactively for all items. If you already crafted some items with higher rarity ore/yarn, the base values will be adjusted to be in the new power range. Same goes for equipment that has been dropped from bosses on higher difficulties.

    Rising Hero

    A brand-new event is coming with Release 251 - Rising Heroes. Play the event to unlock a lot of useful packages, gems and many more to improve your desired character. When the event is on, create a new character in your account and start your journey to become the greatest hero and get rewarded!


    Summer Solstice Festival

    Summer is here! Phestos and Sir Hardy cannot resist joining the party, so they are bringing you the Summer Solstice Event once again. Release 251 contains an updated version of the event, including the new unique item Straw Hat and more offers for the Summer Solstice Festival NPCs.


    You feel like chilling with your friends in Kalodoro? – We got you covered. Do not miss any on-going minigames, that will certainly keep you occupied and entertained! On top of that, make sure to check out the new Summer Scrolls. These scrolls will allow you to obtain a Unique or Set item offered by Emilia, Gnob or Zumpe when opening the mini-game reward chests.

    upload_2021-7-6_19-13-21.png upload_2021-7-6_19-13-25.png

    Event guides with more information for both events will be published soon!

    Enjoy the release!
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