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  1. Melethainiel

    Melethainiel Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Heroes of Dracania,

    Release 253 comes with updated and reworked version of Riot of the Rocketmen event, as well as some bugfixes and improvements. We would like to take this opportunity to also encourage you to continue providing us with your valuable feedback, since it is always being read and taken highly into consideration, mainly on the balancing sides of the release, whether you like them or you wish something to be further improved.
    The Drakensang team thanks you all for your dedication and wishes you all the best!

    Changes / New

    • Workbench
      • Temptation of Corruption shoulders for Ranger can now be crafted correctly on the workbench
      • Anxiety Shards upgrading recipe has been added to Ammon offers, only for players who have completed The Fear Within 1/2 and 2/2 quests
    • Maps
      • Temple Sector map’s monster behavior and loot have been reworked
      • Chamber of Panoltiaco map’s monster behavior and loot have been changed
    • Consumables
      • Travel paths to Herald of the Anderworld have been fixed, the correct amount of Fragments of Infernal Passages is displayed
    • Achievements
      • Potion Mixologist, Elixir Mixologist, Tonic Mixologist, Physic Blender achievements have been fixed (all rarities of the responsible items count for the achievement progression)
    • Equipment
      • Lingering Memory unique items have been reworked, due to issue with Talent code (this change might be reverted in due course based on feedback)


    • Riot of the Rocketmen
      • Event has been reworked (Grima offers have been added to it, Daily Premium offer has been added, a new equipment item has been added to it, event’s progress bars have been adjusted and improved, difficulty of Machine Babies has been reworked, as well as other event features)
    • Newmoon
      • Increased progress stack and drop of Fairy Wood in Blackborg
    • Fullmoon
      • Reworked progress stack and drop of Werewolf Blood from Fullmoon event
      • Reworked behavior and drop of Vargulf Boss (guaranteed Ancient Wisdom drop, higher quantity gems drop and more)
    • Winter Solstice Festival
      • Obsolete (outdated) items have been removed from event’s rewards, as well as Possible Rewards window


    • New compensation chests have been added to the game, due to the delay of the Advent Calendar and the overall situation with the Winter Solstice Festival event. The chest offers will appear among Gnob’s offers along with the server’s uptime after the maintenance and will be active until 31.01.2022.

    Enjoy the release!
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